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FAQ/Walkthrough by Double Mephisto

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 10/28/03

                 _______________   ____     ______
                /  ______   ____| |    |   |   _  \
               |   \__   | |     |  /\  |  |  |_|  |
                \__   \  | |     |  --  |  |      /
             ______\   | | |    |   __   | |  |\  \____
            |_________/  |_|    |__|  |__| |__| \______|
               ____    _____    ___     ___     ____
              / __ \  /  ___\  / _ \   | _ |   |  _ \
             | |  | | | |     | ____| |  V  |  | | | |
             | |__| | | |____ | |___  |  _  |  | | | |
              \____/  \_____/  \___/ |__| |__| |_| |_|

                            BLUE SPHERE

Walkthrough Info:


Version: 1.1
Game System: Gameboy Color
Author: Double Mephisto
Date Finalized: October 28, 2003
E-mail me at: project_ice@hotmail.com



I. Some Explaining to do…
II. Introduction
III. Walkthrough
     A. Mile Dungeon
          1. Opening Sequences
          2. Enemies in woods around Scout Village
          3. Enemies in Mile Dungeon
     B. Garp Dungeon
          1. Monsters in Rupart Jungle
          2. Garp Dungeon Enemies
     C. Gravis Forest
          1. Enemies in Gravis Forest
          2. Gravis Forest Continued…
          3.Underground Passage Monsters
     D. Ralf & Crane Dungeons
          1. Ralf Dungeon Enemies
          2. Crane Dungeon Enemies
          3. Banisu City
          4. Nusa Cave Monsters
          5. Desert Enemies
     E. Knott Laboratory
          1. Knott Laboratory Enemies
          2. Gravis Forest Enemies
          3. Sunerupentesu Enemies
          4. Underground Combs Enemies
     F. Aqua City
          1. Aqua Enemies
          2. Aqua (area 2) Enemies
     G. Grand Knott
          1. Grand Knott Enemies
          2. Ex Trokia Enemies
          3. Cosmo City
          4. Final Level Enemies
IV. Bonus Dungeon
V. Future Updates
VI. Thanks to…



Yo. For all ‘yal folks out there that just hate stumbling upon a major spoiler
whilst in the process of reading a walkthrough, then I can pretty much
guarantee you that this guide that I’ve written will pose you no problems of
that sort at all. That’s mostly due to the fact that I can’t read Japanese,
thereby eliminating the possibility of me telling you how the story plays out.
Well, accurately anyway. So just how good can a walkthrough be if the person
writing it can’t even speak the language of the game? Quite good, actually.
I can get from point A to point B, give you a heads up on tough areas or bosses,
and even help to crack some of the tougher puzzles this game has to offer.

So basically I’ve invented a real monstrosity here… A “Blue Sphere Guide to
the Japanese Illiterate.”

That in mind, let me also point out that, with the exception of the final and
optional bosses, I haven’t a clue what any of the enemy’s names are in this game.
No worries, I just call them what they are. If it looks like a big cat, then
that’s what it’s called. If it’s a blob, then I’ll say ‘Blob,’ and when more
than one blob shows up I’ll call them by color, or distinguish them by which is
tougher, such as ‘Red Blob,’ or ‘Super Blob.’ Simple, no?



In Star Ocean the Second Story a team of heroes came together to battle against
an indescribably powerful force that literally threatened to annihilate the
entire universe. Years have passed since then, and everyone is now going about
their lives happily and uneventfully. That is until one day when Precis receives
a distress call from Opera and Ernest, who have crash-landed on a distant planet.
Precis is able to gather all her old comrades except for Claude and Rena and is
now headed towards the planet Blue Sphere on a recon mission to save her old




1. Opening Sequences:

The story starts with Precis and the cast of Star Ocean The Second Story crash
landing on a planet called Blue Sphere. After Precis checks up on everyone you
get your choice of who to play as. I’ve chosen Dias as the lead character of
this story, as he’s the only one I’m going to use.

Heading out of the ship to explore the surrounding area, you find a kid walking
around in the woods, he runs from you. You find him later on getting attacked by
a bulldog looking monster. After beating the monster, the kid takes you to his
grandfather and the two of them have a long talk with you; my guess – considering
how busted up the town looks – is that the cave to the north, which you go to
next, has been spewing out monsters that attack the city, destroying houses
and killing people. You head out after that, north of the town (Scout Village),
to the cave (Mile Dungeon).

2. Enemies in woods around Scout Village:

Bull Dog: It can clobber you with a ridiculously huge bone if you give it the
chance too. It’s fairly easy though.
Rice Pile: A little blobby thing that’s pretty easy to kill.

3. Enemies in Mile Dungeon:

Rolly Polly: A big metal beetle creature. It can roll up, making itself
temporarily invincible. Its neck can stretch out to snap at you, but not overly
Bull Dog: Same as the ones you fought earlier.
Spider Drone: A pitifully weak robot. It can head-butt you if you’re right in
front of it.

Mile Dungeon can be a bit of a maze, especially when you don’t know what you’re
supposed to be doing in there. Look around until you find a Key Card which will
unlock the door to the stair case, go up a floor and out of the stair case and
you’ll be confronted by the kid you saved earlier. It looks kind of like he’s
following you but doesn’t want you to know. Any time in the dungeon you come across
desks be sure to check them, both sides, as they have items in them. Also there’s
a whole lot of things that Dias can smash apart with his sword, both in here and
in the town. Keep going and you’ll find a switch that after being used will invoke
another scene of you spying the kid that’s following you. Besides that, you can now
return to the main area where the escalator is and go up an extra floor to eventually
find the kid in danger yet again and a bunch of soldiers dead. This time a giant
rat monster is attacking him!

He can claw at you as well as dash forward using his body like a drill. If you’ve
been upping your skills properly then not much that the rat does will really be
able to harm you at all. The rat has a tendency to run from you, forcing you to
chase after. This running backwards will often make your attacks miss, pretty
annoying if you’ve just used up a lot of MP on a special attack and the rat was off
the screen when it occurred. One good long combo will be able to finish the rat.

The kid will yell about something after the fight and then run home. After collecting
your hard-earned treasure, make your way back out of the cave and go back to the kid’s
house to speak with his grandfather again. Once done in here, leave the house. At
the bottom of the screen there was a man standing in front of some rubble before,
and now he has stepped away from it. You’ll need to bomb the rubble to get out of
the town; do this by selecting option on the top of the menu, and then the top option
of three options that come up from there. Now you’ll be at a point where you select
which character, it won’t work for Dias, but it will for some, I chose Ashton for
this. Press ‘select’ to switch between characters on the main screen. It’ll be the
last option besides the one in the brackets. Make sure you plant the bomb right on
top of the rubble. The rubble will blow up, and you’ll be able to get out of this town.

Outside of Scout Village, a con-artist looking man will approach you. After a talk,
he’ll enter the town you just left. I guess he was just passing through, because if
you head back into town he’ll be gone.


1. Monsters in Rupart Jungle:

Rice Pile: Same as one listed above…
Great Ape: A huge gorilla that’s really strong and attacks fast with the back side
of his hand. Attack as fast as you can before he gets a shot off.
Killer Bee: It has a whole lot of HP and zips around the screen super fast. Luckily
its attack isn’t all the high or it could be troublesome. They emerge from under
bushes you cut.
Viper: It’ll strike fast, interrupting your attacks. Its bite is poisonous.
Rolly Polly: Same as the one from the last dungeon.
Owl: It’ll try to kick you with its super long legs. It has higher HP than most of
the enemies you’ve faced so far. It can blow you away with gusts of wind. He also
has a tendency to back away while you’re in the middle of a combo, breaking your
Neon Frog: This orange fellow will jump away from your every attack, so you’ll have
to use long-ranged maneuvers to hit it. Besides that, its tong is poisonous, so
you’d want to keep your distance anyway.
Ox: As big and furious as it looks, it’s actually quite weak. It has a fast charge
attack which will usually smack around everyone in your party.
Galaxy Burst: A specter of blue and red energy. Extremely deadly bursts of energy
are fired from it every now and then. It’s worth a lot of experience if you can beat

Arrival in Aba City… It certainly reminds me a lot of this modern day Earth, the
typical rural area anyway. Just go north until you reach the place with the guards
on either side. Go into it, it’s the King’s castle. At the top the King will turn
you away, and he’ll yell at you if you try to take any treasure in the room. Leave
the room after being yelled at, then go back in and speak to him again. This time a
conversation will break out, and he’ll end up ordering you to go to Garp Dungeon,
which is back in Rupart Jungle.

You’ll need to travel far left and then up a long ways to find Garp Dungeon. Upon
entering it Ashton will have some inner monologue with his two dragons.

2. Garp Dungeon Enemies:

Stone Warthog: It has a good deal of life and can push you way back with its sand
attack. It can use its big forehead as a shield.
Viper: The poisonous snake appears here too.
Red Rolly Polly: Just like its brethren, but stronger.
Lizard: A doped-up looking creature.
Skeloton Turtle: This huge creature is a sub-boss in its own right. It can pull
itself into its shell for temporary invincibility, shoot its neck out super far
to attack, and has a ton of HP. When it begins spinning really fast, hit it quickly
to keep it from attacking.

In this place, you’ll need to switch to Ashton a lot to use his dragon fire to burn
away bundles of poles that Dias’ sword can’t cut. The main goal is to head north
until you find an area with two treasure chests that are on a platform higher than
you can reach. Go to the room above that room and fall through the holes in the floor
to reach the chests, inside one is a key card.

MID-BOSS: Sprout Tree

When you enter its room, a weird scene will occur where those gray vines start
appearing and disappearing everywhere. Then, the battle. As a sprout on the
ground it’s invincible. Run over to it, then when the sprout goes underground run
away from it fast! As soon as the huge head comes up out of the ground trying to
eat you, attack it. Repeat until it dies.

You’ll eventually run into another one of those Sprout Trees later on, though the
second one seemed much easier than the first. I, myself, haven’t bought a single
thing from any store yet as I’m not sure exactly what I’d be buying (tutorial on
buying items later in guide), because of which I take a little extra time to fight
every monster I see and run from nothing; I’m only stating this because this is my
recommendation: fight everything you see, even if you’ve fought the same Viper in
the same room a dozen times, you should still go for the full baker’s dozen!


This walking whale of woe is, quite simply, probably easier to beat than Red Rolly
Polly monsters in this dungeon. I’d like to list its offensive/defensive moves,
but unfortunately I killed it before it ever had a chance to bust a move. It’s
very slow, so strike quickly and you can do the same as I did.

Go into your Items menu and select the Rabbit, it’ll teleport you back to your ship.
You can heal up there, then step back in the teleporter to return to Aba City. Go
back to speak with the King, he’ll give you another key card. On your way out of
town, you’ll find a guard messing with some girl, you run down to check out what’s
going on, and end up getting thrown into jail! Just walk strait down and a guy will
spark up a conversation with you, saying something about Floor 21. Up and to the
right is a man in gold who will challenge you to a whole bunch of fights. In this

Frog Drone: Actually pretty tough, he’ll keep shooting at you when you approach,
forcing you to use ranged attacks to hit him. He also has a ton of HP, as well as
the ability to Confuse you.

Go left after this, you’ll be able to go through the door behind the guard there
which leads to an elevator. You’re on Floor 72, and after beating the robot the
gold armored guy sent after you you’ll have unlocked Floor 103. Go to it and
explore, then return to fight with the gold man to the right of Floor 72 again,
then return to the left side to go to the new floor… keep doing this until Floor 21
is unlocked. The Frog Drones, as well as the monsters listed below, return again
and again as you progress through the prison.

Triple Drone: Three spheres connected by lines. It can fire lasers at you three at
a time. Occasionally it will run from battle.
Eye Drone: This giant purple robot has a very high level of strength and can
take out even the toughest of characters with just a couple of his extended punches.
Catch him in a combo and don’t let him out.
Red Drone: This robot is much easier than the ones you’re used to. It’ll fall fast.
Shark Drone: It can power up its ‘beak’ to unleash a huge laser, but it takes a long
time so you’ll easily be able to either attack first or back away.

BOSS ENCOUNTER: Boxing Turtle Drone

This freaky looking white and orange creature can produce needle-like things
that fly around zapping lasers at you, also it has a rather nasty flame-thrower
that you should watch out for. It moves around fast and shoots lasers at you
when you get close. Your best bet is to keep your distance until it lands, then
rush forward and attack!

After this is over, get the stuff from the two chests then find the warp to get
out of this area. Go talk to the guy at the bar to get your bunny teleporter back,
then head north to leave this place. Once you get out, you’ll be back in Aba City’s
castle, as you’re leaving town… you’ll run into Ernest! He’ll join you. From here,
head strait down and you’ll eventually enter Slave Village. Talk to a guy to exit
right, and strait into Gravis Forest.


1. Enemies in Gravis Forest:

Stag Beetle: It has a heavy defense and HP count, but it’s still relatively weak.
Owl: Same as before.
Red Rolly Polly: Same as before.
Tree Sprout: The old sub-boss returns here as a normal enemy.

This forest is a horrible maze-like place. By what I’ve seen, you’ll know you’re
going the right way when you see a Stag Beetle; so keep following them to eventually
find the exit to Agit.

Ernest will have a few words with a person who confronts you just as you enter town.
You’ll enter the person’s house and what I suppose is a deep conversation will take
place. Some kid with striped hair will enter, apparently mad at Ernest about
something(from what I can gather anyway). After this, just when you thought you’d
never have to see Gravis Forest again… ARUGH! It’s time to go RIGHT BACK into it;
head north from the town and into an even larger version of the forest you just
crawled out of…

2. Gravis Forest Continued…:

Stag Beetle: Same as before.
Red Bee: Tougher and faster than the Killer Bee, but pretty much the same.
Dancing Ape: He can summon a huge block to fall on you out of nowhere! Then the
sucker actually laughs at you if you’re hit… How inconsiderate!

BOSS ENCOUNTER: Baboon of Doom

This boss really goes ape on you. He fights as if only monkeying around. Give him
the chance, and he’ll make a monkey out of you. He… I don’t know anymore ape-puns…
Anyway, he has one of Donkey Kong’s signature moves, spinning around with his arms
stretched out. Remember, holding ‘down’ will let you block during battle, this will
cut down a lot of the punishment this ape causes. He also beats his chest needlessly
at times, this is your biggest opportunity to attack without getting hit first.

You’ll take a second to explore through the wreckage at the tree-tops, finding
a weird red crystal. After this a guy will show up and, after a chat, tense
music begins playing and the guy dies. You’ll automatically show up back at
Agit, a guy kneeling nearby. There’s been an attack! The Boxing Turtle Drone,
once boss, has now flooded Agit in great number. Kill all three of them, then
duel with the red robot to speak with some guy who I guess fills you in on what
all happened. You’ll find yourself outside Slave Village where a few near-dead
soldiers greet you at the gate. Two kids, included the striped hair kid from
earlier, will be surrounding a large red robot. They’ll fight it and fail to beat
it, then, of course, you show up and take matters into your own hand.

BOSS ENCOUNTER: Elephant Drone

This big sucker has some laser tusks and can charge up for a big attack. However,
two decent combos or one really good one will kill it easily.

After this, head down a screen to find a long latter that eventually leads to
Nusa Beach, but as soon as you get there you’ll find it best to leave and take
on the challenge of two optional dungeons first, Ralf Dungeon and Crane Dungeon;
then return to Nusa Beach.

3. Underground Passage Monsters:

Red Rolly Polly: Same as before.
Grey Rolly Polly: Has about four times the power of the red one.

Remember the large building on your way to Aba City? It was guarded before,
but now it’s your next target. Head there, speak with the guard and you can


1. Ralf Dungeon Monsters:

Rice Pile: Same super weak thing it was before.
Triple Drone: Same as above.
Red Rolly Polly: Same as above.
Boxing Turtle Droid: Same as above.
Red Viper: A very deadly version of the Viper family.
Neon Guard Drone: A wigged out looking robot, colored black and red.
Bull Dog: Same as above.
Bull: Same as above.
Blue Bull Dog: A small deal tougher than a normal one.
Red Bull Dog: A faster, yet still weak, Bull Dog.

The worst dungeon by far, so far. Some words of advise, watch your footing very
carefully, pay attention to everything around you, check everything that looks
remotely suspicious, and never give up no matter how lost you think you are. The
purpose of this place is to find all the batteries for the generators in the basement
of this place, they’re in chests scattered throughout this dungeon. Also there are
a lot of nasty enemies in this place, but on the bright side they’ll be worth a ton
of experience in the long run if you take them all on. One last word of advise, the
smaller cords in the basement can be jumped over.


Most of the crab’s attacks are long range, so for once it’s actually a good idea
to stay in close range of the monster. As bosses go, this one’s pretty weak,
though his defense is slightly higher than average. A few good combos should
finish him, and don’t be stingy with your Killer Moves.

Be sure to get the God’s Ring from the chest behind the crab, it’s one of ten.
Warp back to the ship to heal up after you’ve beaten the Giant Crab. After that,
teleport back to Aba City and exit south to begin searching around for Crane
Dungeon, which will be your next goal. Also, be sure to look out for the other
God Rings as I’m sure they play some important role in the future…

2. Crane Dungeon Enemies:

Bull Dog: Same as above.
Frog Drone: Same as above.
Red Bull Dog: Same as above.
Purple Lizard: Watch out for its tail.
Purple Bat: The first new monster in awhile, it’s fairly weak.
Hyper Rat: A powered up version of the first boss.
Giant Crab: Yes, this guy who was a boss from the last dungeon returns here as
a normal enemy.

This dungeon is a great deal simpler than the last. On floor B1 you’ll find on
the lower left side stairs leading down, take these to a room where two machines
that contain batteries are. Take those two batteries and go to the very next room
which also has two machines, this time without batteries. Place the two you just
got in these two, and this will activate the moving tiles.

3. Banisu City:

You can stop by to rest up, but don’t exit to the south of the town into the
desert quite yet, you’ll need to head back out to Nusa beach to find Nusa
cave first.

4. Nusa Cave Monsters:

Monster Frog: This huge-armed creature is very fast, though not overly powerful.
You may have trouble hitting him with any close-range attacks as he just loves
to move out of the way or attack you at the last second. He’ll dive at you if you
try to back away. Caution, its claws are poisonous.
Blue Bat: Much stronger than the normal bats. Has the ability to confuse you.
Bone Turtle: The weakest monster in this cave, it’ll go down without a fight.
Energy Galaxy: Same as above.

For the life of me I can’t figure out what the point of this cave is. You’ll
need a lot of bombs to get through here, back in Aba City you can buy bombs
from a girl in the Inn, and it’s the top item if you’re wondering. The walls
that can be bombed are pretty obvious, as you can see the walkway continues
beyond them. When in doubt, talk to the wall to see if it’s bombible. If your
character says something, then it is. The enemies in this place are worth some
good experience, and for me personally I started gaining a ton of Killer Moves
for Dias as soon as I reached Nusa Beach, where I had previously gone the whole
game up until then with just the default Killer Move I left this cave with
five Killer Moves total! ‘course… there’s still a lot more than that so I guess
it’s nothing to brag about… From here, head back to Banisu City then exit the
city to the south, which will put you in the desert…

5. Desert Enemies:

Green Desert Plant: It moves too slowly to be a threat. It’s poisonous.
Purple Desert Plant: Same as the other plant. Sometimes weird music plays when
it is near death.
Grey Owl: Stronger version of the normal owl.

The desert’s pretty strait forward, most all paths will eventually lead you
in the right direction. There’s two caves that you’ll pass through before
finally emerging at your destination: Knott City! Actually, no. When you see
Knott in the distance and run towards it… you’ll fall off a cliff and take
damage. Sucker. You’ll know you’re in the correct cave when you come across
some guy who asks you a question. Choose the first answer and he’ll run off.
In the same room with this guy there’s a very hard diagonal jump that needs
to be taken in order to get to the treasure chest containing a key card. You’ll
come across the same guy later on just as you’re about to leave the desert.
Again, if you choose the first answer he’ll run off. Now then, welcome to Knott!

Inside Knott you’ll find the largest selection of items to buy thus far in
the game. If you travel over to the west side of Knott you’ll come across its
laboratory and, through two closed doors and down a latter, you’ll find yet
another dungeon.


1. Knott Laboratory Enemies:

Blue Shark Drone: A powered up Shark Drone, it can fire a powerful shot if
you give it long enough to charge it.
Boxing Turtle Drone: Same as above.
White Turtle Drone: Stronger version of the same turtle family.
Triple Drone: Same as above.
Red Triple Drone: Powered up version of the triple family.

As if this game couldn’t get MORE Zelda-like, prepare yourself for the classic
‘Lost Woods’ shtick. On the third floor you’ll meet up with, guess who, Opera!
She rejoins your party. Also you’ll meet Rival for the first time here. The
purple block goes in the left notch, that’s the solution to the simple puzzle
below their room. Keep going from there.


You’ll want to take this robot’s legs out as fast as you can, as it can be very
difficult to hit with its great speed. I had Dias at level 290 at this point
with all his Killer Moves unlocked, and this boss still proved somewhat difficult,
just a warning to everyone. Take extra time to really focus on your combos, once
you get this robot in one do NOT let it get out.

Once the battle’s over, go and collect the crystal down below. Rival will show
up and have a few words with you, then leave again. Teleport back to your ship,
heal up, then return to Knott. Go to the laboratory, but not the dungeon, just a
room in the main area where Rival’s at. You’ll have a conversation with her, and
she’ll explain her back story to you through a series of flash backs. After this,
return to Banisu City and speak with a guy in the bar there; after you leave a
guy will speak to you there as well. Teleport back to Knott at this point, and
it will be under attack! At the end, after you save Rival from one of those Stag
Beetles the two of you will have a conversation ‘bout stuff. Go through the door
that’s now open and down the ladder to emerge in another area of the desert. You
will soon arrive in another Gravis Forest.

2. Gravis Forest Enemies:

Red Stag Beetle: Same as above.
Grey Rolly Polly: Same as above.
Red Dragon: A beast with beastly HP. Besides swinging his tail at you he also
has a troublesome flamethrower attack which has enough range to hit characters
off screen, if they’re still kind of close.
Purple Stag Beetle: A powerful version of the Stag Beetle, he blocks often and
loves to confuse you.
Red Killer Bee: Stronger Killer Bee.

This place is very short, despite its maze-like first appearance. Go a short
ways into the forest to find a cave. The cave I like, you can slash at the
walls in almost every area to open up new paths. Find your way to a room with
two switches, use the left one, get to the bridge it opened and activate a
switch on the other side, return to the two switches to undo the left one
and activate the right one. This will give you a path strait to the boss.

BOSS ENCOUNTER: Supreme Lightening Bug

This thing’s a joke. It pokes at you with its nose, but that’s it. Finish
it quickly.

Teleport back to Knott City now and go see Rival. The two of you will talk,
and at the end she’ll vanish. You’ll have to return to an old cross road at
this point, out in the desert past Banisu. You can find a sealed blue door
there, and Rival will open it for you. This will bring you to the wigged-out
land of Scream. Rival will be not too far away at a control panel, and after
short talk you’ll be able to choose where to teleport to from there. The top
option leads you to an Inn, the second two just transport you to earlier
areas of the game, and the last one will let you proceed to the 2nd floor
of the building you’re in. Go there to proceed.

3. Sunerupentesu Enemies:

Red Ox: More powerful version of the normal Ox.
Crystal Elephant Drone: A ton of HP and a nasty tusk attack which can
render someone temporarily useless. It also has a very powerful giant
laser attack.
Pterodactyl: Its roll can close in distance between the two of you,
getting closer so you can attack it for a change. Its flame breath isn’t
half as harmful as it looks.
Shadow: The shadow on the floor emerges as a naked woman to attack you,
and converts to symbols representing surprise when you strike it. Comical,
but not powerful.
Red Triple Drone: Same as always from this family, quick lasers and a huge
powered up one and everything.

This place is pretty easy. There will be a block with three notches to
place it on every floor, as the block’s position changes, the tower changes,
opening up new routes. When you reach the top(5th) floor, you’ll run into a
giant red monster. Rival will contact you telepathically, then the boss fight


This is probably my favorite boss encounter yet! He’s very fast, so much so
that you’ll rarely get a shot in as he swings his giant hammer continuously.
If you back away from him, then he’ll charge at you, his head now covered in
spikes. The best opportunity to attack is after he’s attacked a lot, after so
many strikes he’ll become tired and take a moment to breathe heavily, attack
him at that point. Whittle away at his health, and sooner or later this hulking
beast will fall.

And at this point, welcome to Lung! After teleporting away from the room that
the Minitor was fought in, you can do whatever you want on the floor you start
in and the floor below that, there’s an Inn, two shops, a bar, and some other
extra room. In the floor above where you entered from, two guards will show
up and drag you off to meet with some helmeted guy. Rival has been playing you
all this time, during a talk, her face will change to look more diabolical.
She’ll turn and kill the guy on the throne, betraying fully both you and him.
You’ll then see the third cinema of the game, Claude and Rena coming towards
the planet in their own ship. The guard will take you to a room full of large
capsules, and an awesome looking being will appear in one of them. It kind of
reminds me of a yellowish version of Shadow from Illusion of Gaia. You’ll
receive a blue pickle looking thing from it. The creature will vanish and you’ll
start talking with the guard again, who will give you a computer chip of sorts.
After a few more words, the conversation will finally end. Leave this place via
the elevator, you’ll end up back in Lung, from there return to the room you
teleported here from and take the one on the left to enter the Underground Combs.

4. Underground Combs Enemies:

Orb Drone: Think T1000. It’s a liquid metal dog robot with nasty plasma attacks.
Purple Viper: Powered up member of the Viper family.
Blue Minitor: Be warned, he’s almost as powerful as the last boss you just
Stone Boar: A pretty weak pig with higher than average HP.
Blue Bat: The dive bombing relative to the Bat.
Puffy Fish: Not spiky, just puffy. And weak. It can be very annoying as it
slowly backs away just slow enough that it’s impossible to get a decent combo
in. When it gets far enough back it’ll attack with three bubbles.
Death Shark: A spike covered shark that will take passes at you. It does not
like dying, and will flop around awhile even after its HP is depleted.
Shadow 2: This one takes the form of two hands, sometimes they clap and cause
dust to rain from the ceiling, other times it’ll actually try to pinch you!
Red Frog Drone: Stronger than a normal foggy, but still weak.
Snapping Turtle Head: It can spray gas at you and tie you up with its twenty
tongs to poison you.
Giant Crab: Same as any other crab you’ve fought so far.

You’ll start on Floor 144(big place). Go strait forward to the elevator to get
to Floor 132. You should be weary as you pass through the halls, here, unlike
everywhere else in the game before it, you might actually have to heal up after
every few battles. You’ll come across a pool to the left of a room that has
an Orb Drone in it. Unlike every other body of water you’ve ever come across,
you can actually swim in this one!!! My guess, this is what the blue pickle
you were given has allowed you to do: swim. Dive underwater to continue on.
Carrying on, this is the first level I was forced to use items during a battle!
All the Blue Minitors will really eat away at your hit points. Floor 96 is a
little cheep, as the only chip it has is one to take you right back to it. Of
course, if you end up here, just know that you’ve gone the wrong way. At the
first underwater area, where you first encounter the Puffy Fish, go as far
left as you can to end up at the continued area of that place. This will take
you to floor 83.


Actually, it’s just a normal Red Shark playing the role of a petty sub-boss. He
appears just beyond the door to floor 83 and can be taken down with a single
Phoenix attack from Dias.

Once the boss dies though, you’ll find yourself teleported strait into Aqua,
the next city. So, welcome! The fish person to the left of you will restore your
HP and MP for free. After talking with what I guess is the ruler of Aqua, you
can find two teleporters to the far right, each will lead you to a different
area of Aqua. These areas are, however, hostile.


1. Aqua Enemies:

Merman: Poisonous, fast, and huge HP. This sucker can really get to you if you
let it.
Giant Crab: Same as above.
Golden Snapping Turtle Head: Super powered version of the original. Be very
careful, this enemy can turn you to Stone!

The right teleporter will lead to a relatively small area. Find your way to a
conk shell that spirals upward, and is full of holes that open and close. At
the very top, you’ll have a talk with a large crab.


This boss is very powerful and has a deadly attack power. His claws can kill
even a character at his/her maximum level in just one hit. Be very careful
while fighting, if you’re lucky enough to do so then get him in a combo that
doesn’t end until he dies. Use any Killer Moves you feel is necessary to take
this boss down, MP is no object in this duel. Two good shots with Dias’ Phoenix
should do the trick nicely.

Once the crab is defeated, you can get to a treasure chest that’s right behind
him that contains a ring. Continue on in the level, and you’ll eventually run
into another conk shell. Do the same, fight the boss.


A bat with wigged out HP. It’s strength level isn’t as bad as the crab, but
it’ll still need a few Phoenixes to take down. Luckily, combos work on him
very well.

You’ll get another ring for beating this boss too. There are plenty of other
conk shells too, but only two others with a boss.

BOSS ENCOUNTER: King Puffer Fish

A lot like a normal Puffer Fish with higher HP. Oh, and its bubbles can now
turn you to stone.

BOSS ENCOUNTER: King Turtle Head

Looks like the normal Golden Snapping Turtle Head, but with 2X the HP.

There’s nothing more to do here, leave and, after healing, go into the
left teleporter. Good news! All the ‘King’ enemies of the previous dungeon
come back in this one in mass numbers as normal enemies! Fun…

2. Aqua(area 2) Enemies:

King Puffer Fish: Same as above.
King Bat: Same as above.
Lava Dragon: A beast with super high defense and special.
Great Red Shark: Same as above.

One thing to do in here is find a rusted wrist band. Dunno what it does,
but it goes into your special items category. In order to unlock the
doors that are sealed, kill all the enemies in the room. There are a number
of blocks for you to push around so that in two side-by-side rooms with black
squares in them, speak with the squares to create blocks in those two rooms.
Move the blocks to the lit square to open up a new teleporter that’ll lead you
to a room with a sunburst shield, it’s one of two in this place. There are also
two other doors that won’t open even once the enemies have been cleared out,
they have what looks like red hinges on the sides of them. Find the door with
the single red hinge once you’ve gotten both sun-burst shields, and use check
the side of the door(with the hinge) to unlock it. You can get the sun burst
shield you need from there. Directly north of where you teleport in you can
access the door with two hinges, break them in the same manner and enter the
room. Beat up on the three enemies in there, then proceed north to find one of
the two missing kings of Aqua. But he’s guarded, so it’s boss stomping time!


This freaked out designed creature is a whole lot tougher than the other
dragons. His attack has a killer power behind it, plus he can surround himself
in electricity that, surprisingly, doesn’t hurt your character at all if
they’re exhausted when they’re hit by it(breathing hard and refusing to move).
This boss’ HP will barely move through normal attacks, so Killer Moves are a
must against him.

After a talk, the king will vanish and the screen will turn dark. You’ll then
be treated to a scene with Rival in it. She’s inside the huge saucer that stood
on steel pillars above Knott, known as Grand Knott. It then begins to float
towards the sky… just what is she up to? Well, at least Rival doesn’t take on
that menacing look she did last time you saw her… Anyway, at the end of the
scene you’ll be back in the central city of Aqua. One last thing to do here,
return to the teleporter to the right and go to the conk shell with no boss in
it, go to the top floor and find the room that repeats as you walk through the
right and left doors. There’s a pattern you have to follow there, and it’ll lead
you to the final king once you get it right. The two of you will chat, except
this time no boss will appear.

After this, you’ll see Rival again. She says her words, then we are taken to
the familiar face of the King of Aba City! Is that jerk in on this? A guard
runs in, says a few words to him, then leaves; which takes us back to Rival again.
She, in her giant saucer ship, fires on the city of Aba, reducing it to rubble!
Wow! That King really wasn’t in on this, and if he was, then he just got betrayed.
Then the saucer ship lands on top of something, and looks as if it fits there.
Truly this is the completed Grand Knott. Finally, you’ll be back in the control
of your guys, take them to see the three kings of Aqua, chat with them, then at
last you can leave this place.

But enough about that, though you’re certainly welcome to go by Aba and scoff
at the people there if you want, our next mission will be to recruit Claude and
Rena! Go to Banisu City and go to its front gates, Rena is there. Go speak with
Claude who’s in Banisu, sick. With a plant you found in the Submerged Combs you
can make a cure, just take the plant to one of the scientists in Knott for him
to create the antidote. Take it back to Claude and hazaa! For me, my main party
consisted of Dias and Dias only up to this point, the other two were just for
outside battle techniques, but in battle they were set to ‘do nothing’. At this
point, I put Claude and Rena both in my party and began leveling them up like
no one’s business. I suggest you do the same if you plan to take on the
Cave of Trials, of course if you don’t then don’t bother. Dias is tough enough
to take on the final dungeon by himself. It will take around ten hours to level
up both Claude and Rena properly, that is if you don’t have any Skill Points saved
up(which you really should have a ton if you only leveled up only one character up
to this point).

If you go to Aba, you can see first hand just how blasted it has become. The
King’s missing from his throne room, but you still can’t take the treasure from
it for some odd reason. In the prison you were trapped in before, besides now
being opened for you to return to it, you can find the King hiding in the bed

This prison is also your next level. The elevator on the right features a number
of new floors, and Basement Floor 13 has a panel for you to plug in the Green
Tubes you find around the new floors. Find them all, then fill in the panel.
You’ll have to thoroughly explore every floor available from both elevators,
check and recheck as sometimes new ways open up in certain areas. Basically, as
insane as those two areas in Aqua were, this is even worse; maze wise and
puzzle wise. On a lighter note, you’re still dealing with the same enemies as
the last time you were at the prison so you’ll get a much needed break from tough
enemy fights; though they all seem to be faster this time, or at least harder to

Once you’ve gone through a ton of mid-bosses and puzzles, and you’ve finally
gotten all five extra green tubes connected, then basement floor 13 will be
drained. Get the card below, and use it to access another card that will activate
its corresponding machine on floor 320. Oh yeah, and now… get cards like that for
all the floors! Well, ten of them total anyway. And then… what we’ve all been
waiting for… once the door opens, you’ll have access to Grand Knott!

The menacing-looking Rival’s face will greet you as you access her home. As will
a big giant robot!!!


It has razor blades and lasers and its own metal limbs to smack at you with. As
far as the razor blades go, once it uses them don’t rush at it too fast even once
the attack seems to be over, as the blades take their time returning to the robot.
Though it has more HP than anything you’ve faced so far, that’s really not saying
much. If you’re using all three party members at high or max levels then this
should be a breeze.


1. Grand Knott Enemies:

Golden Brachiosaur: Basically a highly evolved member of the ‘Dog’ family.
It’s very hard to get anywhere close to this guy, as he’ll blast you with
everything in the book if you try something.
Gold Drone: A powerful drone with a super-long reach, both with its extendible
arms and eye laser.
Red Triple Drone: Same as above.
Purple Guard Drone: Like its predecessors, and this one can even create mini-clones
of itself ala the Cell Jr.s!
Death Dragon: This hyper-active thing is hellish to ever hit, and his fire breath
can KO even a very high leveled character in one shot! My advice is to try and avoid
him all together if you can manage it, the 99 experience he’s worth just isn’t
worth it. My advice would be to switch between fighters to use their most powerful
Killer Moves on the dragon, once one fighter becomes tired switch to another one
to continue the assault.

Shortly after entering you’ll see yet a third graphic for Rival’s face, this time
a serious looking expression. You’ll have a boss encounter shortly after entering,
but as it’s just a little boss I listed it in the enemies section. You’ll be depressed
to see yet ANOTHER one of those ‘lost woods’ styled levels after the boss; and it’s
crawling with monsters that are much tougher than you’re used to. Have fun… Floor 2
is short and sweet, and then floors 3 and 4 will become very maze-like as you have
to take elevators between one floor and the other in order to continue onward.
Speaking of mazes, there’s a literal one near the entrance to floor 4! What’ll
tri-Ace think of next?


Finally! The final boss! And considering the last final boss of a Star Ocean game
was the infamous Indalecio, then this should be very hard, right? Well, her one
attack is a gravity sphere that doesn’t do much damage. If you give her a long,
long time to power up then she’ll pull off this streaming fire burst attack which
hits hard. She’s too slow to move out of the way, has low defense and HP levels,
and… well… she dies pretty much within seconds of the fight starting, burning into
a skeleton… and then to ashes…
You went into that battle seeing her psycho face, you come out seeing her indignant
face. Guess you were too much for her after all, so we might as well all go home
and kick back and… What’s this? That thing we were just fighting was a dummy? Here
comes the real Rival, looking happy as always, and after a few words your character
leaps at her only to get knocked back by a flash! Is this the true power of Rival
we’re sensing here? Your party vanishes out of there, and after a couple of words
from Rival, we see Great Knott floating away from the cylinder it had attached itself
to earlier.

Your party has been saved by the kings of Aqua. You awake there and have a chat
with them. Meanwhile, Great Knott attaches itself to a massive satellite in space,
it’s one of four things its size attached to it. Dang, this thing’s HUGE! Rival
begins talking with two strange monsters, a triangle-headed orange robot, and a weird
looking bird. Back with the three kings, they point out the giant tower leading up
to the satellite, ala Korin’s Tower, as in very, very tall, and one hell of a climb.
After coming out of the talk with the kings, you may notice that the door normally
leading to Nusa Beach now leads to a dungeon. This is Ex Trokia, your next level.

2. Ex Trokia Enemies:

Golden Brachiosaur: Same as above.
Super Galaxy Burst: Evolved ‘galaxy’ enemy. It has a shot that goes through whoever
it hits to hit whoever’s behind them. It also sports a mad defense.
Crystal Pterodactyl: The evolved version of the prehistoric bird you fought earlier.
It’s a pretty good acrobat too.
Death Dragon: Same powerful beast as above.
Guard Drone: Same as above.
Menator: Same as above.

Ex Trokia seems to be pretty much strait forward. A few switches to hit now and
again, but nothing overly difficult, except for the swarm of Death Dragons that
seem to lurk everywhere, you should have a pretty easy time here. You’ll find
yourself boarding a space shuttle on the sixth floor(actually, it’s just a big
elevator…), just check the control panel in the front of the room to blast off.
When you finally reach your destination, one of the two monsters that Rival was
speaking with earlier will confront you.


This super bright-color-scheme robot is also super powerful! He has a nasty heat
ray which cuts through everyone, he’s very fast and hard to ever hit with anything
besides well timed Killer Moves, and he has a shield that comes up whenever you get
close enough to attack. He dashes around the screen picking off your characters
like it’s the easiest thing in the world to him. For the first time in the entire
game I had to pay attention to what I was doing and calculate my timing ahead of
time. His life depletes slowly, but not painfully slowly, so as long as you have a
good healer in your party(Rena or Noel) then you should be fine.

BOSS ENCOUTNER: Perfect Blazer bot

As soon as you beat his first form, he goes up in a circle of fire then reforms
into this! In this form he has all he did in his first, as well as a new annoyance.
He’s very, very skinny in this form and almost every attack you do will miss over
and over again. You’re simply not going to be fast enough to get him in even your
first several tries minus the presence of a lot of luck. In this new form he busts
out a lot of stylish Martial Arts attacks, including a barrage of punches and a harsh
axe kick! As long as you have more than one fighter you should be okay though. Have
one fighter use their strongest Killer Move, then switch to the other one and attack
fast, as this robot recovers extremely fast from damage. Don’t just use Killer Moves,
they hardly hurt him at all plus half the time he’ll actually be able to dodge or
block them.

Just as a side note, before I’d gone any further I had Rena and Claude up to their
maximum levels, Rena at 290 like Dias, and Claude at 300. Go up just a little and
you’ll board another shuttle.

Welcome to the gateway to Cosmo City! This is the gigantic satellite that Grand
Knott hooked itself up to. You’ll find monsters for clerks, but at least the
Inn is free… if you can find it.

3. Cosmo City Enemies:

Golden Brachiosaur: Same as above.
Death Dragon: Same as above.
Crystal Pterodactyl: Same as above.
Purple Guard Drone: Same as above.

Just as strait forward as the last place was. In most areas you’ll have to
kill all the enemies in the area to progress; besides that and taking elevators,
normal sized and those giant ones easily mistaken for shuttle control pads,
there’s really nothing else to it. At one point you’ll enter a room that’s
pitch black, and you’ll be addressed by the second of the two monsters Rival
was speaking with earlier…


I call him a ‘bird’ solely based on the fact that he has a beak. Besides that,
this must be the ugliest damn bird I have EVER seen! This creature is looks
more ‘spawn from hell’ than anything from the actual Spawn series! It’s huge
scythes don’t do that much damage though, and it’s powered up gas attack
apparently is pretty weak(probably has some status effects to go along with
it, I just never saw any.) It moves very slowly though, contrary to the previous
boss, and it’s easy to bust out huge combos that will tare down even this
thing’s high HP.

After this you’ll enter the true Cosmo City. It, just like Ex Trokia, is packed
full of enemies. But… get this… they don’t attack you!!! Instead, they’re just
playing their roles as the kind, good citizens of Cosmo City. Ya know, I think
it’s actually a pretty nice city, looks a lot better kept than any city I’ve ever
seen ran by humans(and I’m sure that’s a pretty good statement towards the humanity
on Blue Sphere…) But seriously, the atmosphere is just… creepy. Exit the town to
the north to re-enter Grand Knott…

Grand Knott bares all the same enemies it did last time, and is in tact plus a few
areas and minus the ‘lost woods’ section. It’s very strait forward, compared to
some of the mazes you’ve been through already anyway. There’s more of those literal
mazes on the fifth floor, and in one small section of the sixth floor you can find
another of the ten God Rings. At one point Rival will address you, then teleport
you to a place that looks a lot like Revorse Tower from the first Star Ocean.

4. Final Level Enemies:

Tie dye Pterodactyl: A very powerful member of its family; this one can confuse
you along with all its other aggressive attacks.
Hell Fighter Dragon: Your worst nightmare come to life, a much, much more powerful
version of the normal Death Dragon. He has an extremely powerful plasma beam which
can be fired out as quickly as a machine gun. All of his attacks are twice as fast,
his defense a ten times more powerful than the last dragon, and he moves so fast it
looks like he can teleport. Even if you get a surprise attack in on him, you’re
almost sure to die. My advise… run. Actually, he does have one weakness. When he
goes to use his plasma beam, he can’t move for the few seconds that it’s powering up.
The problem is actually getting to him in time, as he tends to jump way back right
before using it. About three to four 10+ hit combos should kill him.

This new place is frighteningly difficult. It’s extremely strait forward, the only
thing impairing you will be the enemy encounters. Rival will greet you soon enough,
and after a quick word, the Final Battle commences!


In her first form she’s just like the fake Rival was before, same moves and
everything, and will die just as fast. After this, she dons the same armor
Lenneth Valkyrie wears, even has a sword too! She’s quick with it, and will
slice you down many times faster than you can hit her. For reasons unknown most
combos don’t work on her. In this form she has a one-hit-kill which involves three
arrows piercing your body, then she throws a spear at you which bursts into blue flames
before impact… the legendary Nebilung Valesti! When she’s near death, she’ll change
again, this time wearing something like Galleon from Lunar would wear. She teleports
around a lot in this form and if you ever stop chasing her(which you will when your
characters get tired) then she’ll hit you with a really powerful green sphere of
energy. When this form is near death, she switches series again, this time she gets
in a Gundam! It fires missiles super fast; in fact all of its attacks are extremely fast
and deadly. Any combos that hit less than 4 times do no damage, that includes normal
strikes. In her fifth form… I don’t even know how to describe it! She’s dressed in
skimpy black leather, has a huge amount of silver hair flowing behind her, and she has
a pair of razor sharp and giant claws… looks like something from Batman(Catwoman)! She
truly is a master of all arts. She’s extremely fast in this form, and her defense is
less than in the Gundam form. She can switch between each of these forms at will,
though normally she doesn’t return to her first form once she’s changed out of it.
You have to kill each of these five forms, and if she changes before one dies, then
that form is fully healed. Good luck!



Alright, are you ready to end your life through a series of insane trials now?
Yes, the game may be beaten, but in fact it’s only just beginning for people
willing to walk this extra mile! Load up your save once the game’s completed,
then teleport back to your ship. Speak with everyone, most of them will acquire
new items. If Celine’s not in your party, when you leave the ship she’ll confront
you if you spoke to her before, and announce that she has learned the new field
action ‘Teleport’, which lets you go anywhere on the screen! This will be needed
to get the rest of the ten God Rings. Go around the bottom of your ship and head
left one screen, it’ll be staring you right in the face… the Cave of Trials!

Preparations: Well, I didn’t really do much. If anyone in the party you plan
to tackle this dungeon with isn’t at their max level, then take the time to max
them out right now(you can teleport back to the last level in the ship). Use
weaker spells of your magicians to learn stronger spells, and produce combos for
your fighters to gain them more Killer Moves. Be sure to stock up on healing
items too. If there was any powerful armor or weapons in Cosmo City you couldn’t
buy before, sell whatever you need to and buy them now. It’s going to be
10 floors of terror, so prepare whilst you can!

Another thing you should quickly do is gather up the nine rings of God that
are currently available to you. The tenth one comes after you beat Gabriel
Celeste in the Cave itself. These rings will allow you to fight the most
powerful boss in the game: Iseria Queen!

1)     Rupart Jungle: In a hole in the ground where a hermit lives.
2)     Ralf Dungeon: After you beat the boss you’ll get it.
3)     Grand Knott: The second time you enter, on floor 5.
4)     Aba Prison: Floor 72, behind the bars. Use teleport.
5)     Aqua: Behind the treasure room. Use teleport.
6)     Gravis Forest Cave: Hidden room with three Death Dragons. Use Teleport.
7)     Nusa Cave: Pass through B5 to B4; use teleport.
8)     Desert: Headed towards Knott.
9)     Garp Dungeon: Use teleport.
10)    Cave of Trails: Defeat Gabriel Celeste.

Cave of Trials Floor 1 Enemies:

Dark Minitor: An extremely powerful Minitor. His attacks will wipe out your
part in no time at all… think Hell’s Fighter Dragon; yeah, it’s that bad. In
fact it’s worse, the Dark Minitor has about 4x the defense level of that dragon!
Death’s Warrior Ostrich: A very, extremely powerful bird that has an ungodly
amount of HP. It has a deadly green gas cloud that’ll do critical damage and
turn you to stone. It’s nearly impossible to run from unless you start as soon
as the fight begins.

This place is psycho difficult, like the game suddenly went from Planet
difficulty to Universe! The exception being that on Universe the enemies
are still actually beatable… Here’s what I did to get through the first
level as painless as possible: Run in and smash the bench on the left,
grab the ?ITEM, leave, and repeat two times, so that you have three of
that item. Now, use the Item Creation skill Identify to reveal that what
you have is actually a key card. Use it to unlock the door, and in the next
room grab the key in there(top right), leave, and return. Unlock the first
door again, and get your second copy of the second room’s ?ITEM. Now Identify
them, and they too will be Key Cards, use it to unlock the third door, get
the ?ITEM in there(again, top right), and Identify it. Before you leave, enter
the room to right of this one. Avoid the bird that charges at you like the
plague, run down, then as it does the same you should run up and circle around
it, grab the chest, then circle downward to escape moments before the bird
catches up to you. Now leave the dungeon, equip your best fighter with the
sword(or whatever fighter can use a sword), save, and re-enter again. The
reason for all the extra key grabbing is simply to save time; YES it does
save time. It’s a lot easier to go strait from the outside, unlock all the
doors, get killed by the boss, repeat; than to have to do the same plus
Identify the keys every time and risk getting caught by the bird while
getting to the sword every time. Unless you’re in the 400 level range,
or are willing to kill all your supplies on just one enemy, then the bird
just ain’t worth it.

BOSS ENCOUNTER: Gorilla Monstrosity

It’s a hundred times more powerful than the last boss was, easily. Shoot,
Rival isn’t even in the same league as this boss! Luckily, as it stands still
right before battle, it’s easy to get a preemptive strike in, but that’s
where the advantage ends and the nightmare begins. Majin Buu doesn’t hold
a finger to this freak of nature… Like most gorillas, it’s only attacks are
spinning with it’s arms outstretched and backhand smacking at you, too bad
either attack can kill a level 300 character with 999 HP in one shot! Even if
your defense is upwards of 350! If your attack level is in the 400 range,
then a good ten-fifteen extended combos should be enough to kill the monkey.
Though a quick warning, this beast is hard, and this is coming from a guy who
calls Ruby and Emerald Weapon from FF7 easy! So… good luck!

Cave of Trials Floor 2 Enemies:

War Boar: A pig that really, really enjoys blocking a lot. You almost always
have to kill time destroying its feet before you’ll get a descent head shot
in. His main two attacks are stomping the ground to create an earthquake, and
snorting up a dust storm at you.

From this point on the dungeon is just way to hard to keep going as you are.
What will be required, and my props to y3kman for pointing this out to me, is
Bloody Armor. The red armor you have with really bad stats is Bloody Armor,
it makes you completely invincible during battle but at the same time drains
your life fast. You’ll need Rena really badly for this, make the fighters
invisible with this armor and have Rena to heal everyone continuously. You’ll
also want to try to always get a preemptive attack for every battle and
needless to say you’ll need to strike as many times as you can during the
combos. Nothing really puzzling about this place, except what the heck is
in that out of reach treasure chest that you need Ashton to get to…

BOSS ENCOUNTER: Tree Monstrosity

With the Bloody Armor on this battle is really sad. Use a powerful Killer Move
whenever it surfaces, and well, that’s it. If you’re not wearing the armor,
do the same thing, and if someone dies have Rena to revive them. As far as
Cave of Trials bosses go, this one’s pretty easy.

Cave of Trials Floor 3 Enemies:

T9000 Dog: The liquid metal dogs you’ve faced many times before, only it’s
stronger this time.
Maximum Frog Drone: Ditto for the frog family.

Again, another strait forward level. You’ll have one directional choice
to make, go up. Um… honestly, it’s pretty easy to avoid getting attacked all
together on this floor.

BOSS ENCOUNTER: Turtle Monstrosity

Almost invincible to normal attacks, it seems to be really weak to Killer
Moves. Its head is tender, so attack it!

Cave of Trials Floor 4 Enemies:

T9000 Dog: Same as above.
Maximum Frog Drone: Same as above.

Well, in this level they get lazy and reuse the last floors monsters,
but ah well. This time you’ll find a rather grueling puzzle, as the door
out of this place is locked with no obvious keys to it anywhere. The trick
is to move all the blocks around so that they match up with the formation
of the blocks on the previous floor. This will unlock the door and give you
access to the next boss.

BOSS ENCOUNTER: Horned Beetle Monstrosity

Killer Moves don’t dent this boss, but then combos don’t work very well
either. It certainly has more HP than any other enemy you’ve faced in the
game so far. When it forms a big triangle diamond above it, then it’s about
to blast you with a nasty looking energy beam; it can slash at you and spew
smoke at you with little provocation or warning. When its body flashes hit it
fast – don’t let it shake itself off or it’ll regain some life.

Cave of Trials Floor 5 Enemies:

Beast Crab: A warning about this creature is that for some reason Rena,
or whatever curing mage you have, will spend a whole lot of time blocking
during the battle with this monster. So if you’re wearing Bloody Armor
you may have to switch over to the mage and do the curing manually instead
of depending on her for support. This crab is really strong vs normal attacks,
but can be taken out relatively quickly with Killer Moves.
Aqua Devils: A fairly weak aquatic enemy.

You’ll need some bombs for this floor. Initially to blow open the wall of
the small area you start out in and again to get to a switch to open the
door guarded by the two Aqua Devils. Cross that shark infested water to get
to a room with another switch which will open the door to the boss, then
work your way around to a room with a crab that you’ve got to bomb your way
into and out of. As a quick note, after you beat the boss of this level Santa
will show up! The famous Santa merchant from all the tri-Ace games(except VP);
and he’s baring Frog Caps that let you warp out of the Cave of Trials for
an atrocious $75,000!

BOSS ENCOUNTER: Rain Worshiper

That annoying frog thing that creates whirlpools while dancing to mock you
has returned, a whole lot more powerful this time. Five or so good Killer
Moves should take him down though.

Cave of Trials Floor 6 Enemies:

Golden Stag Beetle: Surprisingly, not very powerful. You can actually knock
him out of his defensive stance!

This floor may have a lot of rooms to it, but the puzzle is always the same;
just push the blocks onto the switches to open the door. No matter which
direction you go in you’ll end up in the last room, with another seemingly
impossible to open door. You’ll need to get all the other doors open before
you can get this one too; in three of the rooms are alternate switches that
do nothing if you fill them instead of the main ones normally, however
if you put the blocks on those switches in all three rooms that have them
then the main door will open to the boss.

BOSS ENCOUNTER: Fly Monstrosity

Its HP is really good considering the fact that it’s really hard to get
in a descent combo against this super fast enemy. Killer Moves often
miss, but they’re your best shot for taking down this enemy quickly.

Cave of Trials Floor 7 Enemies:

Death’s Warrior Ostrich: Same as above.

Two screens to the left of where you start will be the exit, which
is of course locked tight. Running around this dungeon, you may
notice that under no breakable block is a key, nor any other crevice
to hide one in. No switches, to pushable blocks, seemingly nothing at
all to open the door with. Well guess what? You’ve actually got to
track down and kill every single giant rooster monster in this entire
floor before the door will open! If you’re not wearing Bloody Armor,
you’re so dead. If you are, you’re so going to be annoyed and probably
running out of MP healing items by the end. This horrible task will
take around two hours to complete, but then you can move on to the

BOSS ENCOUNTER: Tyrannosaurus Monstrosity

This… is going to be a LONG battle. Killer Attacks won’t pierce his
skin at all, and combos barely work. About fifty or so long combos
should take him down…

Cave of Trials Floor 8 Enemies:

Devil Guard Drone: A powerful Guard Drone, but still weaker than the
killer birds from the previous floor. Use combos.

Despite the idea of invisible floors, this level is actually very
easy and short. Have fun with this break! If you can’t figure it out,
use the top left path from the main room, travel from dark room 1 and
go up one, curve back to go downward, then left, then up one final
time to the lit up room with the boss in it.

BOSS ENCOUNTER: Elephant Monstrosity

Just like the elephant drones of the past, except this one has
around a million more HP! Killer Moves don’t work, combos don’t
work, but then combos don’t require MP so you should really stick
with that.

Cave of Trials Floor 9 Enemies:

Dark Minitor: Same as above.
Maximum Frog Drone: Same as above.
T9000 Dog: Same as above.
War Boar: Same as above.
Devil Guard Drone: Same as above.
Golden Stag Beetle: Same as above.
Beast Crab: Same as above.
Death’s Warrior Ostrich: Same as above.

This floor literally has every single Cave of Trials enemy that you’ve
faced so far in it. Several rooms has destroyable junk in it, destroy
it all to unlock the door.

BOSS ENCOUNTER: Dragon of God’s Vengeance

Yes, the ungodly powerful beast has returned in boss form! This, its
ultimate evolution, is by far the worst thing in this entire dungeon
so far. It would be so tragic to die after having come this far, and
unfortunately that’s something that is a definite possibility against
this monster. It can kill Rena easily, thus no more automatic healing.
 When this happens, manually heal, with items, whoever your main fighter
is… let the other one die as he’ll just suck up items and get you killed
when you run out. Heal often, as this dragon has a multi hit combo of
his own that can tire you out, and he usually doesn’t attack you when
you’re tired, therefore you’re so dead if the Bloody Armor drains your
HP to zero. Without Bloody Armor though, you’re going to die. Unless
your defense is 999, you’re dead against this monster.

Cave of Trials Floor 10

It’s a strait walk… a strait walk…

BOSS ENCOUNTER: Gabriel Celeste

A stream of crosses will tare you apart continuously, and Rena will
probably die in seconds. Use the same strategy as the Dragon, as she
doesn’t have quite as high of HP you should have just enough healing
items to take her down… eking out a painful victory. She can throw a
ring of energy at you, use her signature spinning attack, create a
massive electric explosion, and pretty much tare you apart and kill you
in seconds if you don’t have the Bloody Armor. It’s easier to heal
yourself here than against the dragon, but harder to hit her than the
dragon. Killer Attacks won’t dent her life, so just keep trying for
combos until you get one in. About twenty ten hit combos should do her
in. I found it best to just turn and run from her, then attack as she
charges after you; if you run at her she’ll just keep pushing you away.
Soon enough you’ll be looking at your nice fat 999 EXP reward, plus
the 10th Ring of God!


The final, final boss of Blue Sphere. She’s an extremely powerful
version of Gabriel Celeste, plus like a billion HP! I find it
easiest if instead of running to her, or away, just stand still
and attack. Seriously, you have a much higher chance of hitting her
if you just attack non-stop until she runs into it. Whenever she’s
standing over you swinging her staff, take a single step back and then
attack – this will be the only exception to the not moving rule.

If you haven’t gotten all the other God Rings, then return to where
you fought Gabriel Celeste after you’ve gotten them all to fight
with Iseria; if after Gabriel is defeated you get the last ring from
her, then choose the second option to fight Iseria then, or the top
option to leave the cave to fight with Iseria whenever you’re ready.
Oh yeah, but if do decide to come back later for Iseria, then you’ll
have to do EVERYTHING again, every boss back in place, the legion of
monsters on every floor, and every puzzle reset for you to do it again!

Once Iseria’s beat you’ll receive a nifty little knife for Rena
which has even better stats than the best sword in the game!

So… that’s it. Game conquered. If you’re looking for anything else
to do I suppose you could try and get a complete monster listing
in your encyclopedia. Or use all your new found weapons to go and
rip Rival apart if she gave you grief the last time you fought her.



The initial version 1.0 was revised, contents added and parts of
the walkthrough sectioned off to form this 1.1 version. And obviously
there’s still a lot of stuff to do and that can be done to improve
this guide further, such as listing characters along with their moves,
actually listing the controls for people who don’t know them, or adding
a FAQ section. If enough requests come in or if I keep getting too many
questions about the same thing then I’ll update this walkthrough, and
if I can actually get around to translating the names the monsters in
this game then I’ll be able to replace my quick description-names with
the actual ones.



The biggest thanks goes strait out to Assuie2B, her FAQ gave me enough
information to actually start playing the game in the first place.
Also I got the names of the towns and dungeons from her. Props yet again
to y3kman for his suggestion to use the Bloody Armor in the Bonus Dungeon
and for giving me the locations of the 10 God Rings. Lastly, thanks to
everyone who answered my numerous questions on the message boards.

If anyone cares, I’m a published writer, my first cracked-attempt at writing
called ‘Legends of the Evil Robots,’ is available now at Amazon.com or other
online bookstores. Information concerning it, and a free downloadable game
from the Legends series can be found at: www.legendsaga.vze.com.

Snootch to the Noonch!

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