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Reviewed: 09/06/01 | Updated: 09/06/01

Jaw-dropping graphics + Dodgy sound = Fairly good game

Alone in the Dark is already a very well-known series in the survival horror genre. The name alone tells you that this game certainly isn't going to be about fluffy bunnies frolicking in the woods with big smiles on their faces. No, indeed, Alone in the Dark is meant to be a scary game.
But does it succeed? This is where you find out...

The obvious high point in Alone in the Dark. Quite literally, the amazing graphics on this cart will make you start leaping around the room and screaming like a loon (much to the worry of any people nearby). Developers Pocket Studios managed these graphics by putting your controllable character (Edward Carnby) in a series of static environments. For example, when you walk to a door, the screen will be replaced by another frame for you to investigate. It works surprisingly well; I never thought graphics this good would be accomplished on the Game Boy Color. Wow.
It really deserves something higher than a 10, but because ten is the maximum, the graphics are still rewarded a 10.

Ouch. Alone in the Dark has almost no sound at all. Presumably, this is because the graphics took up so much of the cartridge space, but even so, it is very disappointing. About the only time there is any music is when you are in the 'Battle Mode' (more on that later). Very uninspiring.
I'm hard pushed to reward the Sound a 1, but I'll give it that anyway.

Alone in the Dark is spilt into two styles of play, Adventure Mode and Battle Mode. Adventure Mode is what you'll be playing in for most of the game - Adventure Mode is basically when you walk around into all the different rooms, finding items, etc.
Battle Mode is what puts the massive dent into Alone in the Dark. Quite simply, the Battle Mode is awful. Hideous. How it works is that you walk into a room, only to see on-screen text come up, with your character saying ''what the hell was that? Well, better be prepared for anything.'' (Or something very close to that). The game then switches to a view not unlike the one used for Game Boy Perfect Dark. The difference though is that Edward Carnby is very, very slow. Oh, and he also can't aim. What I mean is that if you're aiming directly at an enemy, you'll probably miss. However, you can often aim more away from them and THEN you'll hit them. Rubbish.

Overall, Alone in the Dark ends up being a nice little game, good but never great. One other problem I haven't mentioned is that Alone in the Dark has nothing to make you replay the game at all, and it won't take you long to finish (I finished the game in less than two days and I wasn't trying very hard!) Still, if you're a lover of all the other Alone in the Dark games, then it's pretty safe to say that you'll like this too.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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