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Reviewed: 08/04/01 | Updated: 08/04/01

If the sound would've changed, this game would have a perfect score

Yes yes kids. It's a brand new Pokémon game, so go and spend your pocket money. Or will it be Santa Claus? Or aren't you a kid? Or are you already a grown man who borrows his son's Pokémon games (shame on you)? Whatever it'll be, it doesn't matter because you should buy this game whoever you are.

Differences from Gold and Silver

There are a lot of differences from the original Gold/Silver games. Like, Goldenrod City is even BIGGER then it already was. And the Unown Puzzles have changed a bit. There's a new Radio Show and a Move Tutor that sells you moves. Anyway, there a so much changes that it is definitely worth it to buy it, even if you already own Gold and/or Silver.


Hello!!! This is a Gameboy Color game! What's the graphics-section doing here?
Well, I'll tell you. This game has real fantastic graphics for a Gameboy Color-game. There is way more animation then in Gold and Silver, some fight look better but still, most things look the same. No bad point though, because Gold and Silver were also beautiful games.


MAN! SOUNDS? Yes, sounds. I know, I know, there are only stupid bleep-sounds. But Nintendo gets better. The bleep-sounds aren't so annoying like they used to be in Red and Blue for an example. And, if you own a Gameboy Advance like I do it sounds better. Still, sound get a low score from me. Thanks to sounds this game isn't perfect :-(


Well, all the buttons are at the right places for me. I mean, at this game you can't really feel like: Oh man, I wish there would be an option to change the buttons. That's because you don't have to use so much buttons, so that settles that.

Replay Value

BIG replay value. It's a big challenge, trying to catch all 251 Pokémon. It'll take you a while. And after you've done that, starting over is fun too. But be sure to save the rare Pokémon like Charizard, Mewtwo and Selebi if you have them.

Buy or Rent?

I never knew they rented Gameboy Games, but if they do, don't rent Pokemon Crystal, because you'll be sorry to return it. So buy it.


A really great game. Almost perfect, if the sounds were better (yes I'm still talking about those sounds!). Really great game, definitely worth the money. It gets a nine out of ten from me.

Overall Score (not on average) 9/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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