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Reviewed: 08/14/01 | Updated: 08/14/01

Nintendo strikes it rich with the newest installment in the pokemon series

Well, in the states pokemon has been around for 3 years now. RPG wise, they came out with red and blue in 1998. Then yellow came out a little later. Then, the completely new adventure of gold and silver came out in late 2000. Now, the next version has traveled into America. It goes by the name of Pokemon Crystal.

Story-Same as g/s. You are a kid who has been told by Professor Elm to take a new pokemon of his and train it. Suddenly he gets an e-mail and he wants you to research what that is too...that's how the game starts. It picks up from there. Rating:9

Music: Its the G/S music and the remixed R/B/Y music combined once again. The music just doesn't get boring for me, I guess its because i dont really consider music that important in the game (though it is nice to have good music.) I still enjoy listening to it.

Attention Keeping:Will this game keep you entertained while your playing? Well let me answer that this way. It can get quite boring at times, but then at other times its very exciting. At many times, its just plain fun, so yes, it will keep your attention.

Replay Value: What about after you beat the game? its hard to get bored of this game after playing through once..You can use so many different team combinations; its not funny. It will be hard to get bored after beating it only once.

GBC or GBA: Then there is this question. ''Which would it be best to play the game on? GBC or GBA??'' Well, I personally prefer GBC for a few reasons.
1)GBC can use the infared thing at the top of the screen for a feature known as mystery gift. GBA doesn't have that (but will most likely be able to in a few months with an item)
2)The screen is slightly lighter than it is on a least for me it is.

Controls: Easy controls just like they have always been. In G/S/C there are a few bonus features though. You can set an item to select (bike/rod etc.). You can also just ''talk'' to a tree when you want to use cut.

Multiplayer: its great; you can battle with your friend, its more fun that battling a computer!

Buy or Rent:Simple. If you like pokemon, buy. If you don't (which would make me wonder why your reading this review), then don't get it (unless your looking to try getting into pokemon in which case you should rent)

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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