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Reviewed: 01/06/08

Pokemon Crystal: Just Another Pokemon Game?!?!?

Pokemon Crystal Version-

The most important qualities of great, fun video games is defineletely their graphics, sound, length, controls, storyline, challange, music, and replayablity. Instead of writing an extremely long review of the entire game, I'm going to review all of the critical aspects of the game. Hope you enjoy!:

Graphics 10/10
The graphics in this game are MUCH better than that of Gold, Silver, Red, Blue, or anyother Pokemon games. So far. . . . Instead of one color as in Red or Blue Version, the game is available in a full panorama of colors. Not only that, unlike predesesors to Crystal, the Pokemon move when they are sent out. The graphics of Pokemon are very good.

Sound 8/10
The sound in Pokemon Crystal Version is pretty good. Whenever you walk into buildings or talk to someone, you can hear sound. However, I feel that there could have been just a little more sound effects. The sound is still good however.

Length 9/10
Pokemon Crystal Version does take awhile to beat. However, if you want to catch all 250 pokemon, you're going to need some serious time on your hands. But if you want to complete the storyline, it still will take quite awhile. This is not a game where you can beat in one sitting!

Controls 10/10
The controls of Crystal are simple and easy to understand. You do not need to memorize any complicated control combos or anything like that. In some cases, the game's controls seem a little too easy. The controls are very simple and need no effort to understand.

Storyline 10/10
The storyline of Pokemon Crystal is very good. It does not have any amazing twists at the end or a complitcated story that is hard to follow. Other than you, there is only one or two other characters that are throughout the entire story.

Challange 9/10
Pokemon Crystal is somewhat of a challange, however it can be easily beat by any newbie game player. There are some hard parts in the game, however, it basically flows smoothly throughout the entire game.

Music 10/10
The music to Crystal is one of the best aspects of the game! There are many different tunes and melodies for each town and some routes, and even new music when you get on your bike. In retrospect, the music is actually 11/10!

Replayability 7/10
Although fun the first time, after several times of beating the game, you find yourself very bored. It is fun the first couple of times, however after awhile it gets slightly boring.

Buy or Rent?
Crystal Version should DEFINETELY be bought. If you do rent it, after a few minutes, you will now that you should buy it.

Final Score 9/10
This game is overall fun! If you don't have the game yet, you should buy it whenever you have the oppurtunity!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Product Release: Pokemon Crystal Version (US, 07/29/01)

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