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Good, but nothing compared to Yu-Gi-Oh! 05/21/03 A B C
Pokemon haters have a new game to fear! 11/29/00 Agent_X
Another fun and addicting Pokemon game. 07/25/00 AzN SqUaLL
*gasp* And underated Pokemon game!? Impossible! 10/17/00 Dave 008 Bond
What! Another heads! Great! Now I'm paralyzed. Oh well, I'll heal. Now to paralyze him! What! Tails! ARG! 08/21/00 Duke Nukem
Weren't card games portable to begin with? 09/17/01 EnigmaTPS
Could Be Better... 11/29/02 GoldFire83
A game boy version of a really good TCG! 04/23/02 GTM
The only decent Pokemon title! 07/18/00 Haunter12O
Play the hit TCG on Gameboy Color! 06/30/02 HM64Schezo
You got to have this! 05/28/00 Ian
This game rocks! 04/15/00 JareHoff
Yeah, it's another good (gasp) Pokemon game 10/11/02 jerbils
Wow... Everything You'd Want! 11/01/99 Jipster
[Insert card pun here] 10/20/01 Lagunathemoron
I'm surprised that it came off this well! 07/16/01 Larcen Tyler
Good Game, GREAT way to learn the CCG 04/14/00 LBlight
A good game, but too short and vague. 07/15/04 Master Cube 10
I can use my cards here! 04/10/05 Mykas0
Good But Not Best 10/07/02 olinks
The real card game is better 07/02/00 Overmind
Pokemon card game on Game Boy Color? Cool! 02/26/02 redmanegg
A fantastic underated card game 08/03/09 rombus_legend
An unfair game that holds good challenge, if you can call it that. 12/24/05 shiningstone
Gotta catch...er...find all the cards? 08/12/09 Tenshi No Shi
Pokemon TCG goes portable, but isn't for everyone... 05/21/02 TheEternalVenomX
The only Pokemon game I actually hate! 07/15/03 X Slayer007 X

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