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Reviewed: 08/02/01 | Updated: 07/15/03

This is the best Pokemon game yet!

Way less then a year the Gold/Silver versions were out and they were great. Now a new pokemon game arrives and your probably thinking it should be good-it certainly is. With new features and a couple other things, this is the best pokemon game yet.

On the with the review:

Better than any pokemon game on a hand held system. Mostly everything is unchanged(which is good becuase G/S graphics were great), but the best thing is about the battling. When you start a battle everytime, your pokemon and your opponent's does a short animation which is kind of cool to watch. It is sort of like what they do in the Stadium games but its in GBC and it lasts for a short time. Everything else has great graphics, too.

If you have played Pokemon Gold/Silver, the sound will be familiar to you. It's good for a gameboy color game, and the sound/music is really good. The music is not so bad but its repeated in other places sometimes, but it won't annoy you. The sound is pretty good, too. When you battle, the pokemon make a clear sound that's not fuzzy. Outside of battle, the sound is very smooth.

Even your granny can figure out what does what. As with most RPGs, the control is way too easy to learn. This is mostly a menu game becuase you fight in battles a lot. On the feild, all that's required is mostly pressing the D-pad and A. Your character moves a bit slow, but to make up for that, you get a bicycle, which doubles your speed, very early.

No problems with gameplay and with tons of new features that make it different from G/S, this game deserves a 10.
Here's some new features:
-Play as boy or girl
-Battle Tower in Olivine City is very tough
-There's more about the Unowns
-Pokemon animate at start of battle
-Suicune is eaier to catch
-Dragon Shrine is now open
-Guy in Goldenrod can teach your pokemon T-bolt, F-thrower, and Icebeam for 4000 gamecorner coins on Wed.
There's a few more features but these are the biggest! Let's talk more about the gameplay. There are 2 worlds:Johto and Kanto. Each one you will need 8 badges from for a total of 16! Also there is over 100 regular trainers to defeat. On top of that, 250 pokemon to catch! You also collect many items and there are about 20 towns.

Same old story but becasue everything else is good, the story would not really matter. The Pokemon series' story is by no means terrible; You just try to catch 250 monsters and be the world's best trainer.

This game takes very long and catching 250 pokemon just makes it longer and harder. The new Battle Tower is a different matter. It's like a mini Pokemon Stadium game and you'll find out why. Catching 26 Unowns was never said to be easy. On top of that, you will need to play certain times of your life to catch certain events.

The rule for any pokemon game always remains: You are NEVER truly finished. You might have beaten the games trainers but can you make a great team? There is no best team and if you have friends, battle them ASAP!

Buy or Rent?
Drop Rent. If you did like Pokemon G/S but never thought it was the greatest game, you probably won't want to buy this. If your a seroius pokefreak/maniac, you will want your hands on this before everyone else. This is a great game, and should never be passed by by any pokemaniacs.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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