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FAQ/Walkthrough by Razor Leaf

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 01/24/2005

Pokemon Trading Card Game Guide
By Razor Leaf


1.   Mason Laboratory
2.   Fire Club
3.   Grass Club
4.   Fighting Club
5.   Rock Club
6.   Lightning Club
7.   Water Club
8.   Psychic Club
9.   Science Club
10. The Grand Masters
11. After The Grand Masters & Challenge Hall
12. People You’ll Meet
13. In-Game Trades
14. Card-Pop & Promo Cards
15. Cheats/Hints
16. Winning Decks
17. End and Disclaimer

NOTE- Some sections of the guide are currently incomplete, but will
be finished eventually. I have ensured there is a basic walkthrough
for the Club Masters and Grand Masters which should be enough to help
most people, but I also have more information on the weaker enemies
which I will add  at some point.


Welcome to my guide on the Pokémon TCG game for the GameBoy, a game
which was released way back in 2000 when Pokémon was at the height of
its commercial success. Now there is much less merchandising
(thanfully) but the GBA games still sell very well.

Although quite old by now, I would still recommend this game to anyone 
who enjoyed the TCG because it is a very fun and challenging game to 
play, and although the game is probably difficult to find I imagine it 
can be bought for a very reasonable price.
    There was talk of a sequel featuring more sets, up to and including
Team Rocket I think, but it was never released here in the UK to to 
best of my knowledge, and I doubt it ever will be. It would have been 
nice to see a GBA release featuring all the existing sets so far, 
however, since Pokémon still sells well for Nintendo it could still be
an option. I am not going to include any basics of the controls or basic 
gameplay because these are all covered in the manual which comes with 
the game. On with the guide...


The place we start off in the Pokemon Trading Card Game is Professor 
Mason’s Laboratory.
He is the local expert on Pokemon Trading Cards (Like the Professor Oak 
of Pokemon Blue, Red and Yellow). First, we learn how to play by battling 
his assistant Sam. You have a practice deck, which is stacked. To win you 
must do exactly as Prof. Mason tells you. It’s too easy.
         When you win, Prof. Mason asks you to bring your cards over 
so he can build you a deck. There are three choices: Bulbasaur & Friends 
Deck, Charmander & Friends Deck and Squirtle & Friends Deck. There is no 
real best choice, but the Charmander and Bulbasaur decks are not 
particularly easy to use, even for expert players. So, if you are a 
beginner, definitely choose the Squirtle deck and if you know what you 
are doing you might want to accept a challenge by using one of the first 
two decks. 

*Remember to check your PC regularly for messages from Prof. Mason. His 
e-mails include tips on how to beat Club Masters and free booster packs.       

* If you start with the Bulbasaur deck, begin at stage 4. If you choose 
Charmander, start at stage 3. Once you’ve finished, return to stage 1, 
as you will then have a more varied selection of cards with which to 
tackle the club masters, and you won’t be helplessly trapped with a 
limited amount of Pokemon, all of whom are weak to that Club’s type.

*You should check Section 12: People You’ll Meet to anticipate any 
rivals who may challenge you.

*Now would also be a good time to get the promo Slowpoke card, because 
the more energy cards you have the more you will lose getting it. 
Check out Section 13: In Game Trades for details on how to get the card.

In Professor Mason’s lab, there are two people you can fight to receive 
booster packs full of energy cards- Sam, Professor Mason’s assistant, 
and Aaron, a tech. This can be useful to stock up on energy cards. 
         In the room right of the main block of Professor Mason’s lab, 
there are deck machines. Once you beat a club, come back with the medal
and insert it in the corresponding machine to get a list of the decks 
in that club, along with configurations for the decks, so you can build
them too. There is also a deck save machine, where you can save deck 
configurations to be built whenever you want.   


The fire club is situated beside a volcano at the top right hand corner 
of the map. The Club Master, Ken, will only fight you if you have at 
least 130 cards. That’s equivelent to your deck and seven booster packs. 
The member’s decks contain mostly fire and colourless Pokemon. Most of 
them can be easily taken out by a Water/Fighting deck. For complete deck
lists, go to Section 16-Winning Decks.

Club Member: John
Prizes: 4
Deck: Anger (Fire/Colourless)
Winning Deck: Water and Fighting
Strategy: John’s Pokemon use the Rage attack, which does more damage 
depending on how many damage counters are on it. Use Water types which
can paralyse his Pokemon and strong Fighting Pokemon. Use Energy 
Removal and Super Energy Removal to rob his Pokemon of their strongest 
Awards: 2 Evolution Booster Packs

Club Member: Adam 
Prizes: 4
Deck: Flamethrower (Fire/Colourless)
Winning Deck: Water 
Strategy: As the name of the deck suggests, this deck is all out Fire,
with the only Colourless Pokemon being Eevee, which Adam will try to 
evolve into Flareon as quickly as possible. Water Pokemon with attacks 
which can stall him (such as Horsea’s Smokescreen or Squirtle’s Bubble)
would be most useful.
Awards: 2 Colosseum Booster Packs
Club Member: Jonathan
Prizes: 4
Deck: Reshuffle (Fire/Colourless)
Winning Deck: Water
Strategy: Jonathan uses Sleep and Paralysis to stall you while he 
builds up heavy hitters. He uses Switch to save his Pokemon from 
being KO-ed, so make sure you have a lot of 'Gust Of Wind'. Use Water
beasts to provide quick damage before he can build up evolved Pokemon.
Staryu is excellent at this, as he can deal 40 damage a turn on Fire 
Pokemon that are weak against Water types.
Awards: 2 Colosseum Booster Packs
Club Master:Ken
Prizes :6
Deck: Fire Charge (Fire/Colourless)
Winning Deck: Water and Fighting
Strategy: Ken uses more Colourless Pokemon than Fire. He manipulates 
Chansey’s high HP to stall you while he builds up heavy Fire beasts. 
Start with a good Fighting Pokemon like Hitmonchan to plough through 
the Chansey wall.
Awards: Fire medal & 2 Mystery Packs


The grass club is a little building in the middle of a forest, above
the water club. You can’t fight the club master until you beat 3 grass
club members. Kristin and Heather are in the main battling hall, and 
Brittany is in the lounge. The club member’s decks use mostly grass 
and a mixture of other types so use Fire, and other types depending 
on the other types they use. For complete deck lists, go to Section 
16-Winning Decks.

Club Member: Brittany
Prizes: 4
Deck: Etcetera (Grass/Psychic/Fire/Lightning)
Winning Deck: Water, Fighting and Colourless
Strategy: Oh, this is hard. Brittany has chosen the option of a rather
daring Rainbow type deck-she has many different types of Pokemon in it.
Take advantage of this by attacking her Pokemon with Energy Removal
cards. It is hard for her to meet the energy requirements her Pokemon 
need to attack. She tries to paralyse you and send you to sleep- so 
bring some Full Heal Trainer cards. It’s a piece of cake.
Awards: 2 Mystery Booster Packs

Club Member: Heather
Prizes: 4
Deck: Kaleidoscope (Grass/Colourless/Fire)
Winning Deck: Fire and Water
Strategy: Heather has also opted for a rather daring Rainbow deck. 
She mostly tries to evolve Colourless Pokemon into other different 
types, and uses Porygon to change the weaknesses of your Pokemon to
whatever type she wants. Her deck also suffers energy requirement 
problems, so take advantage of this by bringing along Energy Removal 
Awards: 2 Colosseum Booster Packs

Club Member: Kristin
Prizes: 4
Deck: Flower Garden (Grass)
Winning Deck: Fire
Strategy: Kristin uses Grass Pokemon with the power to poison and 
cause paralysis. Bring some Full Heal Trainers to get rid of the 
status effects, and use Fire types like Magmar and Charmander to 
KO her Pokemon quickly.
Awards: 2 Evolution Booster Packs

Club Master: Nikki
Prizes: 6
Deck: Flower Power (Grass)
Winning Deck: Fire
Strategy: Nikki uses Pokemon Breeder cards to quickly evolve Oddish
and Bulbasaur into Vileplume and Venusaur. By using Venusaur’s 
Pokemon Power Energy Trans, she transfers lots of Grass Energy cards
to Exeggutor so it has good chances of dealing out high damage with 
Eggsplosion. Knock out her weaker Pokemon early on with Fire types. 
Charmander and Magmar (Fossil) would be good choices.
Awards: Grass Medal & 2 Laboratory Packs


The fighting club is situated just to the right of Mason Laboratory. 
The Club Master, Mitch, won’t duel you until you find his three 
students and defeat them. They are in the lounge of these places:
     Michael-Grass Club     Jessica-Fire Club     Chris-Rock Club
They are easily defeated, so use Psychic and Fighting as they use 
Fighting and Colourless.
	For complete deck listings go to Section 16: Winning Decks.

Club Member: Chris
Prizes: 4
Deck: Muscles For Brains (Fighting)
Winning Deck: Psychic
Strategy: Just to lay in to him quickly with Psychic Pokemon, or 
try a deck like Damage Swap or Mewtwo’s Barrier to defeat him 
Awards: 2 Evolution Packs

Club Member: Jessica
Prizes: 4
Deck: Love To Battle (Fighting/ Colourless)
Winning Deck: Psychic 
Strategy: Jessica uses the Machamp family to try and overcome you
quickly. Use Psychic Pokemon such as Kadabra to put a stop to her
attacks with brute force. 
Awards: 2 Colosseum Packs

Club Member: Michael
Prizes: 4
Deck: Heated Battle (Fighting/ Fire/ Lightning)
Winning Deck: Mixed or Psychic
Strategy: As Michael has a mixed team, use Super Energy Removal 
and Haymaker Pokemon to stomp him. Or you can use a Damage Swap 

Club Master: Mitch
Prizes: 6
Deck: First-Strike (Fighting)
Winning Deck: Psychic/Colourless
Strategy: Mitch uses a deck which is designed to hurt you quickly
with high damage, so build up a strong team of Psychic Pokemon,
and put in some Colourless flying types with resistance to Fighting
to give you time to build up the Psychic Pokemon. Pidgey or Spearow
would be good for this. 
Awards: Fighting Medal & 2 Laboratory Packs


The rock club is just above the lightning club, and a vast desert
surrounds it. The club members use Rock (Fighting) Pokemon, which
are weak to grass. For complete deck lists see Section 16: Winning

Club Member: Matthew
Prizes: 4
Deck: Hard Pokemon (Fighting)
Winning Deck: Grass
Strategy: He uses Rock Pokemon to try to stall and build up strong 
attacks on you. Some good grass Pokemon should do it easily. 
Scyther is especially good at this as he is effective against Rock,
and also resistant to it!
Awards: 2 Mystery Packs

Club Member: Ryan
Prizes: 3
Deck: E	xcavation (Fighting)
Winning Deck: Grass
Strategy: Ryan tries to quickly evolve Mysterious Fossil into 
Aerodactyl, so try to get your Pokemon evolved as quickly as 
possible. Again, Scyther is a big help. 

Club Master: Gene
Prizes: 6
Deck: Rock-Crusher (Fighting)
Winning Deck: Grass
Strategy: At this stage in the game, the Club Master’s are becoming 
slightly more challenging, but are still beatable. Just make sure 
you have a good deck which you are comfortable with. Grass decks 
are especially effective, and make use of Scyther and Venusaur.
Awards: Rock Medal & 2 Laboratory Packs


The lightning club is North East of Prof. Mason’s laboratory. 
The club members use lightning Pokemon, so use Fighting all 
the way, except when battling Jennifer, so use some Colourless 
for her Flying Pikachu and Fighting to KO the other Pikachu. 
The club master, Isaac, is even easier than the rest. For 
complete deck lists see Section 16: Winning Decks.

Club Master: Isaac
Prizes: 6
Deck: Self-Destruct (Lightning)
Winning Deck: Fighting
Awards: Lightning Medal & 2 Laboratory Packs


The water club is in the bottom right-hand corner of the map,
surrounded by a lake. To fight the club master, Amy, you have
to defeat her sisters Amanda and Sara, then her boyfriend 
Joshua will then finally let you duel Amy. It’s no wonder she
had three people to protect her, as they all can be taken out
by lightning Pokemon. For complete deck listings see Section 
16: Winning Decks.

Club Master: Amy
Prizes: 6
Deck: Go Go Raindance (Water)	
Winning Deck: Lightning
Awards: Water Medal & 2 Laboratory Packs


The Psychic Club is the long, thin building South West of the 
fire club. As an intresting point, the guy in the foyer is the 
character you play in Red/Blue/Yellow. His name is Red. 
    This is a really hard club to beat, so it’s best to leave 
it to nearly last, so you have built up a good arsenal of cards. 
There is member called Robert in the lounge who has a reasonably 
good deck which uses ghosts which have no weakness, so use 
Colourless Pokemon who have resistance to Psychic. A good 
Colourless deck will do best in this club. As Murray’s deck uses
Damage Swap, then Scoop Up, you should knock out his Pokemon 
early on to beat him. For full deck lists see Section 16: 
Winning Decks.

Club Master: Murray
Prizes: 6
Deck: Strange Psyshock (Psychic)
Winning Deck: Colourless
Awards: Psychic Medal & 2 Laboratory Packs


The Science Club is exactly underneath the fire club. 
Make sure you have a good collection of Psychic Pokemon, 
and then change the other types according to the deck. 
The club members here have lots of different types of decks.

Club Member: David
Prizes: 4
Deck: Lovely Nidoran (Grass) 
Winning Deck: Psychic
Strategy: As you can guess from the name, this deck uses
lots of Nidorans. Psychic decks will plough their way 
through this one. Gengar helps a lot.

Club Member: Erik
Prizes: 4
Deck: Poison 
Winning Deck: Psychic/ Fire
Strategy: This deck contains Pokemon that are gonna 
poison you, so most areweak to Psychic, but the Beedrill
family are weak to grass so Fossil Magmars will help you
a lot. Throw in 4 Full Heals to prevent Poison.

Club Member: Joseph
Prizes: 4
Deck: Flyin’ Pokemon
Winning Deck: Psychic/ Lightning 
Strategy: This contains everything flying-Zubat, Flying
Pikachu and the Pidgeot family. They retreat a lot, so 
try and attack the bench. Use Psychic and Lightning Pokemon.

Club Master: Rick
Prizes: 6
Deck: Wonders Of Science
Winning Deck: Psychic/Colourless
Strategy: Rick uses Muk to block out Pokemon Powers, 
so try and get rid of the Grimers before they evolve. 
Psychic helps a lot. Colourless Pokemon such as Wigglytuff 
will help take out his other Pokemon.
Awards: Science Medal & 2 Laboratory Packs


The Pokemon Dome is in the middle of the map. Now you have 
won 8 master medals you are eligible to battle the Grand 
Masters, who have the Legendary cards and decks based around 
these cards. They are even better than the Club Masters, and 
quite challenging. You walk through a set of double doors and 
are asked whether you wish to Challenge the Grand Masters or 
would like to turn back. 
If you feel you have a good arsenal of cards and are ready for 
it, go into the Pokemon Dome. I have complete listings and 
strategies of decks that beat the Grand Masters most of the 
time, even if you are an inexperienced player. Go to Section 16: 
Winning Decks for complete deck listings.
        The first time you beat the Grand Masters, your rival 
Ronald will appear and you will have to battle him for the 
ownership of the Legendary cards. He already has them in his 
deck and gets to use all of them (how is that fair?) so he is 
mildly formidable. Again, be boring and use Wigglytuff decks 
to defeat him easily.
    You get each of the legendary cards when you beat Ronald,
and the next 4 times you beat the Grand Masters you get a 
different one. You can only get 2 of each, so be careful. 
Good luck!

Grand Master 1: Courtney
Prizes: 6 
Deck: Legendary Moltres (Fire)
Winning Deck: Water (Waterfall) 
Strategy: As she uses Moltres’ Pokemon Power Firegiver, 
she’s never short of Energy.
A pure Water deck is the easiest way to triumph, although 
other options are available but may be more difficult to use. 
Blastoise and Gyrados work well. Attack her quickly so she 
doesn’t have time to build up evolutions and because it takes
three energy for Moltres to attack, you can deal out some
quick damage and hopefully KO it before it has a chance to

Grand Master 2:Steve
Prizes: 6
Deck: Legendary Zapdos (Electricity/Colourless)
Winning Deck: Grass (Energy Trans)
Strategy: He uses Peal Of Thunder to hurt you quickly (I 
love it when it hurts him instead). Zapdos is resistant
to Fighting, but the other Electric Pokemon are not. 
A good, strong deck of any description should beat him, 
I personally like Energy Trans.

Grand Master 3:Jack
Prizes: 6
Deck: Legendary Articuno (Water)
Winning Deck: Electric (Revenge) 
Strategy: This guy loves Articuno. Articuno is resistant
to fighting, so use Lightning, and some Fighting against
his other Pokemon. Take advantage of Articuno’s high
energy requirement with quick attacks and Super Energy 
Removal cards.
Grand Master 4:Rod
Deck: Legendary Dragonite (Colourless, Fire & Water) 
Winning Deck: Fighting (Rock Slide)
Strategy: Ooh, it’s the leader of the Grand Masters, Rod. 
He’s probably the easiest! Use a good Fighting deck 
(Rock Slide) to KO Dratini quickly, and Magikarp can be 
quickly removed before Gyrados shows up. It is annoying
when Dragonite uses Healing Wind, and when Dragonair
uses Hyper Beam, so have lots of energy and Pokemon
with good offence.   

Rival: Ronald
Deck: Legendary Ronald
Winning Deck: Haymaker
Strategy: This guy is so annoying- ‘Legendary Ronald’ deck,
I’m sure… Well, anyway, he uses the Legendary Moltres,
Zapdos, Articuno and Dragonite cards! He uses Moltres most
so try for water types. Try and kill his Pokemon early before
they get a chance to build up energy. Psychic decks are also
a good choice to use heavy damage and make use of irritating
Pokemon Powers. Use Gengar’s Pokemon Power Curse to add on
extra damage to benched Pokemon. Hitmonlee and Zapdos 
(Fossil) also help to attack his bench when he has a 
Kangaskhan out.


Now you’ve beaten the Grand Masters you have the legendary 
cards. Use them to make powerful decks, which will
hopefully make you a Pokemon Trading Card Game Pro. 
There are many things to do after the Grand Masters, 
here are a few:
-Card-Pop with friends
-Complete your card collection
-Experiment with new decks
-Beat Challenge Hall
-Defeat your friends when duelling with the Link cable
-And lastly- beat Professor Mason’s Challenge Machine.
While you were busy defeating the Grand Masters,
Professor Mason received a machine to test a player’s
ability to build a deck worthy of defeating five
opponents in a row. The best deck for this would be a
Haymaker or Wiggly. For full deck listings, see 
Section 16: Winning Decks


At the exact North of the map there is a large building
called the Challenge Hall. Inside there is a regularly
held Challenge Cup. This is when you go into the arena
and enter yourself in the cup. You have to beat three
opponents in a row. But for what, you ask? A rare promo
card, which is a good way of completing your collection.
Some cards can only be obtained this way so compete 
regularly to complete your collection. The Challenge Hall
will be opened when you win your third badge (You 
receive a Movie Promo Lv.60 Mewtwo), fifth badge 
(a Lv.8 Promo Mew), then randomly after you receive all
eight badges.


In the Pokemon Trading Card Game, there are people who
do not belong to clubs that may wish to battle with you.
Some of these people can provide rare cards and booster
packs for your collection. I will list the people that
may be useful to fight and how to beat them.

People To Battle:

This is your main rival who you encounter many times.
Sometimes he’ll give you rare promo cards so it would 
be advisable to battle him.

In the Fire Club foyer: This is one of the first times
you’ll encounter Ronald. He appears once you’ve defeated 
Ken, so save before fighting him. He seems to use mostly
Water and Fire types, so a good Lightning and Water deck
will beat him.

In the Rock Club foyer: He’ll brag about how easily he 
got the medal and teases you because he thinks you’ll
never be able to get those cards, but he doesn’t want
to battle this time.

In the Lightning Club Foyer: As with the Fire Club,
Ronald appears on your way out after you defeat Isaac.
He has relatively the same Pokemon as last time, and a
good deck such as Haymaker can defeat him easily.

In the Psychic Club foyer: He is much tougher this time,
and comes out after you beat Murray.
Again, a Haymaker will easily defeat him. This time he
has a very valuable prize- a promo Jigglypuff.

Pokemon Dome: Go there when you don’t have all eight 
medals and read the gold sign next to the door. He 
doesn’t fight, but brags again.
Imakuni: This guy is weird! He’s always in a different
club lounge each time, and can be easily spotted because
he is between the bookcase and reception desk, and 
dresses all in black. There is also very weird music 
when you approach him. He also has a pair of large black
ears on his head, and always sings the Pokerap to you. 
No one knows exactly who he is, or why he’s so crazy. 
In fact, some people in the game are frightened of him,
but he’s harmless. 
         It would be very beneficial to battle him,
because he actually playsvery badly, part of this is due
to his very own strange Imakuni Trainer card. When you 
beat him, he will either give you a booster pack of 
each type- Collesium, Mystery, Laboratory and Evolution,
or every third time you beat him he gives you his Promo 
Trainer card Imakuni. It reads-

“Your active Pokemon is now confused. Imakuni wants you
to play him as a basic Pokemon, but you can’t. 
         A mysterious creature not listed in the Pokedex.
He asks kidsaround the world ‘Who is cuter- ‘Pikachu 
or me?’”

Personally, I prefer Pikachu. Anyway, this seemingly
useless card can sometimes be useful with Pokemon such as
Primeape, which does more damage when it’s confused.
But in reality, it is unlikely you would ever use this
strategy. Imakuni’s decks mostly consist of Psychic 
Pokemon, like Slowbro, Slowpoke or Psyduck, and can
be easily defeated by a Colourless deck.


To collect all the cards in the game, you’ll probably
need to trade with other people in the game. There are
a variety of people to trade with, sometimes you’ll be 
ripping them off and sometimes they’ll rip you off! But
most of the time you do need to be ripped off to
complete your collection, as the cards are only
availible that way.
     Here are most of the people you can trade with:

Isihara: This guy is the main person you want to be
speaking to if you want some good promo cards. His house
is in the very northwest point of the map. He’ll trade 
his Surfing Pikachu for your Clefable. If you want to
trade with him, either talk with the Woman in the Rock
Club lounge or the Lad in the Science Club lounge in order
to get Ishihara to trade cards each time. After you trade
him the last card, the woman at the Rock Club will inform
you that Ishihara left on a mission to get a rare card…  

Lass: Situated in the Grass Club lounge, this girl is 
somewhat shallow in the way she trades; as long as it’s
cute, she wants it. This is good as we can get a rare 
holofoil Vileplume in exchange for a common Oddish. We
can also receive an Ivy Pikachu promo in exchange for a
Clefairy. We might as well take advantage of this offer.

Gal: Situated in the Water Club lounge, this girl will
trade her rare promo Arcanine for a lowly Lapras.

Lad: This guy in the Fire Club lounge wants you to collect
lots of energy cards, which he wants you to trade with him
in exchange for the details of a hidden promo Slowbro. 
Even if you already know where this card is, trading with
him it the only way of accessing this card. A good way to
do this is to put as much of your energy cards into 
temporary decks, with only one Pokemon, then trading. 
He will reveal the location for only one energy card!
This technique will only work effectively early in the
game. If you wait until you have a lot of cards, you
can’t fit them all into decks, but you could send them
to another game, then talk to him, then get them back
from another game. If you say no the first time this
guy will disappear, shattering your hopes of easily
getting a Slowpoke promo card! The only other method is
Challenge Hall or by trading with another game.
(By the way- the card is in between the mini-library 
and the poster on the wall, though you need to trade 
with him to get it). 
Man: This guy is trying to free load you into giving
him free cards- though it doesn’t matter as the ones
he wants aren’t rare- and it’s up to you whether to
give them to him or not. Maybe he’ll pay you back

Old Man: This isn’t really a trade but this old man
in the Psychic Club lounge will give you a promo
Mewtwo if you wipe the smile off the Psychic club
master’s face by defeating him in a battle.


I hope you find my guide helpful for this game. 
If you have any comments or corrections,
please contact me using my GameFAQS profile, including
"GameFAQs Pokémon TCG Guide" in the title.

Also, this guide was written by me, Razor Leaf, and
the only place which has permission to use it is 
GameFAQs. I do not want it reproduced in any other
form without getting my approval.

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