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Reviewed: 07/10/00 | Updated: 07/10/00

If it aint broke, don't fix it

Ah Crystalis, one of my all time favorite NES games has been ported to the Game Boy Color! Needless to say I bought the game despite the stupid box art, and was ready to relive the classic yet again. What I got was quite different...

The main story of the game is that after a war, the world as we know it was destroyed, and people thought it would be the end for the earth. Eventually people rediscovered Magic and began to create towns and rebuild the planet. However, the evil Dragonia decided to mix both Magic and Technology to make him the most powerful force ever, and started his own empire. In order to stop him 4 wizards created 4 swords based on the elements of Wind, Fire, Water, and Lightning. When these 4 swords were merged they became the ultimate weapon, Crystalis. Dragonia soon discovered of this plan and scattered the swords all over the world, never to be found. However, a prophecy told of 2 warrior-mages that would awaken when the world was in trouble and set things right.

All of this is shown in the new opening, it is done well enough but I kind of liked the original (though they did have to remove that part that had the war happening in 1996). In fact, almost everything about this game has changed from the NES version, which is a real shame. The music is different (not as good), most of the dialouge is different, the whole story has been modified (for example, in the original the Tower in the sky was built by humans after the war to make sure it dosen't occur again, while in this version the Tower was built by Dragonia for his main fortress). Some areas have changed as well. Most of the dialouge itself have been sugar-coated and most discussions about greed, death, or treachry have been changed one way or another. People are also a lot less rude in this game than in the original, which kind of hurts the mood. I could probably fill up this whole review with things that have been changed (like how the villan is supposed to be Dragon, who rules the Dragonian empire), but you probably get the idea.

Gameplay is the same as the original, thank goodness. Crystalis is a Zelda-style adventure where you fight the monsters in real time to collect expierence and gold. The gold can be exchanged for goods, armor, and staying at inns. Something that is actually improved is that when you buy armor, it tells you how much defense you gain before you buy it. By completing tasks, you gain better weapons, items, and spells. You can also charge up your sword up to 3 levels, making it shoot a force that differs for each sword.

Graphics look pretty much the same, which is great. The scrolling is done quite well, and the areas actually have greater detail than in the NES version. This is probably the only thing improved from it. Though some monsters don't seem as frightening because of the smaller screen.

The new music really sounds bad. I don't understand why they changed it all, as the orignal score really put you in the mood of things. The intro music sounds good enough however, but not nearly as great as the original. The sound effects have also changed, I miss the old sound when you talk to someone or when you are charging up. There is also voices in this game, but they are unnecessary and don't add much.

The game will probably take a good amount of time to complete, with all the puzzles and side quests. After beating it I suppose there is no real reason to do it again, but it is an enjoyable adventure.

If you have never played the original NES Crystalis you will probably enjoy this since you won't know any better. Though the NES version is better. Still, it's worth picking up for the adventure and action, especially if you can find it cheap enough.

Rating: 7

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