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Reviewed: 11/11/01 | Updated: 11/11/01

Oh great, do we really need another Pokemon remake?

Man, Why does Gamefreak make stupid remakes of their fun monster raising RPGs. First that time-wasting yellow version, now a crystal version. I hope that they will do us all a favor in the future by making pokemon games that are original. Basically, if you are a pokefreak, you will enjoy this BUT if you blown thru gold and silver for the bazillionth time, you can try this if you want, but you will only get hooked for a couple of weeks, its your choice. Buying this game was one of my worst mistakes though ^^ Well, heres the review:

3-Story: Okay, you are a ten year old boy living in a small town and a professor sends you on an errand, then the errand turns into a huge quest to capture all of these monsters and to defeat 16 of these ''leaders''. Kinda RPGish, but the story is not deep, AT ALL. Man, the story sucks, I hope Gamefreak makes a good story of the next pokemon game that they make. Man, the story is so bad i've had nightmares...^^

8-Gameplay: Well, at least the gameplay is good. The menus are are waaay easier to cruise than the older games. Basically the gameplay is awesome. Pokemon learn new moves and the Unown mystery just got deeper... You will enjoy this game if you like RPGs, if you are pokefreak or if you enjoy easy games.

8-Graphics: The pokemon have small animations when they enter battle and some pokemon have new poses. The 2-D sprites are cute and kewl. The routes, towns, and islands are more detailed than the precedessors though. The gym leaders looks cool though.

6-Sound/Audio: The music is cheerful and fun to listen to, but you probably want to play the game with no volume at ALL. The pokemon have crappy battle crys but the attack sound fx are okay.

9-Replayability: There are many pokemon to catch. Now you can breed pokemon to make new pokemon. The newly born pokemon takes its form after it's mother and learns some of the moves that the father had. You probably will play this game months to come. As you can see,this game has verrrrry high replay value.

Rent or Buy: If you already have Gold or Silver version, rent this game,DO NOT BUY THIS, IT IS A WASTE OF PERFECTLY GOOD CASH !!! If you've never played Gold OR Silver, get this, i gurantee that you will enjoy this.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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