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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Darkstar Ripclaw

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                              Darkstar Ripclaw Presents...
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    		           T A B L E   O F   C O N T E N T S
    		1. Walkthrough
    			1a. Humans
                                    1aa. Harvest		1AAHV
    				1ab. Army Training	1ABAT
    				1ac. Tree of Evil	1ACTE
    				1ad. Snow Forest	1ADSF
    				1ae. Rescue Azarel	1AERA
    				1af. Home Run		1AFHR
    				1ag. Sleepwalking	1AGSL
    				1ah. Frozen Sea		1AHFS
    				1ai. Spider's Lair	1AISL
    				1aj. Desert Thieves	1AJDT
    				1ak. Dragons' Horde	1AKDH
    				1al. Mines of Gordo	1ALMG
    				1am. Zog's Fortress     1AMZF
    			1b. Beasts
    				1ba. Flesh Farms	1BAFF
    				1bb. First Blood	1BBFB
    				1bc. Search and Destroy	1BCSD
    				1bd. Sand Canyons       1BDSC
    				1be. Burning Bridges	1BEBB
    				1bf. Hidden Temple	1BFHD
    				1bg. Plague		1BGPL
    				1bh. Caverns of Jinzu   1BHCJ
    				1bi. Elven Forest	1BIEF
    				1bj. Dark Tides		1BJDT
    				1bk. Dragon Tree Siege  1BKDS
    				1bl. Snowbound		1BLSN
    				1bm. Azarel's Castle	1BMAC
    		2. How to Play
    			2a. Controls			CTRLS
    			2b. Buildings And Warfare	BLDWF
    			2c. Wizards			WZRDS
    		3. General Tips
    1aa. 				 H A R V E S T			   	   1AAHV
    	Queen Azarel assigns you to build three FARMS to provide food for the
    army. You will mine GOLD and gather FUEL for the war effort.
    	A team of GRUNTS has been placed at your command to carry out all manual
    	•Mine 500 Gold
    	•Gather 100 Fuel
    	•Build 3 Farms
            You will start off with four Grunts at your disposal. Take two of them
    northwest of the Main Hall, until you find a mountain with a hole carved into it
    - the Mine. Put your two Grunts to work on said Mine, then scroll back down and
    put a third Grunt on cutting down trees for fuel.
            Now, take your fourth Grunt and explore around the map. You should find
    the five different scrolls easily, and three chests of gold to build up your
    coffers as well. Once you have got all those things in hand, take him and set
    him on working with the other forester cutting down lumber.
            Once you get to 160 fuel, take one of your foresters and set him on
    finishing off the Mine's supply of gold. Next, take the other tree cutter and
    move your cursor so that you get a flashing white box, then select B. Select the
    orange building and your Grunt will build it. Once it is done, you shall have
    one of your required three Farms.
            From here on in, maximize your profits by finishing off the mine, and
    build two more Farms. When you do that, you will finally finish the mission and
    Scrolls: "Area's marked...", "You need GOLD and FUEL...", "Your workers can
              chop....", "To make selected workers build...", "Hold down the A
    Other: 200 Gold Chests x3
    1ab. 			   A R M Y   T R A I N I N G			   1ABAT
    	Pleased with your work, Queen Azarel assigns you to build a BARRACKs.
    	Once completed, you will train a detachment of foot soldiers and clear
    the surrounding area of beast soldiers.
    	Use your FUEL wisely. Building materials are scarce in this region!
    	•Wipe out the Beasts
    	Start off by taking three of your Grunts by directing them to the Mine
    to the north and west of the Main Hall, and put your fourth Grunt on the job of
    clearing the forest. Once you have 40 Fuel, take your lumberjack off his job,
    but keep your miners on their current duty.
    	Now, with your fourth idle Grunt, go ahead and create a Barracks (the
    symbol of a Shield). Once the Grunt is done building, put him forth onto the
    mine, and then start training Knights at the Barracks by pressing A while your
    cursor is over the Barracks.
    	Once you have four, select all your knights, and take them northeast.
    Now head off to the northeast spoke of the map, and you will find your first
    wizard. If he cannot directly do any harm to your enemies, send him back to the
    Temple. Otherwise, let your Knights start fighting their way back to the Temple.
    	Anywho, take your Knights/Wizard down the spoke, and continue west along
    the northern segment. Take out the three Warriors between here and the temple in
    the northwest corner, and then you will have won the mission.
      Supplement Wizards
    	•Smithwiz (Beef up your Knights' Defense)
    	•Poxwix (Give pox unto the Warriors, who are mainly all in close
    	         proximity of each other)
    Scrolls: "To make selected soldiers attack...", "To train a new KNIGHT...", "To
    	  select more than one...", "Return a WIZARD to the..."
    Other: 200 Gold Chests x2
    1ac. 			    T R E E   O F   E V I L			   1ACTE
    	The Wizard of Jade Temple has been absent for too long! Scouts have
    returned from the northeast woods and report Beast GUARD TOWERS around a huge
    dead tree - signs of a Beast Lair!
    	Queen Azarel orders you to mount a search for the missing WIZARD and
    destroy the Beast's Tree Lair.
    	•Destroy Guard Towers
    	•Destroy Tree Lair
    	•Return Wizard to Temple
    	You should have four Grunts at the start, two on either side of the Main
    Hall, along with three Elven Archers to your south. Direct three of your four
    Grunts to a Mine lurking in the northwest, then take the fourth one and head up
    between the two forests to your right. You should attract the attention of a
    Warrior that is hiding there; once you do, run back to the Main Hall and go in
    between the Main Hall and the three Archers; their arrows and the Hall's
    defenses should be more than enough to take the Warrior as he chases the Grunt
    around. Alternatively, if workable, you could just take the Wizard you had from
    last mission out of the Temple to the east of the Main Hall and kill the Warrior
    using your Wizard.
    	Once that Warrior is out of the way, get your Elven Archers to defend
    the Main Hall from the front instead of the rear, then assign your fourth Grunt
    onto cutting down the forest and reassign one of your Miners. Once you get 60
    Fuel, break away one of the foresters and construct a third Farm, and finally a
    Barracks. After, reassign the Grunt to mining. Once the latter is completed,
    start training a Knight. Once complete, grab two of your Elven Archers to
    accompany him, and head northwest through another path between forests near the
    northwest corner. You'll encounter a lone Warrior; take care of him with your
    superior might.
    	Now, continue on into the northwest corner, and you'll finally rescue
    the [random] Wizard of Jade. From here, continue east for a moment, and take out
    the one Warrior here, whether you use Wizard or Knight + Archers to do it. After
    that, head on back down to your Barracks to regroup, and start training until
    you have at least six Knights and four Archers. Divide the group up into two
    groups of three Knights and two Archers apiece. Send the first group up from
    whence you came after defeating the last Warrior, and send the second group to
    where you lured the Warrior from into your Main Hall + Elven Archer trap.
    	With all your units in place, keep any extra Knights or Elven Archers in
    between the two groups. After, send one group after one Guard Tower + Warrior
    guards and the other group after the other Guard Tower. Once you've decimated
    the two Guard Towers, retreat and take care of any Warriors who follow you to
    try and impede your path. Regroup once more, and attack from the less heavily-
    guarded part of the Beast Lair, and attack the giant tree.
    	Once you've destroyed the dead tree lair, remember to send your Wizard
    back to the Temple, and then you'll have officially won the mission.
      Supplement Wizards
    	•Smithwiz (Beef up your Knights' Defense)
    	•Elvenwiz (Transform all the annoying out-of-place Warriors into ready
                       for battle Elven Archers)
    	•Quakewiz (Damage and kill/destroy the Warriors and Guard Towers around
          		   the tree with his earthquake area attack)
    Scrolls: "Scouts report a Wizard...", "To reselect the last selected....",
    	 "Place the cursor over a...", "To train a new worker...."
    Other: 200 Gold Chests x2
    1ad. 			     S N O W   F O R E S T			   1ADSF
    	The Beasts have advanced north, building an Ice Lair behind the old
    fortress walls in the southeast snow forest. Scouts report a strong garrison of
    	Queen Azarel orders you to utilize local resources and launch an attack
    to smash the Ice Lair before it becomes fully operational.
    	•Destroy the Ice Lair
    	The way to deal with this mission is actually a bit tricky. The most
    important part is that you MERELY need to destroy the Ice Lair. The way the map
    for this mission is placed actually makes it quite remarkably easy to dodge most
    of the fighting except for the necessary disarming of the guards at the Ice
    	First and foremost, send two Grunts to excavate Gold from the northwest
    mine and the other two to cut down wood. While that's going on, take a gander at
    how things are set out; you have an army of Skeleton Archers to your south with
    a Tower and Brawling Pit ready to pump out new Skeleton Archers.
    	Instead of fighting them first, wait until you have 100 Gold and 20
    Fuel, then assign one of your Fuel Grunts to building a Home, then mining at the
    Mine. Now, train two Knights, and take your wieldy force of four straight east.
    You should come upon a tower, two housing quarters, and a lone Warrior guarding
    some stairs near the east-most point of the map. Kill the Warrior and destroy
    the Tower, then destroy the housing quarters; this ensures the Brawling Pit back
    home will be unable to pump out any new men for a while. Now that that is done,
    go up the battlement here and kill the lone Skeleton Archer, then head right to
    get the Wizard for this mission.
    	Now, take just one of your Knights, head a bit back west until you get
    to a path between two forests (not the one directly south of your headquarters),
    and go straight down in a beeline, grabbing 200 Gold. Once this is done, head to
    the left side, and loop around down to your left, shaking the Skeleton Archer
    off of you.
    	Here, you should see the temple. If you have anybody important as of yet
    such as of yet, deploy them to do your dirty work for the next little bit
    (meaning, read ahead and see what you need to do first). If otherwise, take the
    rest of your Knights down one-by-one. Head off west from the temple. Now, for
    this next part, it is neither a head-on attack nor is it a suicide attack to
    weaken defenses. Instead, take two Knights, go up until you see two housing
    quarters with one block of space between them, and destroy them both. One
    Skeleton Archer will try to kill you; kill him in return. After you've done
    that, destroy both of the housing quarters, then go back down and join the rest
    of your comrades-in-arms. Now head back to the Temple, and regroup. Start
    sending down more men from the main HQ by route of the bypass in the center of
    the map.
    	Once you have a good force (around 10 Knights and 5 Elven Archers should
    be overkill enough), head straight west from the temple, and you'll come to a
    defense line of Warriors, Skeleton Archers, and Guard Towers. Take out the
    bottom left part of the formation, and attack through the hole. The Ice Lair
    will fall in no time at all, and you'll be given the mission as a result.
      Supplement Wizards
    	•Poxwiz (Poison all the units lined up around the Ice Lair)
    	•Stealthwiz (Used fully, you can sneak all your units through the
    		     defense line around the Ice Lair and take on the Ice Lair
    		     with all your units intact and not being delayed by it's
    	•Bombwiz (Much like Poxwiz, but this time around, instead of using
    		  poison, Bombwiz's bombs will damage the towers as well, in
    		  sacrifice for not making short work of the units).
    Scrolls: "To train a new ARCHER...", "To make selected soldiers guard...",
    	 "Tap the A Button over...", "A farm provides enough food...",
    	 "Units on the battlement...", SLIDER mini-game
    Other: SLIDER Scroll, 200 Gold Chests x2
    1ae. 			   R E S C U E   A Z A R E L			   1AERA
    	Konja Castle has been captured by the Beasts in a surprise attack.
    	Queen Azarel was visiting the castle en route to The Royal Fortress and
    has been taken prisoner by the Beast invaders! Now, an enemy DRAGON has been
    sighted above the castle walls...beware!
    	You must find a way to rescue the Queen from the castle and escort her
    to the safety of a nearby temple.
    	•Rescue Queen Azarel
    	This mission is just a lot like the previous one, in that your main
    objective is not to totally wipe out the Beasts, but rather attain a more narrow
    goal. And just like the last one, you can ignore a whole platoon of men. But
    unlike last one, you'll have a bit more to put up with, no safe paths, and a
    Dragon. Better hope you fit the bill.
    	When you start, put three Grunts on the mine to the southwest, and one
    Grunt to cutting down trees in the forest to your right. Now take your two
    Knights and one Elven Archer, head right until you hit the forest, and then go
    straight south from there. At the south peak of the forest, head east a bit more
    so you're not exposed to the battlements, then head south a bit more until you
    come to the battlement stairs.
    	Instead of going up the stairs, however, eliminate the Warrior guarding
    the stairs, then destroy the Tower a bit to the west. Take care of the next
    Warrior just a bit northwest of that, the lone housing quarters, and then head
    west along the southern edge of the map. Once you run into some coastline, press
    on a bit more, and you should discover the Temple. Now destroy the housing
    quarters just to the left of the Temple that's left unguarded.
    	Now, this next bit is just a guerilla warfare attack. Head straight
    north from the temple (not from the right of the temple), and when you get to
    the battlement stairs, head right to run into a Brawling Pit. Destroy it, and
    you'll have stopped the only replenishment of Beast footmen for this level. That
    much has been done now, so you can press on the attack now.
    	Bring one of your Gold-mining Grunts down from the Main Hall now to the
    Temple. Build a Barracks in around the Temple, making sure it's not within the
    Warriors' sight. Now deploy a small garrison of Knights, and make sure to
    eliminate the Warriors around the battlement. Head up the battlement now, but
    instead of going down again, head left and up to kill two Skeleton Archers and a
    single Warrior. Head up a bit farther to take out another Warrior.
    	Now, make sure you have at least three healthy Knights, preferably four.
    Since you don't want to waste time or money in getting the objectives of the
    mission fulfilled, we're going to go in through a suicide attack. Take all
    three/four of your knights up, where you'll find a Dragon, and grab one of your
    knights to go up to the top of the battlement and left. Here, you'll discover
    Queen Azarel. Now all you have to do is guide her through the cleared path while
    the Knights take the dragon's onslaught back to the Temple, and you'll win the
    mission. Hurrah!
    	(Or you could just train a dozen Archers and pit them at the Dragon,
    getting that satisfying feeling of taking down a tough opponent, but hey, it
    WOULD waste resources.)
      Supplement Wizards
    	•Smithwiz (Toughen your Knights up so that they can survive the entire
    		   attack on the battlement and STILL come through with guarding
    		   Queen Azarel against the dragon)
    	•Elvenwiz (You could just turn all those guards at the larger battlement
    		   into Elven Archers to take on the Dragon, instead)
    Scrolls: POKER, "Planning a large assault?...", "Towers are tall enough...",
    	 "Dragons are invulnerable to most...", "To make selected soldiers..."
    Other: POKER mini-game, 200 Gold Chests x3, MULTIPLAYER MAP
    1af. 			        H O M E   R U N			   	   1AFHR
    	The Beast Army has broken through our defense wall in the Kula ice
    fields, wiping out the garrison and setting up camp nearby.
    	A small group of survivors has escaped unnoticed - help return them to
    the Main Hall and mobilize an attack force to crush the enemy occupation.
    	Take care to protect your workers - the safest route home is impassable
    without repair!
    	•Return to Main Hall
    	•Destroy the Ice Lair
    	Just like the briefing says, you'll want to protect your Grunts.
    	From the start of the mission, head north and repair the burning
    battlement. Now take the rest of your small army up and along the battlement,
    and go left and down again at the end. Slowly escort your men one by one up
    along the forest line and left to a battlement as to dodge the attention of a
    nearby Warrior. Save one of your Archers to stay here. Once you get to the left
    battlement, go up, left a bit, then head down.
    	You'll come to a second burning battlement. Use your Grunt to repair it,
    then take your remaining forces south and west using the footprints in the snow
    until you come to the Main Hall. Now assign your Grunts to the Mine, and then
    train Knights when possible until you have four. Once you've got such a number,
    head west of the mine and destroy the Beast housing quarters there, then
    continue west where you'll find a Guard Tower with four Warriors. Take care of
    them, then destroy the housing quarters to the southwest. Lastly, rescue the
    wizard on the battlement near where the Guard Tower was. Now return your
    remaining Knights to guard the Main Hall with your new wizard, and start
    training some more men for an assault on the Ice Lair.
    	Now, remember the lone Elven Archer you kept behind a while back? Follow
    back to him, and loop around the forest in the center of the north-west corner
    of the map. You'll find a Dragon's nest. Hatch the baby dragon by walking around
    it, then guard it as you take it back to the Main Hall en route the same way you
    took earlier. Eventually, once taken to the Main Hall, it'll turn into an adult
    Dragon, adding substantial force to your attack.
    	Now, continue gathering forces until you have a substantial force
    (twelve Knights and eight Elven Archers), group them up together, and head
    north. You'll quickly come into conflict with some Skeleton Archers and
    Warriors; take them out but ignore the Brawling Pits and Homes for now, as
    they're small time once you've decided to commence your final attack. Instead of
    that, continue on while pillaging everything that you can in your way,
    destroying every Warrior, Skeleton Archer, and Guard Tower in your way.
    Eventually, when you come to the Ice Lair, ignore the Guard Towers; instead,
    focus all your might on the Ice Lair, and keep on it until the Ice Lair finally
    falls. As a result, you will win the mission, having completed the objectives of
    getting back home and destroying the Ice Lair.
      Supplement Wizards
    	•Quakewiz (With so many structure + unit combinations for enemies in
    		   this mission, Quakewiz can put an end to things with his
    	•2x Stormwiz (With two of Stormwiz's direct attacks, you can put an end
    		      to a Guard Tower and any unit, the Ice Lair being the
    		      only thing not able to fall to it. Area attacks can still
    		      destroy Towers in two attacks, with Skeleton Archers and
    		      Warriors in three)
    	•Poxwiz (You can poison the guard of six near the Ice Lair and have an
    		 easy shot at the Ice Lair)
    	•Bombwiz (Alternatively, you could turn the guards near the Ice Lair
    		  into bombs, until they're all dead from either being turned
    		  into bombs or the explosions from their fellow comrades - and
    		  the Guard Towers + Ice Lair will have suffered for it as well)
    	•Smithwiz (In this mission, it is really helpful, as you have a lot of
    		   enemy units concentrated in small areas, such as the wizard
    		   wizard guard, and the area before the Ice Lair)
    Scrolls: "The gangway is on fire!", "Yuk, it's dragon dung!",
    	 "Baby dragons should be kept...", "These tracks were made by..."
    	 "You've found a Dragon's nest..."
    Other: 200 Gold Chests x1
    1ag. 			    S L E E P W A L K I N G		   	   1AGSL
    	A GRUNT scout team has been captured accompanying a very sleepy WIZARD
    through Beast territory.
    	The Beasts have taken them to Tork Prison, where they are to be
    	Help the captives to escape and return the Wizard to a safe haven.
    	•Find the Wizard
    	•Return to Temple
    	This mission is a lot different from previous ones in the very sense
    that you don't do much RTSing at all this time around. Instead, you have to
    escort two Grunts around, make the best of your surroundings, and rescue a
    Wizard and bring it back to the temple. Fun.
    	Anywho, from where you start off, take one of your Grunts down and
    distract the Warrior, then move the cursor over the trap to pick at it - thus
    activating it on the Warrior, killing it. Now, go left from where you are now,
    then go down and right again. Pick at the trap, killing the Warrior that will
    probably have walked into the trap by then. Continue on right through the pick-
    trap, and go up the battlement stairs when you spot them.
    	Up top, head right a bit, and take the center path up until you come to
    a split. Take the left path, then at the next split, take the path going up,
    until you come to yet another split. Go up again from here, and at the end of
    the battlement, head an extreme left until you hit the battlement stairs, going
    down, and find the Wizard Sleepwiz (making sure, of course, that you dodge the
    guard, or otherwise activate the pickaxe trap if you cannot dodge him.).
    	Now, carve your way back to the Warrior encampment where there's a fire
    going on. Using Sleepwiz's ability to put enemies to sleep, send the Warriors
    into a slumber, then head south. You'll find a Temple. Send Sleepwiz into the
    temple, and you'll finish off this mission.
      Supplement Wizards
    Scrolls: "Mind the Traps - Just tap..."
    1ah. 			      F R O Z E N   S E A		   	   1AHFS
    	The retreating Beast army is camped on the frozen sea southwest of
    Tundra Hall.
    	Their BRAWLING PITS are operational and an attack on the hall is
    	Queen Azarel orders you to eliminate the Beasts and end their grip on
    the northern territories.
    	•Defend the Main Hall
    	•Destroy Beast Buildings
    	Start off the mission by sending three of your Grunts to the mine
    northwest of the Main Hall, and taking your fourth Grunt to build a Barracks
    near the Temple. Next, gather 10 Fuel and build a Home, then set him on
    gathering more fuel (if you're repeating this mission, you should use Stealthwiz
    on this Grunt). Now produce two more Knights, gather up your full party, and
    head south a panel and the west of the Temple. You'll come upon a Skeleton
    Archer - take care of him, then destroy the housing quarters that are found
    	Once that's done, head south of where you currently are with your
    troops, and you'll fall upon a Brawling Pit guarded by a Skeleton Archer and a
    nearby Warrior. Take them both out, then destroy the Brawling Pit. From here
    now, take your fuel-gathering Grunt and build two more Homes, then put him back
    on gathering more fuel. Now round out your military with a few Elven Archers,
    but mainly some more Knights.
    	From the Temple, head northwest until you come upon a Guard Tower
    accompanied by a small platoon of Beasts. Take the soldiers and the Tower out,
    then head east and eliminate another Brawling Pit (for the record, there are
    five of these on the level - a real pain in the butt to deal with, that's for
    sure). Head west some more, wiping out a single Skeleton Archer, and destroy the
    housing quarters west a bit more.
    	By about this time, the enemy should be training some men from their
    remaining Brawling Pits and sending them to your Main Hall. Send about half of
    your army to defend the Main Hall from attacks incoming from the south, and take
    the rest of them and head north from where the last Brawling Pit that you
    destroyed was. You should find some more housing quarters - destroy it to
    eliminate supplies to the enemy. Head up a bit more, and you'll find a Warrior
    with Guard Tower. This is your last obstruction in the northern segment of the
    map, so take them out, and then claim your reward - a dragon egg lying just a
    bit to the west of the Guard Tower.
    	Now take your units back to the Main Hall, and deposit the Dragon into
    the Main Hall. By about this time, your Grunts in the forest should have met
    *unexpected* resistance in the form of three Skeleton Archers trapped in the
    wood, so if they're still there, either pull out your Grunts or cut them down
    with your army.
    	Now, something to note about this level is that there are three dragon
    eggs - however, one of them is guarded by an adult dragon, and is in an obscure
    place of the map. If you want to fight him, you can do it now as the enemy's
    crippled from making any advances. The dragon in question is in the southwest
    corner of the map, and you would be advised to go there by taking the midwest
    part of the map, then heading down.
    	Otherwise, after/ignoring that, take your army to the Temple, and head
    south. At the bottom when hitting the forest, turn west, and you should run into
    another small gathering of two Skeleton Archers and a Warrior. Once they've been
    eliminated, take out the Beast Farm, and then bring in a Grunt - go east and
    down a bit, and you should find some icicles. Break 'em down with your Grunt,
    and you'll be able to rescue the Wizard for this level.
    	They say that hitting from behind is fun, and that'll certainly be the
    case here. Take your small army, and head eastways for about 12-15 seconds until
    you fall upon a Farm - eliminate it, along with the Skeleton Archer and Warrior
    nearby, and walk up to find another Dragon Egg. After you've hatched it, head
    northwest to take out the last two Brawling Pits around here, then head east to
    take on the strongest link - a number of gathered Warriors and Skeleton Archers,
    and two Guard Towers. Once the Guard Towers are destroyed, however, it's Game
    Over for the Beasts, landing you the win.
      Supplement Wizards
    	•Smithwiz (You'll be doing a lot of direct combat fighting in this
    		   mission, so having Smithwiz on hand to temper all the armor
    		   of all the Knight's would be advisable)
    	•Stealthwiz (Those three Skeleton Archers in the forest are a real pain
    		     thanks to their need to kill everything that moves. By
    		     using Stealthwiz on your Grunts, you can ensure they can
    		     cut trees down in peace)
    	•Elvenwiz (There's a lot of Skeleton Archers and Warriors in this
    		   mission, so being able to make them your own Elven Archers
     		   would also help. It'd also be an irony in the most extreme
    		   sense to transform Warriors and Skeleton Archers fresh from
    		   the Brawling Pit and aimed at your Main Hall into Elven
    Scrolls: "Beware tree cutters!", "Hold down the B Button to move...",
    	 "A dragon is guarding her nest!", "If you already own an adult...",
    	 "Brrrr....so cold the icicles..."
    Other: NOTHING!
    1ai. 			   S P I D E R ' S   L A I R		   	   1AISL
    	Our outpost near the Gondar desert is being raided by Beast soldiers.
    The Beasts are using human prisoners to feed a GIANT SPIDER in return for
    	Queen Azarel orders you to defend the outpost and mobilize an attack
    force to destroy the GIANT SPIDER.
    	•Defend the Main Hall
    	•Destroy Giant Spider
    	This level is actually somewhat unusual in that the enemy lair isn't
    guarded by ten layers of defense, but rather just a couple of Guard Towers and a
    Skeleton Archer army. As such, if you pump out a strong attack fast enough, you
    can complete the mission objectives before your enemies have even had a chance
    to make their own strong attack; and you can also get a Dragon to boot. The
    mission strategy here is based off of doing exactly that.
    	Start the mission off by sending two Grunts to do forestry, and two
    Grunts to do mining. Grab the chance to train two more Grunts, one for mining,
    and then take the second one to build three Farms and a Barracks. Once he's
    done, fortify your defense with two more Towers around the existing one, then
    train at least two more Knights to complement your current three.
    	Once you have at least five Knights, take your small handful of soldiers
    to the cliff to your southeast, and take care of the Skeleton Warrior that's
    bandying about there. Head down, and go past the next cliff, then head left once
    you get back to open ground again. You'll find a Dragon Egg, with a Warrior and
    Guard Tower somewhat more to your right. Hold off the attack long enough to
    extract the Dragon, then head back to the Main Hall, killing any who follow.
    Now, train at least fourteen Knights; you'll need such a large army for the
    attack that lies ahead. Once done, you've got sufficient enough power to take on
    the Beasts.
    	However, we first have one other task to do. Go south of your current
    position with a Grunt and your Dragon, making sure to hug the forest line. South
    of the forest, you'll find a lone Warrior guarding some spikes. Sic the Dragon
    on the Warrior, while you put your Grunt on digging up the spikes. Go and rescue
    the Wizard for this level, and then bring him back up to the Temple; we've got
    an attack ready.
    	Now group together all your Knights and the Dragon, and start marching
    east. You'll meet up with three Warriors laid out before a Farm, but they'll
    fall easily enough; after all, it's really a matter of an unstoppable force
    meeting a movable object. Continue on east and south, and take out the Guard
    Tower that is around. Once you reach a crevice in between the two large cliffs,
    go up through it into the northeast corner - where the Beast's Spider Lair is.
    It'll be guarded by four Warriors, two Skeleton Archers, and two Guard Towers.
    Throw your army at them, and eventually, they'll fall along with the bastion
    which they are there to defend.
      Supplement Wizards
    	•CrowWiz (A lot of the area that you'll have to cover in this mission
    		  will be a lot easier plowed through if you have the lay of
    		  the land known beforehand and Fog of War distinguished)
    	•Queen Azarel (You're going to need to train at least eleven Knights,
    	 	       and you need to train 'em quickly. The faster you can
    		       pump them out, the better)
    	•Smithwiz (Seeing as your offense in this mission will be an almost
    		   completely pure-Knights offense sans your dragon, Smithwiz
    		   being out on the field will help you out vastly)
    Scrolls: "This trail of footprints was...", "Workers can repair damaged...",
    	 "Destroy Farms! The loss of...", "Help me! Somebody dig up...",
    	 "Workers can demolish enemy...", "Return a Wizard to the..."
    Other: None
    1aj. 			  D E S E R T   T H I E V E S		   	   1AJDT
    	Dust storms have ruined the crops and our soldiers face starvation in
    the arid southern lands!
    	Scouts have located a Beast plantation - QUEEN AZAREL orders you to
    steal FUEL from this guarded enclosure and build ten FARMS to avert the famine!
    	Legends of this region tell of a WIZARD with the power of stealth. If
    found, he would be a great ally.
    	•Defend the Main Hall
    	•Build Ten Farms
    	This mission differs from the norm in that instead of trying to thrash
    the Beasts and cause them to retreat, you are instead forced to (both by
    objectives and by necessity) defend instead of going on the attack.
    	Once you start the initial game, send your four Grunts to the mine
    southeast of the Main Hall, and assign the three Knights to all defend the Main
    Hall from the north. Once the gold starts pumping in from the Grunts, start
    training two more Knights, and have them defend the tower to the northeast of
    the Main Hall.
    	Now, train five more knights after those two and send them southeast,
    where you'll encounter a Beast cell with three Skeleton Archers, a Guard Tower,
    three Warriors, and a Brawling Pit. Take care of the Guard Tower for sure, and
    then work your way out with the Warriors, and finally the Skeleton Archers. In
    the likely possibility you lose all your men before you take the Beasts out,
    train three more Knights back at home base, and throw them at the Beasts again -
    especially if you didn't destroy the Brawling Pit by then, in which case it'll
    start spitting out new Skeleton Archers and Warriors.
    	After the Beasts have been dispatched, make sure you've seen the spikes
    down at the bottom. Now, take all your remaining Knights back to the Main Hall
    and assign them to defending from the north, and make sure that you have at
    least seven at any given time.
    	Now, take one of your Grunts, and go to the spikes, and start digging
    them up. Once you're done, you'll have rescued Stealthwiz. Stealthwiz will be
    pretty unique in that he can cast a stealth spell on your units, so that while
    you can see them (albeit not able to distinguish between which of your three
    basic units), your enemies cannot.
    	So, take Stealthwiz back to base, and have at least six Grunts. Stealth
    four of them, and keep the other two going for Gold. With your four Grunts, go
    west and take the footprints going up, until you come north to a giant forest
    guarded by Beasts. Even when you cut down lumber, the stealth still stays in
    effect, so start cutting wood.
     	By the time you get this going underway, your Tower and Main Hall may
    have fallen into a state of damage due to constant enemy barrages, so make sure
    that you can keep them in good shape.
    	Anyways, you'll need 140 Fuel, so when you've got a good amount, start
    building with one of your mining Grunts. After a while, the seven necessary
    Farms (you should have three already built at the start of this mission) will be
    built and you'll be done.
      Supplement Wizards
    	•Stealthwiz (Duh)
    	•Fuelwiz (If you want to get some more Farms constructed earlier (and
             	  also be able to have more than 12-15 troops on at any time),
                      you'll have to use Fuelwiz's ability to turn a couple of enemy
                      into Fuel. Besides which, with all the enemies that will
                      constantly come at you throughout the mission, you'll probably
                      want at least one Wizard that can turn an enemy unit into
                      something else, and Fuelwiz is just the most logical choice)
    Scrolls: "This trail of footprints was...", "These tracks were made by..."
    1ak. 			  D R A G O N S '   H O R D E		   	   1AKDH
    	We have advanced into Beast territories and set up a base on the Lava
    	Without Archers to defend it, the base is being terrorized by DRAGONS
    and the gold mine has fallen under their watchful gaze!
    	Queen Azarel orders you to gather enough resources to build a BARRACKS
    and train a squad of ARCHERS.
    	Only then can the DRAGONS and their Beast masters be defeated!
    	•Destroy the Dragons
    	•Destroy the Beasts
    	From the start of the mission, bring out your Windwiz/other, and you'll
    see the first Dragon to the mine just south of you. Go and lean to the right of
    the Temple, then area cast NEAR the dragon, then run back up to the temple, and
    repeat (if you repeatedly area cast without moving back, you'll move closer each
    time, until you're in the dragon's range). Eventually, the dragon should fall.
    	Now, set all eight of your Grunts on the mine, then take Windwiz and go
    to the left coast, and head down to the lower-left corner of the map. Head right
    a bit, grab 200 gold, and you should see a Beast Farm. Destroy the Farm using
    Windwiz while staying out of the way of all the beasts, then circle back around
    to the temple.
    	Now, with Windwiz again, head east from the Temple slowly, until you
    wander upon a group of Warriors and Skeleton Archers. Repeat the technique of
    area spelling between and a wee bit to the left of Warriors, until after three
    whirlwinds/whatever, they're dead. Continue to do it to the Skeleton Warriors,
    until they too fall in turn. Now go and blast the Farm with some spells, and
    afterwards, the Beasts will no longer be able to train any units in their
    Brawling Pit down south. Now go and approach the wizard to the right of the
    former Farm, and you'll have rescued this mission's Wizard.
    	Now start pulling out all the stops. Take Windwiz and the new wizard
    back to the Temple, and take Windwiz out again. Now take Elvenwiz from the
    Temple, and go to transform the Warrior just southeast of the mine into an Elven
    Archer. Do the same to the Warrior south from there, and then change the two to
    the right and southeast as well, and let them fight the Guard Towers, adding on
    a bit of damage to both. Retreat back with Elvenwiz and the two remaining Elven
    	Now take Windwiz, and go straight up to each of the Guard Towers and
    cast a direct spell on them. A single spell on each should be enough to destroy
    both of them, especially with the previous damage inflicted on them by the Elven
    Archers. Take Elvenwiz, and Elvenize the lone Warrior left, making sure he's out
    of the range of the Dragon.
    	Now that you have three Elven Archers and the Dragon remaining as your
    only enemy, your mine should have been exhausted by now. Take all eight of your
    Grunts south to Elvenwiz, and turn every last one of them into Elven Archers.
    With your Elven Archer force complete, head east and converge on the Dragon.
    Shoot him down, and you'll win the mission.
      Supplement Wizards
    	•Windwiz/Other non-Quakewiz target area Wizard (There are a total of two
             	dragons in this stage, and each of them can be a pain in the
    		ass. However, since dragons are vulnerable to area spells
    		(except for Quakewiz), you can use somebody like Stormwiz or
    		Windwiz to go back and forth casting area spells near dragons
    		until the Dragons die.)
    	•Elvenwiz (There are a small army of Warrior units, and a couple of
                       Skeleton Archers around. Combine them with the two Dragons,
                       and the obvious hesitation to go and mine fuel with all the
                       enemies around, and you WILL want to use Elvenwiz to kill
                       three birds with one stone)
    	•Poisonwiz (The more firepower you have on your Elven Archers, the more
                        effective they'll be at the killing job)
    Scrolls: "Dragons are invulnerable to...", "Scouts report a wizard is being...",
             "Your workers can break rock...",
    Other: 200 Gold Chest x1
    1al. 			  M I N E S   O F   G O R D O		   	   1ALMG
    	We have set up a mining camp in the caverns of Gordo. This subterranean
    realm is occupied by Beast forces and our base is vulnerable to attack.
    	Queen Azarel orders you to clear the caverns of Beast units, then find
    and destroy their underground lair!
    	•Destroy Beast Lair
    	•Destroy All Beasts
    	Start off by taking all three of your Grunts, and head east from your
    current position to find an underground gold mine. Send them into it to start
    mining, then send one of your Knights north a short bit to find the Temple. Take
    both of your Knights now, and then head to the gold mine. Go right from here,
    and then kill the Skeleton Archer near the wall, making sure to keep out of the
    range of sight of the Warrior and Guard Tower. Continue on until you have a wall
    to your right and a path going north, and head up, making sure you stay out of
    	Past the open path, stay close to the wall again, heading right while
    staying out of sight of the Guard Tower and Warrior to the north. You'll run
    into a lone Warrior guarding a Farm; dispose of him quickly. After the battle,
    destroy the Farm, then head north a short bit to find a Brawling Pit. Destroy
    that, and the enemies will only have one remaining Brawling Pit to train
    soldiers in; unfortunately, that Brawling Pit is in the lair of the Beasts,
    guarded by a Dragon. Instead, head south from here a bit more, and you'll find
    another Warrior guarding a Farm. Take out the Warrior (probably losing one of
    your Knights in the process, then collect the 200 Gold Chest and destroy the
    Farm, effectively cutting off supplies from your enemies for awhile.
    	Now, keep your Knights there for a bit, as going back will take too much
    time for now to keep yourself from getting killed. Instead, go to the Wizard
    Temple and summon Windwiz. With Windwiz, head east from your current location
    until you're near the Warrior and the Guard Tower. Area target the Warrior
    thrice until he dies, then direct attack the Guard Tower to take it out in one
    shot. With the northern segment of this map cleared out, send your Grunts north
    to mine the mushrooms, as they should've finished off the mine by now, and the
    mushroom forest in the center is hazardous with the enemies around.
    	Once you have forty fuel, take one of your Grunts and build a Barracks
    out near where the former mine was. With that done, start training about six
    Knights after having built another Farm. Now, take out Elvenwiz from the Temple
    and go to the central area, where there should be a single Skeleton Archer,
    three Warriors, and two Guard Towers. Elvenize the Skeleton Archer and at least
    one Warrior, then leave them to cause some chaos as you take Elvenwiz back to
    the temple. Now, make sure you have four Grunts (train a fourth one), and then
    take them all down to just before the Knights.
    	With the Knight force in tow, go and rip asunder the Beast force in the
    central part of the map, destroying all two Guard Towers and remaining Beast
    Warriors. Right behind them, take care of the Skeleton Archer and Brawling Pit,
    and once you've taken care of that Beast and building, link up with your other
    (two) Knights. Now, take your four Grunts south to where the Knights are. What
    do I have planned in mind for you? Near the Knights is an entrance to the Lair,
    and inside the Lair is a Barracks. Instead of trying to storm the area for now,
    instead just block the exit out with your four Grunts; anyone trying to leave
    will never harm your Grunts, but instead will just stumble around endlessly.
    	Now, take your Knights back north, and train one more Grunt for the
    running. Take out Elvenwiz from the Temple, and take both south of the Main
    Hall. You should find a gate. Pick open one half with your Grunt and then go
    down to block anyone from coming through, then use Elvenwiz to Elvenize anybody
    close enough while Elvenwiz still hides behind the Grunt. After you run out of
    enemies trailing around, take the remainder of your Knights, pick open the other
    half of the gate, and go through.
    	With Elvenwiz, go ahead and Elvenize the lone Skeleton Archer in the
    path, then the two Warriors each next to a Guard Tower. Now retreat with
    Elvenwiz, and bring your Knights down south to take out the two Guard Towers.
    Once they're both out, rescue the wizard in the southwest corner, and then head
    east to fight a Skeleton Warrior and destroy a Brawling Pit. Continue on, and
    take out the last few enemies in here, which are a Guard Tower and two Warriors.
    	Now, regroup all your forces, and make sure they are at least six
    Knights and six Elven Archers strong. Take Elvenwiz to just behind your wall of
    Grunts, and Elvenize everyone who gets too close; pit them on the tower to the
    left, and then wearing down the dragon (in the case of the dragon, don't let the
    Dragon go forward, or else the Grunts will fall within his line of sight).
    	After you've done enough wearing down, Elvenize everyone else you can,
    then Elvenize your four Grunts. Send these Elven Archers after the Dragon if he
    remains, then bring in your other twelve men, the Knights to attack the Lair,
    the Archers to attack the Dragon (the lair if the Dragon is dead). Once you
    destroy the Lair and any remaining Beast foes in this area, you'll win the
      Supplement Wizards
    	•Elvenwiz (Basically used to turn a whole bunch of enemies into Elven
    		   Archers, wreak chaos on other enemies as a result, and
    		   completely neutralize the threat of all the Brawling Pits in
    		   this mission)
    	•Windwiz (In destroying a number of the towers in this mission, along
    		  with ensuring the north is safe for you to harvest fuel from)
    	•Poisonwiz (For when you infiltrate the lair area and have to fight the
    	•Smithwiz (You'll have some Knight-intensive forces that you'll have to
    		   wield in this mission)
    Scrolls: "These giant mushrooms look...", "This gate is locked, but..."
    Other: 200 Gold Chest x1
    1am. 			  Z O G ' S   F O R T R E S S		   	  1AMZF
    	Our soldiers are camped within sight of Zog's Fortress, final stronghold
    of the Beast army!
    	Victory is at hand, though it is certain the enemy will fight to the
    	In the name of Queen Azarel, prepare your forces and let battle
    	•Destroy All Beasts
    	Start off by assigning the two Grunts to the left to harvest the rocks
    for Fuel, and the two right Grunts should go right a bit to start on a mine.
    Next, assign the three knights to defend your Main Hall from the right, and then
    bring out Elvenwiz. With Elvenwiz, go north a bit until you see two Skeleton
    Archers on the ramparts. Elvenize both of them one at a time, then go up a bit
    more, Elvenize the Skeleton Archer to your left, then a bit more north and
    Elvenize the last Skeleton Archer on the battlement to your right.
    	Now take Elvenwiz (who's now depleted majorly of health) back to the
    Temple, and take the left Elven Archer onto the ground up onto the battlement;
    as such, now that you have four Elven Archers into place, any enemy who makes it
    through from the north will be severely injured before he even makes it to your
    Main Hall.
    	Now, train six Knights at your Barracks after you've built a couple of
    Farms (summon Queen Azarel if you need to quicken up training times), and
    then set them all to defend the Main Hall. Now, summon Elvenwiz once more, and
    from the mine, head southeast, then east once you hit rock bottom (bad pun),
    until you come to a Skeleton Archer on a battlement. Elvenize him, then go north
    and turn a Warrior in between two Brawling Pits into another Elven Archer. Now
    go and Elvenize the two Skeleton Archers on the battlements (one to the right of
    the bottom Brawling Pit, the other to the left of the top), and start getting
    all of your Archers onto the Brawling Pits.
    	Once both Brawling Pits are destroyed, our mission here is accomplished;
    the Beast forces in this mission have been symbolically castrated. Send Elvenwiz
    back to his much-needed temple, and bring the Elven Archers with you to stand to
    the right of the mine, and make sure you have a good amount of Knights still
    defending the castle (although it shouldn't need much defending, if the Elven
    Archers to the north are doing their job).
    	Once Elvenwiz has healed up in terms of health, bring him out of the
    Temple again and to the right of the mine, as he still has a few hurrahs left in
    him. Go to the right of the mine, and then head up just a bit north. You should
    see a Warrior guarding a Dragon egg. Now, Elvenize him CAREFULLY (perhaps even
    distract him down to you), as you want to move him away down south after you
    Elvenize him, but not hatch the dragon. After that new recruit to your forces
    (make sure you have at least four Elven Archers on you), head a bit left and
    Elvenize the Warrior guarding the Guard Tower, while siccing the Archers on the
    tower. After you destroy that tower, turn around, go right to destroy the other
    tower, and then hatch the dragon egg.
    	With him in tow, send him home to your Hall, while keeping your Archers
    right where they are. Take Elvenwiz around the right side of the battlement
    you're near, then go a bit north to another battlement with a Skeleton Archer on
    it. Distract the Archer, Elvenize it to add another sentry guard to incoming
    Beasts going south, then send Elvenwiz back home to the Temple.
    	Now take your new Elven Archer and sic him on the Barracks to your left
    by going up and left to the path going down the rampart, then take your dragon
    that should have grown up by now and go northwest from here to the large right
    rampart. Circle around the battlement clockwise until you get to the northeast
    segment, then destroy the Brawling Pit and Farm and another Brawling Pit outside
    there to further antagonize the Beast war effort. Destroy the Farm in the
    northeast corner of the area inside the wall, and kill the Skeleton Archer a bit
    south from the corner on the wall still. Continue clockwise until you get to the
    middle of the area, where there are two sets of stairs, and stay right there
    after having chased off the Warrior and killed it.
    	Now take all your Knights back at the Hall, and go past the entrance to
    the fortress. Once past the outside walls, turn left, and converge upon the
    Skeleton Archer and the Guard Tower, taking them out. After that's done, head
    left some more to kill another Skeleton Archer and a Warrior, along with
    pillaging a Farm. Now that that is done, link up with your Dragon, and head
    north past the stairs to slay a lone Warrior and destroy a Guard Tower. Take
    your force back outside and into the main hallway of the fortress, and grab your
    Elven Archers from wherever they are to make reconnaissance with them.
    	Send your Dragon as a scout north next, harming the two Warriors and
    single Skeleton Archer (plus another Skeleton Archer on the right rampart) as
    best you can while dodging the attacks of the Guard Tower, then send him back to
    your main force. With all your men united, go north and smash the Guard Tower to
    pieces along with slaying the remaining survivors of dragon fire. Afterwards,
    continue north until you get to a bridge, and export a Grunt north to fix the
    broken bridge. Go past the bridge, and you'll rescue this mission's wizard.
    	It's almost done, folks. Take your remnants of your great army east, and
    you'll run smack-dam into a Warrior with a Guard Tower and two Farms. Take care
    of the Warrior first, then send all your men on a rush at the Guard Tower. Once
    it's taken out, feel free to destroy the Farms as you will, but don't move an
    inch further east after it all. You see, we're about to deliver the final blow
    of the Humans to the Beasts, but you want a strong army before you do that. Make
    sure you have at least nine Knights, seven Archers, your Dragon, and
    Smithwiz/Poisonwiz out on the field if you have them.
    	Now, take your force and head east into a large open plain, with two
    Warriors guarding the bridge. Take them out quickly, but don't go down just yet;
    instead, regroup north of the bridge to avoid the A.I. causing your troops to go
    somewhere OTHER than straight down. Now, head straight down the bridge, and
    you'll run smack into a force of two Guard Towers, three Warriors, two Skeleton
    Archers, AND a Dragon all guarding the Beast Lair. Press on, however, and get
    your Knights on the infantry and archers, your Archers and Dragon on the enemy
    dragon, and once you've completed that, turn your attention to the Lair; once it
    falls, so long as the Dragon and infantry are dead, you'll finally win the
    mission, and complete the campaign.
      Supplement Wizards
    	•Smithwiz (Keep the defense of your Knights up, making them a hard force
    		   to crack)
    	•Poisonwiz (Improve the offense of your Elven Archers. Especially will
    		    be useful for the few buildings that you'll have to destroy
    		    with archers, eliminating the enemies that go down the main
    		    route of the Fortress, and killing the Dragon guarding the
    	•Elvenwiz (Turn the Skeleton Archers guarding the entrance into your
    		   own, virtually castrating the Beasts in the east, and useful
    		   for dispatching of the guards of the Dragon egg. Did I
    		   mention how he'll be intensively useful in this mission?)
    Scrolls: "If you already own an...", "If you want to take a break...",
    	 "To recall an assigned TEAM...",
    Other: 200 Gold Chest x1
    	So you've finally defeated the Human Campaign! From here on in, you'll
    also have the chance to play the Beast Campaign at any time you choose to.
    What's the difference between the Human and Beast Campaign? The Beast Campaign
    presents about the same level of difficulty as the Human Campaign in the earlier
    levels, but in the later levels, it gets progressively harder and is much more
    difficult than it's counterpart letters in the Human Campaign.
    1ba. 			     F L E S H   F A R M S			   1BAFF
    	Chief Zog commands you to build three carrion tents - FARMS to putrefy
    meat for the troops. GOLD and FUEL must also be stockpiled for the war effort.
    	You have been assigned a Goblin work gang to carry out all manual labor.
    	•Mine 500 Gold
    	•Gather 100 Fuel
    	•Build 3 Farms
    	When you start the mission off, take two of your Goblins and set them on
    the mountains right below your Main Hall to gather fuel. Next, select the other
    two Goblins and take them northeast of the Main Hall (far more northeast than
    your mines normally are) and set them to mine the gold from the mine.
    	After a while, (once you have 120 Fuel), take one of your Goblins and
    set him to go to an unoccupied space so that you have room to build your Farm.
    Build two Farms, and if by then you have 120 Fuel, assign the other tree cutter
    to go and mine gold (or else wait until you have 120 fuel if you don't). From
    now on in, if you want to maximize money profits for the Army mode, send your
    last Goblin to mine until you've exhausted the mine of gold. Otherwise, finish
    the mission right now by building your third Farm, and thus having all
    conditions achieved should you have the required 100 Fuel and 500 Gold.
    Scrolls: "You need GOLD and FUEL...", "Areas marked '?' are unexplored...",
    	 "Your workers can break rocks...", "To make selected workers build...",
    Other: 200 Gold Chest x2
    1bb. 			     F I R S T   B L O O D			   1BBFB
    	Pleased with your efforts, Chief Zog orders you to build a BRAWLING PIT.
    	Once complete, you will train soldier units and clear the surrounding
    area of Human invaders.
    	Use your FUEL wisely. Building materials are scarce in this region!
    	•Wipe out the Humans
    	You will start the mission off with three Grunts. Send two of them
    southwest to a Gold mine, and take the third to mine the rocks to the south,
    keeping a careful eye on this one so that he does not run into Human units. Once
    you get 40 Fuel, take him off his job and assign him to building a Brawling Pit
    just shortly southeast of the Lair, then put him to work in the Mine.
    	Now, with your new Brawling Pit ready to roll, train six battle-ready
    Warriors. Take them to the left of where the Mine is, and you should see a
    volcano. Do a counterclockwise loop around the volcano, and you should run into
    two Knights doing some guard duty. Take care of them both, then go and rescue
    the Wizard whom is in the southwest corner of the map.
    	Now take the Warriors back straight up to the Mine, and go to your
    Barracks. From there, go to the right of where the rocks were formerly, then go
    down south a bit. You'll run into a 200 Gold Chest. From here, head straight
    left and run straight into three Knights, of which each should attack you one
    after another, the second and third only noticing you after you gang up on the
    former. Once they're all dead, go and bust the chops out of the remaining Knight
    to the left of the Temple, and you'll win the mission.
    Scrolls: "To train a new WARRIOR, tap...", "To select more than one unit...",
    	 "To make selected soldiers attack...", "Return a wizard to the..."
    Other: 200 Gold Chest x1
    1bc. 		      S E A R C H   A N D   D E S T R O Y		   1BCSD
    	Our spies have found a Human outpost to the northwest of the Lava Lakes!
    Nearby, peasants are sheltering a WIZARD in their homestead.
    	Chief Zog orders you to send in soldiers to capture the WIZARD and
    destroy the Human outpost.
    	•Train Soldier Units
    	•Capture the Wizard
    	•Destroy the Human Main Hall
    	•Build Brawling Pit
    	Start off by sending your Goblins to work in the mine to the southwest,
    then grab one of your Skeleton Archers and go a bit west to find the Temple for
    this level. Summon from the temple Windwiz. Once he's out, take him to the top
    of the Temple, going around the left side so as to dodge the sight of the Elven
    Archer around (if you attract his attention, just run back into the Temple).
    	Heading north, wait until you see a lava coast to your right along with
    a volcano, and when you do, go and circle around it and head up to the northeast
    corner of the map to find a Human Barracks. Sic it with a couple of whirlwinds
    until it's destroyed, then head left from here. You should see a Farm, and to
    the left of it will be five Grunts guarding a Wizard, along with another Farm.
    Drop a whirlwind on the peasants, and once you've broken them up, go and destroy
    the Farms before capturing the Wizard (if you've captured him already, take him
    out of harm's way, or else he'll get hurt by friendly fire). Once the farms are
    done, your work here is finished, so take your new Wizard back to the Temple,
    and leave Windwiz behind.
    	Take heed of your low supply of fuel, and go south and direct one of
    your Goblins to temporarily switch to mining fuel. Now, with Windwiz, head west
    of your current position SLOWLY, until you run into two Guard Towers, an Elven
    Warrior and two Knights defending the Main Hall. With Windwiz, go south until
    you hit the coast, then try to whirlwind the lower Tower to blow it up. After,
    run away if the Elven Archer approaches you until it goes back, then area target
    near the Elven Archer and Knights until they're all dead. With that avenue, we
    can land an attack directly on the Main Hall.
    	With Windwiz back snug in the Temple, make sure you have at least 40
    Fuel, then drag the Goblin on fuel duty to go north and to the east of the Main
    Hall, and build a Brawling Pit there. Now go and grab your three Skeletons,
    bring them to the east of the Temple temporarily to kill an Elven Archer and
    grab a 200 Gold Chest, then head north to the Brawling Pit. Train at least five
    Warriors now that you have a Brawling Pit, then take your detachment of eight
    units plus west, and strike the Main Hall directly. Once the Hall's down, you'll
    have won the mission.
      Supplement Wizards
    	•Windwiz (Destroy a Barracks, take out a giant Grunt force, and smash
    		  a reasonable number of Human soldiers and a Guard Tower)
    Scrolls: "To train a new worker...", "To reselect the last selected...",
    	 "We must be careful...",
    Other: 200 Gold Chest x1
    1bd. 		            S A N D   C A N Y O N S		   	   1BDSC
    	Our forces have made an alliance with the Giant Spiders, offering
    protection in return for their resource processing abilities.
    	The Humans have an outpost in the sand canyons, where they are preparing
    their soldiers to attack the spiders.
    	Chief Zog assigns you to defend a Giant Spider, while seeking out and
    destroying the Human outpost!
    	•Destroy Human Units
    	•Destroy Human Main Hall
    	Start off by sending one Goblin south to start cutting down the fuel,
    then put the other three on mining duty, making sure you spot the Temple to the
    southwest of the spider. Now, summon Firewiz from the Temple, and head up to the
    mine. You'll see an Elven Archer on the cliff overhead to your left. Turn him
    into fire, then go down and left and head up the stairs. Burn the other Elven
    Archer here, then go up a bit to rescue the wizard for the mission. Take both
    wizards back to the Temple, then summon Firewiz again.
    	Now, this is the first time that you'll really have to multitask. Take
    out Firewiz again, and keep him near the Temple. Enemies will come in from
    either the south (make sure you've gone far enough south so you can't be stopped
    by Fog of War), or to the west of the temple (if they're coming in from the
    west, it'll take a lot longer; a hiccup in AI will make them go up the plateau
    before coming to face you). Thwart any Human attempts by turning them into
    flame, and keep this up until you have at least 1500 gold on hand.
    	Afterwards, build a Brawling Pit just under the mine, and another Farm
    to go along with the other two Farms. Now, send one of your Goblins up the
    northernmost route and go left, grabbing 200 Gold. Sacrifice your Goblin to
    explore more Fog of War area; by the time he dies, he should've at least
    discovered two Knights guarding a Guard Tower.
    	Back at the ranch, train eight Warriors while keeping an eye on any
    enemies coming in from the south and the west. Now, take the Warriors and strike
    a path out west between the cliffs, and head northwest from here and slaughter
    the two Knights and destroy the Tower. Once they're done for, head up a bit more
    and you'll find a Barracks and a Farm. Destroy both of the buildings, then head
    back home. Because the enemy has only lost four soldiers but have lost a Farm,
    they cannot send any more men for now.
    	Now, for some guerilla warfare. Take another of your Goblins and go
    beneath the giant forest (or what is left of it). You'll eventually run upon a
    Knight beside a Farm. Linger long enough to make sure that you've distracted the
    Knight, then run back up all the way to the Main Hall, and circle around it long
    enough so that the Knight dies of arrow wounds inflicted by the Main Hall. Now
    take your Goblin back down and destroy the Farm. While if you had killed one
    more man, the Humans might have been able to train more men from their Barracks,
    with this Farm destroyed, you can slay five more Knights or Archers before they
    can send another man.
    	Metal Gear Goblin time! With your Goblin still in battle action, head to
    the lowest panel on the map, then head slowly left until you see a Barracks.
    There should be a Knight to the left and north of the Barracks; however, if you
    get the angle right (and make sure to save beforehand), you can chip away at the
    Barracks from the southeast corner and destroy it without being spotted. After,
    send the Goblin in one last suicide run to discover some more of the area.
    	Now, summon Windwiz from the Temple, and go down southwest. Target the
    lone Elven Archer on the corner of the cliff face, and take him down with a
    Tornado. Next, head a bit more south and take out the Guard Tower, then target
    the last Elven Archer on that cliff after that. Once your temporary intrusion
    into Human territory is done, pull Windwiz out, and take him to the Temple, then
    take him back after he's recovered to where the Guard Tower originally was.
    	From here, go north up to the cliff face, then head west slowly, until
    you find some Knights. Go up to the north of them, then come down on them
    casting area target spells. Take the first two out one at a time, casting three
    area hurricanes for each one. When you get to the third Knight, you'll notice
    there's a Barracks next to him. Take care of the Knight, then successively cast
    two tornados straight on the Barracks. Head down to the second Guard Tower, cast
    it out of existence with a tornado, then take out the Elven Archer on the cliff
    wall just to be on the safe side.
    	Once all your Wizards (sans Smithwiz if you have him) are back in the
    Temple, make sure that you have at least nine Warriors. Go to the area where
    Windwiz was just causing havoc, and you should see a route going west still
    right above the cliff. That's right; it's a back route! Go down the back route,
    and you should come on the back (unprotected) side of the Human Main Hall; sic
    all your men on the Hall, and it should soon fall to your Warriors. Once the
    Main Hall is done for, head east a bit more, mopping up the remaining Knights
    (and any Elven Archers still on the walls), and you'll win the mission
      Supplement Wizards
    	•Firewiz (Burns up every single enemy that marches up to your Lair walls
    		  to try and knock you out of the running)
    	•Windwiz (Wipes out a bunch of the front guard to the Main Hall, which
    		  will allow your Warriors to take the back path to attack the
    		  Main Hall from the rear without being bothered by Elven
    		  Archers or Guard Towers)
    	•Smithwiz (Allows your Warriors to last a much greater time when you go
    		   on both of your major offensives.
    Scrolls: "Tap the A Button over a TEMPLE..","A FARM provides enough food for..",
             "Hold down the A button to deselect." "To train a new SKELETON
              ARCHER.", "Units on the rocky outcrops...",
    Other: 200 Gold Chest x2
    1be. 		         B U R N I N G   B R I D G E S		   	   1BEBB
    	Chief Zog has been captured while leading our troops into battle!
    	The cowardly Humans have smashed the bridges across the lava chasm to
    prevent our soldiers from reaching their stronghold in the north.
    	You must organize bridge repairs and mobilize the troops to destroy the
    Human stronghold and rescue Chief Zog!
    	•Return Chief Zog to the Temple
    	•Destroy Human Main Hall
    	•Repair Bridges
    	Start off by sending three of your Goblins into the (visible) mine
    southeast from your Lair, and send the other Goblin down south to mine the
    rocks. Next, send your Warriors out west to explore the area, and make sure to
    grab the 200 Gold Chest to the left of the volcano in the southwest corner.
    Lastly, make sure that you don't run into any of the Humans, who are north of
    you from the Lair and then eastwards from there.
    	Now, go back, and wait until you have 60 Fuel. When you do, take your
    lone Goblin on Fuel duty and build a Brawling Pit and Farm with him. After
    sending him back to the mountains, train five more Warriors to match up with
    your current set of two, then send them north of the Lair. You'll encounter
    minimal resistance in two Knights and an Elven Archer, so knock them off for the
    count, grab the 200 Gold Chest they were practically guarding, and then head
    	When headed up here, you'll meet a few incoming Human soldiers headed
    the opposite direction. Take the time to stop them, and when you get to the top,
    put three Warriors on the Guard Tower, and try to put some men on one of the
    Barracks at the same time. After the Guard Tower is destroyed, destroy both
    Barracks, and you'll have crippled the ability of the Humans to wage active war
    against you; from now on, they can only be sitting ducks for you to wipe out (if
    any Knights or Elven Archers pop out from the Barracks while you're fighting,
    ignore them; the Main Hall is more than able to withstand the damage from two
    	Now, take your Warriors back down south, and summon Windwiz. Take him up
    to the central land bridge going up north (where your Warriors just came from),
    but don't go any further. Instead, head east very slowly from here, and you'll
    run into a guard of a Knight and an Elven Archer. Lace them with area-effect
    tornados, and once they fall in battle, bring one of your Goblins up north to
    Windwiz, and use him to repair the two halves of the bridge.
    	Assuming control over Windwiz once more, head up onto the bridge, and
    you'll find two Elven Archers guarding the bridge on the other side. Take them
    both out in a one-two attack, then continue on. You'll come up to the Main Hall
    being guarded by a Tower on each side and a force of four Knights, with three
    Elven Archers behind them. Sentence the seven Humans to death by casting three
    successive tornadoes in between the two center Knights and right below them; the
    Elven Archers will fall after the second tornado, and the Knights will fall in
    turn after the third. Hold onto Windwiz for just a bit longer; go and get close
    to both Towers (making sure to stay out of the line of fire of the other Tower
    and the Main Hall), and cast a direct attack on both, then take Windwiz back to
    the Temple. However, if you think you have enough health to last another direct
    attack, this time against the Main Hall, then you may do so, but make sure to
    save first.
    	Anyways, after the fact, take all of your remaining Warriors (try to get
    the number to at least four if you don't have that many), and then head up the
    right road up to the Main Hall, and strike the heart of the Human base. The Main
    Hall should fall without any problem, even if you didn't already damage it or if
    you don't have Smithwiz around to help you. Once that's done, there's only one
    thing left to do; rescue Chief Zog.
    	Pretty much exactly north of the Temple is another bridge that's out.
    Grab one of your Goblins (the one who worked on the other bridge, if he's still
    idle and MIA status among his cohorts), and take him west to repair the bridge.
    Now, drag out Windwiz from the temple for yet another round of dueling with
    dragons, and head north. Once you hit the bridge, go across VERY SLOWLY. You'll
    come across a Dragon, and when you do, back away goddamnit. Now start blasting
    him with dozens, scores, grosses of area-effect tornadoes until he falls to your
    wind magic. Take care of the Elven Archer just above where the Dragon formerly
    was, then head up a bit more to take care of another Archer.
    	Continuing with Windwiz, go up onto the wall. Ignore the Knight to your
    left, and instead look to the north, where you will see a Knight on the ground.
    Haze him with a trio of tornadoes, then pursue your path north a bit further,
    until you find an Elven Archer on the stairs. Take him out, then go onto the
    second set of stairs back onto the battlement. Go left, and you will finally
    rescue Chief Zog on the northwest corner. Take Chief Zog and Windwiz back with
    you through the path that you have just cleared, and go to the Temple. Once Zog
    has made his way safely back to the Temple, the mission will have been won.
      Supplement Wizards
    	•Windwiz (He will disable the soldiers guarding the central route for
    		  your Warriors to go up the land bridge and take out the Tower
    		  and two Barracks, he will wipe out the entire battalion and
    		  the two Towers guarding the Main Hall, and lastly, he will
    		  take out a Dragon while clearing out a route to the captured
    		  Chief Zog.)
    Scrolls: "Dragons are invulnerable to...", "To make selected soldiers guard...",
             "The bridge has been smashed!...", "This scroll has a deck of...",
    	 "Planning a large assault?...",
    Other: POKER scroll, 200 Gold Chest x2
    1bf. 		           H I D D E N   T E M P L E		   	   1BFHD
    	While searching for the Temple of the Spider Queen, a Goblin scout team
    has become lost in the Sand Canyons.
    	The Humans have a base nearby where they are holding a WIZARD prisoner.
    	Chief Zog orders you to locate the Temple and rescue the WIZARD from the
    Human base.
    	•Find the Temple of the Spider Queen
    	•Return the Wizard to the Temple
    	Start off by heading up and brushing the left edge of the map. Once you
    see footprints, follow them until you see a Guard Tower to the northwest. Once
    you get here, take great precaution in your steps, and instead of gathering your
    whole force at once, take two men at a time, making sure to save each time so
    you can intervene if you get sighted.
    	With each pair, head right from the Guard Tower, and stick to the top to
    dodge sight of the Tower and Knight who'll shortly be below you. Once you get
    past them, go down to the cliff right below that, as there'll be a Knight and a
    Tower above you. Once you get past both sets of Knight and Tower, continue
    following the tracks until you come to one of your own Brawling Pits. Now, head
    north from here, past a small forest, then go north through the small path
    through the mountains to find the Spider Queen. The Temple is to the left and
    north of the Spider Queen, and there is a 200 Gold Chest to the right of the
    Barracks, and another one to the southeast of the forest.
    	Now, train two extra Warriors at your Brawling Pit, and bring your other
    two Warriors to meet them. Now head south from here, and you'll run into a small
    force of two Knights and an Archer; dispose of their token force (where you'll
    likely use a Warrior in), and then take the dragon egg and hatch it. Once done,
    take the dragon back to the Spider Temple, then regroup your Warriors just west
    of the forest, and replenish your ranks to four.
    	Now, once the Dragon is grown up, it's time to make a frontal attack.
    Sacrifice one of your Goblins by sending him west from the forest, and you
    should find a defense line of two Guard Towers and four Knights. Now, send your
    four Warriors to start fighting the Knights, and use the Dragon to take care of
    the Towers. Although you'll likely lose most or all of your Warriors in the
    fight, that doesn't matter at the moment, so long as you've achieved the
    objective of clearing this defense line. With your dragon, continue west from
    here, shooting flames at the Knights, but DON'T GO NORTH; a Human Main Hall lies
    north, and you don't want to go destroy it at all this mission.
    	Eventually, the west side of the map will come up, and you'll discover
    the wizard for this map. However, he's trapped behind some spikes, so bring in a
    Goblin to help dig up the spikes and rescue the Wizard. With that accomplished,
    there is no need to destroy the Main Hall; instead, all you merely need to do
    now is take your Wizard back to your temple to win the mission.
    Scrolls: "These tracks were made by our...", "Are you scared of spiders?...",
    	 "You'll need more than a few...", "You've found a Dragon's nest!...",
    	 "Hey! I've been locked up for...",
    Other: 200 Gold Chest x2
    1bg. 		           	  P L A G U E		   	   	   1BGPL
    	There has been an outbreak of Blobby Pox - a fatally contagious
    condition spread by contact with the infected.
    	Only one person is immune to the virus - a Wizard held in quarantine at
    the Human stronghold of Elbo in the north woods.
    	With a handful of Plague survivors you must rescue the Wizard and use
    his powers to spread pox among the Humans. None must escape the infected fort!
    	•Rescue the Wizard
    	•Wipe out the Humans
    	First and foremost of all, this mission is in no way a mainstream
    mission of trading back and forth military blows. Instead, you are going for
    stealth and infiltration on this mission; as such, start Plague off by grabbing
    one of your Goblins and going left of the Tree Lair to get a 200 Gold Chest,
    then head north from that location to attract the attention of a Knight. Once he
    begins to follow you, head back down to the Tree, and the Knight should break
    off to attack the Tree. Once he's dead, do the same strategy with the Knight
    guarding the stairs to the upper-right.
    	After the two Knights are dead, the Tree will more or less likely have
    been damaged a great amount. To take some caution, repair it as much as you can
    with your current resources, then grab a hold of your four Goblins. What are we
    going to do with them? We are going to employ a strategy that keeps any incoming
    troops from getting to the Tree. Put one Goblin in the MIDDLE (not the right
    side or the left, but the bloody MIDDLE - don't leave a full square of space
    that a Knight or Archer can walk through) of each staircase, then put two in the
    central path to block up any more enemies.
    	With this accomplished, take your left central Goblin northwards very
    precariously, making sure not to attract attention from the Knight above the
    picktrap. Instead, walk left and hit the trap using your axe - if done
    correctly, the Knight to the left of the trap will run into the trap just as it
    clamps shut, killing him. Now walk the Goblin back to the center to clog that
    area up, then turn your attention to the Goblin on the left staircase. Escort
    him up the stairs and along the small wall to the staircase at the end, then
    head a bit more north, and you'll meet up with Poxwiz.
    	Since the Goblin's mission is accomplished, send him back to the first
    staircase, then take over with Poxwiz. Head up and right from here, and infect
    the Knight from the side - doing so will infect him with the Pox, and when he
    sneezes, he'll die and affect anyone else, friend OR foe, whom happens to be in
    the vicinity. And if the soldiers are close enough together, it'll just turn
    into a chain reaction. However, in the first Knight's case, he isn't close
    enough to his pals to cause the reaction, so continue on and infect the Elven
    Archer right above the picktrap, and the Knight straight right of the battlement
    	Once both are dead and they've sparked a long chain reaction, head up
    the upper stairs. Loop around the Barracks and head east to find a Knight
    guarding a second center Barracks. Infect him, and then continue on to find a
    Temple. Quicken the infection rate with one of the Knights near the Temple, then
    keep back until further notice. Once all those whom were formerly guarding the
    Barracks and Temple are dead from Pox, summon Windwiz from the Temple. Use
    Windwiz to haze the three Barracks and fast, as doing so will cut off the flow
    of reinforcements from the Humans. Once all three structures have fallen to the
    ground, take out the Farm to the left of the Barracks and the three Farms south
    of the Temple, and then go and send Windwiz back to the Temple, then take Poxwiz
    south of the Temple.
    	Down here, send Poxwiz down the far east battlement. Loop around
    clockwise, and when you get to the end, go and infect the last remaining Elven
    Archer down here. If their is still a large force of Humans trying to get their
    way through your Goblin barrier, then go and infect them now; you'll lose two
    Goblins, but once they're dead, you'll have ensured your victory. Sure enough,
    once all the Humans get the Pox and die as a result, the mission is yours.
      Supplement Wizards
    	•Poxwiz (Poxwiz will infect a number of Human soldiers within their
    		 fortress walls, thus causing a chain reaction of infection that
    		 will ultimately bring death to nigh upon every Human in the
    	•Windwiz (Poxwiz cannot attack buildings, and it is dangerous to take up
    		  your Goblins to the north to try and pickaxe them into
    		  destruction. As thus, you need a Wizard who is naturally
    		  engineered for destruction, and Windwiz fits the bill
    		  perfectly for this mission.)
    Scrolls: "Workers can demolish enemy buildings...", "Mind the traps - just...",
    Other: 200 Gold Chest x1
    1bh. 		        C A V E R N S   O F   J I N Z U		   	   1BHCJ
    	The Humans have found our secret refuge, deep under the Ash Mountains. A
    WIZARD has been captured and the Temple has fallen into the hands of the
    	Chief Zog orders you to wipe out the invaders and return the Wizard to
    the Temple.
    	•Return the Wizard to the Temple
    	•Wipe out the Humans
    	Start the war off by taking both of your Goblins north. One of your
    Goblins should go into the underground gold mine to the northwest of the Main
    Hall, and the other should go straight north until you run into a gate. Here,
    break open the gate, and ignore the Elven Archer that will probably come
    through. Instead, continue heading up, grab the two chests of 200 Gold, and then
    use your Goblin to damage the Barracks until it falls.
    	Take your Goblin down now and head left and north of the gold mine. Grab
    the 200 Gold Chest that appears without any difficulty to spot, then continue
    slugging your route north until you approach some mushrooms. Set your Goblin on
    cutting these mushrooms down, then train another Goblin back at the volcano
    lair. Once he's done, set him on cutting mushrooms as well, along with the
    mining Goblin who's likely by now exhausted all the gold there is.
    	Once you have 40 Fuel, take one of your Goblins and build a Brawling Pit
    north of the Lair. Train four Warriors here, then take them through the route
    where you downed the gate. Head up and then right, and you'll run into a Guard
    Tower; take it out quickly. Once it's been destroyed, head up a bit and take out
    a Human Farm, then go south from here to take a lone Knight out guarding the
    second entrance to the North.
    	With this newly accessible area open, grab all three of your Goblins,
    and send two of them to the gold mine in the north. Take the third one, head
    east of the mine while keeping him up towards the top wall, and use your pickaxe
    on the gate in the northeast corner to rescue the Wizard for this mission. Now,
    using your Warriors, go south from the Wizard and clear out the two Elven
    Archers, while picking up another 200 Gold Chest to help your funds. Now head
    straight south from here, going through another large room and into another
    crevasse, and you'll finally come to the Temple for this stage with a fifth 200
    Gold Chest for your worries.
    	Take your Warriors, and retreat back one room. Head a very long way
    west, past all the empty room and the Lair, until you finally hit the far west
    side of the room. Head south from here, and you'll wander upon two Knights
    taking watch o'er a Farm. Take both of the Knights out, and then destroy the
    Farm with your remaining one or two Warriors. Grab the 200 Gold Chest to the
    left, and the head southeast of your current position for another 200 Gold
    Chest. Go to your Brawling Pit, and train four or five Warriors to reinforce
    your men.
    	On the eastern front, summon Icewiz from the temple. Go west, and turn a
    Knight into a snowman. Continue on a bit, and you'll find another Knight. Once
    he encounters a case of frostbite, move over a bit more to the left to spot a
    Tower, then grab the 200 Gold Chest and head back into the Temple. This time,
    replace Icewiz with Windwiz, and go and attack the Human Guard Tower with a
    direct tornado attack.
    	Once the Tower is done for, inch your way the slightest bit more west,
    and you'll spot a Dragon flying over top a Barracks. Retreat, and start a
    barrage of area-effect tornadoes at the Dragon, until he finally falls. Sic
    Windwiz on the Barracks now, and at the same time, grab your five to seven
    Warriors in the west and move them east to take out a Knight and a Guard Tower
    successively. Once the triumvirate of enemies are dead and destroyed, you should
    win the mission (unless the rescued Wizard is not yet back at the Temple, in
    which case you need to bring him down in order to win).
      Supplement Wizards
    	•Icewiz (Icewiz will be able to eliminate two Knights on the bottom
    		 right-hand side of the map that will allow Windwiz to go on
    		 his path to the Tower and Dragon unharmed.)
    	•Windwiz (In conjunction with Icewiz, Windwiz will take out a Guard
    		  from the east on the bottom part of the map, then his area
    		  effect attack will come in handy in taking out the dragon.
    		  Lastly, he'll finish off by destroying the Human Barracks that
    		  the Dragon was guarding.)
    Scrolls: "These giant mushrooms look...", "Destroy FARMS! The loss of food...",
    	 "Hold down the B Button to...", "This gate is locked, but a..."
    Other: 200 Gold Chest x9
    1bi. 		            E L V E N   F O R E S T		   	   1BIEF
    	Our scouts have advanced into Elven territory setting up a secret base
    deep in the Forest of Lorin.
    	Elvin trackers have noticed our presence and the base is now surrounded
    and in great danger.
    	Chief Zog orders you to oversee the defenses and prepare your troops to
    strike at the Elven heartland.
    	•Wipe out Enemy Units
    	Although there are two mines instead of one in Elven Forest (an oddity
    in itself), send your three Goblins to the visible northwest one first, as the
    southeast one is guarded by some Knights. Once you've sent the Goblins on their
    merry way, gather up your three Warriors, and go to the Temple. Head on a
    beeline straight north of the Temple, making sure to dodge the eyes from the
    East, and you'll see a Human Farm to your right. Make sure to attack the Farm
    from the west and the west ONLY, so as to dodge the possibility of being
    sighted, then head back down the Tree Lair.
    	Now, take one of your Goblins and sic him on cutting down six pieces of
    wood, and direct your Warriors to eliminate the Elven Archer to the left of the
    bottom left forest from the Tree so that you don't get bothered for the moment.
    After your 60 Fuel has been collected, build a Brawling Pit and a Farm, and
    train two extra Warriors for the moment. With your entourage of five, go through
    the right path between the two large forests, then head down to the bottom of
    the second mine and kill the Knight.
    	Now get near the Farm, and you'll attract the three Knights around you,
    so send two Warriors each (and one on the last one) to take them out. Once
    they're done for, eliminate the Farm, and then head south to take care of one
    last Knight that is guarding a Dragon's egg. Once you've hatched the Dragon,
    send him up to the Tree by going north to the second mine, and then going left
    to the Tree, and then pit your Warriors on the two Barracks that are in the
    surrounding area; one to the south of the dragon hatchery, another to the far
    east of the hatchery bordering the map corner.
    	Now, take your Warrior army up to just south of the mine, and take your
    Goblins (who are likely done with the first mine by now) on a brief lumber-
    cutting mission, build a third Farm, and then send them off to the second mine.
    Back to your Warriors, train another four Warriors along with replacing the lost
    members of the five you sent out on the last offensive, and bring the Dragon in
    to help you. Strike a beeline straight north from the second mine, and you'll
    run into a Knight guarding the Human Main Hall. Take care of both of these
    pests, then mop up with the force of four Knights west of you. Leave one Warrior
    behind, and take everyone else and pitch out a path going west.
    	Keep to the top forest, and you'll be rewarded with a Farm to destroy.
    Head south and left a bit more, and you'll come across a Tower. Destroy it with
    your still capable army of Warriors and a Dragon, then continue west to come
    across another Farm. Take care of the two Knights that are guarding the Farm to
    the left and south, then go up and smash the second remaining Guard Tower. With
    any defensive forces in the area wiped out, destroy the Barracks and the Farm.
    	Back at the Warrior you left near the Main Hall, examine the half-way
    point between where the Main Hall formerly stood, and the Temple. Roughly at
    this half-way point is an Elven Archer, so go and dispatch of him. Now head back
    to the position of the wrecked Hall, and head east to find a Barracks. Destroy
    it, then head right to the end of the map, and head up to find a chest of 200
    Gold next to the wall. Head left now to the staircase entrance to the wall, go
    up, and head right to rescue the wizard for this mission.
    	Back to the Dragon and Warriors, head south with your remaining forces,
    and eliminate a Knight and Elven Archer that will be in your way until you can
    relink back up with home base by merely going right. Instead of going there,
    however, instead reinforce your decimated troops with enough new Warriors to
    bring the number up to six. Also send a Warrior left, and you'll spot a
    multiplayer map scroll, so grab it right now.
    	Start your final march south now. Ease off the dramatic effect long
    enough to grab a 200 Gold Chest, then continue on. Your first trio of opponents
    will be three Knights standing around the bottom side of a lone tree, guarding a
    Farm. Take care of them one at a time if you can, then destroy the Farm; in
    doing so, you will attract the attention of the other two Knights around. Once
    the five Knights in the southwest corner have been slain in battle, you have one
    more trio of opponents to face; three Elven Archers, direct west from here.
    Follow lead west, and you will run into the archers. Take care of them while
    trying to grab the 200 Gold Chest at the same time, and if you followed
    directions right, they will be the last enemies; thus, with them, the entire
    Human Army on this map has fallen, and you win.
      Supplement Wizards
    	•Smithwiz (In this mission, Smithwiz will be especially helpful; you'll
    		   have three heavy-duty strikes with a pure Warrior force, in
    		   the strike against the guards of the Dragon's egg, at the
    		   Human Main Hall, and clearing the northwest corner of Human
    		   oppression. Additionally, after that, you'll be doing some
    		   more mop-up work south, thus the need for Smithwiz.)
    Scrolls: "Workers can repair damaged...", "Baby dragons should be kept safe...",
    	 "Scouts report a wizard is being...", "To complete an unfinished...",
    Other: Multiplayer Map Scroll, 200 Gold Chest x2
    1bj. 		              D A R K   T I D E S		   	   1BJDT
    	Under the cover of night we have massed a huge army on the borders of
    the Human Lands. If we can strike swiftly to crush their main line of defense
    the tide of the war will be turned forever.
    	Chief Zog assigns you to oversee this momentous attack from the depths
    of a Giant JubJub tree. On no account must this command center be allowed to
    fall to enemy attack.
    	•Wipe out the Humans
    	•Destroy the Human Main Hall
    	•Defend the Tree Base
    	Summon any one of the wizards Brickwiz, Smithwiz, and Poisonwiz right
    after the mission starts (preferably Smithwiz), as well as Sweatwiz then bring
    the back three squadrons of Warriors and Skeleton Archers forward to help aid
    the front fighters, along with the Dragon.
    	The next major two moves are to take a small amount of your front forces
    down and east, and take your Goblin directly east of your northern Guard Tower;
    in both cases, you will wander upon Human Farms. Eliminate them both to stop
    some of the Human reinforcements. You WILL overshoot the southeast farm, so look
    for it, then restart the mission so you know where to look next time. With the
    Goblin, after you're done destroying the Farm, head right some more, where
    you'll find some Barracks - three of them, in fact. Destroy all three relatively
    quickly using the Sweatwiz effect, and the enemy will have been damaged pretty
    big time.
    	After, take a gamble (and a save), and walk the Goblin south. You'll
    find a group of three more Barracks. Take care of the top two Barracks, while
    still evading enemy attack, and then take the detachment down south east a bit
    more; you'll wander upon a Farm and another Barracks. Destroy the Farm quickly,
    then turn your efforts to the Barracks. After, grab the set of 200 Gold Chests
    to the south and north of the former Barracks, then head back west and go north
    to destroy the remaining Barracks the Goblin couldn't get thanks to the tower
    northwest. After the Barracks is destroyed, turn your attention to the Guard
    Tower nearby, and go and destroy it. Head a bit more north, and destroy the
    second Guard Tower.
    	Now, there should be a very small stream of enemies still coming at you.
    Go up to the northern wall, and head around to the top of it using a crevasse at
    the northwestern end. Follow it through with your Goblin, and you'll find a
    Barracks. Destroy it, then look a bit more at the eastern edge of the map to
    find one more Human Farm. Destroy it, then take your Goblin back to the Lair.
    	From the north BEAST Guard Tower, go right and then up, and you'll find
    a path headed north. Head up to the top, and you'll run into a split. At this
    crossroads, go left to the end to find a dragon's egg. Hatch it once you spot
    it. Although you likely won't need another dragon for the rest of the mission at
    all (unless your current dragon really sucked), it'll still be tallied on at the
    end of the mission and put into your Army Stocks. Now, head all back to the
    crossroads, and this time around go all the way to the right. Near the end, you
    should see a Wizard standing just a bit above you, so go up to him and you'll
    get the Wizard for this stage.
    	Back at the ranch, gather up all your main forces in the area where the
    two Human Guard Towers formerly stood as sentinels. Once you can get them all
    within your cursor's selection grip, start moving forward to the right, and to
    the Main Hall. With the amount of firepower you should still have left, then it
    is very likely that you'll take out the Main Hall with ease. Once it's been
    destroyed, do a minor mop-up in the area by slaying all the Elven Archers on the
    battlement arches above and below you, and after that, that should be the last
    of the enemies on this stage; and thus, you win.
      Supplement Wizards
    	•Sweatwiz (He will speed up your Goblin to an insane amount of movement,
    		   and with this great extra burst of speed, your Goblin can go
    		   and tear down enemy buildings faster than a Warrior or
    		   Skeleton Archer could, and he can run away a lot faster when
    		   he needs to, especially being able to dodge arrows because
    		   where the arrow hits, he isn't there anymore.)
    	•Smithwiz (At the initial barrage of Humans at the start and for the
    		   duration of the mission, the Warriors will be your main line
    		   of offense while the Skeleton Archers stay behind and shoot
    		   from afar, so having Smithwiz out to keep your defense up can
    		   and will be a real help.)
    	•Poisonwiz (In case of a lack of Smithwiz, Poisonwiz is your next best
    		    wizard to summon out at the beginning of the mission. With
    		    Poisonwiz around, enemies won't last quite as long, as they
    		    receive more lethal doses of damage from any arrows that
    		    they get in the way of.)
    Scrolls: "This firewood is primed to ignite...", "You can assign selected...",
    	 "To recall an assigned team...", "Destroy FARMS! The loss of food...",
    Other: 200 Gold Chest x2
    1bk. 		       D R A G O N   T R E E   S I E G E		   1BKDS
    	The Humans have besieged our Tree Base in the north woods. Only a line
    of towers and a Lone Dragon remain to defend it from attack!
    	Use the Dragon's advantage of flight to wipe out the Human forces before
    they break through to the tree.
    	•Wipe out the Humans
    	•Defend the Tree Base
    	It's needless to say that, at the start of the mission, you should
    DEFINITELY summon Brickwiz if you have him, and Smithwiz as well. If not, you'll
    have to settle for some miscellaneous wizards that can still delay the Humans
    once they break through.
    	Once you've started summoning your first Wizard, take your Dragon to the
    Temple, and head straight south past the water. On the other side, you should
    see an Elven Archer standing guard. Strike diagonally from him while still
    staying above the water, and he should be unable to shoot you. Once he's
    finished for, go and destroy the Barracks that was right underneath him, then
    take care of the other two Elven Archers that are around this area. Once they
    are both dead as well, destroy the Farm they were taking care of.
    	Now, with your dragon, go down to the bottom of the map, then head west.
    You'll come up to another Human Farm. Destroy it, and then approach an Elven
    Archer guarding the Farm from the west, and slaughter him. Don't go up just yet;
    instead, head all the way to the bottom left corner of the map, where you'll
    spot your wizard, then head up the left edge of the map. Take the time that you
    have to destroy another human Farm, go up a bit to slaughter an Elven Archer
    that's too close to you, then strike from the bottom-right corner at the
    Barracks until it's been destroyed.
    	Take care of the two Elven Archers that were next to the Barracks. Once
    they've been killed off, head up and around the bottom two remaining Archers,
    and near the line of your Guard Towers, you'll find another set of a Barracks
    guarded by two Elven Archers. Take care of these people and structure as well,
    and you'll be almost done the mission.
    	Unfortunately, your Dragon cannot rescue the Wizard. Instead, take the
    Dragon back home, and guide your three Warriors out of the Tower line (if all
    three are standing, there's a crack at either end you can move through). Strike
    your path southwest, stay as far West as you can, and ignore the Elven Archers
    when they try to shoot you; instead, continue on to rescue the Wizard, and THEN
    turn around and slaughter the two Elven Archers. With that, they are dead.
      Supplement Wizards
    	•Smithwiz (Allows your Warriors at the beginning of the mission to hold
    		   off against a much greater influx of Human troops, and then
    		   throughout the mission)
    	•Brickwiz (Strengthens your two Guard Towers so as to allow you to deal
    		   with more Humans)
    	•Poisonwiz (Especially grants more power to your Skeleton Archers, which
    		    can be imperative to winning; with more strength, you can
    		    fell many more Humans in a lesser timeframe, resulting in
    		    less casualties on the whole)
    Scrolls: None
    Other: None
    1bl. 		               S N O W B O U N D		   	   1BLSN
    	Our forces at Gamzak Fort are under heavy attack. Scouts report that
    enemy supply FARMS are located in the southeast.
    	Destroying the FARMS would prevent our defeat and allow time to build a
    strike force to crush the Humans!
    	•Wipe out the Humans
    	•Destroy the Human Main Hall
    	As quickly as you can, go and start summoning Sweatwiz from the Temple.
    Once the procedure has started, set two of your Goblins on mining, one of your
    Goblins on cutting the forest to the southeast, and bring a Warrior and Skeleton
    Archer to defend the Lair from the west. Now, grab your last remaining Goblin,
    and go south from the Temple. When you hit a coast wall, go down to the right,
    and when you're at a small opening between the water and the forest, go around
    the top side of the forest, and you'll find a Farm.
    	Now, very, very, VERY carefully attack it from the northwest corner.
    Why? There's a Dragon and Elven Archer to the east, and if you move an inch more
    over, then you'll be within their sight, and goodbye Goblin; as such, save
    before you attack the Farm. Once you pull it off, head back to the coastline and
    go around to the left. When you see a Knight along with a Tower just above you,
    go straight left until you come near a Farm. Destroy it as quickly as you can,
    and get the hell out of there if you HAVEN'T been spotted; if you have, just
    sacrifice yourself for the time being discovering as much area as you can.
    	With the Humans down two Farms, they won't be able to train any new
    soldiers for the time being until you dwindle their numbers now. While you
    rebuild from their temporary offense, go on your own offense again. Take one of
    your Sweatwiz-powered Goblins, and head directly east of the Lair until you come
    to the coastline. Go up, sticking to the coastline, until you're blocked off by
    a tree near the top. When this happens, look a bit more to the West, and you
    should see a Human Barracks unguarded from your side. Go and tear it down, then
    take the same path going back to the Lair.
    	Now, summon out Windwiz from the Temple, and head north. Go up a bit to
    the footprints, but instead of heading right along with the footprints, instead
    head left. You will soon come across a Guard Tower being guarded by three
    Knights. Area effect the first Knight, then go underneath and area effect the
    second Knight. In this case, it'll be a lot more difficult, since you need to
    try and stay out of the Guard Tower sight, but you can do it. Once the second
    Knight is dead, blow up the Guard Tower with a direct tornado attack, then
    eliminate the third Knight.
    	Look a bit more west, and you'll see another Elven Archer. Take him out,
    and then head north to find a Human Farm. Destroy it with a Direct Attack
    Tornado to set the Humans back one more Farm, and then turn your attentions to
    the Barracks just south of you. Now, save your game, and move ever so slightly
    left. When you see a Dragon's wing, retreat. That's right, it's a Dragon. As
    always, you'll want to repeatedly hit the Dragon with area effect tornadoes
    until he finally goes down. Once he does, continue on left and go up the stairs
    that the Dragon was guarding to rescue the Wizard for this stage. Take them both
    back to the Temple.
    	By this point in time, you should have more than enough resources to
    start a major strike against the Humans. Build a Brawling Pit just somewhat west
    of your Ice Lair, bring over your current soldiers, and build an extra two Farms
    to accommodate your new men. Now train until you have nine Warriors and seven
    Skeletons, gather their ranks into a single group, summon Smithwiz and Poisonwiz
    if you have them, then head west. You'll find a pair of Elven Archers with a
    Tower, guarding a Farm. Take out the Tower first, and then turn your attention
    to the Archers, and swat them away much like you would a fly, and then end it
    off by destroying the Farm.
    	Reorganize your group once more, then head directly south. You'll run
    into a group of three Knights and an Archer surrounding a single Barracks. Take
    care of them as quickly as you can, making sure not to draw any attention from
    elsewhere, then head south to find a Main Hall and a Dragon; split your Warriors
    and Skeleton Archers up, and send the former to destroy the Main Hall while the
    latter slays the Dragon. After you're done, your forces should likely have been
    eradicated greatly, but you probably still have enough firepower left to make
    one last great strike east.
    	First, ring yourself around the south side of the remaining Barracks,
    and attract the Knight to the right of it and gangbang him. Once he is dead for
    the record, go and attack the Barracks, and you'll attract another Knight right
    underneath one of the Guard Towers. Gangbang him as well, then go and attack the
    Guard Tower he was next to. Once that's done, there's a Knight and a Guard Tower
    left; destroy them both, then smash the Barracks.
    	Now, take all your forces back to the Brawling Pit, and make a count.
    Have at least five Warriors and six Skeleton Archers, as we need to do some mop-
    up work. Take your Archers to the southeast forest where we destroyed the first
    Human Farm of the mission, and you'll run into a Dragon and an Elven Archer.
    Focus on the Dragon first, and once he's down for the running, kill the Archer.
    With them both out of the way, destroy the Barracks to the right of the former
    foes' position, then send an Archer going up along the east edge of the map
    until you come to a 200 Gold Chest.
    	With the Warriors, head to the northern point of your base, where the
    footprints start and you have a Guard Tower. Go along this path, and you'll come
    to a token resistance of two Knights, a Guard Tower, and an Elven Archer. Focus
    on killing one enemy at a time, and once they've all fallen, that's the last of
    them, and that's the mission.
      Supplement Wizards
    	•Sweatwiz (By summoning Sweatwiz, you can use your Goblin to great
    		   advantage and take out two Human Farms before they barely
    		   have the chance to strike, thus cutting off more newly
    		   trained reinforcements from the Barracks, and giving you the
    		   time required to make a comeback.)
    	•Windwiz (Windwiz will eliminate most of the northwestern segment of
    		  enemies, along with slaughtering a Dragon and bringing down a
    		  Guard Tower, Farm, and Barracks, as well as rescuing the
    		  wizard for this mission.)
    	•Smithwiz (When making your large strike against the Main Hall later on
    		   in the game as well as the northeast outpost, your Warriors
    		   will have a lot of abuse to endure; thus, with Smithwiz out,
    		   the Warriors will last a lot longer on the battlefield.)
    	•Poisonwiz (You have not one but TWO Dragons to eliminate, a third one
    		    if you decide to kill the one in the northwest with Archers.
    		    Having Poisonwiz on hand will allow you to deal more damage
    		    per arrow from the Skeleton Archers, taking care of the
    		    Dragons much quicker and minimizing the total damage that
    		    is done to you.)
    Scrolls: "To speed up building and...", "This trail of footprints was...",
    	 "Scouts report a wizard is...",
    Other: 200 Gold Chest x1
    1bm. 		         A Z A R E L ' S   C A S T L E		   	   1BMAC
    	At last, our scouts have sighted the walls of Azarel's castle - the last
    refuge of Humanity. All that remains is to prepare for the final assault.
    	Victory is now within our grasp, but let us not underestimate the
    Humans. Their loyalty to Queen Azarel will ensure they resist until the bitter
    	•Wipe out the Humans
    	•Destroy the Human Main Hall
    	Start your last mission of the game off by sending two Goblins to cut
    down wood, and the other two to start mining, and summon Sweatwiz to give them a
    boost in speed. With the foundation for your to-be army laid, grab your four
    soldiers, and pitch a beeline west without going a centimeter south or north.
    When you see coastline, you're getting close, but keep your sabbath in a
    straight line. Eventually, you'll spot a Dragon's egg; go and hatch it, then
    send the Dragon back to the base.
    	With your Warriors and Skeleton Archer again, head north now, grabbing
    the 200 Gold Chest that you'll spot next to a tree, and continue on until you
    spot a wall to the north. Go a bit to the right now, and look for the center in
    between the two battlement arches. Send two of your Warriors through (your only
    opposition will be an Elven Archer on each side that can't even shoot you from
    this distance), and destroy the two Barracks that block your progress. Once
    you've broken through, rescue the Wizard for this mission.
    	After that's been done, go up the battlement, and head to the left side
    to kill the one Elven Archer. Go to the right side as well, but this time, DON'T
    go along the wall that leads right; ignore it for later, as you don't want to
    head into that area. Instead, had back to the wizard, regroup with your other
    Warrior and Skeleton Archer, then hatch the second Dragon. By this time, Humans
    will be attacking your base, so hurry back by going southeast from the second
    hatchery, as your lone Dragon won't be able to eliminate enemies that quickly.
    	Once you get back, take Poxwiz out of the Temple. Go left and stay to
    the left side of the Beast Farm you have, and go down and left. You should
    wander upon a Knight soon. Infect him with the pox, then run off; if he stays
    right where he is, then go back to the Temple, but if he follows you, circle him
    around the nearby lone tree so that when he sneezes, he infects his fellow
    soldiers in the proximity. After, put Poxwiz back in the Temple.
    	Now, wait for about a minute or so, then grab your Dragon and the three
    Warriors, and head down to the camp that Poxwiz just infected. Right away, you
    should notice a Guard Tower above the Human Farm, so take that out, then head
    left and down to take out a second Human Guard Tower. With the pesty defense out
    of the way, destroy the Farm, thus cutting off Human supplies, then head left
    and destroy the Human Barracks. Send a Warrior a bit more left to the forest
    borderlines, and grab a 200 Gold Chest for your troubles.
    	Summon Windwiz from the Temple once you've sent the Warrior-Dragon force
    back to the Lair, and go straight North from the Temple. Eventually, you'll spot
    a Guard Tower and a Knight next to a staircase. Back off a bit, go to the left,
    and approach the Guard Tower from the left side so you cannot distract the
    Knight's attention. Thrust a tornado straight at the Tower, and once it's down
    for the count, head back to the temple. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT attempt to try
    and destroy the Tower to the east. Why? Because the Tower will have blocked off
    a number of Knights and Elven Archers that tried to come from a Barracks through
    that path, and if you destroy it, they'll be able to break through, and the
    barrage of Barracks-men will restart.
    	Instead, grab the Goblins that are on Fuel duty right now, and train a
    third Goblin to join them. With their Sweatwiz-enhanced powers, march through
    the front entrance straight north of the Lair, and dodge the Knights until you
    get to a Farm. When you do, destroy it as quickly as you can, and then head
    straight west from here to another Farm. Destroy it as well, and that'll be ten
    men that the Human Army won't be able to supply; thus, you kill about eight
    enemies or so before they will be able to train any more new people.
    	With that in mind, summon Icewiz (or a similar wizard) from the temple,
    and head left of the Ice Lair, and straight north to where a Guard Tower
    formerly was. Give the Knight that was guarding it a case of Frostbite, then
    head upstairs and turn the two Elven Archers into snowmen. Head left, and then
    go up to another two Elven Archers. Take them out as well (don't be afraid to
    exchange wizards if you have to; key rule of Warlocked is to NEVER lose a wizard
    in battle), and in the process, you'll have gained some sight into the castle
    	Now, take Icewiz back to the Temple and summon Stealthwiz. By this time,
    the mine should've been exhausted, so take one of Goblins on that duty, and
    stealth him. Send the Goblin up the causeway that Icewiz has just cleared for
    you, and go around until you get to the last corner that Icewiz had iced out.
    Head a bit more to the left, then go down the staircase. Since you're stealthed,
    you're free to explore the castle grounds, so do so and you'll know where to
    strike once you've gathered up your forces. After you're done, go to the Farm at
    the east end of the castle grounds, and strike it from the east side so as to
    not attract any attention. Once the Farm is done, go and 'cide the Goblin on a
    	Now, with your remaining Goblin, build a third and fourth Farms, then
    build a Brawling Pit. With your available resources, build a great army of ten
    Warriors and eight Skeleton Archers. Bring out Smithwiz and Poisonwiz if you
    have them, and keep them in the right position. HOWEVER, before you start
    striking, take out Windwiz and go to the right of the Ice Lair, and then head
    North to eliminate a Knight with area-effect tornadoes, then destroy the Tower
    with a Direct tornado. Once you've done it, the Barracks-trained men who were
    blocked off by the tower will run to your Ice Lair, only to get bitch-smacked by
    your own army.
    	Now, head north, and eliminate the lone Knight that's in the middle of
    the entrance area. Once he's done, head west and kill two more Knights in the
    corner, while ignoring the Elven Archer fire on the battlements until you can
    get your Dragon to kill them after taking care of the Knights. With them cleared
    out, do a temporary regrouping, then head north and destroy the Tower; in the
    process, you'll encounter the attention of the Knights and the Dragon, so rush
    your Warriors forward. They'll automatically fight the Knights, so take the
    Skeleton Archers with your own Dragon and kill the opposing Dragon.
    	Once the bloodbath is drawing to a close, quickly grab three groups of
    your own men and assign them to destroying each Barracks, without drawing
    attention from the west. If you leave the Barracks alone too long, then new
    Knights will come out of the Barracks, so eliminate them quickly, while making
    sure that your own army does NOT fall into a mess. Before you begin to organize,
    take your Dragon east and kill the lone Knight on the battlement, for good
    	Now, grab your Skeleton Archers and Dragon and put them slightly behind
    the Warriors, and get the Warriors into one group. Once this has been
    accomplished, grab the Archer/Dragon group and throw it at the enemy Dragon
    guarding the Main Hall, and take your Warriors and fight the Knights. If you
    time it right, the two parties should reach their enemies at the same time. Once
    the last battle rings out, ignore the two Guard Towers; once you've eliminated
    all the remaining Knights, the Dragon, and destroyed the Main Hall with your
    remaining Beast forces, you'll have won the mission and the game due to
    fulfilling all objectives.
      Supplement Wizards
    	•Sweatwiz (Using Sweatwiz will not only allow you to harvest your
    		   resources much faster to prepare for the inevitable final
    		   clash with the Humans, you can also use him to send in some
    		   guerilla warfare Goblins that will destroy enemy buildings.)
    	•Poxwiz (Poxwiz will infect a single Knight in the camp southwest of
    		 your main Base, and, in doing so, the pox will spread
    		 throughout the entire outpost, allowing you to descend on the
    		 camp and eliminate it.)
    	•Windwiz (He'll aid you by destroying the Guard Tower on either side of
    		  the entrance to the Human fortress, albeit it being at
    		  somewhat different times for the two sides.)
    	•Stealthwiz (He'll give your Goblins the temporary stealth that they
    		     will require to sneak into the Human Base, separate the
    		     Fog of War away, and then take out a few vital Farms in
    		     the base so that the Humans can't throw new men at you.)
    	•Icewiz (Using Icewiz will allow you to clear out a path that leads to
    		 the Human Main Hall, and takes away possible Elven Archers that
    		 may have had the chance to attack your army while you invade
    		 the castle.)
    	•Poisonwiz (For your final breach against Azarel's forces, you'll face
    		    off against TWO Dragons; as such, you'll want the power of
    		    Poisonwiz to increase your offensive damage against the
    		    Dragons before they eliminate everyone who can damage them.)
    	•Smithwiz (The final strike against the Humans will involve a lot of
    		   your Warriors, so bringing out Smithwiz shall ensure that
    		   you get a lot more bang for your buck in finally taking out
    		   the Humans.)
    Scrolls: "Yuk! It's dragon's dung! If...", "If you already own an adult...",
    Other: 200 Gold Chest x2
    Congratulations! You've won the game! I hope using the information presented in
    this FAQ has given you helpful insight into how to play Warlocked with advanced
    strategies and using your Wizards, so if you want, you can go and play the
    campaigns on your own strategies.
    2a. 				C O N T R O L S 			   CTRLS
      The Main Menu
    	When coming up onto your screen, you will have five options available.
    	This will open up your regular campaign file. From here, you can choose
    to play the next scenario in line, load a saved game in the middle of the
    battlefield, replay a mission, or change sides.
    	Choosing this option will give you the mission briefing on the first
    undefeated available mission of the side you're fighting for. For example, if I
    had already defeated Harvest on the Human side, then the mission briefing would
    be for Army Training. You will also be given your mission objectives that you
    need to accomplish to win here. It would do you well to pay attention a bit
    here; if it's rescuing a wizard that is the only thing you need to do here, then
    there's no need to go for an all-out attack if you can save time and simply use
    a bit of stealth.
    	During any single-player mission, you can choose to press select and
    save your game on the menu there. When you load the game, every single thing
    remains intact; the same amount of seconds are on the clock, all your units are
    where they are supposed to be, and even your cursor is where it was when you
    originally saved the game.
    	Replay gives you the option to completely restart any one mission that
    has already been completed. This only applies if you've not reset your Campaign
    or Game Pak data; elsewise, you'll start back at square one and have to rebuild
    your way back up.
    	This is a really simple feature; if you're currently doing the Humans
    side, then this will take you over the Beasts side. However, it is
    relatively useless due to the fact that you can press left and right on your D-
    Pad to change sides instead.
    	Here, you are able to turn the music and sound effects on and off. You
    can also listen to the various music, sound effects, and digitized voices that
    are all available. Lastly, once you collect the scrolls required in their
    specific missions, you can play Poker and Slider, the former for money, the
    latter just for entertainment.
    	This part allows you to toggle the sound effects in the game on (musical
    note symbol) and off (X symbol). The Sound Effects include all the digitized
    voices, the clash of weapons, and most everything else.
    	This part allows you to toggle the background music in the game on
    (musical note symbol) and off (X symbol). The background music is the single
    track that constantly repeats over and over in the game.
    		SFX Test
    	This feature will allow you to access and listen to very single sound
    effect and musical tune that is recorded in the game for your use.
    	From cheats, you can either go into Arcade Mode, which has a Poker and a
    Slider mini-game, or you can access cheats that you activate in the Check Code
    menu in the Armies screen.
    	This game is pretty much a faithful rendition of the basic real thing.
    You start off by drawing 5 cards from a deck of 52 (13 cards from Ace through
    King, with four different faces), and you can hold 0 to all five of the cards.
    The cards that you don't hold are dealt back into the deck, and you pick up
    cards to bring back your hand to five again. You must pay 10$ from your coffer
    to play; any money you win back (10$ included) will be added to your funds for
    	The following awards are available;
    	(Pair) Jacks or Better: 20$
    	Two Pairs: 40$
    	Three of a Kind: 60$
    	Straight (5 numbers in a row, Ace only counts as high): 80$
    	Flush (All cards of the same suit): 100$
    	Full House (Three of one number, two of another): 150$
    	Four of a Kind: 300$
    	Straight Flush: 500$
    	Royal Flush (Straight Flush with 10 through Ace): 1000$
    	In Slider, you take a portrait of a random wizard or unit, cut it into
    sixteen squares of four by four, take the bottom right corner out, and mix up
    all the puzzle pieces. From there, you must try to rearrange the puzzle to it's
    original form sans bottom-right corner by pressing A on a tile next to an empty
    space to move it into said empty space. Once you get everything where it
    belongs, the bottom right corner will come back down to complete the puzzle.
    	This feature allows you to rest specific amounts of data from your
    cartridge, allowing you to restart from scratch. Look at the next three entries
    to see how much each option resets.
    			Set Name
    	Using this will merely reset the name that you inputted onto your game
    cartridge, and will allow you to re-enter another name.
    	You will no longer be able to access all the missions that you've beaten
    from the Replay Menu, your Load Game save will have been erased, and you'll
    start back at ground zero and mission one again. However, your wizard data,
    wizard placements on the missions, Armies Data, and miscellaneous stuff such as
    the tips and Poker/Slider will remain in place.
    			Game Pak
    	Resetting your Game Pak means everything. This means that you will reset
    all your Campaign and Armies Data, all your Cheats and all your Scroll Tips, and
    all your Wizards. HOWEVER, on the plus side, the wizard placements throughout
    all the missions will have been reset; thus, you can get new wizards that you
    could not get before, and old wizards will no longer be there.
    	If you and your friend have a copy of Warlocked, two GBC/GBA/GBM
    systems, and either a GBC cable, GB link cable with an extension to connect to a
    GBC, or a GBA link cable with an optional GBC-GBA switch, then you can connect
    your copies and fight against each other. The maps that are available must all
    be found in blue-and-white scrolls in the regular campaign, and are not of the
    regular campaign battlefields.
    	The other multiplayer battle, Armies does not involve the RTS playing
    system at all, but rather consists of a rock-paper-scissors system using troops
    that you have left at the end of scenarios.
    	In Extras, you can access tips from all the red and white scrolls you
    got throughout the regular campaign, access information on your Wizards, and
    trade Wizards through the Infra-red Communications Port.
    	The next little bit specifically details units. Here is how to use them
    in general.
    	GROUPING THEM UP; to click on a unit, put the cursor over them and press
    A. Of course, you will probably want to unite them in a team, so first off, put
    the cursor on ground where there is no unit or building. Next, press and hold
    the A button, and then scroll the cursor up and down, left and right. When it
    passes over units, it will automatically select them and bring them into the
    	The normal range that you can bring your cursor over is five by five, or
    twenty-five squares, and twenty-five units. However, remember that the cursor
    also has the ability to select either half a square. If you put your direction
    in right, you can group together a full five by five units, plus the full inside
    section of another layer of 11 units on the outside of the original 25.
    	To deselect your group, you can either press and hold the A button or
    simply press SELECT. To reselect you group, you can either press SELECT again or
    hold down SELECT and press A, or double-tap the A button on just one of the
    units in the group.
    	DIRECTING: This part is pretty simple. Once you have a unit or group of
    units selected, drag your cursor over to where you want your units to go, and
    then press either A or B. Of course, this isn't quite so easy as it may seem,
    because the units are programmed with poor A.I.; if you try to go through narrow
    paths, too often they'll try to go around the other way, walking into a dead
    end, looping around in an endless path without getting where you want them to
    go, or walking into the midst of an enemy camp. So exercise caution whenever you
    go, and possibly scout things out first.
    	ATTACKING; once you have a single unit or a group selected with your
    cursor, you first need to find an enemy unit, dragon, or building. Once located,
    put your cursor over the building, and the icon will change into that of a
    sword. Press A, and all your units will go and attack that building/unit. If you
    try to attack a dragon, it should be noted that only archers can attack it,
    along with a few dragons. Wizards also have a somewhat different form of
    attacking; for more information, check the Wizards section of Buildings &
    2a. 		   B U I L D I N G S   A N D   W A R F A R E		   BLDWF
    	These guys are your peons, your drones, your SUV's of Warlocked. They
    are produced by pressing A on your main base of operations, and cost 50 Gold to
    deploy. The various things that they can do are; mine gold from mines or
    underground gold mines, cut down trees or harvest mountains, build and repair
    structural damage, cut down spikes and activate spike traps, damage and destroy
    enemy buildings, and lastly, (though not effectively) harm and kill enemy units.
    Wizards that directly influence them are Sweatwiz, which makes the
    Grunts/Goblins work at a much faster pace.
    	These guys are likely to be your main offensive force by and throughout
    the game. They aren't lacking for health at all, and a half dozen of them can
    create an effective guerilla force in many missions. As a head-on force, they're
    devastating, and the only thing that could possibly be able to stop them short
    in their tracks once you gather enough units is a Dragon (which they cannot
    	They cost 100 Gold to train and deploy by pressing A on a
    Barracks/Brawling Pit, and if you have Smithwiz out on the field, their armor
    will take a lot more damage before they finally fall in battle.
    		Elven Archers/Skeleton Archers
    	Elven/Skeleton Archers are your support units for Knights and Warriors,
    with their long-range attacking and the ability to fire at Dragons, making them
    the only units in the games besides other Dragons and a few Wizard area attacks
    that can harm a Dragon. Although usually not too useful when going for a brute
    force attack, their arrows mean they don't need to take time circling around
    units and buildings to get right next to the enemy they're fighting, so they can
    shoot right from where they stand.
    	Elven and Skeleton Archers cost 50 Gold and 10 Fuel to train by pressing
    B on a Barracks/Brawling Pit, and if you have Poisonwiz out on the field, the
    amount of damage that their arrows can cause is increased considerably.
    	By far one of the most effective units in Warlocked, Dragons cannot be
    bought and trained. Instead, you need to find a Dragon egg that appears only in
    some levels, and move around it to cause it to hatch. Once the baby dragon
    hatches, you must guide it back to the Main Hall, where it will grow up into a
    	Dragons are useful for both guerilla attacks and open attacks. On the
    guerilla warfare side of things, dragons can fly over mountains and forests,
    hills and lakes, and can be attacked only by Towers, Archers, and other Dragons.
    This means that you could destroy housing quarters and Barracks/Brawling Pits,
    thus reducing the enemy's ability to fight, and slay Knights and Warriors along
    with Grunts or Goblins in multiplayer.
    	On the head-on side of things, dragons can take the same amount of
    damage as a large handful of Archers, and when sent out with an army of assorted
    other units, can cause large amounts of damage while never being attacked.
    	There is only one downside to having a Dragon - when you have a fully-
    grown Dragon out on the field, any additional Dragons that you bring to the Main
    Hall will not be battle-capable until the current Dragon dies in battle.
    	Wizards are in a class of their own, due to each of them having a
    different effect. What's important to note is that Wizards can be split up into
    four different effects; the first is direct attack OR area attack and harming of
    an opponent (ie. Stormwiz can press A to throw a thunderbolt at an opponent, or
    B to generate electricity around the general area), the second is a status
    effect to your opponent (ie. Goldwiz can turn an opponent into 50 Gold), the
    third is a status effect to your regular units (ie. Smithwiz can increase the
    defense of your Knights and Warriors just by being out on the field, and Queen
    Azarel along with Chief Zog speed up training rates by being on the field), and
    the last is a status effect to your own units that the Wizard must cast on (ie.
    Stealthwiz can make you invisible to the enemy until you attack an enemy unit or
    	Additionally, those Wizards who fall into the first category that DO
    have a general area effect (Stormwiz, Windwiz), can cast it and harm a dragon.
    However, they cannot attack it directly because dragons are immune to direct
    magic, and ground-based attacks cannot harm the dragon (Quakewiz). For more
    information on Wizards in general, you can check the Wizards section right below
    		Guard Towers
    	Guard Towers cost 100 Gold and 40 Fuel to create, and they have a
    relative shooting range of two squares (the width and length of a single unit)
    in any direction, including diagonally. They are also pretty damn tough to take
    out, proving to be resilient buildings, so forces of at least three Knights or
    Warriors at a time are recommended - and if you want to eliminate it faster,
    Archers are recommended as well, as too often the Towers are placed in
    inconvenient enough spots that a fourth Knight or Warrior will stumble around
    the place before getting into a position he is able to strike the Guard Tower
    	Setting you back a mere 20 Fuel and 100 Gold, Farms will be REQUIRED to
    create an army. You cannot exceed more than five units (including Wizards that
    are out on the field at the time, but they can be brought out after the limit is
    exceeded) per one Farm that you have on the field, so if you want to create a
    grand army, you need, NEED to set up Farms. Nevertheless, make sure that you
    don't set your own Farms up where the enemy can in multiplayer smash them to
    pieces - they have no self-defense properties and fall rather too easily.
    		Barracks/Brawling Pits
    	Also costing 100 Gold and 40 Fuel, the Barracks/Brawling Pit allows you
    to train Knights/Warriors and Elven/Skeleton Archers. To train a K/W, press A
    while over the B/BP and the soldier will train for a couple of seconds before
    emerging out of the building, costing you 100 Gold. Press B, and the same thing
    will happen for the S/E Archer, except that it will instead cost 50 Gold and 10
    2c. 		   		 W I Z A R D S		   		   WZRDS
    Aff: None
    Descr: An expert in high explosives, BOMBWIZ is a dangerous and highly volatile
           His magical power changes enemy units into flash-bombs which explode,
           damaging any nearby units or building.
           To cast his spell, target an enemy unit and tap the A button.
    Abi: Bombwiz will turn a foe or friend into a bomb, and when the bomb detonates,
         it will damage any building or unit in it's surroundings, whether it
         belongs to you or the other side.
    Aff: None
    Descr: Tired of unskilled workers and poor quality materials? Need a low-cost
           way to improve your defenses? This wizard could be the answer!
           His magic mortar will strengthen the foundations of your Guard Towers!
           Just summon him to double your Towers defensive strength!
    Abi: Bringing Brickwiz out onto the field will automatically toughen the
         durability of all your Guard Towers, allowing them to take more damage
         before they finally fall.
    Aff: Humans
    Descr: Deeply traumatized after being plucked and greased by a gang of hungry
           Goblins, this Wizard is now under the protection of Queen Azarel and has
           become an ally of the Humans, using his magical power to change enemy
           units into chickens.
           To cast his spell, target an enemy unit and tap the A button.
    Abi: Targeting an enemy will turn it into a chicken. While the enemy can still
         harm you, it will die in one hit. Also, hitting the chicken a second time
         with Firewiz will produce an effect from the roast chicken similar to
         Mysticwiz and Sage's attack.
    Aff: Beasts
    Descr: Fearless and cruel, he commands the Beast Forces in the war against the
           His presence on the battlefield fills the new recruits with bloodlust.
           Just summon him to speed up training of all new units.
    Abi: When Chief Zog is out on the field, any soldiers or Goblins that you train
         will complete their training much faster than usual, allowing you to build
         a capable force in a relatively short time.
    Aff: None
    Descr: This Wizard is adept in the arts of transformation and possession.
           His magical power changes any friendly unit into a crow, which he can
           possess and use as a winged spy!
           To cast his spell, target a unit and tap the A button.
    Abi: Crowwiz will turn one of your friendly units into a crow, which can then
         navigate around the map to eliminate the Fog of War. However, he isn't a
         very useful wizard, as the crow is not reversible, and a Stealthwiz +
         Sweatwiz + worker combination can do things a lot faster.
    Aff: Humans
    Descr: This master of Elven magic is from the Grey Forest of Dern and is a
           powerful ally of the Humans.
           His magical power changes any unit into a battle-ready Elven Archer.
           To cast his spell, target a unit and tap the A button.
    Abi: Elvenwiz, for lack of better words, will be one of your most useful wizards
         if you can get a hold of him. Having the ability to take a unit away from
         the enemy is already dangerous enough, but being able to turn them to your
         side is even mores useful, especially when they can harm the enemy allot
    Aff: None
    Descr: Ideal for barbecues, FIREWIZ can turn up the heat until your opponents
           His magic causes enemy units to burst into flames and vanish in a puff of
           To cast his spell, target an enemy unit and tap the A button.
    Abi: When you send Firewiz to attack an enemy, he will cause the enemy to turn
         into fire before eventually extinguishing away. Additionally, if you light
         up a pig (Pigwiz) or chicken (Chickenwiz), the roast pig/chicken will heal
         all friendly units within the vicinity.
    Aff: None
    Descr: As old as the Earth and as green as the hills, this Wizard is one with
           Mother Nature.
           His magic recycles any unit into environmentally kind energy packets,
           adding 10 FUEL to your resources.
           To cast his spell, target an enemy unit and tap the A button.
    Abi: By targeting ANY regular unit, friend or foe, Fuelwiz will turn them into
         a bag of Fuel for you, adding 10 to the count.
    Aff: None
    Descr: Greedy for riches, this Wizard has spent years learning the art of
           His magical power transmutes any unit into a sack of gold, adding $50 to
           your count.
           To cast his spell, target an enemy unit and tap the A button.
    Abi: Somewhat like Fuelwiz, Goldwiz will transform any regular soldier or worker
         into a bag of 50$. Goldwiz is also a lot more useful, for a very good
         reason; if your worker or Archer is low on health, you can turn them into
         Gold and retrain them for the same amount of Gold.
    Aff: None
    Descr: How cool am I? When the action gets too hot to handle, this Wizard will
           help you to chill out!
           His magical power changes enemy units into snowmen, who quickly melt into
           a puddle of slush.
           To cast his spell, target an enemy unit and tap the A button.
    Abi: Icewiz will basically turn the target into a snowman, rendering him unable
         to fight, and the snowman will soon itself melt.
    Aff: None
    Descr: Yuuuuuuuukkkk! Master of all that oozes, MUDWIZ is from the fetid bogs of
           His magical power changes enemy units into mudmen, who quickly sink into
           a pool of slime.
           To cast his spell, target an enemy unit and tap the A button.
    Abi: Mudwiz will turn the enemy into a mudman not unlike Icewiz's snowman. The
         mudman will remain there for a moment, unable to move or fight, and then it
         will sink into the mud.
    Aff: Beasts
    Descr: A master of herbal remedies, he is a wise and powerful ally of the
           His magical power changes Human units into life-hearts, which restore the
           health of nearby Beast units.
           To cast his spell, target an enemy unit and tap the A button.
    Abi: Targeting an enemy will cause them to turn into a heart, and recovers both
         Beast-allied soldiers AND Wizards AND DRAGONS to boot. Powerful when you
         have it.
    Aff: Beasts
    Descr: This deathly mage inhabits the realm of lost souls and summons his
           servants to aid the Beast forces.
           His magical power changes any unit into a battle-ready Skeleton Archer.
           To cast his spell, target a unit and tap the A button.
    Abi: Necromancer, for lack of words, will be one of your most useful wizards
         if you can get a hold of him. Having the ability to take a unit away from
         the enemy is already dangerous enough, but being able to turn them to your
         side is even mores useful, especially when they can harm the enemy allot
    Aff: Beasts
    Descr: This sow's offspring escaped being spit-roasted on Azarel's feast day and
           is now an ally of the Beasts, who prefer the taste of rotten man-flesh to
           burnt pork.
           His magical power changes Human units into squealing pigs.
           To cast his spell, target an enemy unit and tap the A button.
    Abi: Targeting an enemy will turn it into a piglet. While the enemy can still
         harm you, it will die in one hit. Also, hitting the piglet a second time
         with Firewiz will produce an effect from the roast piglet similar to
         Mysticwiz and Sage's attack.
    Aff: None
    Descr: Once the apprentice of TOXICWIZ, this young and studious Wizard has
           applied his talents to the research of deadly poisons!
           His magic venom will add a lethal sting to the tips of your arrows!
           Just summon him to double your Archers' attack power against enemy units!
    Abi: By summoning Poisonwiz out onto the field, the offensive power of all your
         archers is multiplied by two, which can be pretty useful, especially when
         facing against enemy Dragons.
    Aff: None
    Descr: Aaaaaaaachooo! This Wizard is not to be sneezed at!
           His contagious magic infects both friendly and enemy units with fatal
           Blobby Pox!
           Victims swell up and pop, spreading the pox to nearby units!
           To cast his spell, target an enemy unit and tap the A button.
    Abi: Poxwiz is in a special class of Wizards, as when you infect a unit, the
         unit is still living and can still move around and fight. However, when
         the unit sneezes shortly afterwards, he dies from the Pox, and everyone
         who is within a good enough distance of him will be infected in turn with
         the Pox, thus causing a chain reaction; good for eliminating close-knit
         groups of enemy with one blow.
    Aff: None
    Descr: This might Wizard flattens buildings with a shout and makes the earth
           tremble at the tap of his foot.
           His magic shakes the foundations of buildings, causing them to collapse.
           He also causes moderate damage to units.
           Tap the A Button to cast his spell on an enemy unit or building. Tap the
           B Button to attack an area of ground.
    Abi: Quakewiz is a pretty useful wizard, as he causes a good amount of damage,
         along with being one of the, if not the only Wizard who can cause damage to
         buildings with his B attack. However, his attacks only hit the GROUND,
         meaning that they cannot attack a Dragon.
    Aff: Humans
    Descr: Brave and beautiful, she commands the Human forces in the war against the
           Her presence on the battlefield gives encouragement to the new recruits.
           Just summon her to speed up training for all new units.
    Aff: When Queen Azarel is out on the field, any soldiers or Goblins that you
         train will complete their training much faster than usual, allowing you to
         build a capable force in a relatively short time.
    Aff: Humans
    Descr: Learned in the art of healing, she is a powerful and benevolent ally of
           the Humans.
           Her magical power changes Beast units into life-hearts, which restore the
           health of nearby Human units.
           To cast his spell, target an enemy unit and tap the A button.
    Abi: Targeting an enemy will cause them to turn into a heart, and recovers both
         Human-allied soldiers AND Wizards AND DRAGONS to boot. Powerful when you
         have it.
    Aff: None
    Descr: Unlike his brother Quakewiz, Smithwiz is a gentle Giant, preferring
           to work in his forge rather than demolish buildings.
           His magic toughens armor and will make Knights or Warriors more resistant
           to damage.
           Just summon him to increase your defence against opponents!
    Abi: Smithwiz is damned useful. Most of your attacking will be done not with
         Archers, but with Warriors and Knights, and against enemies later on, you
         will need a lot of them, so getting some bang for your buck with much more
         resilient armor is really helpful.
    Aff: None
    Descr: Zzzzzzzzzzzz...Do not disturb!
           This wizard likes nothing better than snoozing all day.
           His magic sends enemy units into a deep slumber, leaving them open to
           To cast his spell, target an enemy unit and tap the A button.
    Abi: When you attack an enemy, Sleepwiz will put the unit to sleep. The unit
         will not wake up when he is being attacked, but only wakes up after the
         elapsed amount of time that is required.
    Aff: None
    Descr: Rarely seen, this deceptive wizard can help your units evade detection!
           His magic cloak confers you invisibility upon your units, which lasts
           until they engage the enemy in combat.
           To cast his spell, target a unit and tap the A button.
    Abi: When you bring Stealthwiz out, cast his spell on one of your units. The
         unit will be dressed up in a black cloak, and will stay this way UNTIL you
         either fight an enemy or try to damage an enemy building. Unfortunately,
         however, while cloaked, you cannot distinguish between a worker, offensive
         unit, or Archer.
    Aff: None
    Descr: A master of the elemental forces, this Wizard is proof that lightning can
           strike the same place twice!
           His magic invokes an electrical storm which kills ground units instantly.
           Tap the A Button to cast his spell on an enemy unit or building. Tap the
           B Button to attack an area of ground.
    Abi: While Stormwiz is a good direct attacker, his B indirect isn't quite as
         good; however, the force his lightning dishes can still take out enemies
         in two or three shots, and a dragon only a few more.
    Aff: None
    Descr: Workers taking it too easy? Resources too far away? Send for SWEATWIZ to
           whip lazy minions into a frenzy of activity!
           His magic power makes worker units super fit, speeding up transport of
           FUEL and GOLD.
           Just summon him to give your workers an advantage.
    Abi: Sweatwiz is a VERY, VERY, VERY useful Wizard for the missions where you
         want to have a quick first strike, or else when the enemies are coming at
         you with no stop in sight. Then, you can gather a huge army fast (in
         combination with Queen Azarel/Chief Zog), thus putting a stop to your
    Aff: None
    Descr: An adept at telekinesis, this Wizard can move objects solely by the
           power of mind!
           His magical power teleports any unit to a random area - useful for
           opening unexplored territory and confusing enemy units.
           To cast his spell, target a unit and tap the A Button.
    Abi: To be honest, Telewiz is actually pretty much worthless. A Sweatwiz +
         Stealthwiz + Worker combination can do the same thing as Telewiz can do
         (transporting a unit to a random location), plus it does it a lot faster
         and makes sure the worker is returned safe and sound. You COULD use Telewiz
         to teleport away enemy units that come to attack your Hall or Lair, but
         Icewiz/Firewiz/etc., or better yet, Goldwiz/Fuelwiz service as a much
         better and more permanent solution. The only real good use for Telewiz
         is getting rid of units that are guarding a certain area temporarily,
         without giving the enemy the option to suddenly train more units from
         their Barracks or Brawling Pit.
    Aff: None
    Descr: Anyone smell gas? This maker of noxious fumes will bring tears to the
           eyes of your enemies!
           His toxic gas cloud kills any nearby units while it lingers in the air.
           Tap the A button to cast his spell on an enemy unit. Tap the B Button to
           attack an area of ground.
    Abi: Toxicwiz is an enigma. He can't attack buildings at all, but he is pretty
         good at killing enemies with his toxic gas, even with an indirect attack.
         Recommendation for areas with enemy-concentrated camps, but not for places
         with Guard Towers.
    Aff: None
    Descr: This native of the windswept plains can invoke a tornado to blow your
           enemies into oblivion!
           His magic power summons a whirlwind which wipes out nearby units and
           damages buildings.
           Tap the A Button to cast his spell on an enemy unit or building. Tap the
           B Button to attack an area of ground.
    Abi: Windwiz has a pretty good decent direct attack, being able to destroy a
         Guard Tower in one attack, but his B indirect is somewhat meh, taking two
         to kill Archers and three to kill Warriors and Knights. However, he CAN
         slay a Dragon, so he is still quite useful.
    3. 			     G E N E R A L  T I P S			   1AAHV
    	These tips are not necessarily always meant to reflect just campaign
    missions, but may also be used to help fight in multiplayer maps. Use at your
    discretion; while the tips below can help, player style should be molded around
    you, the player, and your personality.
    	•Destroy as many enemy farms from the get-go. In doing so, your
    	 opponents will have lost their unit leeway, meaning that they cannot
    	 train another unit until they send part of their army to fight you. In
    	 doing so, you may also manage to cut off their worker supply line, and
    	 for each farm you destroy, you can slowly advance, slaying a few
    	 foes with the assault.
    	•A general balance must be kept between close-combat units and their
    	 archer counterparts. Around a 2:1 mix of CCU-Archer is recommended,
    	 and throwing in something that can aid in your defense (such as a
    	 Dragon or a worker that builds towers).
    	•Scouts are useful. If you can, scout as much as you can at the
    	 beginning of the mission, even if it costs you a few men. Because of
    	 the lack of a Fog of War that regenerates when you leave out of sight,
    	 if you can explore the whole map quickly at the start of the mission,
    	 you'll have the advantage.
    	•Your task forces should always reflect the mission that they are set
    	 out to accomplish. For example, if you're trying to bring down a
    	 Dragon, then don't bring along any close-combat units or useless
    	 wizards; instead, bring a multitude of Archers and wizards capable of
    	 casting area-effect spells.
    	•On missions where you have plenty of fuel, set up a Tower next to enemy
    	 camps that are not heavily guarded by actual units. Be sure to keep a
    	 worker on standby to repair the tower if it comes under enemy fire,
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          tttt  ;;,     ::DD########################WWii
          ;; ,;;;;   .;;;;WW############EE##########WW..
            ;i;;    ii;;jj############ff..GG##########;;
            ..  ;;ii....LL##########GG..  ;;KK########;;
                ii..    KK########DD..      iiWW######ii
                      ii########KK,,          jj######LL
                      LL######WW;;              LL######;;
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