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An extremely fun game that brings the old-school game back and so much more. 01/13/01 C-Dogg
Brilliant package with two classic Classics 09/13/01 chandlerbing
What a way to bring back some good old memories! 06/29/01 Cooper
Although easy, I'm going to tell you why this game is so much better than the original version. 06/06/08 DarkBlumiere
Several mini- games were beamed a board this game by Rebel spies! 03/11/02 Darth Vader
Amazing what you can do with technology today, isn't it? 01/13/01 Duke Nukem
Flawlessness is this game's specialty. 05/07/03 Fred Dibnah
The pixel-perfect remake of THE original Nintendo platformer. 06/17/01 geforce3
Mario's back, With a Vengeance! 10/28/00 Gruel
Synopsis? Um, OK...Mario rules! *cough* 03/13/02 HatesTheInternet
I was wanting this game on the Gameboy ever since it came out on the NES! MY DREAM CAME TRUE!!! 10/05/02 Ice Water
Everything the original had except now portable 01/13/01 Joes
Memories... 10/06/02 LordAtomic
From NES and Duckhunt to my Hand, this is truely one of the greatest games of all time. 04/26/03 MalonsLight
Dear Lord. 03/16/00 MKnightt
The original platform game is back! 01/13/01 Nemesis
A favorite for Mario Gameboy fans. 02/09/02 Paulos
This NES classic is the best game on Gameboy Color 07/28/04 plasmabeam
Mario can now finally take swimming lessons by going down the drain. 01/03/02 Pretty Hate Machine
Good old nostalgic fun! 05/01/03 SaintDarkSide
The original Mario on the GBC and it's better than ever! 06/30/01 Shenmue Fan
..............Mario 11/09/02 Shirow
Good old Mario comes to GBC 11/06/00 SuperLaunch
You'll get the original Mario game on Game Boy Color! ...but wait, there's more! 01/23/12 xXhakuhyouXx

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Classic Game Room - SUPER MARIO BROS. DELUXE for Game Boy Color review from Lord Karnage

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