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Reviewed: 08/16/01 | Updated: 08/16/01

If you own G/S this game is not for you....but then again,if you are a pokemaniac,then BUY it! =)


The graphics are pretty much the same as G/S,but with more color.The animations added to the Pokemon are incredible,making the graphics for this game extra beautiful.Just the graphics are enough to make some buy this game.The Ice Path looked incredible and if you look around,most towns have better graphics then ever before.These very beautiful graphics show the true power of GBC!

I did not give it a 10 because anyone who has played any of the Pokemon games for GBC would agree the music gets quite annoying after a while.I did not give it a 1 because it is not that annoying,plus some one who plays a Pokemon game for the first time will actually like it!I must also say that even though the music gets annoying,it is very good for a GBC game.

Lets see!A D-Pad,A and B buttons,select and start button.The controls are extremely user friendly!If it was any easier my dog would be able to figure out the controls.Nintendo did a good job with this section =)

Like all other Pokemon games,the game play is very good!And with these new perks,this game is the best Pokemon game out in the market!One of the most notable extras is the fact that you can choose to be a girl now!For female Pokemon lovers,this is a brand new option that will surely make them buy this game.

Same old story as always,but it is enjoyable just the way it is.....''A trainer who wants to be a Pokemon Master''!It sounds corny,but as you start playing it you will understand and love the story line of this little-big RPG!This game starts out as any normal game,buts you continue the story line will grab you and not let you go!

Lets just say that as soon as I am done playing,I will reply it......again,again,and again ;) .You may want to replay this game to try other starters,or just for fun,but this game is way to big to explore all of it in just one try,so in order to do all of it you will HAVE to replay it!This game is not like other games you play once and then forget about it,this game will have you hooked.

Buy or Rent?
If you own G/S I say rent!If you don't own them I say buy!But you got to be quick,this game is flying off the shelves!For 30$,this game is well worth it!Do not hesitate and go get it...NOW =)

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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