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Walkthrough by Aussie2B

Version: 1.05 | Updated: 11/03/01

STAR OCEAN: BLUE SPHERE Walkthrough v1.05
Last Update: November 3, 2001
By Kristina Ann Potts AKA Aussie2B or Succubus
E-mail: triacesuperfan@hotmail.com


Update History
 1. Getting Started
 2. Scout Village
 3. Mile Dungeon
 4. Rupart Jungle
 5. Aba City
 6. Ashton and Garp Dungeon
 7. Return to Aba
 8. Leviabor Ruins
 9. Ernest and Slave Village
10. Gravis Forest - part 1
11. Agit
12. Gravis Forest - part 2 and Ern's ship
13. Agit under attack!
14. Slave Village under attack!
15. Ralf Dungeon and Other Secrets in Rupart Jungle
(following parts to come shortly)
16. Crane Dungeon
17. Nusa Beach
18. Nusa Beach Cave
19. Banisu City
20. The desert to Knott
21. Knott - city of science and learning
22. Knott Laboratory and Opera
23. Back to Banisu
24. Knott under attack!
25. Let's take a break
26. The desert to Gravis Forest and the Blue Sphere
27. Gravis Cave
28. Return to Knott for Rival's help
29. The path to Scream
30. Scream
31. Rival at the Control Panel
32. Sunerupentesu
33. Lung
34. Betrayal
35. Submerged Combs
36. Aqua
37. Rescuing Rena and Crawd
38. Asuru
39. Axe
40. Return to Leviabor
41. The Grand Knott
42. Back to Aqua
43. Ex Trokia
44. Cosmo City
45. Return to the Grand Knott
Contacting Me
Copyright Information
Thanks to...


November 3, 2001 - version 1.05 - Minor update. I only needed to change 
my email address, but I figured I should add SOMETHING, so I added 
coverage of Ralf Dungeon and the secret stuff in Rupart Jungle. Unless 
something unforeseen happens (like email accounts getting closed for no 
reason -_- *cough cough*), the next update should cover the entire 
first half of the game.

October 28, 2001 - version 1.0 - Initial version. One quarter of the 
walkthrough complete.


I am THE tri-Ace Super Fan. I have earned my title. I've yet to meet 
any American as obsessed with the company as I. I don't even want to 
think of how much I've spent on games and merchandise... At first when 
I thought about Star Ocean: Blue Sphere coming out in Japan, I acted 
nonchalant. I thought "Oh, I don't need it right away. I'll wait until 
I have more spending money to blow on games". Ha, yeah right. When the 
date, June 28, 2001, got close, like two weeks, I HAD to have it. I 
needed it like an addict needs crack. Man... those screenshots and 
movies. The intro looks good enough to be on Game Boy Advance. But what 
do you expect? tri-Ace always pushes their games to the limits. Star 
Ocean: Blue Sphere is the largest Game Boy Color cartridge ever. No, I 
don't mean the cart size itself, silly. I mean it's 32 megs. That's 
HUGE for a Game Boy Color game. Sadly, it's also partially the reason 
why this game will most likely never be sold in America. The larger the 
cart, the more it costs the developers. To make a decent profit, they 
had to charge 5800 yen in Japan. That's about 47 US dollars. Quite a 
lot for a Game Boy Color game, no? And since English text takes up more 
space than Japanese text, the game would be even larger for an American 
audience. Thus the price would be too high to make a profit worthwhile 
enough to spend the time and money to translate.

Well, anyway, I had to have it, and about one LONG month later, I 
finally got a shiny brand new copy fresh from the Land of the Rising 
Sun. I popped it in my Game Boy Color right away (hooray for no 
regional lockout!) and was simply... amazed. I heard that old familiar 
Star Ocean theme on the title screen, and I was in heaven. But as I 
started playing the sad reality dawned upon me, I was playing a 
Japanese game with no FAQ or walkthrough (unlike my first time playing 
through the original Star Ocean), and I didn't know the language. If I 
got hopelessly stuck, my only resource was the GameFAQs Blue Sphere 
message board. But now I hope to fill that void. Welcome to my Star 
Ocean: Blue Sphere walkthrough, which is most likely the first English 
walkthrough for the game in existence on the internet. I hope you find 
it useful. ^_^


First and foremost, I HIGHLY recommend you check out my Star Ocean: 
Blue Sphere General FAQ before you begin playing. No need to read every 
part in detail, but I'm going to assume you know how to navigate the 
menus, fight in battles, and the basics like that. It will also give 
you a more detailed background story than this walkthrough. Now...

Let's go on another Fantastic Space Odyssey!

When you first start Star Ocean: Blue Sphere you will only have access 
to the "New game" option, so, duh, select that. If you wait on the 
title screen, though, the screen will eventually change to these little 
"character reports". They give a lot of information on what each 
character did in Star Ocean: The Second Story and what they have been 
doing in the two years since they all defeated Indalecio. See my 
general FAQ for info on that. You also will see artwork of each 
character as they looked in Star Ocean: The Second Story and now in 
Star Ocean: Blue Sphere. The artwork is done by the amazing Mayumi 
Azuma, who has done the official Star Ocean 2 mangas, the artwork for 
the Star Ocean 2 drama CDs, the designs for the Star Ocean EX anime, 
and other such work for tri-Ace and Enix. Eat your heart out Amano. =P

Anyway, back to the game. It starts with a little intro sequence. 
Precis and the gang are flying to the "Blue Sphere" planet in order to 
rescue Opera and Ernest, who got stranded there. But the ship goes out 
of control do to the planet's unusual gravitational pull. Precis tries 
to regain control, Ashton freaks out, and well... they crash. Precis 
gives the ship and party members a once over to make sure everything 
and everybody is all right, and off you go!

You're now in control of Precis. You can freely explore the ship and 
talk to all the characters onboard. In fact, that's what you're 
supposed to do. Work your way to the back of the ship, and speak to 
every character. Take note of the room that has no characters. You can 
heal yourself with the medical kit (though you don't need to now), and 
there are other useful things in that room. Once you reach the back 
(where Chisato and Leon are), head back to the front. If you don't 
automatically go to the character selection screen, talk to one of the 
characters again. Then you should be there. You'll see all 8 characters 
onboard, and you can pick any three to take with you. And I mean ANY 
three. Unlike Star Ocean: The Second Story, any character can be good. 
If you want to make the game slightly easier on yourself, take Noel. 
He's the only healer available to you for a LONG time. My personal 
opinion is that Ashton is the best fighter at the beginning of the 
game, so you might want him too. It's a good idea to have Precis with 
you quite often as well. I chose Precis, Chisato, and Leon, which were 
chosen simply because they were the first three listed. I found Leon's 
magic very useful due to its strength that early in the game. Just pick 
the characters you like and the ones that match your playing style 
best. Any team will do.

It's time to leave the safety of your ship and enter the unknown. When 
you first step outside, you might like to take a moment to prepare 
yourself. Most characters start with at least one move or spell, so set 
them to any button/button combination you like. You can also rearrange 
the party to your liking. It's also a good time to save.

Now head right and down. It's an enemy! It's time to cut your teeth on 
the battle system. Also, try to get in the habit of surprising enemies. 
Some characters have special Field Actions that do this (such as 
Ashton's Fireballs), but every character can surprise an enemy by 
walking up to it and pressing the attack button right before it touches 
you. This is a good time to get the hang of combos too. When doing a 
normal attack, press attack again just as it hits (when you see the 
star-like thing). You should see a "2" in the upper left corner. Try to 
make combos as long as possible. I've managed to get into the thirties!

After wiping the floor with that pathetic excuse for an enemy, head 
right. It's a boss! Well, not quite. Just whack him to death and you'll 
be okay. Continue to head right until you see a sign. South leads to 
Nusa Beach, an area you're not ready for yet nor can you really access. 
North leads to Scout Village, your destination. If you'd like, though, 
head south anyway. You'll encounter two more weak enemies which you can 
gain skill points from, and if you take a leap of faith off the cliff, 
you'll end up near Nusa Beach. Don't worry about the partial bridge. 
The switch to make it whole is on the other side, and you have no way 
of reaching it now. Open up the door in the side of the cliff and break 
all the junk until you reach the switch. Push it and a bridge will form 
in the cliff. Climb back up and we're off to Scout Village.


At the screen with the sign, head up. You'll encounter a little boy 
(and maybe another battle?). You'll automatically end up in his house. 
After a VERY long dialogue sequence with him and an old man, you're 
free to explore Scout Village. When you first leave their house, take 
note of the bald guy towards the bottom right corner of the screen. 
He's talking about how the exit of the town is blocked. Browse the 
shops, chat with the people, do as much or as little as you want in 
Scout Village. It doesn't really matter because there's only one way to 
advance the game further. Mile Dungeon.


It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how to get there. Just 
head up after you leave the old man and boy's house. There's a guard at 
the entrance and a few people in the first room, but after that you're 
faced with some tough enemies. Be sure to save often, and return to the 
old man to get healed when your HP and MP are too low.

The beginning of it is pretty straightforward. Work your way to F2 
(floor 2). To the left of the stairs going up and down on F2, there is 
a room with another fake "boss" battle. I believe there's a switch in 
that room, so after you beat the enemy, push it. For future reference, 
push every switch you encounter. Leave that room and follow the south 
path until you reach a tiny room with stairs going up and down. In some 
of the small rooms, there are "vending machines" on the walls. Press A 
while in front of them, and select the first or second option. You'll 
get different items depending on what you choose. If you head all the 
way up these little rooms, you'll reach a dead end, so go out the side 
of the one on F3. Bust open all the crates and check drawers for items. 
You should encounter the boy again. Go up to F4. You'll see a treasure 
chest you can't reach. Don't worry about it until you get the skill 
Hover for Precis. Head up and you should see the boy once again. Go up 
till you reach the broken elevator and head left. There should be 
another room with a switch. Go back down, and go into the other room to 
the right. If you follow this path, you'll eventually reach a dead end 
where Dias is, unless he's currently in your party. There isn't much to 
do here now, but take note of a few things. There's a big green dragon 
blocking a chest you can't reach. Come back later when Precis has 
Hover. There's a crack in a wall you can bomb later to get a couple 
treasure chests. But most importantly, the moving stairs are now 
working, and you can reach the other part of F4.

Go to the stairs on F3. If you haven't been to this area before, be 
sure to head right, and pick up the item in the treasure chest, which 
you can reach by jumping. Save before jumping if you're worried about 
falling down.

Now, head up the stairs and follow the path. You'll see a treasure 
chest blocked by some sort of crate that you can neither break, burn, 
or bomb. Come back later when you have the Field Action Hiku (Pull). 
Keep going and you'll notice a tiny area that you can't reach that's 
blocked by both an abyss and debris. You can reach this area by falling 
from above, but it's a bit going out of your way, so you may want to 
save it for later. Keep going till you reach F5.

Follow the obvious path, and eventually you'll come to a room with 
people who have been attacked. In the next room is the game's first 
real boss, Guriguri, so save now! In all honesty, this rat boss really 
isn't that hard. Just whack away like always.

Now you're done with the dungeon, but... not. There's still quite a few 
things left to do. You should have at least one Field Bomb now and the 
Bokudan (bombing) Field Action, so time to put that to use. You'll 
notice that Guriguri's room is kind of strange, and there's some odd 
thing on the wall. That's because it's the elevator, and the thing on 
the wall is the control panel. It's broken, however. Retrace your steps 
on F5 until you find a cracked wall. Bomb it, and push the switch in 
the room. Now the elevators work.

You can go to any floor, but only a few are worthwhile. F1, F2, and F5 
obviously have nothing. F3 will lead you to a trap, but do it anyway. 
You can't leave the room until you defeat the enemies, but you'll get 
some skill points and treasure for your efforts. F4 has a treasure 
chest. F6 is a completely new floor you can access. Watch out because 
there's a tough enemy waiting for you. Be sure to save. This floor 
sports a puzzle of sort. Flip the switches in various orders and 
different things will appear or happen. On the floor you'll see square-
shaped markings. They indicate where treasure or enemies will appear. 
There are also two rooms - one left and one south - that contain 
goodies and enemies to fight.

Once you're ready to move on, head back to Scout Village.


Talk to the old man and boy again, and get your party healed up. If you 
haven't already, allocate your skill points. Buy some supplies if 
needed, but make sure you have enough to buy at least one Field Bomb if 
you're out. Remember the bald guy? He moved. Now you can bomb the 
debris in the bottom right corner of the screen, and head on out. I 
believe you encounter another person once you leave town, but he's of 
no importance. It's time to find your way to Aba City.

This area can be very confusing and challenging. The enemies are tough, 
the colors are dark so it can be hard to see, and the layout is very 
maze-like. Head back to Scout Village or teleport back to your ship (by 
using the first item in your Key Items list) to heal yourself when 

I'm not going to tell you the exact location of treasure chests, so 
you're on your own. Just to let you know, though, many of them you'll 
need Precis's Hover, Winch, or Ernest's whip to reach. The second 
screen you'll reach has a path going up and a ladder in the cliff going 
down. Go up and explore to find some treasure chests, but the path to 
Aba is to the south.

So let's start from the beginning. Go right one screen and you're at 
the aforementioned screen with a ladder going down. Climb down it, and 
go down one screen. You should see a guy blocking a path to the south. 
If you talk to him he'll eventually leave, but that isn't necessary 
right now. Instead, go right a couple screens and you should end up at 
a screen where one person is walking around and another is blocking the 
entrance to some strange looking stone area (Ralf Dungeon). From there, 
go down one screen, and head right until you can go right no longer. 
The entrance to Aba City should be right above you.


Aba City is a weird place. A lot of strange events will take place here 
throughout the game. When you first enter, you'll see the inn to your 
right. Celine is resting in the inn. Later in the game when you have 
Opera in your party, talk to her, and you'll have a little "Private 
Action". They'll chat, and at the end, you'll get the system that 
enables Opera to learn her Holy Star move. Sure, you can just make it 
yourself, but it'll save you some cash.

If you head up and talk to the boy at the far left area of town, you 
might get forced into running an errand for him. This might only happen 
if Chisato is currently in your party, I'm not sure. If it does, you 
won't be able to talk to the king OR leave town, but don't panic. Talk 
to everyone in the town again (be sure to break all the debris to find 
two shops), and then return to him. That should take care of that.

Ready to talk to the king? Head north. Once you're inside the castle, 
climb up all the stairs until you reach his chamber. The king is an 
eccentric fellow, so it's a bit hard to talk to him. If you try 
approaching him, he'll just shout at you over and over. He'll do the 
same if you try to open his treasure chests. (Does anyone know how or 
if they can be opened?) Pretend you're leaving by walking towards the 
bottom of the screen, and then head back up towards the king. He should 
give you access to the Garp tree dungeon now.


Finding your way to the dungeon can be half the battle, though. Time to 
head back to Rupart Jungle. First, go back the way you came until you 
reach the screen with the two men and the stone building. If you don't 
remember the way, head left from the entrance of Aba all the way and 
then up. Once you're there, go right and follow that path north. 
Eventually you'll reach the entrance of the dungeon.

Upon entering, Ashton will show up if he isn't currently in your party. 
You'll exchange some dialogue, and then you'll be offered to switch 
characters. TAKE ASHTON. Don't want him? Tough luck. You can't get 
through this dungeon without his Fireball Field Action. This isn't a 
problem unless you really hate Ashton, anyway. He's a very good 
fighter. Rearrange your party if you need to, equip Ashton with 
everything he needs, allocate some skill points if you got 'em, and 
head on in.

First thing to be noted, the enemies get significantly more difficult. 
You'll probably have to teleport back to your ship numerous times to 
heal up. Ashton can make your life a little bit easier, though. Not 
only will you need to use his Fireball Field Action to burn down most 
of the obstacles in your way in Garp, but you can also surprise enemies 
with it. It's a lot easier to surprise an enemy with a fireball while 
you stand across the room than to try to walk up really close and 
attack it.

All right, let's get started. Hopefully you have Precis's Hover Field 
Action by now and a few bombs with you. Garp is very large and maze-
like, and it's filled with many treasure chests. There are a few you 
won't be able to get unless you have Celine's Teleport Field Action. 
I'll try to lead you to every chest and then the boss, but do some 
exploring on your own. I may not cover every single treasure chest.

The first floor in Garp actually starts outside, but I'll start from 
the inside of the dungeon. From the first room, head up twice and burn 
on opening through the path above you. You should be in a room with a 
man, and stairs leading down in the bottom right corner. Go down them. 
You're now in the basement. Head straight down and grab the chest. Walk 
around the tiny room with the treasure chest (which you can't get 
without Celine's Teleport Field Action), and grab the other treasure. 
Hop down, and go down to the next screen. Go down the bottom right path 
until you find yourself walking along the middle path of three paths. 
Go down and left across the bottom path to reach another chest. Now go 
along the top path to find two more chests. Head back to the opening of 
the three paths and go right. Go down to find a room with two treasure 
chests. Go up, grab the other chest, then go up the stairs. On F1 go up 
again. You'll find a strange door blocking your way to another area. 
Bombing it won't work. There's a switch on the other side to open the 
door, so you'll have to find another way to get there. Now go left and 
up to find a treasure chest. Go down the tree trunk to return F1.

This would be a good time to heal at the spaceship and teleport back to 
Garp since we're just a couple screens away from the entrance of Garp 
(nothing's in the room to the south, but feel free to enter it in order 
to make it show up for your Mapper Field Action). Once you're ready to 
continue, head up from the entrance until you reach the room with the 
man again. Instead of going down the stairs, go up one screen and then 
up the stairs to F2. Use Precis's Hover Field Action to collect all the 
chests to the south, but don't drop down the shoot/slide (unless you 
want to add the rooms to Mapper). There's nothing down there (the most 
you can do is flip the switch to open the door I mentioned before), and 
you'll just have to start from the beginning of the dungeon. When you 
reach the room with the slide, just float back up to the first room on 
F2 you reached. Now head left. Collect the two treasures in this area, 
and go down the stairs. On F1 you'll see a couple chests you can't 
reach. Fall down from the floor above to get them. Now head south and 
go down the stairs to B1.

Collect the two treasures and hop down to the lower area. Keep heading 
south to find another treasure. Now head back up two screens, and go up 
the stairs to F1. Go left and up the stairs to F2. At this point I 
believe you can fall down to reach the chests on F1. Then just return 
to this spot. Head up until you reach some stairs going back to F1.

You should see some strange root sticking out of the ground on this 
screen. It's another "fake" boss battle, but this one is actually 
tough. In fact, too tough. In my opinion, this is just a trap, so don't 
walk up to the enemy in order to fight it. After you defeat the real 
boss, this little guy will disappear.

If you have a couple bombs, head left from the screen with the fake 
boss, and bomb the wall that looks strange (and gives you a message if 
you try to "talk" to it). Then go up and use another bomb to reach the 
two chests. Now go back to where the fake boss is and go down. Take the 
trunk up to collect some treasures. The go back down and take the 
stairs down.

Save here because you're about to fight the boss (who is considerably 
more difficult than Mile Dungeon's boss). Just head up two times and 
you'll find him. The Land Dragon has a nasty habit of hiding 
underground and popping up right under you to attack. Hit him as soon 
as you get a chance with Ashton or another strong fighter, and try to 
make a long combo. If you're having some trouble hitting him or 
stopping him from attacking you, use some quick moves or spells like 
Ashton's Leaf Slash. Once you successfully defeat him, you'll acquire 
the Chiryuu no Uroko (the dragon's best scale). If you take this to the 
king, it will prove that you defeated the bothersome dragon.

After you beat the boss, use a bomb on the odd wall above you to reach 
a room with three treasure chests. You can return to Aba City now, if 
you'd like, but there's a few more treasures left in Garp. First I 
recommend you teleport to the ship, heal up, teleport back to Garp, and 
save (so if anything happens, you don't have to fight that pesky boss 
again. =P ) Now head up until you reach the room with the man and a 
large pit. Use Hover to cross it, and go down the tree trunk. I either 
found a treasure chest or a ? item in this room... There's a lot of 
other new rooms you can enter down here, but they don't have anything 
worthwhile in them. Go back up the trunk to F1.

Now go up and take the stairs to F2. Grab the treasures, and go up the 
stairs to F3. Nothing to do here actually, but note the two treasure 
chests you can't reach. You can get them later with Celine's Teleport 
Field Action.

Hooray! That's it for Garp! If you need to, heal up one last time at 
the spaceship, and teleport back to Aba City!


Return to the king, and yet again you gotta get him to talk to you in a 
roundabout way. Walk up to him, pretend to walk away, and then walk 
back up. Now you'll show him the Chiryuu no Uroko as proof that you 
defeated the dragon. The king will be very pleased and give you the 
Kyokashou (king's permit), which allows you to enter three new areas!

But first... all is not well in Aba City. As you're making your way out 
of Aba, you'll witness a fight breaking out and try to put a stop to 
it. The king's soldiers show up, but they think you're a part of the 
trouble and throw everyone in prison!


The king's prison is actually a huge ancient ruins known as Leviabor, 
but while under arrest you only have access to a small portion of it.

Ignore the two chests in the prison cell. You can't get them without 
Celine's Teleport Field Action. To the left is an elevator, and further 
left is where all warps in Leviabor will drop you off. To the right is 
another elevator, and further right there is a man who will gradually 
allow you to go to new areas with the elevators if you defeat the 
enemies he challenges you to fight. South you will find two men. One 
will tell you about how your teleporter has been taken from you, and 
the other will sell you some items. Don't despair about not being able 
to return to your ship to heal, though. Further south is a room where 
you can rest for free as many times as you need.

Since you only have access to a very limited area of Leviabor right 
now, specific directions are unneeded for the most part. Most of the 
area is pretty straightforward as well. Just thoroughly explore every 
area you can with the elevators, and when there are no more, go to the 
man to the right to fight monsters and open up new floors. Repeat this 
until you gain access to F21.

At this point, either complete every other floor (you'll lose access to 
them until near the end of the game if you complete F21 first), or just 
go straight to F21 to get Leviabor Ruins taken care of for now. It's 
your decision.

Floor 21 is a confusing maze of moving conveyor belts. The arrows on 
them tell you which way they'll carry you. Some of them break up into 
two different paths, so press the direction you want to go at those 

To get every chest in one outing, take the conveyor belt furthest to 
the right. Then take the left one leading down. Grab the chest and keep 
going. Walk left and down to find a couple more chests. Then head back 
up and take the left conveyor belt going up. You'll pass by a chest you 
can't reach without Celine's Teleport. When you reach another platform, 
take the conveyor belt going right, grab the chest, then go back left. 
Save now because the boss is just one more screen to the left. He's not 
too hard, so just use basic fighting strategies. Once he's defeated, 
open the two chests (one of which garners your freedom), go right and 
down, and take the conveyor belt furthest to the right. It should take 
you to the warp.

Once you're back on the main floor, the guards will be blocking the 
elevators, so you're done with Leviabor. Speak with the man to the 
south to get your stuff back (most importantly your teleportr), and 
head up to leave Leviabor.


This area should look familiar to you. The warp out of Leviabor drops 
you off right outside the king's throne room. Head out the castle and 
towards the entrance of Aba City. Prepare for a surprise because... 
it's Ernest! Congratulations! You've found your first missing party 
member! The party exchanges some dialogue, and Ernest tells them how 
Opera and him crashed into the planet and got separated. He also talks 
a bit about the community that found him and offered him shelter. It's 
time to pay them a visit, but to get there, you have to pass through 
Slave Village.

Reaching Slave Village is very simple. Just head south from the 
entrance of Aba City and follow the path all the way to Slave Village. 
There are no optional routes to take. For once something it Blue Sphere 
is completely straightforward. ^_~

Once you reach Slave Village, you'll see that it's a very poor dusty 
little town, nothing like Aba. There's an inn and some people to talk 
to, but that's about it. Just head to the right side of the town and 
speak to the king's guard. If you talk to him prior to beating Garp and 
speaking to the king, he'll prohibit you from entering the forest, but 
now that you have the Kyokashou, he'll move aside and allow you to 


Gravis Forest is one of the few areas in Blue Sphere I absolutely 
hated. It's confusing, easy to get completely lost in, and if you're 
not careful you can slip off of the branches and end up Tria knows 

The first basic tip for Gravis Forest is to follow the red Stag Beetle 
type enemies called Varm Beetles. In fact, the little boy to the right 
of the beginning of the forest tells you exactly that. :) The second 
tip would be to jump off the branches when it appears that there's no 
other way to progress. DON'T jump off everywhere. You'll just set 
yourself back a heck of a lot. Of course, if you'd like to explore and 
get every treasure pay attention to chests that you can't reach. Try to 
jump from a branch above them. And the last tip would be to hack and 
slash everywhere. The branches and leaves cover up treasure chests, 
paths, and doors to other areas.

For a straight run through the forest, head up to where the branches 
begin. Climb up the ones furthest to the right, and move to the next 
screen right. From here you can jump down to grab a chest and move 
right another screen to find another chest. If you don't want to 
bother, just head on up while on the SAME branch you started on. You 
have to be climbing the branch furthest to the left on the screen to 
the right of the beginning of Gravis. Anyway, head up this branch. On 
the next screen keep climbing up until you reach the tiny corner where 
the branches fork. Take the one going to the left. Be careful not to 
fall while going around the little curved branch on the next screen. 
Once you head up you should see your first Varm Beetle! Head up to 
where he is to fight him, and take the door to the next part of Gravis.

Head right and fight the owl enemy, and move to the next screen to 
fight another owl. Then chop down the leaves blocking your path, fight 
another Varm Beetle, and go through the door.

You should now be on a tiny end of a branch. Head up, and work your way 
around the branches to the next screen to the right. You'll see a Varm 
Beetle attacking an old man (or at least scaring the heck out of him :P 
). Defeat the beetle, and jump down off the branch.

Fight the next Varm Beetle, and go down the branch to the left. Cut 
through the leaves blocking your path. You can jump down to grab the 
chest here, but it'll set you back a ways. If you don't want to, simply 
head right. Chop down the leaves, fight a couple more monsters, and cut 
through some leaves to reach another treasure chest. Now take the door.

You're almost there! Fight the final Varm Beetle and jump down or cut 
the leaves to climb down. You'll see a man walking through the forest's 

11. AGIT

When you reach the tree house town of Agit, two of Ernest's friends, 
Marcus and Elius, will greet him. They'll have a little conversation. 
Then you'll be free to roam the town. You can rest, do a little 
shopping, and if you have a spare Field Bomb, be sure to bomb the 
cracked wall right above the three treasure chests to claim some pretty 
good weapons.

If you've had enough of Gravis Forest, you're out of luck, though. Your 
next mission is to venture into the part of Gravis beyond Agit to find 
Ernest's crashed ship and recover the Energy Crystal within it.


Yet again, all the basic tips of Gravis Forest apply to this section as 
well. You can explore on your own to get everything, or use my quick 
direct path if you get lost or want to get through as painlessly as 
possible. :P

From the beginning, head up. Fight the Varm Beetle, and continue 
climbing up. On the next screen cut down the leaves, and climb STRAIGHT 
up, don't take the path that veers to the left. Go up and take the door 
to the next area.

To know you're in the right area, you should see some red ape... 
dancing around. tri-Ace is weird sometimes. :P Anyway, just head up and 
be careful not to fall off the branch. Fight the red Mandriff ape 
blocking your path. There are a ton of leaves blocking the paths here, 
so use your character's attack all over to clear the way going up and 
to the right. On the next screen there are more leaves all over to chop 
down. One little path leads to a chest. There's a door to another area 
directly up, but you actually want to clear all the leaves to reach the 
one on the left side of the screen. Save right before entering the next 
area, because you're about to find Ernest's ship... and a nasty boss.

Just use well-executed basic strategies on the gray ape, Mountain 
Driff. Pull off some long combos, use quick or powerful spells and 
moves, defend or run away when he's attacking, etc.

Once he's polished off, head up to the ship and collect the Energy 
Crystal. All is not well, though. When you're making your way to the 
exit, a resident of Agit will show up and tell you that Agit and Slave 
Village are under attack!


You'll be transported directly outside of Agit. The man at the back 
entrance will heal you, and saving here is a MUST. There are only a few 
robot monsters in Agit, but they are HARD. Work your way through the 
tree house defeating them. Kill the one at the entrance, and a man will 
tell you that Elius and Marcus have gone to Slave Village to fight the 
leading monster of this attack, G Aba!


You should now be transported right outside of Slave Village near the 
beginning of Gravis Forest. Enter Slave Village, and you'll see some 
wounded and frightened residents. Save here because on the next screen 
to the right is the boss!

You arrive just in the nick of time! Elius and Marcus are about to take 
on this beast, and they don't have the strength to survive his vicious 
attacks! You rush in and immediately fight him yourself.

Use basic strategies again, and you should be okay. Watch out for his 
vacuum-like move, and his sharp tusks that burst out right in front of 
him. His HP is quite high, but some long combos and powerful moves 
should send him to the scrap yard in no time.

After putting an end to the threat to the towns, you'll chat with 
Marcus and Elius again, but it's time to say farewell. An underground 
passage opens up in Slave Village in the bottom left corner of town, 
which leads to Nusa Beach. But this is also a good time to put that 
Kyokashou to use. With the permit, you can open up two optional 
dungeons, Ralf and Crane. You should have passed Ralf on your way to 
Aba, and Crane is just a little ways south and left of Ralf.

If you want to try out these optional dungeons (and check out some 
other secrets), see the next to sections. If not, just skip down to 
section 17, Nusa Beach. :)


There's obviously more going on in Rupart Jungle than meets the eye, 
but it's not limited to just the two bonus dungeons. There are quite a 
few other little secrets. The easiest to discover would be the old man 
not far to the left of Garp's entrance. Usually to get the information 
on enemies for the Monster Picture Book you simply use the Tekibunseki 
(enemy analysis) Field Action, but it won't work on bosses. Therefore 
you gotta find other means of getting the info, which is where the old 
man comes in. He'll sell you the information on bosses you've already 
encountered (with the exception being the final boss, as you can't buy 
the info after defeating the final boss). The later the boss comes in 
the game, the more expensive the information becomes.

Okay, so maybe you found the old man on your own, but there are some 
sneakier secrets. In Rupart there are two holes in the ground that 
look... unnatural. They're small and square-shaped. Your instinct is to 
avoid any and all pits, but jump down these two. In one, which to reach 
go south two screens from Ralf's entrance, and then left, you'll find a 
mini-game. To play you need a character who has a projectile Field 
Action like Celine's Magic Shot or Crawd's Phase Gun. For a small 
price, you'll get sent spinning around the room, and your goal is to 
break all four crates by timing your shots exactly so they go through 
the small openings in the walls. If you miss too many times, the game 
will end. If you succeed, you'll win a small amount of prize money, and 
you have the option of playing again or ending the game. If you don't 
have any person with a projectile Field Action, simply speak with the 
person again to end the game. When the game is over, you'll be 
teleported outside.

The other pit, which is south and to the right of Garp's entrance, 
drops you off in a small room. It contains one of the ten gods' rings 
and a strange man who will give you one of three weapons - a sword, a 
knuckle, and a whip. They serve no use in battle, though, since they 
have no statistical bonuses whatsoever. Perhaps they're useful in Item 
Creation. To leave this room, use the teleporting circle in the left 

Finally, there is one more mini-game, but this one gives you items 
instead of money. It's pretty easy to find. It's right along the path 
to Crane, and there's a big arrow of bushes pointing upward where it 
is. For 500 fol, you can play a bush-cutting game. The higher the 
difficulty you choose, the more bushes you have to cut down. You win if 
you're able to chop them all down before the man's pet monster is able 
to run around the outer edges of the screen. The highest difficulties 
are pretty challenging, but the low ones are a piece of cake. The 
higher the difficulty, the better the item you'll receive if you win.

Okay, now that that's taken care of, time for Ralf! Actually, I think 
it's pretty easy to figure out, so a detailed walkthrough of it isn't 
really necessary (even though I chose to map it out as I was completing 
it), in my opinion. (If at a later point in time I get a lot of email 
about it, maybe I'll eat those words. =P )

Your main goal is to find all the batteries scattered throughout the 
dungeon in order to power up the generators in the basement. So take 
Precis with you and hover around all over until you've done everything 
you possibly can without the batteries (and take note of the chests you 
need Celine's Teleport Field Action to reach). It's important to do 
this first because once you get the conveyors moving, you won't be able 
to hover across them (instead you'll have to mess with switches to get 
them going in the direction you want them to, which is too much of a 

When you've cleared all you can on every floor, head down to the 
basement and put batteries in every generator that is missing one (some 
already have batteries). To reach all the generators hover over the 
cords blocking your path on the floor.

Once everything is working, go to the top floor, and you should find a 
red crab guarding a chest. The crab, Blood Claw, isn't particularly 
hard, in my opinion. But the challenge of Ralf's monsters varies 
greatly depending on when you decide to tackle the dungeon. If you find 
the battles too hard, you can always return at a later point. When you 
beat Blood Claw you'll be able to open the chest, which contains 
another one of the ten gods' rings.



Since I don't know Japanese, some of my translations could possibly be 
incorrect, but with the aid of Katakana and Hiragana charts, my 
knowledge of previous Star Ocean games, Japanese and Chinese Star 
Ocean: Blue Sphere sites, and other resources, I think I got almost 
everything right. If you feel that a translation is incorrect, or any 
other information for that matter, let me know. Some translations come 
down to a matter of opinion, though, so I won't necessarily change 
something just because you don't like my translation ("Knott" and "Not" 
for example. Until I see something official that says one or the other, 
I'm calling the area "Knott".)

When and if there is a fan translation of Star Ocean: Blue Sphere, I 
will NOT change my FAQ or walkthrough to match it. If you email me 
about doing such a thing, I will delete your email, and if I'm not in a 
particularly good mood, you may get a not-so-pleasant reply. ;) I will 
also not answer emails regarding if there is, when there will be, or 
where you could find a translation patch.

If there's any information you think is missing or info that you'd like 
to see added, email me about that. I will NOT include info relating to 
the ROM or ROM hacking codes. That's not my thing, and I encourage all 
Star Ocean: Blue Sphere players to actually go out and buy the game. If 
you'd just like some help with something in Star Ocean: Blue Sphere, I 
would be happy to help. Please don't ask questions that are already 
answered by my FAQ or walkthrough, though. Don't bother asking for the 
ROM either. I will promptly delete your email. If you just want to chat 
about the game, that's fine. I love talking about tri-Ace and the Star 
Ocean games. ^_^ My email address is: triacesuperfan@hotmail.com


This walkthrough is copyright 2001 Kristina Potts. This walkthrough may 
be used only if the author has been contacted and gave permission, 
nothing is altered, and the walkthrough is used in its entirety. Credit 
must also be given to the author. This walkthrough may NOT be used for 
commercial purposes.


tri-Ace for making yet another masterpiece. I hope Star Ocean 3 will be 
just as good...

Enix for publishing this game.

Nintendo for not including regional lockout on any of their Game Boy 

The dude who sold me Star Ocean: Blue Sphere. First copy ever on eBay, 
baby! Oh, and no thanks to the lousy online import stores that didn't 
get the game until a few months after it had been released.

GameFAQs for giving a home to my reviews and FAQs. Not that my site 
doesn't do the same, but more people visit GameFAQs...

My dear, loving soul mate Andreas. Thank you for just existing. But as 
far this walkthrough goes, thanks for all the encouragement.

And I thank myself because I'm a narcissistic fruitcake with an 
unhealthy obsession with all things tri-Ace. And I'm a little old to be 
finding Leon sexy. o_O

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