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Reviewed: 11/04/01 | Updated: 11/04/01

A great game... no wait...

I've played Red/Blue/Yellow Pokémon, and i must say its quite an addictive game. It is fun, complete, innovative, and cute creatures are everywhere!. Then Gold and Silver came out. I never played those. Then, Crystal came out. I played it and i totally loves it. But, there's a catch on this: I NEVER played Silver/Gold, so, the game was great fro me because i saw new things, new pokémon, improved graphics and battle system, and loads of new places. But if you played Gold/Silver... this is a waste of time.

Why?. Because this game is the SAME as gold and silver, meaning you have to go to the same places, beat the same people and get the same badges. Threat it like this. You used a pokémon on silver, because a trainer had a poké weak to it. If you play this one, you'll use the same pokémon!.

Uhhh... well, the game is not the same in some things. Notably, we can see that a pokémon that was hard to catch on Silver/Gold, now its rather easy to catch in this version. Plus, there are this certain pokémon that got a all-new plot all for them. But the rest is the same.

For newbies in this world, this game also carries the breeding engine. The breeding engine is a innovative point of this game, in where Pokémon of different sex can have Poké-eggs. This opens so may options... you can breed pokémon with attack they couldn't learn on their own, or pass mom attacks to it!. By using correctly this, you can get powerhouse pokémon.

So, it all depends. If you played Silver and Gold, this game is pretty much a waste of time, as I say before.

GAMEPLAY: Gotta love it. Excellent. The game is fun, and never is too boring(although at times it gets annoying). You go from town to town fighting people and leaders to gain badges and new types of Pokémon. You train them, you travel, you meet new people, you take new challenges... and you're always looking for more...
The controlers are plain excellent. Using only four buttons, you should have no problem with it.
The difficulty... well, i think it all depends. You could end up playing a super tough crystal version if your a lazy bum that doesn't spend even a minute on training pokémon or getting new types. But, if you take hours and hours on training, catching, and improving pokémon, the game is just too easy.

AUDIO/VIDEO: Not the strongest point of the game. Although the graphics are colorful and pokémon design are better and cooler, they're pretty simple. But that's good, because this a GameBoy game. But i must say that some places have quite impressive backgrounds, full of color and detail.
The sound is also rather simple. 8-Bit music is not the best in the world, but is also cool to hear, specially if you played the other versions of this game.

REPLAY VALUE: Once you beat the game, you come back for more. That's because you're always going to raise pokémon you never/rarely used, try new strategies, build up your pokémons or catch new types of pokémon to wide your pokédex. The replay value is very high.

TO BUY OR RENT?: Well, it all depends. If you own Silver/Gold versions, rent it to see if you're going to like it. If you don't own Gold/Silver versions, or you're a RPG fan, buy it. It is great, and has the RPG add-ons any RPG gamer needs.

OVERALL: A truly great game. I give it a 8 because it is fun. If you have played the last two versions... well, I thing I would give it a 6, because, even if it is a brother of gold/silver, it DOES have new things.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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