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Guide and Walkthrough by Possessed Cheese

Version: 1.35 | Updated: 07/23/2006

by The Possessed Cheese (theycallmedoctorworm@gmail.com)
Copyright 2003-2006 A. Ballard

SECTION 1: Introduction
SECTION 2: Basics
SECTION 3: Walkthrough
SECTION 4: Bonus Games
SECTION 5: Credits & Contact info

SECTION 1:           Introduction
Welcome to Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble!  You may call me the Posessed Cheese, but "My
God" and "My Lord" are also acceptable.  This game is the first to respond to
the Game Boy's movement.  This is my first strategy guide.  I wrote it mainly
because my earlier cheat site, cheatplanet.com, had nothing on it for the game.
Currently, the only sites allowed to use this FAQ are www.gamefaqs.com,
www.cheats.de, www.neoseeker.com, and www.kirbytiltntumble.com.  Please contact
me if you wish to use this guide.  See Section 5 for more info.

SECTION 1.1:         Version History

Version 0.20:   Wrote Bosses section for my own use.
(date unknown)

Version 1.00:   Wrote Basics, Introduction, Walkthrough, Bonus Games, and
(04/21/2003)    Contact Info sections.

Version 1.25:   Added Blue Star locations to Walkthrough at recommendation from
(05/29/2003)    Fane.  Absorbed Bosses section into Walkthrough.

Version 1.26:   Added cheats.de to my sites list.

Version 1.30:   Fixed a minor error in the walkthrough.

Version 1.31:   Added www.neoseeker.com to my sites list.

Version 1.32:   Updated copyright

Version 1.33:	Few minor fixes, new e-mail, updated copyright

Version 1.34:   Another site, no new content, updated copyright

Version 1.35:   Typos


SECTION 2:           Basics
SECTION 2.1:         Controls

*       Kirby is moved by tilting the Game Boy rather than using the controls.
*       Sharply jerk the Game Boy up to flip Kirby.
*       Use the control pad to view areas outside your normal field of vision.
*       Use the (A) button to jump from holes, to activate red tiles or lifts,
        or to change manual jump squares.

*       Use the (B) button to activate blue tiles and lifts.
*       Use the start button to pause.
*       Use the select button to change balance during play.

SECTION 2.2:         Basic Skills
*       When the game is turned on, you will be asked to set balance.  This
        determines how Kirby will roll.
*       Square pickups start as stars.  When you flip, all square pickups in a
        stage change to 3-second stopwatches or back.
*       If you flip near enemies, they will turn into free pickups.  They begin
        as stars.  Flip again to turn them into healing drinks that heal 1
        square of damage, and again to turn them into 10-second bonuses.
*       If you flip near 4 or more enemies, they turn into blue stars.  Take
        all of them for a 1-up.
*       You can get a 1-up by:
                - getting 50 small stars (yellow).
                - getting 50,000 points.
                - getting 7 or more small stars (red) in a single stage without
                  losing a life.
                - getting all small stars (blue) in an area.
Refer to the guide that comes with the game for more information on play and

SECTION 3:           Walkthrough
SECTION 3.1:         Start to Deedee

Level 1:           Stage 1:           Very straightforward.  There is a blue
star near the checkpoint gate.  Take the right fork and the blue star is
beneath the middle crumble-block.  The red star is in the upper-right corner of
the platform that contains the goal.  On this and several other levels, getting
a blue star sends you to the bonus round at the end of a stage.  See section 4
for more information.

                   Stage 2:           You will spend most of this stage in
balloon flight.  The UFO's in the second half contain extra balloons.  The red
star is on the left side of the airspace in the second half.

                   Stage 3:           After the ride on the cloud, you will see
a string of circle jump-holes.  Quickly move through these, and you will become
temporarily invincible.  Hit the bumper on the right side of the platform after
the string, and go through the gap.  This area appears empty, but roll over the
upper side.  A red star will eventually pop up.
                   Stage 4:           This is the first Castle stage.  Rolling
over buttons will activate the robots, usually to open a gate.  Hit the bot on
the right just before the first patch of buttons, activating him.  Roll onto
the spot he started at, and take the red star.  Pass through the level, and
jump on the cloud after the square hole area.  This will take you to a warp
star, bringing you to the first boss.

Boss 1:            An Observer.  You roll into a square hole and jump towards
the eye.  He will spin around rapidly and become temporarily invincible if you
hit him.  In this case, his eye will become a spiral.  It takes 3 hits to kill
him or any other Observer.  The battleground is bordered by pieces that move
you forward quickly, taking you to a square hole.  In Hard Mode, there are
Gordos in the path of tiles that move you quickly forward.  Solitary Gordos,
when you flip near them, turn into Tomatoes (which restore all health).

Level 2:           Stage 1:           Just after the checkpoint gate, there is
a long bumper in a nook on the far lower left side of the area.  Flip kirby
onto it, and bounce until you become invincible and destroy it.  Roll into
where the middle section was, and take the red star.  Go left after this area
and quickly go through the circle jump holes.  Hit the bumper, and get the blue
star.  Continue to the end of the level.

                  Stage 2:           Soon after the checkpoint gate, you will
see a cube with stars on it next to red and blue gates.  This "gate-die"
determines your path.  Flip to roll the die.  If the cube comes up white, flip
again until it changes.  If the cube comes up red, you cannot get the red star
in this level.  Continue through to the end of the level, and return later once
you can select levels.  If the cube comes up blue, go to the area with a
spinner hole and jump onto the moving lift.  When you can, roll to the right
and get the red star.  Get back on the lift and roll to the < tiles.  Continue
to the end of the level.

                   Stage 3:           Once you get past the checkpoint gate,
get on the cloud.  Get to the first crossroads, and turn right.  Carefully move
along the wire until you reach the next corner.  Aim down, and you will see a
platform with the red star.  Pilot the cloud to directly above the platform,
and get the star.  Use the circle hole to get back to the cloud.  Be careful of
the Gordos, and complete the level.

                   Stage 4:           After passing the bots operated by
buttons, you will soon see a patch of blue jump-squares.  Lean to stay above
these, and become invincible to destroy the bumper on the right.  It covers a
square hole.  Enter the hole, jump right, and take the red star.  Continue on
to the warp star, and the boss.  In hard mode, this warp star will take you to
a different part of the level.  You must get a key to get to the boss warp
star.  It is in the bottom chest.

Boss 2:            Another Observer.  This one, and all other Observers after
it, can become invulnerable when it closes its eye.  Instead of spinning around
after being hit, he will jump up into the air a few times.  He will aim for
wherever you are.  When he lands, he makes tiles that crumble when you roll
over them("crumble-tiles").  Once they have crumbled, rolling over those tiles
will kill you instantly.  You can roll under a mesh floor, which he cannot turn
into crumble-tiles.  There is already a ring of crumble-tiles around the edges
at the start.  In Hard Mode, the wall is made of crumble-blocks that do not
conceal anything.  There is also a ring of crumble-blocks around the square
holes.  The boss also spins around rapidly when hit like most Observers.

Level 3:           Stage 1:           We won't stay here long.  This area, and
most of this stage, is mostly water.  You have 3 seconds before you drown in
water.  You will go fast with the current and slowly against it.  The octopi
that pop up will try to blow you off the pier.  If you fall off before the end
of the pier, go down and you will land on a beach with eight pickup squares.
Be VERY careful, and reach the end of the pier.  But rather than go forward,
fall off to the right and reach the island in the upper-right-hand corner.
This piece of sand contains Whispy Woods.  Despite being a boss in other games,
he's here to help this time.  Roll up to him, and he will offer to warp you to
level 6.  Accept, and off you go!

Level 6:           Stage 1:           This won't take long either.  Go through
the level to the checkpoint gate.  Take the right fork, and go past the area
with four enemies on personal islands.  You will now come to a series of piers.
Get to the upper-left-hand corner of the area, and roll to the warp star.  You
will now be in an area with another Whispy Woods.  Roll up to him, and go to
level 8.

Level 8:           Stage 1:           These levels are hard.  After the lineup
of moving bumpers, you will see a chain.  Avoid the chain and get to the square
hole on the left side.  Jump to the left, and take the red star.  Jump right in
the other square hole to continue.

                   Stage 2:           Soon after you start, you will see a
gate-die like in level 2-2.  After the second path through the colored gates,
jump using the bumpers to the next platform.  Jump into the solitary square
hole to the right of the second bumper.  Jump right, and take the red star.
Continue through the checkpoint gate.  You will soon come to an area with many
treasure chests and two blinkbats.  The key to continue is in a chest in the
middle row.  The blinkbats will disappear when you get  the key.  Continue on,
and reach the area with two long red bumpers.  Lean alternately left and right
to bounce kirby across.  However, do not go all the way.  Wait until Kirby is
invincible, and destroy a bumper.  Roll in the direction of the bumper to reach
either a (?) hole or a warp star.  After passing through the warp star zone,
you will be left at the (?) hole.  It contains an invincibility candy.  Take it
and get through the crumble-blocks and to the goal.

                   Stage 3:           In this level you are constantly moving
forward.  Once you get past the string of square holes, go to the two circle
holes facing each other.  Quickly go between them, and become invincible.
Quickly go forward, and hit the long bumper in front of you.  It contains the
red star.  After the checkpoint gate, the level is spent in balloon flight.
Navigate between the Gordos and shoot other enemies.  Fly to the end of the

                   Stage 4:           This is a difficult level.  First, avoid
the bots and the chain and get all 6 buttons to proceed.  Then, get through the
line of clouds to get to the checkpoint gate.  After the gate, hit the bots and
get a key to move on.  Then, get past the bumpers on springs.  Proceed to the
hardest part: the spinner circle grid.  Go forward to the center, then left to
the square holes.  Take the path of square holes quickly once you start heading
up, become invincible, destroy the bumper on the platform, and take the red
star.  Take the same path back to the spinner circle grid and go up.  Go to the
cannon, and press (A) to fire.  Once you it the wall, take the warp star to the

Boss 8:            King Deedee.  He is a penguin-ish creature.  Roll forward to
the locked gate, and he will come through it and lock it behind him.  There is
a cannon at the bottom of the small area.  Rolling into the cannon loads it.
Tilting moves the cannon on its track.  Pressing (A) will fire Kirby from the
cannon.  Deedee will charge at you often.  When he is going back up, fire the
cannon at his back to make him vulnerable.  He will panic, signified by a star
leaving him.  Get back into the cannon and fire at him repeatedly while he is
panicking.  After going back and forth down the top of the field, he will
return to normal, signified by a star coming to him.  After about 4 hits, he
will throw his hammer like a boomerang before he attacks.  After about 4 more
hits, he will throw his hammer as he attacks.  10 hits total will kill him.  In
Hard Mode, there are no side walls, so be careful.  There are also spikes that
pop out of the back wall.  Be very careful and don't miss King Deedee.

After defeating King Deedee, you will have the ability to select any level you
want.  A level you have not completed will appear as an outline of a star.  A
level you have completed but have not found the Red Star on will be shown as an
orange star.  A level you have found a red star on appears as a red star.  The
orange and red are very close in color, so it is hard to tell them apart.
(Thanks to Fane for pointing this out.)

SECTION 3.2:           Levels 3-7

So, you've beaten Deedee.  You have a long way to go.  By using Whispy Woods,
you skipped five levels.  You have to complete those too.  These levels can 
be taken in any order.

Level 3:           Stage 1:           Roll forward to the end of the pier, but
this time go straight.  Move along the piers, and use the square holes to get
to other piers.  Once you get to the patch of sand, turn right and then go
down.  Get to the warp star.  You will be taken to an area with 2 1-ups and 21
pickup squares.  Once you are past this area, go to the circle hole, and move
carefully along the bars.  After the bars, you will be at the checkpoint gate.
After the gate, you will be in the square hole grid.  Jump using the square
holes and avoiding the logs.  Soon after you enter the grid, you will see a
creature holding the red star, which immediately runs.  You must follow it and
jump to it to get the star.  Once past the grid, you will be at the goal.

                   Stage 2:           The floor here is almost entirely made of
tiles that crumble when you roll on them (crumble-tiles).  Never roll over the
same spot twice and stay in constant motion.  Eventually, you will come to a
fork.  Take the right fork, and roll to the circle hole on a track.  Go to the
right of it, and follow the path to the red star.

                   Stage 3:           Much of this level will be spent on a
raft.  Move it like you would move Kirby.  Press (A) to speed up and attack
squid.  Just after the checkpoint gate, go left and destroy the squid that you
see.  It will release the red star.

                   Stage 4:           Roll forward to the button.  The first
bot will create 3x3 blocks in front of him.  The second will destroy 3x3 blocks
behind him.  Stay between the two until you reach the end platform and they
disappear.  It is up to you whether you take  the pickups and (?) holes on the
platforms along the sides.  Go forward to the cloud.  Go to the right, then
wait for the cloud to go to the platform on the far left.  Destroy the crumble-
block and take the red star.  Hop back on the cloud and go to the checkpoint
gate.  Navigate through the sea of jump squares, stopping (?) holes for small
red stars, to the cloud.  Ride the cloud to the patch of buttons and activate
the bots.  Go to the warp star and warp to the boss.

Boss 3:            Kracko.  He is a spiked cloud with an eye.  Once he appears,
he will fall back.  A long chain of Gordos (those irritating spikes with eyes)
follows him as he moves.  He moves horizontally.  He will blast small pellets
at you.  You can get an G-balloon by rolling into any (?) hole.  Fire air
blasts (A) at him to fight him.  6 hits will kill him.  If he moves too far
forward, he will come straight at you and kill you in one hit.

Level 4:           Stage 1:           Most of this level is quicksand.  You
have 10 seconds to get through quicksand, or you sink.  Just after the
checkpoint gate, you will see quicksand whirlpools, which kill you instantly.
After going past a series of bars like on stage 3-1, you will see a moving
cloud.  Go left, then down, and you will reach the red star.  Go up, left, and
up again to a circle hole, go back to the clouds, and finish the level.

                  Stage 2:           As soon as you begin, you will see manual
jump squares.  Press (A) to activate these.  After using these 3 times, you
will become temporarily invincible.  Go left and quickly destroy the fast
moving bumper.  Go past the enemy and use your momentum to jump over another
series of manual jump squares, this time each suspended in the air.  You will
end up in a platform with quicksand and the red star.

                   Stage 3:           Flip as soon as you see the first few
enemies and take all four blue stars for a 1-up.  After navigating the
platform, break the crumble-blocks on either side of the platform.  One will
cover a (?) hole with an invincibility candy.  Mow down the enemies until it
wears off.  Go back to the two single-tile paths.  The one on the right leads
to a warp star, where you will get a few small red stars.  The one on the left
leads to the red star.  Once past the checkpoint gate, you will be in the
circle square grid.  Navigate through it to the goal.

                   Stage 4:           Once past the checkpoint gate, quickly go
through the first line of square holes and become invincible.  Quickly roll
right to destroy a long bumper, then up to destroy a circle bumper.  Hop over
the wall using the square hole uncovered by the bumper and take the red star.
Move on to the warp star and the boss.

Boss 4:            Another Observer.  When he is hit, he spins and can knock
you into squares of sand in the corners.  There are small openings in the walls
behind the sand squares.  The Observer attempts to knock you through these
holes.  If you go through them, you fall to your death.  Once you hit him, try
to go in a circle a step ahead of him in the center.  As usual, 3 strikes and
he's out.  In Hard Mode, there is a ring of crumble-tiles around the square
holes.  The boss acts like the boss in Level 2 in Normal Mode.

Level 5:           Stage 1:           Much of this stage is ice.  Ice makes you
move faster and makes Kirby harder to control.  Roll forward and reach the warp
star on the left after the second long bumper moving alone.  This area has
multitudes of stars and plenty of 1-ups.  After the checkpoint gate, take the
second 1-tile-wide path to the red star.  You will have to become invincible by
rolling back and forth between two blue circle bumpers and destroying the one
on the left.

                   Stage 2:           Colored floors will appear and disappear
dependent on color.  When the floor flashes, then the floor is about to change.
Just after the checkpoint gate, you will see some large grey tiles.  These will
send you into the air when you are on them and press (A).   Jump 3 times, and
destroy the large circle bumper on the right.  Move past it to reach the red

                   Stage 3:           Once you pass the checkpoint gate and the
series of clouds on tracks, you will be on a spinner cloud.  Move up, and line
up with the red star.  Jump when you would be even with it.

                   Stage 4:           When you begin, be careful of the bumpers
on springs.  Hitting them will send you off the edge.  Once past the checkpoint
gate, you will have to cross a gap.  Jump when the bumper on a spring is
closest to you, or you will fall.  Once past that, pass two of the large heads
that move up and down.  Deliberately hit the spikes near an opening near the
bottom of the next wall.  Lean into the opening and onto the blocks, and take
the red star.  Continue on to the warp star and the boss.

Boss 5:            Another Observer.  The field is completely ice.  There is no
wall around the edges.  Otherwise, it is the same as level 4.

Level 6:           Stage 1:           Once past the checkpoint gate, you have
two choices.  For extra lives, use the manual jump blocks to become invincible,
and destroy the circle bumper to the left.  Jump using the square hole it
uncovers, and take the balloon.  Repeatedly shoot the enemy in front of you.
Once the balloon runs out, go up, then right to the goal.  For the red star, go
past the four enemies as before, but this time complete the piers.  Jump on the
circle bumper on the right, then destroy the one on the left.  Go past it to
the long bumper.  Jump on it and destroy it to reveal a 1-up and the red star.
Go up, then left to the goal.

                   Stage 2:           After the checkpoint gate, the UFO's you
see will pick you up and take you back to the gate.  When you see a platform
off to the right, go on it and take the narrow path that leads from it.  Timing
your move to avoid the UFO, go on it and take the red star at the end.  Roll
back and continue on to the goal.

                   Stage 3:           Launch forward to a balloon at the
beginning of this stage.  The cloud cannons you see take 3 shots to kill, but
leave balloons behind.  After the checkpoint gate, you will eventually see a
cloud cannon come from behind you.  Shoot it 3 times for the red star.

                   Stage 4:           Just after the checkpoint gate, you will
see 2 ghosts blocking your path.  Get in the square hole and wait for them to
come near you.  Then, jump and quickly get past their former location.  After
that, the tiles will move you in the direction they point, but you can move
against them.  Stay near the bottom of the first part, and go down the narrow
path for the red star.  Continue on to the warp star and the boss.

Boss 6:            Another Kracko.  Use the same strategies as last time.  The
only difference is while the pellets that the first eye cloud boss only do one
point of damage (half a rounded rectangle), this one fires lightning bolts that
do two points of damage.

Level 7:           Stage 1:           Most of this level is made of outlined
tiles.  To make red outline tiles appear, press (A).  To make blue outline
tiles appear, press (B).  After a few seconds, outline tiles will blink and
disappear.  If you are on tiles that begin to blink, flip and release and
QUICKLY press the button for the type of tile you are on.  After the checkpoint
gate, go left onto the blue tiles and get the key from the chest in the upper
left hand corner.  After the locked gate, go right and around to the cloud.
Ride the cloud to the warp star.  After completing the area, go right.  Jump on
and destroy the long bumper, and get the red star.  Hitting the (?) hole
outside the area with the star will make many stars appear temporarily.  Get on
the clouds and go to the goal.

                   Stage 2:           Take several cloud rides to the second
platform and the checkpoint gate.  Once through the gate, go forward to the
cloud and ride to the sand-covered platform.  Ride to the platform up and to
the right of the first platform.  Tilt towards the upper right and repeatedly
press (A).  You will become invincible, so destroy the small circle bumper and
the long bumper and get the red star.  Go back to the cloud that brought you
here and ride it to the other nearby platform.  Ride the clouds attached to
each platform to other platforms, including those after the sand-covered
platforms.  You will eventually reach the goal.

                   Stage 3:           After the two brief lift trips, go on to
the lift that fades and appears.  Go past the first platform to the end of its
trip.  Quickly get off, and get on the other nearby lift.  Ride it to the red
star.  Once through the gate, you will have to roll along the crumble-tiles to
avoid the bumper.  After two of this, go right and get to the center (?).  Use
the square holes to get to the blue stars.  After the checkpoint gate, you will
use red and blue lifts.  These are activated using (A) and (B), respectively.
Releasing the buttons will return them to their original positions.  At the
blue lifts, get on the middle lift and wait until the lifts max out.  Go left
and follow the lifts.  Once you reach the wire platform, get on the red lift.
Time your move so you miss the bumpers.  Once through this area, you will be at
the goal.

                   Stage 4:           The beginning of this stage is like 3-4.
Roll onto te button, and the bots will activate.  Be careful of swinging chains
on this stage, as they will knock you off the path.  After the bots disappear,
you will be at the checkpoint gate.  Be careful of the bots moving in a circle
after the gate.  Move to the right side of this platform, the side that is
open.  Carefully jump onto the cloud that approaches.  Go all the way to the
right, and jump to the red star.  Jump onto the other small cloud, and go to
the area with buttons on it.  Turn on all six buttons, and pass through.  The
next area has five buttons, four on the left and one on the other side of the
bar.  It can be difficult to get all 5, so an alternative is to jump against
the bumper, become invincible, and destroy the bots.  Get past 1 more area with
buttons, and then bounce on the blue squares to become invincible and destroy
the bots.  Move past their positions to the warp star to the boss.

Boss 7:            The last Observer.  Spikes will pop out from squares
occasionally.  The boss will attempt to knock you into them, like in levels 4
and 5.  The blocks along the walls will break when you hit them
("crumble-blocks") and hide star/3-second stopwatch pickups.  Otherwise,
nothing special.  In Hard Mode, there are Gordos covering the square holes.
There is also no wall.

After all this, you have completed normal mode.  You now have to complete hard 
mode.  You play all the stages again, only harder and with less time.  After
beating all stages of hard mode and getting all the red stars, you will have
100% completion and win the game.

SECTION 4:           Bonus Games
After getting a Blue star, you can go to the bonus round after a level.  There,
you have your choice of five mini-games.  Getting the top second or third score
will give a bonus 1-up.  Getting the top score gives a bonus 3-up.

1.           Kirby's Burst-a-Balloon:       This is an archery game.  Tilt the
game boy to aim at balloons.  Press (A) to fire.  Hitting a balloon gives
points.  Hitting several balloons in a row without missing gives a combo, which
is worth more points.  Red balloons rise faster than blue balloons.
Occasionally, a balloon with eyes will rise.  Hit it for a time bonus.  If you
run out of arrows, jerk the game boy up to reload.

2.           Kirby's Hurdle Race:           Race forward against King Deedee.
Hit (A) repeatedly to move forward.  Sharply jerk the game boy up to jump a
hurdle.  If you win on the first or second try, you will race against your best
time this game.

3.           Do the Kirby:                  This game is much like the popular
game Simon.  The star will move to each arrow.  After it has finished, tilt the
game boy to move the cursor.  Press (A) when the cursor is over an arrow to
select it.  Repeat the pattern of the star.  If you make 2 mistakes, the game

4.           Kirby's Roll-o-Rama:           Tilt the game boy to roll the
kirbys into the holes.  If you hit a bumper, you will shoot off in another
direction.  If you hit 2 Gordos or run out of time, the game ends.  If you
finish each stage, then you are awarded 10 points for every second remaining,
and a 500 point bonus.

5.           Kirby's Chicken Race:          Hold control pad left and (A) and
shake the game boy hard to charge your engine.  Continue shaking even after the
five seconds are up, and do not release the buttons.  The farther you go, the
higher your score.  Be careful not to go over the cliff.  After you beat the
chicken (about 30 meters), you will race your best distance that game.  You
will race 3 times.

Note that you can reset the high scores to make it easier to get that 3-up.  
The bonus games can be accessed at any time after the King is defeated.

SECTION 5: Contact Info
This FAQ is copyrighted material and cannot be used without my express e-mailed
consent.  Unless otherwise noted, all information is my own or from the
instruction packet that comes with the game.  If you want to use this guide or
give me extra information or feedback, write to theycallmedoctorworm@gmail.com
with "Kirby Tilt 'n' Tumble" in the subject line.  Extra info will be credited
to you in updates if and only if you leave a name or alias in your e-mail.
Otherwise, you will be listed as anonymous.  Please indicate whether I can
include your e-mail address.

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