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Too much of a G/S remake 08/20/01 Baldo
If you own G/S this game is not for you....but then again,if you are a pokemaniac,then BUY it! =) 08/16/01 Foxhound
A great game... no wait... 11/04/01 GheddonLN
Hmmm...? An individual review? 10/03/02 Jeanette_White
It's really not bad once you look beyond the name 09/23/02 jerbils
The best Pokemon game available on GBC 01/31/05 kaptainkirby
Generic Pokemon Crystal review 08/19/07 knives360
Pokemon Crystal: Just Another Pokemon Game?!?!? 01/06/08 Melash
Nintendo strikes it rich with the newest installment in the pokemon series 08/14/01 mendel
Oh great, do we really need another Pokemon remake? 11/11/01 Mogster453
A strong improvement over the previous two titles. 11/27/06 ND9k
The same as Gold/Silver. So it must be good. 03/26/07 Nemesissy
A game for Poké-fanatics only! 08/11/01 NeoPV
A Pokemon Game, or a Pokemon Masterpiece 02/25/08 Ninja_007
The best Pokemon Gameboy game created. 02/19/02 Paulos
An awesome remake of Gold and Silver 02/17/04 peach freak
Wow! A Pokemon game that's not based on color! 07/07/02 PlasmaInferno
If you like Pokémon, you'll REALLY like this game! 08/16/01 PokePika
Just another Pokemon 02/17/02 RAMS
Yet another great pokemon game from nintendo. 10/22/01 sLiPkNoT8NiCkSiC
It's Pokemon Gold/Silver with some new battle animations and added features 08/17/01 Squallxxx
If the sound would've changed, this game would have a perfect score 08/04/01 SS Nappa
Pokemon Gold/Silver version 1.2 10/02/02 striker64
A nice game if you havent played G/S 04/30/02 supersaiyangoten
Mabie I can finally be called 03/16/02 takira the mage
Not much of a new feature 07/02/04 The Manx
A good game in its own right, but.... 08/28/01 The Mighty Mollusk
This is the best Pokemon game yet! 07/15/03 X Slayer007 X

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