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Reviewed: 02/25/08

A Pokemon Game, or a Pokemon Masterpiece

Introduction---Released in 7/29/01, Pokemon Crystal Version for the Gameboy Color is a really great game. Some say that it is just Gold and Silver with some added features. I say, it is a gift from the heavens. OK, not really from the heavens, but you get my point. The story has been tweaked to a point of additive interest. It actually follows somewhat of a storyline, unlike Red, Blue, and Yellow. Plus, there may be less and/or different pokemon, however, there is a story behind the legendaries.

Gameplay---Rating: 9/10
It is the regular Pokemon gameplay. Battle and format, all the same. Still pretty good. The controls over all are good. There are no difficulty understanding what button to press or when to press it. Also, the controls dont change and there is no part where you need to work on timing or something weird like that.

Story---Rating: 8/10
There actually is a story, it is not just random stuff. There is a major enemy you need to beat, and there are bosses(e.g. The Gym Leaders, Rival, etc.) There are special legendaries that follow a storyline. Pretty much, the storyline is good, but not PERFECT.

Graphics/ Sound---Rating: 9/10
The graphics are decent out of battle, however aren't the BEST. In battle, the graphics are good and the animation is also good. The sound is pretty great. The right music is played at the right time, and is not random.

Play Time/Replayability---Rating: 9/10
It will take around 9-13 hours to get through the Johto part. Adding the Kanto part, it comes to 9-12. Plus, the training and catching brings it to a total of about 27-35 total. If you beat the entire game, including Kanto, you should play it again, but don't try to complete the Pokedex again. It will get boring after going through 3 or more times.

Final Recommendation--- It is worth buying, but for less then 17. If a store is selling it for 20-25, here's my advice: GO TO A DIFFERENT STORE! I don't think any place evens has it for rent, but if they do, RENT IT, if you like it, buy it. I'm not sure you'd ever be given a gift taht is or contains this game.

Closure--- A good game. "Exceeds greatly in gamer interest." Though, abot now, 2008, um, you might not not feel like it,( you probably won't still have a Gameboy anyway), but if you're like me,(not too much of a nerd, 4.3/10), get the game and play it. Just for the sake of having fun with the golden oldies. So... BUY IT, or don't, you're choice.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Pokemon Crystal Version (US, 07/29/01)

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