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Reviewed: 06/28/01 | Updated: 06/28/01

Why gamers should never buy games from NST Corperation.

When this game came out, I rushed to buy it the day it was released. This game, originally made by SNK for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), was one of my all time favorites. The thought of a faithful recreation of it on the GBC was music to my ears. But then I turned the game on.

Crystalis is an Action/RPG similar in gameplay to The Legend of Zelda.

The original Crystalis storyline happened in 1997, on October 1st. It was referred to as the END DAY. A war engulfed the world, and civilization was destroyed. Creatures were mutated, and life was forever changed. The survivors vowed never to repeat the mistakes that were made and created a tower in the sky, that would oppose evil forever, but a dragon named Dragonia took over and thus you (the hero) are awakened to retrieve the four swords of the elements and unite them to form the sword Crystalis and defeat Dragonia.

In the GBC remake of Crystalis (which was made after 1997), a similar war with an unknown date destroys all but a few people, who discover they have become magicians, and that they can recreate the world. They do so and magic now reigns supreme over the shunned technology. Dragonia (now a magician) proceeds to use his magic for evil, and combine it with technology to rule the world. He creates a tower in the sky to be his fortress, and so four magicians decide to create four swords out of the basic elements, which can be combined to form the sword of Crystalis. Before they are done though, Dragonia captures the swords and spreads them throughout the land. You then find out about 2 warrior-magicians who are destined to save the world. You are one of them.

Story: 4. The storyline is perhaps the best part of this game, which unfortunately was this remake's downfall. The story that is supposed to keep you playing this game actually stops you from playing. You are told WORD FOR WORD where to go and what to do, and there is no plot for you to think about. you just wander to the next location, and get told where to go again.

Sound: 1. This was the first problem I noticed with this game. Gone are the perfect fitting tunes that all the Crystalis fans love, and they are replaced by one or two note themes that are repetitive and make you want to mute your GBC by throwing it through a window. Also, you can't improve the sound by adding 2 or 3 little vocal cues that don't fit with the rest of the game.

Graphics: 5. I take back the opinion about the storyline being the best. The graphics are slightly better. The sprites and backgrounds are not changed from the NES version, which is probably the only thing NST didn't change. The problem is that the game doesn't scroll correctly and it feels like you are walking underwater at times. This kills the atmosphere and makes playing an eye-straining experience.

Controls: 3. The new menus for items and spells were too complex and took forever to figure out where everything was and what it did. The battles became tedious between the graphic scrolling problem made hitting enemies more difficult, and the unresponsive controls while moving made sure you went about 1/8 of a screen farther than you wanted to, often times making sure you ran yourself right into the enemies.

Challenge: 2. If it wasn't for the added challenge added by the bad scrolling problems and horrible controls, this category would be a 1. NST took out all the challenge of figuring out the cryptic clues that were given to you, and made all the hidden treasure chests completely visible, taking all the challenge out of finding items. On top of that, the enemies which used to be difficult because you needed a certain sword to hurt them, can now be killed with any weapon. Only the final area of the game contains even a remote amount of challenge.

Fun Factor: 1. I just could not have any fun while playing this game. As I think back on playing this game, my mind is blank as to any times when I was having fun. I had to force myself to beat the game, which only happens with a truly horrible game.

Replay value: 1. If you can get through this game once, you won't play it again. I don't think many people will play it long enough to beat it once though.

Buy?: If you have never played Crystalis for the NES, rent this game (if you can rent Gameboy games) and see how you like it. If you do, buy it and enjoy, otherwise, go get yourself a copy of Crystalis for the NES.

Overall Score: 2. This game is one of the many titles that should never see the light of day. I regret spending $30 on it, and I'll stick with my NES Cartridge.

Rating: 2

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