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Reviewed: 02/25/02 | Updated: 02/25/02

This action-rpg is a GREAT game.

My goodness, this is one of the best action-rpg games... if not the best action-rpg game I have ever played. Because due to the control pad how easy it is to handle the person you are controlling, moving him around, and attacking enemies like the action-rpg type of game does, this is by far one of the best aciton rpg games I ever played... perhaps the best on the Gameboy Color. Why? I will tell you why.

Crystalis is a remake of the older game ''Crystalis'', that was released in 1991 on the original Nintendo system. When the NES Crystalis came out, that was probably, other than Final Fantasy I, the best RPG on the NES.

The graphics on the Gameboy color game were astonishing, the smoothe cool type music in maps and fields, when you would fight evil monsters it would make interesting sounds that really sounded like you slashing into a monster with a sword. Also, your magic spells were a big help in this game, and I really believe all these things together put into one action-rpg game really makes... a GREAT game.

You play a young man, who has been frozen solid in a modernized type of cave where you have been awakened for one purpose... to defeat an evil warlock, who has been terrozing the land with his minions and his magic. This warlcok is by far the strongest wizard of all wizards... as the game storyline says, there are some wizards who put their magic work into black magic... and this wizard is one of them. A small group of four people, each with an elemental sword, challenged the warlock, but easily lost. However, each sword was lost, and it is up to you to find them.

A new discovery has been made about these swords... despite each sword's incredible power, the only way you can defeat this evil wizard is by placing each four swords together in the hands of a true warrior of good and right who also has magical power, and it will form the great Gaia Sword, and then, this man, must fight the evil wizard... this is the only way the wizard can be stopped, and that is what YOU must do in this game!

Graphics: 97%
Words: Incredible graphics. In Crystalis, all the animation, drawings, and also the maps and caves were all done incredibly well. A big update for the remake of the NES version of Crystalis!

Sound: 95%
Words: Good sound, very, very nice sound and music tunes. It is not as repetitive as several other Gameboy rpg games have been.

Replay: 50%
Words: After you beat this game, you will probably want a big break, but you will later want to play again. It is that good of a game.

Gameplay: 100%
Words: PERFECT gameplay rating. Nothing was wrong with the GAMEPLAY itself. A splendid job by the gameplay makers of this game!

Story: 82%
Words: Interesting story line, VERY interesting.

Characters: 62%
Words: Perhaps the game has one SLIGHT problem here. Not alot of characters, and with this game, there should have been more characters, and since this was an ACTION Rpg, there could be no more people on your force. Yet, the characters were pretty good, but not real great.

Final Words: Without a doubt, worth having. This is one of the best action-rpg games that was ever created on Gameboy Color!

Rating: 9

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