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Raise Some Hell on your Game Boy Color!

Survive the mean streets in this action packed adventure. Battle Nicky's evil brothers, evade a murderous reward hungry mob and fight demons determined to stop you. Use your awesome powers to solve challenging puzzles, defeat poison rats and fiendish cannibals in your quest to save the world!

Unleash the Evil - Burp fire, possess innocent bystanders, fly, demolish obstacles with your evil ray.
15 Hell Raising Levels - Escape from Heaven and Hell, New York's streets and subways - even a demonic basketball game!
5 Demented Mini-Games - Fish with the Peeper, Beefy's Duck Massacre, Mr. Devil Head, the Human Dartboard & more!

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#3 lowest rated GBC action game (#7 on GBC, #1518 overall)


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#3 hardest GBC action game (#17 on GBC, #849 overall)


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#21 shortest GBC action game (#40 on GBC, #5168 overall)


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