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by Eevee-Trainer

Table of Contents

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Guide and Walkthrough by Eevee-Trainer

Version: v1.11 | Updated: 10/29/2020

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Basics of the Game
  3. Walkthrough: Johto Region
    1. ZephyrBadge - Game Start-Up & New Bark Town
    2. ZephyrBadge - Our First Gym Battle!
    3. HiveBadge - To Azalea Town!
    4. HiveBadge - Azaleas & Slowpokes & A Gym
    5. PlainBadge - The City of Golden Flowers
    6. FogBadge - Ecruteak City: Where Past & Present Meet
    7. StormBadge - A Trip to the Coast
    8. StormBadge - A Lighthouse & An Ocean Crossing
    9. MineralBadge - The Sound of Clashing Steel
    10. GlacierBadge - To Mahogany Town!
    11. GlacierBadge - Ousting Team Rocket
    12. GlacierBadge - A Bone-Chilling Gym Battle!
    13. RisingBadge - Optional Area: Whirl Islands
    14. RisingBadge - The Rocket Radio Ruckus!
    15. RisingBadge - Crystal in the Dragon's Den
    16. Road to the Pokemon League!
    17. The Indigo Plateau!
  4. Walkthrough: Kanto Region
    1. ThunderBadge - Optional Area: Tin Tower
    2. ThunderBadge - An Electrifying Arrival!
    3. MarshBadge - Who Saw This Coming?
    4. RainbowBadge - The City of Rainbow Dreams
    5. SoulBadge - The Passion-Pink Fuschia City
    6. CascadeBadge - The Aquatic Cerulean City
    7. BoulderBadge - Oh, She'll Be Coming Around Mt. Moon...~
    8. VolcanoBadge - Fiery Battle in the Seafoam Islands!
    9. EarthBadge - Return to Viridian City!
    10. Side Activity: Unexplored Areas in Kanto
    11. Mt. Silver: The Final Trial
  5. Miscellaneous Gameplay Info & Quests
    1. Sidequest: Secrets of the Ruins of Alph
    2. Legendary Quest: Catching Ho-Oh & Lugia
    3. Legendary Quest: Catching Entei, Raikou, & Suicune
    4. Legendary Quest: Catching Celebi
    5. Time-Based Events
    6. HM Item Cleanups
    7. Useful PokeGear Phone Numbers
    8. Pokemon Trades
    9. Pokemon Gifts
  6. Item Listings
    1. Medicinal Items
    2. Field Items
    3. Hold Items
    4. Vitamins & Other Stat Boosters
    5. In-Battle Stat Boosters
    6. Berries
    7. Pokeballs
    8. Evolution Items
    9. Apricorns
    10. Mail
    11. Misc. Items
    12. TMs & HMs
    13. Key Items
  7. Shop Info Compendium
  8. Pokemon Encounter Lists By Area
    1. Overview & Area Quick-Jump
    2. Wild Pokemon Encounter Lists
  9. Trainer Info Compendium
    1. Overview & Trainer Links
    2. Full Trainer Info List
  10. Pokemon Info Compendium
    1. Pokemon Types, Base Stats, & Stat Exp.
    2. Pokemon Breeding Stats
    3. Miscellaneous Pokemon Stats
    4. Pokemon Evolution Conditions
    5. Wild Pokemon Hold Items
    6. Time Capsule Hold Items
    7. Pokemon Move Information
    8. Pokemon Type Affinities
    9. Pokemon HM Compatibility
  11. Game Mechanics
    1. Time Reset Passcode Mechanics
    2. Stat Growth Calculation & Hidden Stats
    3. Stat Changes in Battle
    4. Damage Calculation
    5. Badge Damage Modifiers
    6. Accuracy Calculation
    7. Critical Hit Calculation
    8. Battle Fleeing Mechanics
    9. Pokemon Disobedience Mechanics
    10. EXP. Calculation & Growth
    11. Pokemon Capture Mechanics
    12. Pokemon Breeding Mechanics
    13. Special Move Mechanics
    14. Shiny Pokemon Mechanics
    15. Pokemon Gender Mechanics
    16. Unown Letter Mechanics
    17. Headbutt Tree Mechanics
    18. 3DS Virtual Console Transfer Mechanics
    19. Game RAM Addresses & Internal IDs
  12. Pokemon Learnsets
    1. Overview & Quick Links
    2. Learnsets: Pokemon #001-#025
    3. Learnsets: Pokemon #026-#050
    4. Learnsets: Pokemon #051-#075
    5. Learnsets: Pokemon #076-#100
    6. Learnsets: Pokemon #101-#125
    7. Learnsets: Pokemon #126-#150
    8. Learnsets: Pokemon #151-#175
    9. Learnsets: Pokemon #176-#200
    10. Learnsets: Pokemon #201-#225
    11. Learnsets: Pokemon #226-#251
  13. Guide Closing

Game Mechanics

3DS Virtual Console Transfer Mechanics


Most of this is speculative, based on the mechanics for Pokemon Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow transfers. Full confirmation will be forthcoming one day, probably when VC transfer for these games is supported.

On the 3DS Virtual Console port of Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystakl Versions, you can send Pokemon to Pokemon Bank. Due to the varying data structures of the GBC Pokemon games to the modern games, the Pokemon will be modified in transfer. This is a quick overview of the effects that result.

Pokemon Base Stats/Types/Etc.: The Pokemon's stats and type will be based on whatever game it's in. If its stats differ between games, then they're recalculated based on the target game's base stat values, for example.

Experience Points (EXP.): Nothing much to note here, just that the Pokemon's EXP. is mysteriously affected such that it will have all progress to the next Level eliminated, so it might lose a little EXP. (That is to say, if it gained 1,000 EXP. since its last level up in Generation II, that 1,000 EXP. is negated on transfer - a Pokemon's Level and EXP. are otherwise maintained.)

Ability: Originally, in the Pokemon games, Pokemon did not have Abilities - this changed with Generation III, however, which introduced Abilities, diversifying Pokemon further. Originally, a Pokemon species had up to two different Abilities, but then Generation V changed this further by introducing Hidden Abilities, a special Ability only obtained in special situations or through breeding. Given that a Pokemon could have any of three Abilities, how do the games determine which the Pokemon gets? In transfer, the Pokemon is guaranteed to have its Hidden Ability, if present!

Gender: Maintained in transfer, unlike with Generation I.

Shininess: If a Pokemon is Shiny in Generation II, it will be Shiny on transfer. (The transfer from Pokemon Red/Blue/Green/Yellow Versions checked the DVs of the Pokemon to set if they met criteria that would make them Shiny in Generation II, but obviously that's not necessary now.)

DVs -> IVs: DVs and IVs are similar, but they are stored differently and are modified a bit as IVs, so a direct translation isn't possible. In this case, the current IVs of the Pokemon are completely swept away. After that, three IVs are set to be 31, the maximum value. The exception is with Mew (in Red/Blue/Green/Yellow) and presumably Celebi (in Gold/Silver), which have five perfect IVs.

Stat Experience -> EVs: Completely wiped away. When the Pokemon reaches the modern games, the Pokemon will have zero EVs.

Nature: Starting in Generation III, a Pokemon had a Nature assigned to it. Natures affect a Pokemon's stats, excluding HP: they will raise one by 10%, and lower another by 10%, excluding five which do nothing. There are 25 Natures in all. Natures not being present in Generation II, how are they determined?

They are determined by taking the Pokemon's current EXP., dividing by 25, and finding the remainder (also known as finding the modulo of EXP. divided by 25 or EXP. mod 25). That remainder will determine the Pokemon's Nature, as below. Details on Natures' effects specifically can be found here.

ModuloNature Assigned