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FAQ by Menji

Version: Final | Updated: 07/24/08

Menji Presents
Triple Play 2001
Game Boy Color

                              Nick Bryant (Menji76)
                                 July 24, 2008
                                 Version Final 

Triple Play 2001
Gameboy Color
EA Sports
ESRB - E - Everyone

                                Getting Started

Make sure power is OFF on your GBC. Never insert or a remove a game when the
power is on. Insert Triple Play 2001 into the slot, press firmly to lock game
in place. Turn the power ON, the credits should start appearing (if not turn
off power and try again. When the title screen appears, press START to proceed
to the Main Menu. From, here you can choose whatever you would like to do.


1.                              Menu Selections

                              Command            Action
                     |Highlight option        |UP/DOWN   |
                     |Change option           |LEFT/RIGHT|
                     |Select option           |A Button  |
                     |Return to previous menu |B Button  |

2.                                 Pitching

                         Command                  Action
                |Move Pitcher            |LEFT/RIGHT            |
                |Start Pitch             |A Button              |
                |Change-up               |UP                    |
                |Fast Ball               |DOWN                  |
                |Curve Ball              |LEFT/RIGHT            |
                |Throw to 1st Base       |B Button              |
                |Throw to desired base   |Control Pad + B Button|

3.                                 Batting

                          Command                 Action
                 |Move Batter             |Control Pad         |
                 |Swing Bat               |A Button            |
                 |Grounder                |DOWN + A Button     |
                 |Fly Ball                |UP + A Button       |
                 |Bunt                    |Tap A Button        |
                 |Steal Base              |Control Pad + Button|

4.                                 Fielding

                         Command                    Action
             |Move Player                  |Control Pad           |
             |Select Player Closest to ball|B Button              |
             |Dive/Jump for ball           |A Button              |
             |Throw to 1st base            |A Button (with ball)  |
             |Throw to specific base       |Control Pad + A Button|
             |Run to 1st base              |B Button              |
             |Run to specific base         |Contorl Pad + Button  |

5.                                Base Running

                        Command                     Action
             |Control Base Runners         |B Button              |
             |Run to specific base         |Control Pad + A Button|
             |Return to previous base      |Control Pad + A Button|

Remember, to advance a player to the next base, press the A Button one and the
direction that corresponds to whatever base he is on, NOT the base he is going


Here are all of the teams in the game. I sort them by their real-life division
and from top to bottom I rank them based on how well they perform in the game.

American League

New York Yankees
Boston Red Sox
Baltimore Orioles
Toronto Blue Jays
Tampa Bay

Cleveland Indians
Chicago White Sox
Minnesota Twins
Detroit Tigers
Kansas City Royals

Seattle Mariners
Texas Rangers
Anahiem Angels
Texas Rangers

National League

Atlanta Braves
New York Mets
Philadelphia Phillies
Florida Marlins
Montreal Expos

Chicago Cubs
Houston Astros
St. Louis Cardinals
Cincinnati Reds
Pittsburgh Pirates
Milwaukee Brewers

San Francisco Giants
Arizona Diamondbacks
Los Angeles Dodgers
San Diego Padres
Colorado Rockies

                                    Main Menu

Single Game
  Play a normal game, while controlling every aspect of how you want to play
  and who to play as.

Home Run Derby
  Choose a slugger and see how far you can go in a Home Run Derby.

Game Options
  Edit the options before going out to play.
   -Field Asst
    When ON, your nearest player will automatically go to the ball.
   -Radar Gun
    When ON, the speed of each pitch is displayed on the screen
   -Cut Scene Movies
    When ON, animations come up for Home Runs, Grand Slams, and throw outs.
    Toggle the in-game sound effects ON/OFF
    Toggle the music ON/OFF

  Look at all the entire roster for each team along with previous stats and a
  look at their ballpark. Press LEFT/RIGHT to select a team, press UP/DOWN to
  choose either player stats or view stadium. Press A to continue.
   -Player Statistics-
    View statistics and information for each player on any team including his
    Jersey Number, Player Position, and Batting Average/Earned Run Average.
   -View Stadium-
    View all the stadiums for a look and some info on location and name.

  View all the makers of Triple Play 2001.

                                Playing a Game

Team Select
  Using the control pad, use UP/DOWN to find the team you want to play as and
  then press the A Button. Next you're going to have to select the team you
want to play against, so do the same thing.

  Highlight whichever difficulty setting you want to play on and press the A
  Button to go to the next screen to choose the number of innings.
    Allows beginners a lot more control and learning room. It's easy to hit,
    field, and steal bases. Plus much more control on the field and pitching.
    I recommend this mode for players that are familiar with the controls.
    Very difficult to play, exact timing when batting. Fielding stats come
    into play here. Plus your opponents will get to the ball at an insane
    Toggle the number of innings you want to play; 1/3/5/7/9 innings.

  Choose how you want to play, either you vs. the CPU or the CPU vs. CPU. The
  later being to witness how they play.

  Based on who you chose to be and play against will be the default stadiums.
  You can choose to play as the home team or away team.
    Play a game in your team's stadium. You will bat second and last.
    Play a game on the road in the opponent's stadium. You will bat first.
    Play the selected game in a stadium of you choice and you can choose away
    or home.

  You can make any final changes before taking the mound or batting in the
  first inning.
   -Play Ball
    Head straight to the game and commence play.
   -Game Options
    Customize the options. (See at the top of FAQ)
    Edit the line-up and add/remove players from the line-up.
   -Line Up
     To change the line-up, press UP/DOWN to highlight a player and then use
     RIGHT/LEFT to move the replacement player on the bottom. Once you found
     the player you want to switch, press the A Button.
     To change the pitcher, press LEFT/RIGHT to find your replacement pitcher
     and press the A Button to switch. There's a nasty glitch that doesn't let
     you go back once you get to a certain point so you have to rotate through
     This allows you to return the line-up and pitcher to their default,
     highlight RESET and press the A Button.
    View individual player statistics for each selected team.

Pausing the Game
  Press START during the game to bring up the pause menu.
   -Change Pitcher/Pinch Hitter
    Replace your current pitcher or hitter from a player on the bench.
    Remember that you can't bring them back.
    View the score of the game.
   -Game Options
    Customize the options. (See the top of the FAQ)
    View your teams roster.
   -Exit Game
    End the current game and return to the Main Menu.

                                 Home Run Derby

The Home Run Derby is a traditional event during the All-Star Game, it gives
the fans a chance to see the top sluggers hit as many home runs as they can.
Simply move LEFT/RIGHT to choose a team, and then press the A Button to
continue to the players. Use UP/DOWN to find a player and then press the A
Button. Round 1 starts now and you'll be against a CPU opponent.

  The player with the most home runs at the end of the 10 outs is declared the
  winner. If you manage to win, you'll go to round 2 and continue until you
  win or are eliminated.
   -Each player is given 10 pitches to try and hit a home run.
   -UNLESS you hit a home run, each pitch is considered and out. This includes
    fouls and strikes.
   -When all 10 pitches are completed, your opponent will come up and try.
   -If there is a tie, each player is given five pitches to hit as many homers
    as they can. These will continue until someone wins.


After all the years I have played this game. I have come to the conclusion
that there are no cheats, easter eggs, unlockables, secrets, or glitchy
glitches. There is one thing that is pretty cheap though. Being as no one else
plays this game, I will simply call it "Cheating the Game". And it's all based
on how the CPU plays.

First, notice that if you steal or try to go for an extra base they will
always throw it ahead. They will never, I repeat, never will try to get you
into a pickle or any thing like that. Even if you are on first, hit a fly ball
and run all the way home, they will throw it home and run back after you
instead of easily throwing it to first.

Now how do you take advantage of this? Well notice the most important things,
one, they won't get you into a pickle, two, they always chase you down and
three, the most important, they don't have another player switch over to guard
the bag.

So here's what you do, say you have a man on first and you just hit a single
to get someone on second and first. Now instead of waiting for your next
batter to get up here's what you'll do.

1) Have the player on first advance to second and then return to first.
2) This'll cause them to chase you down, so the guy from second can take off.
3) They'll throw to third and wait for you. Get this runner almost three
quarters and then return the guy to second.
4) They'll run after you and you want this guy running at you to get pretty
far off his bag, this is where you need to advance the guy from first to
5) Because of this, they'll throw it back to second, where you need to now
instantly turn around and head to third. Since no one is on third, both the
guy who should be on third will run back as will the guy with the ball.
6) Hopefully you're in-between but closer to the guy who should be on the
base. Since no one is on the base, you should be able to get there before the
guy has a chance to stop and throw it to third when the other guy gets back.
7) This can be used on any bases as long as you have two runners. It can also
be used to move a guy from first to second with a guy on third running back
and forth to home and third while the other guy runs to second.

Hopefully this huge tip can work out for you as its helped me numerous times.


  When batting, I always just hold up. I don't care if they aren't a power
  hitter. There are a lot of secret power hitters in this game that can launch
  it when you wouldn't even guess it. (Henry Rodriguez and Bernie Williams)

  Never throw fastballs, they have the highest chance of getting clobbered.
  Instead, throw a change up and move it with the arrows, they rarely get good
  hits off those.

  Grounders to third will NEVER get to first in time. So plan accordingly.

Home Runs
  Some home runs will go through the wall, so make sure you're in the right
  posistion to catch them. And you CAN jump and steal a home run if timed 
  right, I have!

Home Run Derby
  This mode actually takes into account the players power skill. So if you've
  been chalking up homers with some unknown player in a regular game, they
  won't be able to do that here. You need a power hitter.

Using higher difficulty
  I highly recommend against this, the CPU can still be a challenge on Rookie
  setting. As I said, they mainly just get to the ball at insane speeds making
  it near impossible to get on base.

                              Changes from the MLB

Bunting on 2 strikes
  Sadly, they were not able to implement this. Why? I have no clue, but when
  you bunt with two strikes and it goes foul. It should be an out, but it is

                                   Can you...?

Get a triple play?
  The million dollar question. The game is called triple play so it must
  mean something. I myself have never done it but I have come awfully close. 
  The only way I see it happening is if they have someone on first and second.
  They then pop it up right to your second baseman who is over second base. 
  You catch that, get the force and quickly throw it to first. I assume some
  animation will occur.

Keep track of stats?
  Sadly no, I wish you could, and it probably could have if they would have
  filled up the cartride, look at how much is empty!

Hit it out of the park?
  Nope, it can go off the screen though.

Do career mode?
  Nope, a lot of stuff is missing huh?

Can you get hit by the ball?
  Yes, you need to be in the bunting stance (tap A) and then get as close to
  the top right corner. It's not always an absolute but you can do it.

What are the best teams to play with?
   Chicago Cubs, New York Yankees, and the Atlanta Braves.


I remember the day I found and purchased this game. It was fun, but poorly
made. If you are one who still has this game. Send me a message, I'd love to
talk with someone and find out how they played. Do it.

               If you found this guide, it should have been through.

                                  talk to me.


Copyright 2006-2011 Nick Bryant 
This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

    Cause it's one, two, three strikes you're out of the whole ball game!

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