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FAQ by Secretdestroyer

Version: 2.2 | Updated: 04/25/2000

**********Pokemon: Trading Card Game**********
************FAQ by Secretdestroyer************
Version 2.2

<1>   Revision
<2>   Card Lists
<3>   Walkthrough
          a. Grass Club
          b. Fire Club
          c. Water Club
          d. Lightning Club
          e. Rock Club
          f.  Science Club
          g. Fighting Club
          h. Psychic Club
<4>   Pokemon Status
<5>   Tip Section
<6>   Challenge Cup
<7>   Final Four
<8>   Cheats/hints/secrets
<9>   Mail you get
<10> Decks
<11> Legal Stuff
<12> Contacting Me
<13> Thank yous

1. <Revision>

April 15th - Started FAQ, very incomplete. Let's get to work.

April 16th - Workin hard, hopin to get it sent to Gamefaqs by today. Added 
info on how to get the Arcanine, Electrabuzz and Jigglypuff promo cards. 
Updated the Promo card list a little. Secrets and such section updated.. all 
lists were updated. Walkthrough worked on a bit, Pokemon Status complete.

April 17th -  Added tons to all sections. Upgraded to 0.2!

April 18th -  Working on changing the layout, so it looks better, and added 
alot of info to most every section. Updated to version 1.0. Added Challenge 
Cup Section, Final Four Sections and a Tip Section also I added one of my 
favorite decks I made.

April 19th - Updates Galore. We're up to Version 1.5. Yay! I also added the 
section called Mail you get. I figured people would wonder about what mail 
they would receive.. so it's all there! Walkthrough up till the final four 
is complete.

April 21st - Updates.. Thanks to Matt for the Final Four Info. Version 2.0 

April 22nd - Version 2.1, Promo cards have all been added, and how to get 
them all is posted in the Secrets Etc. section. I've updated the Challenge 
Cup section, there was some mis-information in there. Sorry if it messed you 
up. Fixed some typos, think I squashed them all.

April 25th - Version 2.2, Added Info from tkenlai and Evan Mason, thanks 

2. <Card Lists>

Lists are complete with the exception of the Promo list. E-Mail me if 
there's a problem with the lists. I checked them twice though.. so they 
should be fine.

COLOSSEUM  - 56 cards.
A01 - Nidoran
A02 - Nidorino
A03 - Tangela
A04 - Scyther
A05 - Pinsir
A06 - Charmander
A07 - Charmeleon
A08 - Growlith
A09 - Arcanine
A10 - Ponyta
A11 - Magmar
A12 - Seel
A13 - Dewgong
A14 - Goldeen
A15 - Seaking
A16 - Staryu
A17 - Magikarp
A18 - Gyarados
A19 - Pikachu
A20 - Raichu
A21 - Magnemite
A22 - Magneton
A23 - Electrabuzz
A24 - Zapdos
A25 - Diglett
A26 - Dugtrio
A27 - Machop
A28 - Hitmonchan
A29 - Abra
A30 - Kadabra
A31 - Ratata
A32 - Raticate
A33 - Jigglypuff
A34 - Wigglytuff
A35 - Meowth
A36 - Chansey
A37 - Kangashkan
A38 - Snoralax
A39 - Professor Oak
A40 - Bill
A41 - Switch
A42 - Poke Ball
A43 - Scoop Up
A44 - Computer Search
A45 - Pluspower
A46 - Defender
A47 - Item Finder
A48 - Potion
A49 - Full Heal
A50 - Revive
A51 - Grass Energy
A52 - Fire Energy
A53 - Water Energy
A54 - Lightning Energy
A55 - Fighting Energy
A56 - Psychic Energy

EVOLUTION - 50 cards
B01 - Bulbasaur
B02 - Ivysaur
B03 - Venusaur
B04 - Caterpie
B05 - Metapod
B06 - Butterfree
B07 - Weedle
B08 - Kakuna
B09 - Beedrill
B10 - Nidoking
B11 - Bellsprout
B12 - Weepingbell
B13 - Victreebell
B14 - Charizard
B15 - Rapidash
B16 - Flareon
B17 - Squirtke
B18 - Wartotle
B19 - Blastoise
B20 - Krabby
B21 - Kingler
B22 - Starmie
B23 - Vaporeon
B24 - Jolteon
B25 - Sandshrew
B26 - Sandlash
B27 - Machoke
B28 - Machamp
B29 - Geodude
B30 - Graveller
B31 - Golem
B32 - Cubone
B33 - Marowak
B34 - Gastly
B35 - Haunter
B36 - Gengar
B37 - Jynx
B38 - Pidgy
B39 - Pidgeotto
B40 - Pidgeot
B41 - Jigglypuff
B42 - Eevee
B43 - Pokemon Trader
B44 - Pokemon Breeder
B45 - Clefairy Doll
B46 - Energy Retrieval
B47 - Energy Search
B48 - Gust of Wind
B49 - Super Potion
B50 - Pokemon Flute

Mystery - 51 cards
C01 - Nidoran
C02 - Nidorina
C03 - Nidoqueen
C04 - Oddish
C05 - Gloom
C06 - Vileplume
C07 - Paras
C08 - Parasect
C09 - Exeggcute
C10 - Exeggutor
C11 - Vulpix
C12 - Ninetails
C13 - Flareon
C14 - Moltres
C15 - Shellder
C16 - Cloyster
C17 - Lapras
C18 - Vaporeon
C19 - Omanyte
C20 - Omastar
C21 - Articuno
C22 - Pikachu
C23 - Raichu
C24 - Voltorb
C25 - Electrode
C26 - Jolteon
C27 - Zapdos
C28 - Mankey
C29 - Primeape
C30 - Rhyhorn
C31 - Rhydon
C32 - Kabuto
C33 - Kabutops
C34 - Aerodactyl
C35 - Alakazam
C36 - Drowzee
C37 - Mew
C38 - Clefairy
C39 - Meowth
C40 - Persian
C41 - Farfetch'd
C42 - Lickitung
C43 - Tauros
C44 - Dratini
C45 - Dragonair
C46 - Dragonite
C47 - Mr. Fuji
C48 - Mysterious Fossil
C49 - Energy Removal
C50 - Pokemon Center
E07 - Double Colorless Energy

Laboratory - 51 cards
D01 - Ekans
D02 - Arbok
D03 - Zubat
D04 - Golbat
D05 - Venonat
D06 - Venomoth
D07 - Grimer
D08 - Muk
D09 - Koffing
D10 - Weezing
D11 - Tangela
D12 - Nintails
D13 - Magmar
D14 - Psyduck
D15 - Golduck
D16 - Poliwag
D17 - Poliwhirl
D18 - Poliwrath
D19 - Tentacool
D20 - Tentacruel
D21 - Horsea
D22 - Seadra
D23 - Magnemite
D24 - Magneton
D25 - Electrode
D26 - Onix
D27 - Marowak
D28 - Hitmonlee
D29 - Slowpoke
D30 - Slowbro
D31 - Gastly
D32 - Haunter
D33 - Hypno
D34 - Mr. Mime
D35 - Mewtwo
D36 - Pideot
D37 - Spearow
D38 - Fearow
D39 - Clefable
D40 - Duduo
D41 - Dodrio
D42 - Ditto
D43 - Porygon
D44 - Imposter Prof. Oak
D45 - Lass
D46 - Super Energy Removal
D47 - Pokedex
D48 - Deevolution Spray
D49 - Maintenance
D50 - Gambler
D51 - Recyle

Promotional Cards - 18 cards
P01 - Arcanine
P02 - Moltres
P03 - Articuno
P04 - Pikachu
P05 - Pikachu
P06 - Flying Pikachu
P07 - Surfing Pikachu
P08 - Surfing Pikachu
P09 - Electrabuzz
P10 - Zapdos
P11 - Slowpoke
P12 - Mewtwo
P13 - Mewtwo
P14 - Mew
P15 - Jigglypuff
P16 - Dragonite
P17 - Imakuni?
P18 - Super Energy Retrieval


A walkthrough on this game is kinda hard to accomplish. Because depending on 
what deck you chose at the start, you're probably going to be going in 
different places. Like if you took squirtle and friends deck, you'd go to 
the fire club.. but if you took another deck, you'd go a different way. 
Anyways, I'll just give you a quick rundown of the duelers and the leaders 
in each club.

a. The Grass Club
Grassy Pokemon Members, Bring a good Fire deck, and you'll do fine. I just 
get a pokemon with flamethrow to finish them off. 50 to non-grass, 100 to 
grass pokemon. Finishes most of them off in 1 hit.
To get Heather to tell you where Nikki is, you must beat Brittany, Heather, 
and Kristin first. Then talk to Heather and she'll tell you where Nikki is.

3 members - Brittany - 2 Mystery Packs
                      Heather - 2 Colosseum Packs
                      Kristin   - 2 Evolution Packs

Leader - Nikki - 2 Laboratory Packs

b. The Fire Club
Everyone's got Fire Pokemon, if you like Grass Pokemon, you better watch it. 
These guy's will fry you. Water people, this is your club! Squirtle and 
friends deck worked very well here, but an all water deck would be better. 
Just remember to keep your Grass Pokemon away and you'll do fine. I went in 
with an all fire deck.. and I did okay, but water deck is certainly the 
best. There isn't much to this club, but you need to have a certain amount 
of cards to be able to fight the leader!

3 Members - John - 2 Colosseum Packs
                       Adam - 2 Colosseum Packs
                       Jonathan - 2 Colosseum Packs

Leader - Ken - 2 Labrotory Packs

c. The Water Club
Water Pokemon Galore here(Duh) So use an electric deck, and keep your fire 
pokemon out of the skirmish, or they'll be put out!

3 members - Sara - 2 Colosseum Packs
                    - Joshua - 2 Mystery Packs
                    - Amanda - 2 Mystery Packs

	Leader - Amy - 2 Labrotory Packs

d. The Lightning Club
Use a Rock pokemon deck, and you'll do fine, Especially on the leader. I 
beat him with one Sandshrew, because he couldn't do any damage to it!

3 members - Jennifer, Brandon, Nicholas - 2 Mystery Packs

Leader - Isaac - 2 Mystery Packs

e. The Rock Club
Use Grass Pokemon here, you'll do fine. I'd really stick to grass here.. It 
works the best on them, I tried my flamethrower deck on the leader.. got 
squashed.. so I just patched together a ragtag grass deck, and we rocked 

3 members - Matthew - 2 Mystery Packs(Great Googly Moogly that kid looks 
                      Andrew - 2 Mystery Packs
                      Ryan - 2 Mystery Packs

                 Leader - Gene - 2 Mystery Packs

f. The Science Club
Hm.. I brought my Flamethrower deck(Check deck section below) And did fine.

3 members - Joseph - 2 Laboratory Packs
                      Erin      - 2 Evolution Packs
                      David  - 2 Mystery Packs

                Leader - Rick - 2 Labrotory Packs

g. The Fighting Club
Peachy, Colorless rock here... so use 'em! You gotta go out and find the 
differnt members in random clubs. Beat the 3 members, then you can fight the 
head hancho.

3 memebers - Michael - 2 Colosseum packs
                        Jessica - 2 Colosseum Packs
                        Chris - 2 Evolution Packs

Leader - Mitch - 2 Lab packs

h. The Psychic Club
God this club is annoying. Murray is freaking tough, his battle was the only 
battle in the game that I had to stall on, and it was right DOWN to the 
wire! Luckily, LUCKILY, I flipped a tails to go second. ;) He'll stall you 
on Chansey's while he builds up his abra/kadabra/alakazams.. then bam. I saw 
this coming, and I flamethrowed and used Arcanine's Takedown.. Killed both 
of his Kadabras. Then he stalled till he killed himself. :)

Leader - Murray - 2 Lab Packs
               Daniel - 2 Evolution Packs
               Stephanie - 2 Lab Packs

4.<Pokemon Status>-

I figured this to be a noteworthy section, because, in the game it makes a 
BIG difference if your pokemon is paralyzed, and you should know what all 
your options are, instead of letting your oppenent kick your pokemon all 
over the place.

A paralyzed Pokemon  cannot attack or retreat

It can be cured in one of these 4 ways.
    1. It is removed when you give up your turn.
    2. If you evolve the Paralized pokemon, it's no longer paralized.
    3. Full heal removes it.
    4. Use Switch or Scoop Up.

Sleeping Pokemon cannot attack or retreat.

It can be cured in one of these 4 ways.
    1. Win the coin toss.
    2. Evolve the pokemon
    3. Full heal removes sleep.
    4. Use Switch or Scoop Up.

A poisoned pokemon recieves 10 damage at the end of each players turn.

Cure it in one of 4 ways.
    1. Bench it.
    2. Evolve it.
    3. Use full heal.
    4. Use Switch or Scoop Up.

If a pokemon is confused, it has to toss a coin to do anything. To retreat, 
you have to flip the coin, if it's tails, you pay the cost, but don't 
retreat. If it's heads, you pay the cost and retreat. If you attack, and you 
get   tails on the toss, you deal 20 damage to yourself. If the flip is 
heads, your attack hits the other pokemon.

Curing Confusion works exactly the same as curing poison. Refer to the 
poison section.


Got a good tip? Send it in! I'll add good ones, and give you credit!

- One good tip to keep in mind, when starting out, is to seek out Ikamuni?. 
He gives 1 of each booster                                                   
                                            packs, and he really is very 
                Added by SecretDestroyer

- Remake decks to fight the leader of a club's weakness! It makes the game 
SO much EASIER! If you don't      have enough cards to make a full deck of 
it's weakness, go to it's weakness's club, the boosters you win should be 
filled with that club's elemental.
                Added by SecretDestroyer

- Make sure to go into the challenge cup often to see if there is a match 
going on! If you win, you get a Promo card!

                Added by SecretDestroyer
More coming as soon as I get them!

6.<Challenge Cup>

The Challenge Cup seems hard, but in reality, it's not. The hardest part 
about the Challenge Cup is arriving at the right time. When you go in, you 
have to register. Then you battle 3 people, 2 people are from clubs, and the 
other person is your Rival! Your rival will by far be your biggest 
challenge, and even then he's not very tough. Before each battle you can 
arrange your deck and save, so there's no need to worry about creating a 
perfect for all 3 opponents. Just go with your favorite deck, if your deck 
has a weakness to your opponent's deck, then make a new one that's resistant 
to his Pokemon. If you do that, you'll do just peachy.

The Challenge Cup is tricky, in terms of when it's held. I believe it's held 
after your 3rd and 5th badges, and then after you beat the Final Four. I'm 
not completely sure yet, but I'll make sure when I play the game through 
again to check. Also it's said that saving in a club then going to the CC 
makes it come back 1/3rd of the time. Try it, see if it works!

One other side note.. I noticed immediatly, and I have not been able to 
figure out what that door at the upper right corner of the challenge cup 
does.. When there's no challenge cup, you simply can't go in. When there IS 
a challenge cup, a guy is guarding it. Weird, eh? E-Mail me if ya got any 
info on this.

7.<Final Four>

Courtney - Fire Pokemon, with the Legendary Moltres card.

Steve - Electric Pokemon, with the Legendary Zapdos card.

Jack - Ice Pokemon, with the Legendary Articuno card.

Rod - Bunch of Pokemon, seemed to have mostly water Pokemon,  Has the 
Legendary Dragonite Card.

Ronald - Has all 4 Lengendary Pokemon Cards, easy to beat... no energy cards 
to be hard.


As soon as I figure 'em out, they will be here! E-mail me at 
ddecker@mmcable.com if you have one.

This guy is weird. He hangs out in one of the clubs, near the top of the 
room with the PC. When you fight him, he seems to have alot of Slowpokes, 
and uses his own card on himself. Weird. When you beat him the first time, 
you get a booster pack of each type, Then he runs off...

-Prize Trick-
This one seemed easy to me. But I never have really used it. When you kill a 
Pokemon, pick your prize. If it's not what you needed, switch the game off, 
turn it back on, and go to continue duel. Kill the Pokemon again and pick a 
different prize.

-Promo Cards-
Once I find more, I'll get them on here.

Imakuni? - Kill Imakuni 3 times. Easier than it sounds. :)

Jigglypuff - Kill your Rival after you beat the grass club, he gives you 
Jigglypuff when you win.(I believe that's how it works, thats how it worked 
out for me.)

Electabuzz - Trade an Electabuzz to the kid that's in the Electric Club. He 
trades you his Electabuzz Promo.

Arcanine - Trade Lapras for it with the girl in the Water Club.

Surfing Pikachu - Trade Clefable to the guy in the house on the upper left 
of the map.

Mewtwo - Beat the Challenge Cup the first time(Refer to the Challenge Cup 

Mew - Beat the Challenge Cup the second time(Refer to Challenge Cup Section)

Super Energy Retrieval - Get it when your rival challenges you the second 

Pikachu - Trade Clefable to Lass for it in the Water Club.

Mewtwo - Get it from the old guy in the Psychic club after you beat Murray.

Flyin' Pikachu - Trade ditto for it to the guy in the house on the upper 
left of the map.

Moltres - Beat the Final Four

Articuno - Beat the Final Four

Zapdos - Beat the Final Four

Pikachu(Different Artwork) - Trade all the cards that the guy in the Rock 
Club wants. Then after 4 or 5 trades, he'll give you the card.

-Challenge Cup After The Final Four-
You win a random Promo(With the exception of the Legendary Cards and 
Imakuni?) And the Challenge Cup is held more than once after the Final 
Four.. so if you're missing some promo's go there! Also, to make the CC come 
back, go to a club and save. It's said to work 1/3rd of the time. Not sure 
about that, but it seemed to work for me! - Submitted by tkenlai

9.<Mail You Get>
Please keep in mind these could be in any order depending on when you 
visited the clubs.

-Mail 1-
It's me, Dr. Mason. Are you getting the hang of The Pokemon Trading Card 
Game? I have some information for you about booster packs. If you want to 
collect the same cards, duel the same person many times to get a particular 
booster pack! By doing so, you will be able to collect the same cards, 
making it easier for you to build your deck. Another Method of collecting 
cards is to use Card Pop! When you and a friend use Card Pop! you will each 
receive a new card! Once you pop! with a certain friend, you won't be able 
to pop! with that friend again, so find many friends who own the Pokemon 
Trading Card Game for Game Boy, and Card Pop! with them to get new cards! 
I'll be sending you useful information by E-mail, I'll also attach a booster 
pack for you, so check your mail often.
      Mason Laboratory

-Mail 2-
It's me, Dr. Mason, Have you collected many cards? I have some information 
about Ken's Deck - He's the master of the fire club. His deck consists of 
fire pokemon and colorless Pokemon! Pit a water against the Fire Pokemon and 
a fighting Pokemon against the colorless pokemon, study the decks from the 
water and fighting medal deck machines! Here's a gift for you! It's a 
mystery booster pack! Look closely at the cards you just received. You 
should be able to come up with a winning strategy!
      Mason Laboratory

-Mail 3-
I have some information about Gene's Deck - He's the master of the Rock 
Club. His rock crusher deck is extremely strong against lightning Pokemon.  
But it's weak against Grass Pokemon! I suggest you study the deck from the 
grass medal deck machine. Oh! Before I forget... here's a boster pack for 
you! Go defeat Gene, The Master of the Rock Club!
      Mason Laboratory

-Mail 4-
Have you won any Mater Medals? I have some information for you about Nikki's 
Deck - She's the master of the grass club. You must be wary of Exeggutor's 
big eggplosion with Nikki's Deck. Use your fire Pokemon to knock out 
Exeggute and Exeggutor at an early stage! I suggest you study the deck from 
the fire medal deck machine. I'll give you a booster pack that should 
contain alot of fire pokemon. Did it have alot of Fire Pokemon(The Weakness 
of Grass Pokemon)?
     Mason Laboratory

-Mail 5-
I have some information for you about Mitch's deck - He's the master of the 
fighting club. His first-strike deck is built for a quick attack. But it's 
weak against psychic Pokemon! I suggest you duel him using the deck from the 
psychic medic deck machine. Here's a booster pack for you... I know you can 
do it! Go win the fighting medal!
     Mason Laboratory

-Mail 6-
I have some information for you about Isaac's Deck - He's the master of the 
lightning club.  His deck is a selfdestruct deck! He uses selfdestruct for 
maximum damage. Watch the number of energy cards on his Pokemon and look out 
for  Selfdestruct. I would suggest using fighting Pokemon such as cubone and 
rhyhorn to counter Isaac's Deck. The Cubone &Marowak deck from the Rock 
Medal deck Machine is probably your best bet. I hope you find many fighting 
Pokemon in this Booster Pack! Did you find the Pokemon you were looking for 
in the Booster Pack?
    Mason Laboratory

-Mail 7-
I have some information for you about Amy's deck - She's the master of the 
Water Club. Her Deck uses Rain dance - Blastoise's Pokemon Power. This deck 
allows her to keep attaching water energy to her water Pokemon to  power 
them up. Her Deck's weakness is lightning Pokemon! I suggest ou duel her 
using the deck from the Psychic MEdal Deck Machine. Here's a booster pack 
for you. Keep at it, and don't give up!
    Mason Laboratory

-Mail 8-
It looks like you've won quite a few medals. Want to try building your own 
deck? Start by changing some of the cards in your present deck. keep 
changing a few cards at a time, and eventually you'll have your own unique 
deck! It's not that diffucult. Give it a try!
    Mason Laboratory

-Mail 9-
How are you doing? I have some information for you about Rick's deck - He's 
the master of the science club. His deck uses Muk's Toxic gas to prevent 
your pokemon from using Pokemon Power! Avoid using a deck that relies on 
Pokemon Power to attack. His deck's weakness is Psychic Pokemon! Collect 
Psychic Pokemon to duel his deck! I suggest you study the deck from the 
Psychic Medal Deck Machine. Hopefully, it will be of some assistance.... Win 
all 8 Master Medals!
    Mason Laboratory

-Mail 10-
Are you gettting any closer to inheriting the Legendary Pokemon Cards? 
Murray of the Psychic Club - I have some information on his deck! It seems 
to be a deck that uses Alakazam's damage swap! It will be difficult to 
defeat his deak of Psychic Pokemon. Psychic Pokemon are tricky since their 
weakness is Psychic Pokemon! Try to defeat him before his Pokemon evolves 
into Alakazam. Murray is a tough opponent... Here, Take this! Fight to the 
end, and don't give up!
    Mason Laboratory

-Mail 11-
Did you try building you rown deck? This time, I'll give you tips on the 
types and number of cards you should include in your deck. If you have 3 of 
a basic Pokemon card, you'll want 2 of it's stage 1 and 1 of it's stage 2 
Pokemon. If you follow this rule, your deck will be well balanced. You 
should have about 14 basic Pokemon and anywhere between 20 and 26 Energy 
Cards in your deck. The type of energy cards will depend on the type of 
Pokemon you have in your deck. You might want to look at the decks in the 
deck machine for hints.
    Mason Laboratory

-Mail 12-
It's me Dr. Mason. You're finally going to be dueling a grand master... 
Grand Master Courtney uses the Legendary Moltres, so her deck should be made 
up of Fire Pokemon. Be sure to use Water Pokemon, since Water Pokemon are 
the weakness of Fire Pokemon.Other than that, Just watch how your opponent 
plays, and choose your strategy accordingly.
    Mason Laboratory

-Mail 13-
It's me Dr.Mason. Grand Master Steve uses the Legendary Zapdos' Peel of 
Thunder and Thunder randomly shows a target so you never know which Pokemon 
will recieve damage. Be sure to look after not only your active Pokemon but 
also the Pokemon on your Bench. His deck should be made up of mostly of 
Lightning Pokemon, so duel him using your fighting Pokemon. Defeat the Grand 
     Mason Laboratory

-Mail 14-
It's me Dr. Mason. Two Masters to go. Grand Master Jack uses the legendary 
Articuno he will use the legendary Articuno's quick freeze to paralyze your 
Pokemon. Also, be wary of his other Articuno's Freeze Ray. His deck should 
be mostly water Pokemon, so it will be weak against Lightning Pokemon. Go 
get 'em! You're almost there.
    Mason Laboratory

-Mail 15-
It's me Dr. Mason. The final duel is here. I have information on Rod, the 
leader of the Grand Masters. Rod uses the Legendary Dragonite the longer the 
duel takes the greater the advantages for his deck. His workhouse will be 
his evolution Pokemon. So defeat them while they are still in their basic 
stage! Follow the simple strategy of striking early. This is the final test 
in inheriting the legendary Pokemon cards. Go be part of the Legend.
    Mason Laboratory


Want to make a good deck? It's got to have the right ammount of 
energy/pokemon/trainer cards. Play around with it. It's been my experience 
that an all 1 elemental deck seems to work well. I'm still using my all fire 
deck which seems to be working well. But, I know that there are better 
decks, and I want to know what they are. Anyone can use the autodeck 
machine, but building a good deck is an art. Send me your deck configs, with 
a name and everything and I'll stick them on here in future versions!

Here's my Own Flamethrower Deck. It works very well(In my opinion) on 
everything except water Pokemon.

Flamethrower Deck, By SecretDestroyer
24 x Fire Energy
2   x Double Colorless Energy
4   x Charmander
2   x Charmeleon
2   x Charizard
2   x Vulpix
1   x Ninetails
3   x Growlithe
2   x Arcanine
4   x Ponyta
3   x Rapidash
2   x Magmar
1   x Moltres
1   x Professor Oak
1   x Bill
3   x Energy Search
2   x Pokeball
1   x Potion

Matt's Psychic Deck, By Matt
28 x Psychic Energy
4   x Abra
3   x Kadabra
2   x Alakazam
4   x Gastly
4   x Haunters
3   x Gengar
1   x Mewtwo
2   x Bill
1   x Pokemon Trader
3   x Pokemon Breeder
1   x Energy Search
1   x Switch
1   x Computer Search
2   x Pokedex

Mental Block by Evan Mason
This is a really well made Deck! I thought of making one like this, and 
never got around to it. But he sure did! I'll let him explain it.
The object is to have Mr.Mime be the active pokemon blocking most attacks.
But when attacks to connect, you have Alakazam use pokemon power Damage Swap
to get the damage off Mr. Mime, and put it on the benched pokemon. When the
benched pokemon are nearly knocked out, you use pokemon center to get rid of
the damage, or use scoop up a to return a pokemon with alot of damage
counters to your hand, then play it on the bench again all fresh with no
damage at all!!!

4  x Abra
3  x Kadabra
2  x Alakazam
4  x Mr. Mime
3  x Chansey
3  x Lickitung
24x Psychic Energy
3  x Double Colorless Energy
4  x Scoop Up
4  x Pokemon Center
2  x Full Heal
2  x Pokemon Trader
2  x Defender

11.<Legal Stuff>
You may use this on your webpage only if you give me credit and if you 
e-mail me the addy of your webpage. I created this, so don't put your name 
on it and say it's yours. That just isn't cool. I worked hard. Be cool, so 
faq makers don't have to have large disclaimers on every document. :)

12.<Contacting Me>
E-Mail: ddecker@mmcable.com
AIM handle: FirestarterLuke
TFC handle: SecretDestroyer
BNet handle: SecretTychlo
Tribes handle: SecretDestroyer

If you need help with the game, please use the e-mail address. If you want 
to give comments/help in regard to the faq, please e-mail me or look for me 
on as those handles.

13.<Thank Yous>
I would like to thank the creators of Pokemon(Game Freaks/Nintendo) for 
making such an addictive game craze! Pokemon TGC is a great game, which 
deserves a sequel(Possibly even a side card-game quest in Gold/Silver?)

Evan Mason - Gave me a good deck to put up, as well as a correction, thanks 
tkenlai - Posted the message to me about the Challenge Cup! Thanks man.

This Document is Copyright 2000 Michael Decker(A.K.A. SecretDestroyer)

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