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Reviewed: 08/19/07

Generic Pokemon Crystal review

While this game is old. (Very old) I thought I'd submit a review for it anyway. (Which no one will read) So here's my view on Pokemon Crystal.

The great thing about Silver, Gold and Crystal compared to the previous three in the series, is the innovative changes that were made, and the major improvement and tweaking from the first three (Red, Blue and Yellow.) Night and day were added (instead of it always being day time, no matter what time of day you played) and certain Pokemon only appear at night and of course time passes in real time. You can even adjust your clock for daylight savings. Moreover, certain events happen only on certain days, like the bug catching contest or the radio password competition, all of which aren't there for show, and are actually fun to take part in. New features like having a phone and radio have been added, and in my opinion, should have been kept for Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald.

Much of the same in this department as the previous games. This time around you can choose to be either a boy or girl trainer, it doesn't affect the game much, but it's a nice addition. Also, you have a whole new world to explore this time around. You're not in Kanto, but a place called Johto, the best part is, after winning the eight badges in Johto you can travel back to Kanto and win the eight badges there, making a total of sixteen badges and two separate lands to explore. And let's not forget the hundred new Pokemon (with two new types and a ton of new moves)

As in Red/Blue/Yellow there are several HM moves that you must teach your Pokemon, not so you can lay waste to innocent baby Pokemon or win all your badges, but so you can light caves, (I still say a torch would work better) cross the sea, move conveniently placed boulders and climb the occasional waterfall. Because these moves are basically useless when fighting big scary Pokemon (ie. the big scary purple monkey with a hand on it's tail) you'll need a few HM slaves to do the dirty work and help you progress through the game.

Now we move on to a topic that needs to be addressed; balls.

In the first three Pokemon games, you had your standard Poke Ball, Great Ball, Ultra Ball and the very special Master Ball. (Used to Catch Mewtwo who was completely useless anyway.) Now in Silver/Gold/Crystal version, you can have special balls like Lure Balls (for catching hooked fish) Heavy Balls (for heavier Pokemon) and more, which come in handy (sometimes.) Even the way you organize your items has been improved, with all your Balls, TMs, Key items all organized into separate pockets.

The fighting is the same as always, your Pokemon can use four different moves. They suffer ailments like poison, burn, frozen etc. The animations are mildly interesting to watch, sadly the game doesn't give you the option of turning them off anyway so in any one battle you're forced to watch the same three or four animations over and over, which is entertaining at first but after awhile gets boring.


While the graphics in Pokemon Crystal are a step up from Red/Blue/Yellow, some of the Pokemon still have rough edges, which isn't a big deal anyway. However some of the Pokemon look a little misshapen and are quite fun to laugh at. I suppose you can't complain, it's Gameboy Color after all, but some fine-tuning would do the somewhat shoddy visuals in this game a world of good.


One word to describe the sound in this game. Annoying. Turn it off. I'll take my ipod over the screechy sounds in this game, which sound a lot like nails on a chalkboard. Each Pokemon has it's own unique (and just as annoying as the last) cry. And the music has a lot to be desired (Unless of course you're using your ipod.)

--Replay Value--

There isn't a whole lot of replay value, not because you'll find the game boring the second time around, but simply because you won't want to start again and give up all your hard earned Pokemon/moves/items.

All in all, this game is a major improvement from the first three in the Pokemon series, and worth buying. If only they had added a few more Crystal Version Only features...

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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