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Pokemon Gold:Best in the series 03/02/09 1afteranother
It's good, but gets boring after a while 05/21/03 A B C
THE KING OF ALL RPGs 11/29/99 Aphelionex
Good.... but not the best thing in the world 11/16/00 Bagsby
Pokémon Gold/Silver are awesome. It is a must get! 12/27/99 BKilgore
What a GREAT sequel, it takes everything that made the original great and expands on them. 10/21/00 BrainDog
After a long while, another excellent Pokemon game has been released! 10/18/00 Brak
As Good As The Original And Then Some! 12/31/00 Brock_
This game is bad if you have the Japanese version, otherwise, it's really great. 04/05/00 Dark Lich
Here we go again!!! 09/16/00 Dead Guy46
Pokemon is back and better than ever! 11/01/00 DKlug
A worthy addition to the Pokemon series 02/11/00 Dopple
The sequel is finally out! About time! 08/21/00 Duke Nukem
What Red, Blue Yellow, and Green should have been 01/18/02 Gauntlet Man 99
The most addictive video game ever played. 01/07/02 HatesTheInternet
Does it still hold up two generations later? 06/15/09 hyper_squirrel
Don't play this game unless you have a LOT of free time! 12/24/02 I c h i r o
"Wow! Great and disapointing." 03/12/00 lufia22
The third best RPG EVER!!! 02/21/00 Mr Socko
Catching 'Em All has never been as fun! 10/16/07 Necoji
Exactly what fans of the original were looking for. 10/07/01 Revchu
POKEMON! Ooh, you're my best friend... 06/14/01 RHibiki
I choose you Pokemon Blue! Wait, oops, I mean Pokemon Gold/Silver! This game is not fully original. . .it still has Pokemon Blue in it. 10/24/02 ShrinaSoldier231
Pokemon in general has given me the best times of my life, but G/S has given me the best. 12/14/01 TetsuoKillsAkira

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