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Reviewed: 08/17/01 | Updated: 08/17/01

It's Pokemon Gold/Silver with some new battle animations and added features

Pokemon. All most everybody who owns a gameboy has a Pokemon game. You ever see a 10 year old play Final Fantasy Legends? no, You ever see a 10 year old play Pokemon? yes. Basically put, every 10 year old plays Pokemon. It was the biggest hit in the country. I give my gradute for Game Freak -- thank you for bringing back the Gameboy. Pokemon Crystal should have never been created, there is no need for it. Gamefreak is just ripping little kids off basically -- it's the same thing as Pokemon Gold and Silver with a couple of added features. Say -- Pokemon Blue/Red and Pokemon Yellow. The same purpose is in the game. You want to become the greatest Pokemon trainer in the world. The first new thing you'll notice is you get to be a male or female trainer. Nothing in the game changed when your a female trainer, there is just a little girl on the screen instead of a little boy. Keep playing the game and you'll find minor new features -- text at the bottom when you enter a new route, and a minor animation difference. Real minor. You'll see a Pidgey flap it's wings -- wow, I really care. That's such a big difference (not). When you get far, you'll fight through a battle tower, which is fun, but easy, like the whole game is. If you've played a Pokemon game in the past you know that there is no reason at all too level up, it's not needed. Battles are so easy, it's almost impossible to lose. Plus, you get to save any where you want, and when your in a Pokemon gym, you can leave and head straight to a Pokemon center after you fight a trainer that ''blocks'' you from the gym leader.

Graphics - 6/10 - The battle animation only has minor differences. It's graphics look a little bit sharper then Pokemon Gold and Silver.

Sound - 6/10 - The music in the game hasn't changed much -- all pokemon have there own different sound.

Control - 4/10 - The games controls are basic -- I hate it that you have go through all the menu's just to fish.

Replay - 10/10 - Your object is to collect all of the pokemon, which is all most impossible. But, it'll make you keep coming back for more to catch 'em all.

Overall - 5/10 - If you have Pokemon Gold or Sliver (and you probably do) then avoid this game at all costs. The game would be great if it was the only Pokemon game ever released in the states. I'd give gold and silver a score of a 9/10 but since there really isn't much new here, then you shouldn't even play the game, it's just a waste of time.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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