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Brace yourself for Tilt Response Technology!

Tilt control offers a completely new and unique game-play experience! Move your Game Boy Color every which way to control Kirby's on-screen actions - snap it up to make him jump, shake it to rev his engine, and tilt it forward, backward and side to side to roll him in all directions. You'll tip, tilt and tumble Kirby through his latest adventure and end up turning yourself topsy-turvy in the process.

- Roll full-tilt through Dreamland - dozens of levels await, complete with multiple branches, hidden levels, perplexing puzzles and plenty of pesky pests.
- Have a ball with all-new Kirby action! Flip Kirby into the air to clear chasms, battle baddies and soar the skies. Send Kirby racing down rapids or rolling across tricky tracks. Tilt response puts control in the palm of your hand.
- Master the mini-games for maximum fun - Kirby dances, drives and dashes to the finish - but only if you can master the tilt technique!

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