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FAQ/Walkthrough by Weasel Bob

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 07/20/2000

Quest for Camelot FAQ v2.0 by Weasel Bob (rglass77@yahoo.com) 7/20/2000

July 20th, 2000: 2nd revision finished and submitted to GAMEFAQS.
	Added a useful tip from Nick 86' on the Chapter 5 door puzzle
	Added a guide to recieving the parchment pieces (see end)
	Added a guide to the key maze in Chapter 7
June 11th, 2000: 1st revision finished and submitted to GAMEFAQS.


Legal Stuff: Do whatever you want with this.  I really don't care.  I've
neither the time nor money to bother with copyright issues on a
FAQ/Walkthrough for someone else's game.  Although I really don't care what
you do, please don't copy this verbatim and claim authorship, or I may
hunt you down and glare at you.


Contact info: Send any/all questions to rglass77@yahoo.com.  They may or may
not recieve an answer, if not check the FAQ and they should show up there.


Game info:
It came out on the Game Boy Color, but also plays on the regular Game Boy.
This is a generic adventure game, that Zelda blows out of the water.  The
game itself is ok, but the control is horrible.  This game also has support
for the Game Boy Printer, but I don't have said device so I can't comment on
it.  The game is broken into 8 chapters, with cinemas in between.

    "Quest for Camelot, characters, names and all related indicia are
    trademarks of Warner brothers (C) 1998"  -- The box

    The game is (C) 1998 by Nintendo

    Titus looks to be the producers of the game


In this game you are Kayley, daughter of the valiant (and dead) Sir Lionel.
He died defending King Arthur.  Kayley  wishes to become a knight like her
father, despite her mother's protests.


Walkthrough: (Continues to end)

== Chapter 1 ==

Talk to the man left and down from the starting point.  When you do he'll
give you the save box and tell you about the cost to save.  (30 gems)
Find and talk to the blacksmith.  He'll send you on a mision to find his 5
hens, 3 of which are easy to find, and 2 require using warp caves.  If help
is actually needed finding the hens I'll post direction or an ASCII map.
Talk to the blacksmith again to get a sword.  He tells you that your sword
can level, and it can up to level 6.  Kill anything you can easily kill
whenever you have the oppurtunity until you hit this level.  Find and talk
to the swordmaster.  He'll ask you to kill all the knights.  Do so.  Talk
to him again to get your 1st ability, the spin attack.  (Which I never used)
Find and talk to Merlin, who will tell you that you can now enter your home.
Go up from talking to Merlin to do so.

You are now at the castle, kill the knights for experience and go inside.
Talk to the man by the door, then go all the way right and talk to the man
looking for his dog.  Find the dog and deliver it to the man.  You will
recieve the shield.  Open all the chests, one will open a passageway with
the grappling hook.  Kill all the ghosts and the door you couldn't open
will open, allowing you to get the compass and a heart.  The compass is one
of the most useful items of the game, a universal (nearly) map.  Use it
to see where you, people, enemies and items are.  Go outside, to the right
and up, and use the grappling hook where the arrow is pointing.  You will
be able to go up and pick up the key you need to go after Ruber.  Go back to
Merlin, talk to him, then enter the door.  Go right for a heart then the
other way to fight Ruber.  It's an easy fight, just like fighting knights,
except that Ruber has more energy.  Use yor recovery heart if you have to,
but it shouldn't be neccesary.

Once you beat Ruber go to the bottom of the screen.  After a while a hole
will open up.  Fall in it.  This will happen with almost every boss, taking
you to Merlin's house.  Talk to him and your life will refill, and you'll be
treated to some storyline.  When it's all over you will be asked if you want
to save.  Remember 2 things:
1:The game has only 1 save slot (important if you are going for the map)
2:This is a free save (it doesn't cost you 30 gems)

== Chapter 2 ==

You start out in a cave, leave it.  Use the compass to find the horse.  Talk
to it.  Go to the top of the area and exit up.  Talk to the bridge guard.
Find the merchant and buy his shovel.  Go back to the screen below.  Walk to
the center of the pattern and dig.  Dig until you have food for the horse,
then talk to him.  Ride him to the screen above going as far up as you can
until you find a cave.

Enter the cave to go to the next screen digging up more food for the horse as
needed.  Talk to Merlin, then go to the house on the screen below.  Go inside
and talk to the bridgekeeper.  Go in the cave at the lower part of this
screen (after leaving the house) and get the magic stick.  Go to the screen
above.  Talk to Merlin again, then talk to the villager.  Kill all the knights
and talk to the villager again.  Go right and dig everywhere until you get the
large turnip, you'll know it when you see it.  Feed it to the horse and go
right from where Merlin stands.

Use the compass to find your way around, then equip your sword and shield.
Get the recovery heart and the slingshot.  Go up a screen.  Pass the plants
when they stop moving.  You will now fight one of the worst bosses.  When not
slashing, keep moving.  Preferrably to the left or right.  When the tentacle
comes up, slash it.  This will make the plant open its mouth.  When it does
put the stick in the plant's mouth and slash the plant until the stick goes
flying.  After beating the plant go down as before to continue to the next
chapter and save.

== Chapter 3 ==

Talk to the two-headed dragon.  use the compass to find the scale and
approach it from the left.  Slash the tree with your sword and you can get
at it.  Use the scale to jump from rock to rock.  Find and talk to the
swordsman.  Go into the cave on the right edge of the screen.

Kill everything you can, and take everything you can.  Move to the furthest
corner up and left.  use the compass.  Your destination is the roome at the
bottom right of the displayed map.  (Without scrolling)  Go in the room, talk
to the dragon, then exit the room and the cave.  Go right from the cave to
the next screen for the last egg, then return to the dragon.

Talk to the dragon, leave the room, kill knights until you have the key, then
rescue the dragoon and exit the cave.  The dragon will clear the blockage.
Go to the screen where you got the final egg.

On this screen go up and right for a heart, then down to continue.  When
you meet the boss (an easy one, the giant dragon) equip your sword and shield.
When he comes close raise your shield.  s soon as his breath runs out slash
him, then raise your shield again as he comes back.  Repeat until he's dead.

== Chapter 4 ==

Go South then right to the next screen and talk to the man.  Collect the
wood he asks for and give it to him.  It's easy to do even though it doesn't
show on the map.  Go back to the screen you came from and walk around its
edge counter-clockwise until you seel the sled.  Save your game, then hop on
the sled.

Dodge trees until you come to a stop.  When you do, save again.
Kill the mice with your slingshot and find Merlin.  He'll ask you five (easy)
questions.  Get 3 or 4 right and you may continue on.  Try for 5.  If you
don't get them all right reset and try again until you do.  If you succeed
Merlin will give you a heart.

A cave will open up when you are done talking
to Merlin.  Go inside it.  Go into the bottom right cave, talk to Merlin
again, then get all the tablets.  once you have done so talk to Merlin again.
Go to the cross of stones.  They will be layed out as follows.


Walk over them in the following order: 1, 3, 5, 2, 3, 4, 5, 3, 1, 4, 3, 2
Enter the door that opens up and kill the magician.  He's one of the annoying
bosses, but you can sometimes knock his shots back with your sword.

== Chapter 5 ==

Talk to Merlin, then the bird, then Garret.  You will see the instructions
for finding the next piece of the map.  Follow the map directions until you
have the flute.  Use the flute on the bird to get the lead bracelet.  You
can now go up through the wind that was blowing you back.  Walk clockwise
to what looks ike a pile of sticks.  As soon as you walk over it start
counter-clockwise as fast as you can to get in the gate before it closes.  It
took me a good number of tries.  Try to walk the shortest possible distance,
going diagonal as much as possible.  It turns out there's a secret that
helps in this area, sent in by Nick 86':

[The answer is the "double-tap" sword technique, as this gives Kayley so]
[much speed that there's no problem getting past the section.           ]

Go up and talk to Merlin, solve the puzzles, none of which are hard.  If you
need help e-mail and I'll post the solutions, but they're all fairly simple.
You will get the snorkel for your efforts.  Talk to Merlin and he'll offer
you a choice of whether to solve more puzzles for an extra treasure.  Do so,
It's an extra heart.  Once you have the treasure use your snorkel to go up
through the water to the boss, the super-minion.  Slash away until it's

== Chapter 6 ==

Go up, then left, then talk to the man.  Go down from the farmer for an extra
heart.  Go counter-clockwise from the starting point for a heart.  Travel back
to where the farmer is, then go up to where there is a bush in the middle of
the trail, and an arena like area to the right.  Go down slightly, left, then
up to the bridge.  continue up until you see the golem (who immediately gives
chase) and lead it into the arena like area.  Sneak past the golem and run
left to the bush.  Slash it to trap the golem.  If the golem made it out
before you could trap it lead it back in and try again.  He will escape.  Go
back to the man below and talk to him.  Cut down all the new bushes, then
slash the golem into submission.  The third and final bridge will be unblocked
and you will be able to go up to the next screen.

[Bug] The dragon exists in two places at once on this screen, use the compass
to see

Go counter-clockwise to the swordmaster, then clockwise to the dragon.  Talk
to the dragon.  Go into the cave and grab the orange while dodging the plants.
After leaving the cave go left for an apple, then right and up for a large
gem.  Save, then talk to the dragon.

You will go to a standard overhead flying-shooter subgame, except that you
don't get weapon upgrades.  Up makes you go faster, down slower, left and
right self-explanatory and B shoots.  Sweep left and right while firing
constantly and you'll be fine.  You'll now face... the Chimera.  Keep moving
left and right while firing constantly and you'll be fine.

== Chapter 7 ==

Some people had trouble with keys in this chapter.  If you need help on it
look at the "Key Dilemma Walkthrough" below.

Go to the left house an talk to the man inside.  Go up and find the arrow,
use the grappling hook there.  Go right and talk to the bird.  Go back and
talk to the man, getting the powder from him.  Go back to the bird and give
him the powder.  Have the bird follow you to the right, when he walks next to
some sections of the wall he will chop them down.  Use this to get the large
gem and the bug.  Go back to the house and give the bug to the man.  SURPRISE!
You didn't kill the Wizard, he somehow pulled through!  You will be locked up.

Dig through the brush on the floor until you get the key.  Use it on the door
to escape.  Find the man who hid the key (in another now open house) and talk
to him.  You now have your sword again!  Get the key and go into the castle.
Search around for keys.  (You'll have to walk back and forth a lot, again, if
you actually need directions for this e-mail me and I'll post them)

When you get to the boss arena go right for a heart, then back to the main
arena.  Go down all the way and wait for the griffen.  Neither you nor it may
walk through the skulls.  use this to your advantage by walking back and forth
on the bottom of the screen sashing the griffen as it walks up.  When it dies
go into the room you got the heart in and hop down the hole as usual.

[[[[[Key Dilemma Walkthrough]]]]]

As far as keys in the seventh chapter, there are 3 key dilemmas.
First you must get into one of them.  Go to the arrow, use the grapling hook
and talk to the chicken/axe.  Go to the left-most house and talk to the man
inside.  Go back to the chicken and use the powder on it.  Walk to the right
and cling to the right wall by the bug until the chicken breaks it.  When
the chicken does, run in and get the bug.  Go back to the left-most house
and give the bug to the man.  You'll be put into key dilemma 1, jail.

Dilemma 1: equip the shovel and dig up the sticks on the floor until you get
a key.  Use this to escape.

Dilemma 2: go into the right-most house (now open) and talk to the man who
will give you the key to the castle.

Dilemma 3: requires a *lot* of keys, including key #2 which is an annpyance.
Go back up the castle wall, but instead of going clockwise to the bird go
counter-clockwise and you'll find key #2.  Go inside the castle and follow the
directions below for the rest of the keys (although you can probably skip this
section, as they keys will be easy to find).  Hidden items like key #2 are why
you should use the compass on entering an area.

From the entryway:
L=Left  Game West
R=Right Game East
U=Up    Game North
D=Down  Game South
Key #?= This key will be laying in plain sight

L Key #1
RRU (Ghost area) LU Key #3
DRD (Knight area) LLURUR Key #4
LDLUU Key #5
DDDRRU (Ghost area) RU Key #6
DLU Key #7
UL Key #8
RDDD (Knight area) LLURURRUL Key #12
D Key #9
URDDLLDLDRRU (Ghost area) RUU Key #10
DDLD (Knight area) RU

You are now through the key maze, going RU takes you to the boss.
I have no idea where key #11 is, but it doesn't seem to be needed to make it
through, or to get the parchment at the end of the stage.

== Chapter 8 ==

When Kayley feels a wind, use the bracelet.  When yu find the stairs, remember
where they are and note that it goes nowhere.  You will run across 4 rocks,
running over them gives you either a whistle or an error message.  Find which
rock gives the whistle.  This is the 1st in the series, experiment until you
figure out the series.  When I played (not sure if it's random or not)  When
I played the order was:


Go back to the stairs which now go somewhere.  Save and equip the dragon
scale.  Hop across the lave and when you reach the end of the hall, save.
Go into the round table room and walk to the top.  You'll see the boss, the
Super-Minion.  He can shoot in 4 directions at once, and always stops and
squats before doing so.  Follow him around dodgin him, then hit him when
he ducks.  If you hit in time he won't shoot.  Continue until it's dead.

== End of Game ==

You've beaten the 8th end-of-chapter boss, but haven't finished Ruber.  There
must be something more.  As usual you can't save before talking to Merlin.
Unfortunately this time when you finish talking to Merlin the game *doesn't*
auto-save.  Worse, you're dropped right into a boss fight with Ruber, so you
can't save on your own either.  Hopefully you have a recovery heart on you.

(Talking to Merlin refills the energy from the last battle so you start out ok
at least)  To fight Ruber, do so like you would an ordinary knight.  Just
don't let him get over you for any reason.  In time, he *will* be defeated.

[Bug] From here on some text is displayed starting left and above where it
normally appears.

After saying some agree things, Ruber's energy will refill and gets the
spin attack.  If he starts this attack, back up some.  Its range is a little
larger than his normal slashes.  Beat him the same way you did last time.

Once you beat him...
he says more angry things and you must fight him again!  A full four boss
fights with no chance to save!  I went beserk here slashing him but his
energy never went down to zip.  I accidently beat him when... he used his
spin attack, hitting the center stone on the screen.  Maybe this was in the
movie, but I never saw it so I wouldn't know.  You may have to hit him a
few times in this last fight before this will work, but I don't think so.
Just lure him and let him off himself.  You win!


Parchment guide:

Parchments are a bonus thrown into the game that (slightly) changes the ending
if you collect them all.  You get pieces of parchment for collecting all the
items in a stage (except for those dropped by fallen enemies).

Below is a list of what you mst collect in each chapter to recieve that
chapter's parchment.

== Chapter 1 ==
Once you have a sword, go to where you started the stage.  Go to the upper
tight of that area and slice the trees until you find one that disappears,
leaving behind a heart refill.  Go to the bottom left of this area and go
clockwise along the wall slashing at the edge and the area to the right will
change, revealing a large gem.

Inside the castle, find the dog by wandering around, find aand talk to all
the people to return the dog.  (You must speak to the dog's owner twice)
He'll give you the shield.  Explore the castle for a large gem.  Once you
open the secret passage and the ghost door you will find a heart container,
grappling hook and compass.

In the dungeon you can find a heart refill.

== Chapter 2 ==
Buy a shovel from the man selling it.  In the area with the lines coming
together in one spot dig for a heart container.  Explore this chapter before
riding through the wind on the horse to find a large gem.

In the cave you must find the stick, seach all the chests.

Once you have the stick and have saves the top screen talk to the farmer
and dig up his land (to the right) until you have a large turnip.

In the dragon field you can find a heart refill and a slingshot.

== Chapter 3 ==
On the main screen there are 3 easily found eggs and a dragon scale.  There's
another egg on the screen to the right, and another in the cave which also
holds a gem.  After retrieving the eggs you must off the knights until you get
a key, then bring that to the dragon.

At the bridges go up then right to the 2nd bridge.  Go right from here for
a heart container, then back and down the 2nd bridge.  Go right from here and
you can find a heart refill.

== Chapter 4 ==
When sledding on the left will be a heart refill.
Answer all of Merlin's questions correctly for a heart container.
Inside the cave there is a large gem in one of the rooms.

== Chapter 5 ==
There is a large gem laying around in plain site.  Go to the stone and follow
the clues with your shovel for the whistle.  Use the whistle on the bird for
the stone bracelet.  The snorkel should be in plain site.
When Merlin asks if you want to solve extra puzzles for a prize, say yes.
It's a heart container, and it's in the 3rd extra puzzle room.
I can't remember if this stage had a heart refill (and forgot to note it)
but if it did it was in plain site.  use the compass.

== Chapter 6 ==
Go down, right and up for a heart contianer.
Go down from Garret for a heart refill.
When you reach the tooth cave area the orange is in plain site.
Go left aftr exiting this area for an apple.
Follow the side clockwise for a large gem.

== Chapter 7 ==
Talk to the bird, then the man in the one open house for seeds.
Talk to the bird and have him follow you clockwise around the castle walls.
Continue this until he's ct open a way to the insect, the large gem and a key.
In the stable dig i the hay for a key, and the heart container will be in
plain site as you leave.  Talk to the man in the right-most house for a key.
Go inside and get through the key maze.  A heart refill is in one of the rooms
inside the boss chamber.

== Chapter 8 ==
In one room most of the floor is gone and you have to hop along the remaining
flooring to the other side.  When you do keep our eyes on the right side of
the screen for a large gem, the least item you have to collect.  (This stage
has no heart container or heart refill)

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