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Reviewed: 08/11/01 | Updated: 08/11/01

A game for Poké-fanatics only!

Okay, I myself do love the Pokémon games but that's as far as my love goes for the craze. Over the past few months, Pokémon Gold has been gathering dust but now there's Crystal... and it's GBC only!

Gameplay - 10/10
It's the same as any other Pokemon game. Easy controls to master, well laid out menus, etc. The thing to note is that this game is just a hyped up version of Gold and Silver and unless you are really a dedicated fan you shouldn't bother. The biggest difference is, as most know by now, the ability to play as a boy or girl trainer, each has their own menu colors and map etc. There are also some UNOWN puzzles to solve and you may just 'unlock the mystery' as Nintendo says... Suicune is also a main character now! He has a trainer running around after him too. You can see Suicune on the map and get a chance to fight him without searching later in the game! The other two cats (yes they ARE cats) can be found when the music changes to a battle theme while you are walking around.

Visuals 8/10
The same as Gold and Silver with the following additions.
First of all, every time a Pokemon appears it will go through two or three frames of animation! It's only at the start of the battle but it's a nice touch! Secondly, places like the Burnt Tower are now better looking. Using the same example, burnt tower is actually burnt down and inside it's very dark but not FLASH needing. Last of all the Ice Cave is purely stunning for a GBC game. You'll see when you get up to it.

Audio 6/10
Nothing new from Gold and Silver here. Some nice songs but they do become very repetative very quickly (Anyone want to obliterate the bike theme?). The sound effects in battles are reasonabe but as always they don't really sound like electricity or fire.

Storyline 4/10
Here's the crunch. There really isn't much of a story. Just catch and train all the way through the game. That doesn't mean there is no story at all it just isn't really very deep.

Multiplayer 10/10
Most people don't give the MP on Pokemon games a 10 but I just love it. When I get into a battle with a friend it becomes a battle of wits and can last several hours (ouch!) before a winner is decided or someone's batteries die. The multiplayer is just like solo battling but with a friend!

Replay value 10/10
Once you beat the bosses of the game you will want to play more. To catch them all... over and over again. Basically because once you do manage to get all 250 plus the #251st which will take years on its own (Darn Nintendo), you'll have forgotten about the actual walk around battling trainers part and do it all over again! It sounds silly but you will do it all again!

Overall 9/10
Yes, it's a great title. Just a few more noteworthy things that didn't fit in categories before I finish off. There is a good piece of news and a bad one.
GOOD: There is a new building... err... Skyscraper. The Battle Tower! Battle a ton of consecutive trainers to win big prizes. It's heaps of fun and good for skill.
BAD: A change or two from the Japanese version. First of all the Phone Adapter is gone. No online multi-player anymore. As proof you'll see the Goldenrod PokeCenter is just a copy of the one in Cherrygrove City! Secondly, Celebi is not in the US version again. Why do they do that? I don't know but they keep taking out the mega legendaries. Darn.

Rent or Buy
Well, I live in Australia and here you can't rent but for all you people who can...
It's well worth buying if you are a fan. The new mysteries will have you intrigued for a while too.
If you aren't sure you should rent it and see what you think. You may just realize that buying it is the way to stop these weird dreams... (Never mind, just me).

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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