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Reviewed: 04/18/01 | Updated: 04/18/01

'Tis a jungle in there.

Back in 1994, a little company called Nintendo and a littler company named Rare[ware] got together for a project that revolutionized gaming for its time. The game they created featured stunning computer-rendered graphics and a classic persona. And they shall call it...Donkey Kong Country.

6 years later, they got together again to compact the game into a seemingly feeble system called the Gameboy Color. It took quite some time, the limits were visible, but they pulled it off. And look...

It's the classic platformer we all knew and loved [when we had an SNES, anyway], now in the palm of your hand. All the characters are there, the animal friends, the music, the bonus games, the levels - plus an extra one, entitled 'Necky's Nutmare'.

There's no change in the plot, K. Rool and his kohorts [blehh] have made off with the Kong banana hoard, and Donkey sets out to fetch it back. Yes, he will be accompanied by his old pal Diddy. You can also bet the rest of the Kong klan [urgghh!] will be there. Cranky's got his old wisecracks - and of course, tips, as always. Funky lets you navigate between worlds you've visited. Candy, however, instead of letting you save [your game saves after every level], lets you play fun bonus games for Kong koins [YAGGHHH!].

Challenge: 8
This could have been touched up a bit. The hit detection is a little off...I had times where I was hit by one of those snake guys from a mile away, and missing tires dead on. However, if you know the 'constant lives' trick - and you probably do - you'll hang in there. Also, no longer can you get the full 101% in one sitting. You'll have to beat it once for 87%, then beat it once each without the star barrels or the DK barrels. Think you can get 101%? I did. Seriously. It was quite the chore, too.

Graphics: 8
They're ok, but the game seems a lot like a colorized version of Donkey Kong Land, the forefather of DKC-type games on old Gameboy. The characters seem very sprite-based, thus they look very washed out. The colors were well-selected, though; Places like the treehouse and the other Kongs' areas seem to have excellent support for all that color. As you may figure, there's no support for multiple layers [It's Gameboy color, for god's sakes], and that prevents a full score.

Sound: 8
Also a mimic of Donkey Kong Land. Most of this game's music seems to have been taken from there, plus some new ones to fill in the spaces. This goes for sound effects, too.

Other notes:
If you have another Kong, it doesn't follow you. Instead, a DK barrel appears on the lower corner to show that you have it. Understandable.

You can now do Donkey Kong's ground slam, down+B. This is helpful in finding sticker packs to fill your [new feature!] photo album.

Bonus sub-games have been added, like a fishing game, and a whack-a-mole game. Good for if you want to take a break from getting the old banana hoard back.

This game is GBC-only. Oh...what's that? You want the fun of Donkey Kong Country on your old black and white GB? Nooooo problem! The Donkey Kong Land Trilogy should be enough for you.

Final note: Despite the flaws, this game does justice. Really. Two buttons are enough, and that's a good thing, because the GBC only has two action buttons...but I'm not getting into that! If you have a GBC, this game ought to make a kool addition...

[Now goes ballistic and tears his computer apart]

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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