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Secrets FAQ by SBAllen

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 05/31/99

Super Mario Brothers Deluxe Secrets FAQ
v.1.3 by Sailor Bacon <sailor_bacon@hotmail.com>
31 May 1999



Warning: If you want to use this guide on a web page or for any 
non-profit use, you may do so as long as it is not altered in any way. 
If anything is changed or altered at all without my written consent, not
only will you make all my work worthless, but you'll also feel really
bad about yourself for the rest of your life.

Revision History:

v.1.3 Finished the pictures so people will quit emailing me about them.

v.1.2 More Challenge Mode and awards and more corrections.

v.1.1 Added more Challenge Mode stuff and Castle Maze stuff, made 

v.1.0 Umm...everything.

Table of Contents:

1.1 - Hidden Modes
1.2 - Challenge Mode
1.3 - Album
1.4 - Toy Box
1.5 - Castle Mazes
1.6 - Misc. Tips and Tricks

1.1 Hidden Modes:

* Super Mario Bros. for Super Players - To get this mode, beat the high score (300,000)
in Original Mode. Luigi's head will appear on the title screen. Select it to
play this secret mode. What this mode actually is is the sequel to Super Mario 
Bros in Japan, the one known here as the Lost Levels from the SNES game. Pretty 
damn cool secret if I do say so myself. Has all of the levels from the game intact,
except perhaps missing World 9.. haven't found it yet anyway.

* You vs. Boo -  To get this one, get 100,000 points in Original Mode, but if you get the 
first secret mode, you'll get this one too. Race the computer controlled Boo in the Vs. 
stages. This is pretty hard since he can fly through walls and loves to hit the blocks
to screw you up. If you beat the white Boo fast enough, he changes to green and becomes 
faster near the end of the race. If you beat it fast enough, it becomes red and goes 
fast for the whole race. Beat that one fast enough and it becomes black and races at 
ludicrous speed! (How to get this mode from AWOT1@aol.com)

1.2 Challenge Mode

I haven't had much time at all to play this so I don't have too much done yet.
After my AP tests in the next few days, I'll get back to this but here's what
I've found so far. Note: Yoshi eggs are always in invisible blocks so go to
the location I inform you of and jump around to find them.


5 Red Coins:
1 - Sits right next to the mushroom block at the beginning of the stage.
2 - After the big pit, hit the 10-coin block all 10 times to get it.
3 - On the right block of the pyramid of four ?-Blocks.
4 - Just to the right of the pyramid, jump on the next brick block and
jump up to the ledge above.
5 - The last ?-Block in the stage.

Yoshi Egg: In the first of the two pyramids of normal blocks with the
holes in them, fall into the first pit (the one that doesn't kill you) and
the Yoshi Egg and jump against the left wall. There is a great picture of
this in your instruction book in the Challenge section ^_^.


5 Red Coins:
1 - The far right block in the first row of ?-Blocks.
2 - On top of the W-shaped structure of blocks
3 - After thw W and before the pit, jump up then up and to the left. It's on
the blocks where the 10-coin block is.
4 - Down down the first of the three consecutive pipes for a hidden area. Right
at the exit there is a 10-coin block. Hit it 10 times.
5 - At the top of the pyramid before the moving platforms, jump straight up.

Yoshi Egg: Right above the pipe that leads to the exit.


5 Red Coins:
1 - On the highest treetop at the beginning of the stage.
2 - On the up and down moving platform right before a ?-Block, just stand there.
3 - In between the two horizontal moving platforms.
4 - On the platform under the vertical moving Koopa Paratroopa.
5 - Just kinda sitting there at the end.

Yoshi Egg: After the two moving platforms on the treetop before the red Koopa 


5 Red Coins:
1 - Right above the ?-Block with the mushroom.
2 - Beside the first fireball windmill in the narrow passage.
3 - Beside the first fireball windmill in the bigger area.
4 - Just kinda there in the bigger area.
5 - Above Bowser.

Yoshi Egg: After the open area with the fireball windmills, there is another
open area where Bowser begins to shoot fire at you. You can hit five hidden 
blocks here in the shape of an M. The egg is in the top right one.


5 Red Coins:
1 - Above the top row of ?-Blocks in the area with two rows of them.
2 - In the row of 4 ?-Blocks then 3 more next to them, hit the last one
in the row of four. 
3 - A short distance after 2, there is a pipe right before a pit. It's right
next to the pipe.
4 - Keep going until you jump over a jump and a little wall of three blocks.
There is a 10-coin block here. You know the drill.
5 - Use the Jumping Board at the end of the stage to nab it.

Yoshi Egg: After the seven ?-blocks from 2, there is a thing in the background
that looks like a fence. Jump up to hit two invisible blocks. Use these blocks
to hit the right brick in the brick row above to get the egg. It's tricky.


5 Red Coins:
1 - Swim straight up at the beginning.
2 - Next to a piece of seaweed that is on a ledge of two blocks. Easy to see.
3 - After the pit with three coins there is a ledge of three blocks w/ seaweed.
It's to the right of the seaweed. Easy to see again.
4 - Go into the pit of coins after the Yoshi Egg and it's right at the bottom
of the screen.
5 - Right at the end of the swimming, on the top ledge.

Yoshi Egg: Right above the pit with four coins in a U-shape, hit the area to the
right of the last block of the ceiling is.


5 Red Coins:
1 - On the 2nd part of the bridge after the W-shaped coins, it is in the upside-down
U-shaped coins.
2 - Right after the mushroom block.
3 - On the lower portion of the bridge a little after 2.
4 - On the part of the bridge with holes.
5 - Right before the flag.

Yoshi Egg: On the green treetop in the middle of the stage, right in the center.


5 Red Coins:
1 - After the mushroom block, against the right wall. Easy to see.
2 - At the end of the two paths of fireball windmills, on top.
3 - In the area with the moving platforms, get on the left side and wait till you
are near the top then jump to the left.
4 - A smidge before Bowser. Easy to see.
5 - Above Bowser.

Yoshi Egg: In the open area with 6 coins and a block one space off of the ground,
get on the block and jump straight up. A hidden block appears. Get on it and jump
straight up for the egg.


5 Red Coins:
1 - Right after the mushroom block, hit the middle of the three brick blocks.
2 - Take the 2nd pipe to the hidden area. On the right side, hit the block
symmetrical to the block with the power up in it.
3 - Where the Hammer Bros. are, hit the ?-Block on the upper left
4 - In the area with four seperate ?-Blocks surrounded on either side by bricks,
hit the upper left one.
5 - After 4 comes a wall of blocks. The coin is against the right side.

Yoshi Egg: After 3, you come to two rows of bricks. Hit the bottom 
right one without landing in the pit.


5 Red Coins:
1 - After the last Koopa Troopa in the first large set of enemies.
2 - Jump onto the mushroom block then jump off to the right.
3 - Sitting on the right side of the small area with the little wall 
and the high brick. Easy to see.
4 - You can see this one high in the air. To get it, jump around a little
to the right of it to find a group of hidden blocks.
5 - Leap high into the air off of the pipe after 4.

Yoshi Egg: At 4, keep jumping around to make a pyramid of blocks. At the peak,
you get your egg.


5 Red Coins:
1 - Drop down to the bottom treetop at the beginning.
2 - Drop down from the three consecutive treetops with one space between them.
3 - After two, get on the right side of the seesaw ledges and ride it till the
last possible second.
4 - After the vertical Koopa Paratroopa, can't miss it.
5 - At the very end. Play with the seesaw ledges to get it.

Yoshi Egg: On the very long treetop in the middle of the stage, jump around
where the clouds are.


5 Red Coins:
1 - On the second area with the fireball windmills. Can't miss it.
2 - Jump onto the ?-Blocks where the mushroom is and jump to the right. It's
way up there. Must be the shoes.
3 - Just kinda there between the windmills.
4 - Easy to see but a major pain in the ass to get. You must make a very small 
jump over the pit of fire to get it while dodging Bowser's flames and the Podoboo 
flying up at you! Annoying indeed.
5 - Hard to see but just jump to the left of the blocks above Bowser.

Yoshi Egg: After 3, there is a strangely large area with nothing in it. Jump
around near the center to make a few secret blocks and the egg appear.


5 Red Coins:
1 - In the higher of the first 2 ?-Blocks.
2 - In the upper left block of the next four ?-Blocks.
3 - Jump high to the right off of the first pipe after 2.
4 - Hit the left block of the bottom right area of the large 
block structure.
5 - Take care of the very last block in the stage, a 10 coin variety.

Yoshi Egg: At the very end of the stage, right before the stairway to the
exit, jump around to find a hidden block. The Yoshi Egg is right above it.


5 Red Coins:
1 - Easy enough. Just go forward at the beginning of the stage. It's all by
2 - After the big tall pipe (and after the infamous warp zone), hit the brick
block between two pipes.
3 - Between the vertical platforms, land on the ground and hit the 2nd block
from the left in the bottom row.
4 - At the next vertical platform section, look up and get the coin near
the ceiling. Use the platforms to help if necessary.
5 - Right before the exit pipe, fall from the tall pipe and get the coin
right up against it. Easy to see.

Yoshi Egg: Against the left side of the pipe that you fell from for 5 is your goal.


5 Red Coins:
1 - To get the first coin, which is very easy to see, you must jump towards it and
ricochet off of the bottom of the shroom above it to land on the shroom to the right
without getting hit by the Koopa Troopa or Koopa Paratroopa down there. So watch for 
them and make sure they're out of the way.
2 - Use the seesaw platforms for this easy to spot one after 1.
3 - Go to the bottom shroom after the two moving platforms after 2.
4 - Ride the right side of the third seesaw platform in a row all the way down.
5 - On the shroom right before the moving platform by the exit, jump to the left.

Yoshi Egg: When you land on the bottom shroom after getting 5, go to the cloud and
jump up. Voila!


5 Red Coins:
1 - Take the top road and then you'll see where you need to fall down to get it.
2 - After correctly going through the first maze part, you'll see this guy near
the lava. Just jump and grab it.
3 - Take the top path then fall down to this one.
4 - After correctly going through the 2nd maze part, you'll see this against the
wall high above. Jump towards it to hit a secret block then use it to get the coin.
5 - Bowser guards this one.

Yoshi Egg: A little to the right of 2, there is a weird looking configuration of
wall tiles. The egg is about 4 Mario-lengths to the right of 2.


5 Red Coins:
1 - Look up above the 2nd pipe to see this guy taunting you. You've gotta do a running
jump from on top of the pipe to get it and when you do it's a sure bet that the piranha
plant will come out so you'd better find a better place to land. It's possible to get it
from the pipe of the left though, probably easier if you time it right.
2 - On the weird sideways L-shaped platform, the third block is a 10-coin block. Yep.
3 - To the right of the first Bullet Bill shooter. Easy to see and to get.
4 - Right above the pipe in the air near a Bullet Bill shooter that takes you to a
hidden area.
5 - Take the pipe in the air near a Bullet Bill shooter to a hidden area. The block on 
the right is a 10 coin block. You know what to do.

Yoshi Egg: At the stairway to the flagpole there is a hole. Fall in it and jump against
the right side.


5 Red Coins:
1 - Near the beginning there are two rows of brick blocks. Hit the bottom right one.
2 - Go down the pipe after 1 to get to a secret swimming level. 2 is in the middle
of this level. You can't miss it.
3 - A little ways after exiting the secret swimming area you see two blocks that are
one height off of the ground. The left one is a 10-coin block. Take care of it.
4 - After 3 you see a row of five blocks way up in the air. Underneath the middle one
is a secret block. Use it to hit the middle block above, which is a 10-coin variety.
5 - Keep going to the right then jump up to the ledge above the piranha plant pipe with
pits on both sides. The red coin is up there.

Yoshi Egg: Go to the block structure after 1. There is a little indention on the right
side of it. Stand in the indention and jump.


5 Red Coins:
1 - Fall to the lowest treetop at the beginning of the stage.
2 - Right at the beginning of the horizontal moving platforms.
3 - On the 2nd horizontal moving platform.
4 - After the platforms, get on the high treetop and look up to the left.
5 - Underneath the vertical moving Koopa Paratroopa.

Yoshi Egg: At the very end of the level, hug the wall next to the flagpole
and jump.


5 Red Coins:
1 - Right after the bigass windmill. Tap the jump button to get it.
2 - Take the high road after 1.
3 - On the left side of the vertical moving platforms.
4 - Run under the fireball windmill after the platforms.
5 - Hit the fourth block from the left above Bowser. This one's annoying.

Yoshi Egg: Before getting 4, hug the left wall in the dip where the windmill
is and jump.


5 Red Coins:
1 - When you come to the first stairway, fall down the hole in it. Easy to see.
2 - After the stairway, hit the leftmost block in the row of brick blocks above
the pit. It's a 10-coin block.
3 - In the open area after the first pipe after 2, stand in the center of the
dark green mountain in the background and jump. A hidden block should appear. 
Use it to jump to the right to snag the coin.
4 - Just kinda sitting  precariously near an edge. Can't miss it.
5 - Near the end there are three rows of brick blocks going downwards. Stand on the
third one and hit the right block of the 2nd one for the 10-coin block of choice.

Yoshi Egg: At the very beginning of the stage, stand just to the right of the castle
and jump. A hidden block appears. Get on it and jump to the left to expose another
one. Jump off it to the left to expose the egg.


5 Red Coins:
1 - Go down the very first pipe for this little guy.
2 - After the pipe in the air, there are two rows of brick blocks. Get on the pipe in
between them and jump to expose a hidden block. Use it to get the coin above.
3 - Stand on the pipe right after the second floating pipe and hit the brick.
4 - Right before the pipe with the staircase on the left side, hit the middle block
in the bottom right row.
5 - Go down the pipe with the staircase and hit the block above the pipe.

Yoshi Egg: Right at 2, hit the rightmost block of the first row of blocks and use the
hidden block to claim your prize.


5 Red Coins:
1 - To the right of the first jumping board.
2 - Stand on the vertical platform after the ?-Block.
3 - After the balancing platforms, jump to the top treetop to get it.
4 - To the right of the 2nd jumping board.
5 - Ride the last dropping platform as far down as possible and make a leap of
faith to the right to snag the coin and land by the flagpole.

Yoshi Egg: After 4, go to the bottom treetop.


5 Red Coins:
1 - After the ?-Block at the beginning.
2 - After the narrow tunnel of fireball windmills and right as you enter the wider
section, hug the left wall and jump.
3 - You'll see it as you keep walking through the fireball windmills. Hard to miss.
4 - Right before entering Bowser's room, jump up towards the right wall.
5 - Right before the axe to knock down Bowser. Watch out for hammers!

Yoshi Egg: Directly to the right of the first fireball windmill.


5 Red Coins:
1 - At the row of four ?-Blocks, hit the 3rd one from the left.
2 - In the long rows of blocks with the Hammer Bros., hit the fourth block from the
left on the bottom row. It's a 10-coin block. I hope you know what to do.
3 - Go down the pipe after 2, find the hidden block above the pipe exit and use it
to get this one.
4 - In the area with the next Hammer Bros., hit the middle block of the top row.
It's one of those crazy 10-coin thingies.
5 - Hit the left block above the staircase after the jumping board.

Yoshi Egg: Right after 5, stand in the middle block between the two staircases and
jump to expose the egg.


5 Red Coins:
1 - Swim straight up from the first row of three blocks you encounter.
2 - Drop down the left edge of the first big pit all the way to the bottom.
3 - On top of a big long pink corel structure near the top of the water a little
ways after 2.
4 - In between two pink corels right after the 2nd big pit.
5 - Against the very far right edge of the swimming part of the stage.

Yoshi Egg: Swim against the left wall of the 3rd big pit.


5 Red Coins:
1 - Right at the start, go up the mini stairway and jump really high.
2 - On the 3rd part of the bridge, look up to see the coin way above you. Jump directly
underneath it to make a hidden block appear.
3 - Up between the first and second part of the part of the bridge with the holes
in it.
4 - Right after 3.
5 - When the bridge ends, look up to see this coin. There's a hidden block directly to 
the left of it.

Yoshi Egg: On the very first part of the bridge, align with the 2nd leg holding up the
bridge and jump up to get it.


5 Red Coins:
1 - Ride the 2nd falling platform all the way possible. Be careful!
2 - Up in the left corner in the area before the maze starts.
3 - Take the bottom (incorrect) path after the first maze section. It's up in the corner
near the fireball windmill.
4 - Continue along the bottom path to run into this one.
5 - In Bowser's room.

Yoshi Egg: During the first maze segment, after taking the bottom path, hug the left wall
and jump up to find the rascal.


5 red coins:
1 - At the first section with the holes in it, run straight
across the holes.
2 - Go down the 4th pipe and hit the left block. It is of the
10-coin variety.
3 - In the fenced-in area with the Koopa Paratroopa, stand in
the middle and jump to find a hidden block. Use it to hit the
10-coin block and score the coin.
4 - After 3, hit the last block in the long row of blocks.
5 - After the little stairway, there is a little enclosed area
with a Koopa Troopa in it. The coin is in there.

Yoshi Egg: Near the end of the stage, there is a one-space
standing area surrounded by two big holes.  Stand there and
jump straight up.


5 red coins:
1 - Just before the jumping board, there is a hidden block to
the left of the blocks above. Use it to get up on the blocks
and get the coin.
2 - Hit the right block of the two blocks before the Bullet
3 - Right at the section with the pipe and the two one-space
walking areas, jump carefully to the right.
4 - Go down the pipe after 3 and two spaces to the left of the
pipe. Jump up and expose a hidden block. Use it to assault the
10-coin block above it.
5 - After the mini-stairway, drop down before the Bullet Bill.

Yoshi Egg: After 3, get between the two pipes and align with
the thing in the background and jump.

1 - At the very beginning of the stage, walk to the left side and
jump to see a hidden block. Get on it and jump to the right.
2 - Above the Hammer Bros. you'll find this one.
3 - Right after 2, it sits upon the staircase.
4 - At the next set of Hammer Bros., hit the 4th block from the
left in the top row.
5 - At the exit, go to the top step and jump to the left.

Yoshi Egg: After 4, align with the tree next to the castle background and
jump up to magically create a secret block. Now get upon it and stand near the
right edge and jump up to get the egg.

1 - Right at the beginning. Just jump high to get it.
2 - Above the lava pit. Time your jump to get it and land on the moving platform.
3 - Before taking the pipe to the swimming part, go to the right and snag this one.
4 - In the swimming area, this one is right where the tunnel narrows for a few 
seconds. Dodge the fireball windmill and the bloober and swim to the top.
5 - Right above the axe in Bowser's lair.

Yoshi Egg: In the swimming part, it is located right above the entrance. Swim
straight up from the left side of the pipe.

1.3 Album:

Page 1:
Upper Left - Toad Award for filling the score bar in Challenge Mode.
(Thanks to Isaac Best <cerebus@impulse.net> for this pic)
Lower Left - Bowser Award for beating 8*4 in Original Mode.
Center - Mario Award for clearing 8-4 in Original Mode.
Upper Right - Peach Award for getting all medals in Challenge Mode.
(Thanks to Isaac Best <cerebus@impulse.net> for this pic)
Lower Right - Yoshi Award for clearing the Super Players Mode.

Page 2:
Upper Left - Get fireworks after beating a stage. See tips for details.
Middle Left - Play Vs. Mode with a friend.
Lower Left - Get the red coins in Challenge Mode
(Thanks to NCEPNews@aol.com for this pic)
Upper Middle - Get a 1-up Mushroom
Middle Middle ^_^ - Rescue Peach from the clutches of Bowser
Lower Middle - Get all the high score medals in Challenge Mode
(Thanks to Socks521@aol.com for this pic)
Upper Right - Find a vine in the game.
Middle Right - Use the infrared link to trade scores with a friend.
(Thanks to Rob L. <agis@bright.net> for this pic)
Lower Right - Get all the Yoshi Eggs in Challenge Mode 
(Thanks to Isaac Best <cerebus@impulse.net> for this pic)

Page 3:
Upper Left - Kill a Little Goomba (tough, huh?)
Middle Left - Kill a Cheep-Cheep
Lower Left - Kill a Koopa Troopa
Upper Middle - Kill a Bloober
Middle Middle - Kill a Hammer Bro.
Lower Middle - Kill a Spiny
Upper Right - Kill a Lakitu
Middle Right - Kill a Bullet Bill
Lower Right - Kill a Buzzy Beetle.

Page 4:
One big picture. Kill the Bowsers from the first four worlds with fireballs.

Page 5:
One big picture. Kill the Bowsers from the last four worlds with fireballs.

1.4 Toy Box:

By doing certain things in the game, you will gain new features in the
Toy Box that you can play with. Here are all of the Toy Box features and
how to get them.

1. Calendar - The calendar is available as soon as you get the game. This
is a fully functioning calendar where you can put notes and remarks on
all of the days. It goes up to the year 3000!

2. Fortune Telling - A cheesy little game where you can have your fortune
told. You also have this when you get the game. Here are the 5 fortunes
you can get: Extremely Lucky (Peach Head), Very Lucky (Mario Head), 
Lucky (Luigi Head), Unlucky (Turtle Shell), Extremely Unlucky (Bowser Head)

3. Mystery Cave - You get this once you've rescued any Toad or you've rescued
Peach in the Original Game. You can talk to all of the ones that you have
saved and do various things:

Toad Lvl 1 - Banner - Can make some weird banners to print with the Game Boy

Toad Lvl 2 - Animation - See some animation frames from the game.

Toad Lvl 3 - Pictures - Make some pictures with any message beside them.

Toad Lvl 4 - Banner - Some more banners to print.

Toad Lvl 5 - Pictures - Some more pictures. No messages though.

Toad Lvl 6 - Music Banner - Banner pictures where you can make your own
music to play! Fun for minutes! It's actually kinda cool to play with. If
people want I might try to put some extra info about this feature.

Toad Lvl 7 - Animation - More animation.

Peach - Music Picture - Pick a picture and make some music for it. This
picture automatically loads when you start-up your game in the future.

I'm not sure if these are in the right order so don't assassinate me if
they aren't. Rather, email me and let me know.

4. Yoshi - Once you find one Yoshi Egg in Challenge Mode, this feature
opens. A stage is randomly selected and you get to see a screen shot of 
where the Yoshi Egg is in that stage. The screen shots are obscure so
this feature doesn't necessarily help you find the eggs that much. I'm
glad or else what fun would that be.

1.5 Castle Mazes

Original Mode:

4-4: When first presented with two paths, take the top road. You should hear a
confirmation noise when you do so. Now drop down to the floor and take that
path. Ta da!

7-4: First, take the bottom path. When you have three choices, jump up and take
the middle path. When it ends, jump to the top. Now take the top road with the fireball
windmill until you hear the noise then drop to the ground. Go under the first path then
jump up to the middle road. Finally, follow the top road. Ta da!

8-4: Go forward until the pass the lava pit. Then take the first pipe. Okay, now follow 
the new path until you see a pipe in the air. Hit the hidden block to the left of it then
take the pipe. Avoid the flying Cheep-Cheeps and take the pipe right after the fire pit.
You're swimming now! Go through the swimming section and then continue. Avoid or kill the
Hammer Bro. and take out Bowser to save Peach!

1.6 Misc. Tips and Tricks

- In 1P Mode, press select before a stage to switch between Mario and Luigi.

- Hold up or down to make the screen shift. This comes in handy when you
can't see the ground or when Lakitu is above you and you can't quite see him.

- Finish a stage with 1, 3, or 6 as the last digit in your time to get the
same number of fireworks shot. Each shot is worth 500 points. Good to boost
score in Challenge Mode or to get one of the pictures.

- After beating the game, you can play through the stages again with harder
difficulty. They are notated with stars instead of dashes, like 1*1, not 1-1.

- On swimming stages, walk on the ground and the bloobers (squids) cannot
hurt you, even if they go right through your head.

-Be careful about picking up items in the air. Mario tends to play with gravity
when he gets an item in air, suddenly becoming heavier than Metal Mario from 
Mario 64.

-Be careful when using select to adjust the screen because in doing so you may
disturb the easy to avoid pattern of some enemies by causing them to bump into
each other at the wrong time, making things hectic.


Thanks to Nintendo for making such a great blast to the past! I really enjoy
playing this game and I'm playing it more than FF8! I'm serious! For legality
purposes, Mario, Super Mario Bros., and all other characters from the game
are copyright to Nintendo 1985-1999. 

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