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Solid adventure, but feels formulaic 08/22/01 airlai
This has to be one of the best Zelda games ever! 05/28/01 Anime12478
Best Zelda game in a long time! 07/17/01 birch2001
It seems as though we were visited by our past. 08/03/09 comicfire
A good curtain-call for GBC 06/27/01 Froggy W
Hooded creatures and polarity gloves... 03/03/02 HatesTheInternet
Bound to be playing it throughout the seasons 05/29/01 ibmG
The new adventure of Link couldn't be better! 09/15/01 Ice84
Classic Style, New Adventure! 06/26/01 Lexington
4 seasons 4 fun gameplay 06/04/01 lufia22
Perhaps one of the best gameboy color games.. 10/08/01 MK15
Zelda never fails to disappoint me...no exception here 06/15/01 Mr Food
It's about time for a new Game Boy Zelda game, and there aren't any flaws here. 05/24/01 ohnoitschris
Eyes...hurting...must find more...batteries... 05/29/01 Omnislasher
Never fear! Link is here! 09/03/01 Phange
A great game to tide you over till the next Zelda game. 10/14/02 Poots
The best game for GameBoy Color 01/01/03 ProtoZero
After playing this, you'll be saying “Poke´-who??!!” 06/02/01 PsYcOpInE
A great game for the end of a great system 08/16/01 TDog
Old-school gaming has never been better! 06/03/01 Tighter
Along with its counterpart, this game'll keep ya busy! 03/01/03 Walker Boh Ohmsford
Amazing game 10/10/07 wolverinefan
You don't see those kind of graphics in any other GBC game...except on the Ages version! 02/22/03 Yoshistar
Seasons to Ages 06/09/08 YuukaAstrid

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