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Game Shark Codes by NightWalker Duelist

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/05/04

Game     :Star Ocean Blue Sphere
Platform :Gameboy Color
Company  :Enix/Tri-Ace
Author   :NightWalker Duelist
FAQ title:Gameshark Codes
FAQ note :Use these Codes at own Risk!
Email	   :blood_clan36@hotmail.com

Copyright Notice
This FAQ is only to be used for self purposes only.It shall not be distributed
or given out in any way at all.The contents of this document shall not be
change at any cost and It can only be found at http://www.gamefaqs.com.If you
find it in any other site please inform me.

Author's Notice
This is my first try in this FAQ writing thing and since I'm not much good at
it yet I hope you will give me support.If you spot any grammar mistake in this
document please let me know.Note that I hacked these codes on my own.I'll
update as soon as I have the time.

1st Slot Infinite HP - 91ffddcf
2nd Slot Infinite HP - 91ffddd0
3rd Slot Infinite HP - 91ffddd1

1st Slot Infinite MP - 91ffe1d0
2nd Slot Infinite MP - 91ffe1d1
3rd Slot Infinite MP - 91ffe1cf

Infinite Cash - 91ff60c3 and 91ff61c3

Infinite SP - 91ff62c3 and 91ff63c3

How to use the codes properly

Well I've tested some of the codes on my Gameboy Color and in the computer

For the HP and MP codes you can keep it on for the rest of the game if you like
feeling invincible.And these only work in battle.

For cash you should really switch off the codes after buying what you want or
every single item in your inventory could be glitched, so be careful.

Infinite SP is one of my favourite codes in the game!!It lets you distribute as
many points as you want to ALL characters in your current party.Note that if
your stats are to high you have a 40% chance of not being able to learn any new

Note:If the codes don't work for some reason replace the 91XXXXXX with 01XXXXXX
instead.If that doesn't work email me.

Future things to Add
Items Modifier Code
Infinite Items
Infinite Combo in Battle
Character Stats Code

To me  - For writing this FAQ

To GOD - For making me human.

To Aussie2B and Mephisto - For their wonderful walkthrough.

To Enix/Tri-Ace - For making this wonderful game!!

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