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    FAQ/Walkthrough (JP) by HKamiya

    Version: 1.7 | Updated: 01/22/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Pokémon Gold FAQ
    by Yours Truly, Hiroki Kamiya (:P Not my real name!)
    Notesies for versions:
    1.7- Felt like updating. :P Exciting NEO Card news, plus other sites 
    will now feature this FAQ. And some PokéDex Translations! :D
    1.6- Added Annon information. Not really much of an update. Added info 
    about Type hybrids.
    1.5- Got up to Ash Ketchum!!!! Added to Card Section. Updated List of 
    NEW Pokémon. New Section.
    1.4- Got Raging Badge! Gotten to Indigo Island. Added a new section.
    1.3- Beat Mikan! Got up to Ibuki. Added the names for the badges.
    1.2- GOT MIKAN TO MOVE! Added how to get her to move.
    1.1- Added some new Pokémon and fixed some spelling errors. Also added 
    some new questions.
    1.0- Only info up to 4th-5th gym leader. List of what Pokémon have seen 
    and have yet to see.
    Konnichiwa! This is my very first FAQ about Pokémon Gold. Yeah, Jedah, 
    I join you in the spotlight of Pokémon Gold. :) Please feel free to E-
    mail me any info you have about Gold you would like me to input into 
    this FAQ. Please do not E-mail me asking for a ROM of Gold and 
    Here goes nothing!!!
    This is a Special Millenium Edition! Although it may NOT look special, 
    to me it is. :) Good luck on your Pokémon Quest!
    [1] The Walkthrough
    [2] Questions That Need to be Answered
    [3] Operation: Lugia
    [4] The List of NEW Pokémon
    [5] Pokémon NEO
    [6] The Boring Stuff
    Section [1] The Walkthrough
    As the game begins, you see the new GAME FREAK logo. (Oooooh! Shiny!) 
    Then, comes the new and cool opening! We see Shellder, then Magikarp, 
    then Lapras swims on the water. Next we see a funny scene of Jigglypuff 
    singing, Pikachu coming onto the screen, not too happy about Jigglypuff 
    stealing the show! Pikachu runs and tackles Jigglypuff as she sings her 
    last note. ^^; Then the screen shows the Gold/Silver logo with Houou or 
    Lugia flying under the logo. When you start a new game, you are 
    prompted to set the time. After that, you are introduced by Professor 
    Oak. You can then set a name for your guy. I chose Hiroki. ^^ What's 
    this? No rival? 
    After you set a name for yourself, you are in your room upstairs. You 
    can go downstairs and go to Dr. Utsugi's lab to get a Pokémon. Weird 
    thing is, your mom comes up to you and asks you a thing and you have 
    seven answer choices. They are the days of the week! Choose wisely, as 
    I accidentally chose Sunday and now I can't change it back to Saturday. 
    (Which is today, January 15, 2000). Then you can explore the town!!!!! 
    Go to the side of Dr. Utsugi's lab and you find a person. What's this? 
    Talk to him and I think he says something about not to interfere and he 
    kicks you back. ^^; Owch.... Go to Utsugi's lab. There you can choose 
    from three all new starter Pokémon!
    -Chikorita; the Grass Pokémon. (I chose this. ^.^)
    -Hinorashi; a hedgehog-y looking fire Pokémon.
    -Waninoko; literally means "Juvenile Alligator". The Water type.
    After you make your choice, talk to Utsugi. After that, I think you 
    would have noticed the machine in the upper left hand corner already. 
    That is a mini Pokémon center! I don't think you'll be needing that 
    very soon...... Weird, no rival? Is this game going to be easy? Go west 
    to the grass field. Here you can battle Pidgeys and Otachis during the 
    day and only Hohos during the night. Keep going west until you reach 
    the next town.
    Yay! The first city/town! Oddly, you cannot buy PokéBalls! You can 
    explore and see what's up. You can use the Pokémon Center. Haha! 
    There's a new nurse at the Pokémon Centers! After this, go north and 
    out of Yoshino City. The only way out of the Wakaba Town/Yoshino City 
    circle is blocked by two people having a "lively" Pokémon Battle. Go 
    north, and there you'll find...... a small house! Go in a you see a 
    figure hunched over a computer. Talk to the guy in black and he'll 
    introduce you to the person at the computer--PROFESSOR ABRAHAM OAK! He 
    talks to you (Calls you "Hiroki-Kun" or whatever you name is throughout 
    the rest of the game. :P), gives the Pokédex, and he leaves.
    The guy lets you rest at the house and then you're fresh off and ready 
    to go! As soon as you get outside, the phone on your Pokégear rings. It 
    is Utsugi! He talks about "stuff", and I think he tells you to go back 
    to Wakaba. Go back the route to Yoshino City. As you leave, Rival 
    appears! His name for now is ???. You can name him later. He chose the 
    Pokémon that is stronger than yours. (i.e., I chose Chikorita, he chose 
    After his untimely loss (:P) return to Wakaba town. Go to Utsugi's lab 
    and you find a police officer there! You learn that the person you just 
    fought broke in and stole a Pokémon! At this point, you can name him. I 
    named him Sakaki. Nothing much to do now. Start back the road to 
    Yoshino City. A person stops you! He teaches you how to catch Pokémon. 
    You can return to Yoshino. You can now buy PokéBalls!!!! Yay! Talk to 
    the old man at the entrance to the city. He gives you a tour, and then 
    when you reach his house, he gives you the Map Card for your PokéGear! 
    You can now access the map of Jouto on your PokéGear. Later, you can 
    access the map of Indigo Island.
    Go back to the spot where the people were battling. They are gone and 
    now you can head up the road to Kikyou City.
    Yay! A Gym at last! I recommend you not do the Gym too early. Go to a 
    samurai-looking palace north of the city. That place uses A LOT of 
    Bellsprouts. It is, in fact, Bellsprout Tower. Kill them all and make 
    your way to the top. Rival is there! He beats Master Monk up and 
    leaves. At the top, beat Master Monk and you get---HM Flash!
    Return out and heal if you need to. Then go to Kikyou Gym! This Gym 
    uses Flying types. Gym Leader Hayato used Pidgey and Pidgeotto. How 
    amazingly EASY! Beat him and you get the Wing Badge.
    After you beat both the tower and Gym, go to the Pokémon Center. A guy 
    is standing next to the counter. Talk to him and he gives you an egg! 
    You must wait until Kogane City for the little egg to hatch.
    From Kikyou, go south. Do not go west. It is blocked by Usokki. Later, 
    you can go when Usokki is gone and solve a Kabuto Puzzle! Solve and you 
    are dropped. Here you find Annon! Capture one/them/however many you 
    want. Even though they all have different forms, they are just the SAME 
    POKéMON. Go until you see a cave-like place that is a lot like Rock 
    Tunnel. Except it is very easy.  When you reach Hiwada Town, Team 
    Rocket has taken over!
    As you reach Hiwada Town, you see a Rocket member guarding a well. As 
    you learn more info, you learn that Team Rocket has kidnapped some 
    Slowpokes, which seem to be the town's mascots! Go to the most northern 
    house, and talk to the man. He rushes out, and the well is open for you 
    to go in and save the day!!! Beat 'em all and the Slowpokes are free! 
    Yay! Another day saved by Hiroki! ^.^;
    Go back to the house in which the man rushes out. Talk to him and he 
    gives you the Rua Ball. Return everyday, and you get a different new 
    Now enter Hiwada Gym. They all use bug types. When you reach Gym Leader 
    Tsukushi, she has the arsenal of Metapod, Kakuna, and Scyther! Metapod 
    and Kakuna have attacks this time. They're both fairly easy except for 
    After you earn the Insect Badge, attempt to leave the west way. Rival 
    will attack! He has Gastly, Zubat, and the second stage of his starter 
    Pokémon. For me, he chose Hinoarashi, so now his Hinoarashi is a 
    Magumarashi. Now you can leave Town. As you do, you emerge in a forest. 
    As you explore, you find a Farfetch'd! Keep chasing him/her until 
    he/she runs into two people, it's owner and a police officer. Police 
    person gives you HM Cut. Cut your way out out of the forest. Go north 
    until you reach the Saffron City/Celadon City hybrid.
    Walk into the local Pokémon Center and heal. Walk into Kogane Gym. 
    Oddly, they all use Normal-type Pokémon! What's this?! Egg is hatching! 
    Togepi! Hooray! Gym Leader Akane herself uses a Clefairy and Milktank.
    After you earn the Regular Badge (She forgot to give it to you! That's 
    why that girl stops you!), go into ALL the houses and talk to 
    everybody. You can get a bike in Kogane! Keep searching until you find 
    a girl that gives you a PokéFlute type item.
    You can play slots here like in the original! Go to an underground 
    tunnel-ish place and go south. You see an item. Pick it up and it is 
    the Coin Case! If you wish to leave, go east. You will encounter 
    Usokki! Battle him and capture him. I advise not to use attacks that 
    rock Pokémon are vulnerable to, as Usokki is a rock type. Go North and 
    you arrive in a new city.
    Yeah! Go heal and go to the local Gym, Enju Gym. You must watch your 
    step on the black part of the Gym, as it can send you back to the 
    start. This gym uses Ghost Pokémon. Gym Leader Matsuba himself has a 
    Gastly, Haunter, Gengar, and Haunter. For winning, you get the Phantom 
    There is a theater in Enju where you must battle the actresses. They 
    all have Eevee evolutions. And, what's this?! Two new Eevee evolutions! 
    HOORAY! After you beat the girls, talk to the man, he will give you HM 
    Go West, to a city that is by the coast.
    As you arrive into Asagi, Rival comes out of the gym! He talks about 
    how nobody is in the Gym. Use Surf to surf to Tanba City.
    Located in the seas near Asagi, there's 4 islands you see guarded by 
    whirlpools. Those are the "4 Floating Isles". You go there to get 
    Lugia. Only when you get HM 06 can you enter the 4 Floating Isles.
    Heal if you need to, and then enter Tanba Gym. They all use Fighting 
    Pokémon. Gym Leader Shijima uses Primeape and Poliwrath. You earn the 
    Shock Badge. Then talk to the lady outside of Tanba Gym. She gives you 
    HM Fly. Either you can Fly back to Asagi or Surf back. ^-^ Your choice.
    ASAGI CITY (Again)
    When you arrive back at Asagi, go East to find a tower. Make your way 
    up until you arrive at the top. There you find Gym Leader Mikan and a 
    Pokémon, NOT Steel Onix.
    Apparently, she wanted to help the poor Pokémon, so she stayed up 
    there! Return to Tanba and talk to the guy in the most southern house. 
    He gives you an item! Return to Asagi and talk to Mikan. Choose the top 
    option (yes), and she returns to Asagi Gym!
    Gym Leader Mikan has 2 Magnemites and a Steel Onix. You earned the 
    Steel Badge!!
    Return back to Enju and go East. Enter the cave, and exit, arriving in 
    Chouji Town.
    When you reach Chouji Town, HEAL. Do not attempt to go East! If you do, 
    a man rips money off you for nothing! You can't enter Chouji Gym. 
    Awww... Too bad!! Instead, head North to a giant lake. take the GRASSY 
    route. Team Rocket rips money off you if you try the non-grassy way!! 
    When you reach the lake, Surf in, fight and capture the Gyarados. It's 
    neato! Surf back to land and who is this? 
    Lance!! Talk to him and he floats away. Return back to Chouji. Heal, 
    then go into a small house with a sign by it. Lance in action! A secret 
    passage! Enter and cross the sensors. 2 Team Rocket members per sensor.
    If you battle the Scientist guy at the computer, examine the computer. 
    It automatically turns the sensors off!
    When you reach the bottom, go down/up the steps. Battle everyone there 
    and collect ALL the items. Talk to the only female Rocket member there 
    and she gives you a password! Continue through, until you reach a 
    locked door with a Rocket member busy. Talk to the door, and it opens! 
    Talk to the apparent Son of Giovanni, and the battle is on! Beat him, 
    and he leaves.
    You earned a password! Go back to the first locked door and talk to it. 
    It opens!! Go in, and two members stop you! Son of Giovanni and what 
    seems to be his sister! (They DO look very much alike, no?) Oh no! This 
    is the end! Wait... Lance!!! Tag team! Yeah! You battle Son of 
    Giovanni's sister. Easy peasy. Deactivate the reactor!
    Battle the 3 Electrodes and return to the door. (Wahh... You can't 
    capture them!) Lance congratulates you and gives you HM 06. He walks 
    away. Heal, then enter the Chouji Gym and battle everyone for the 
    experience. Good luck with the ice puzzle! Gym Leader Yanagi has Seel, 
    Dewgong, and an Inomu. Earn the Ice Badge.
    You could go east from here, but the gym is empty. Return to Kogane 
    City, and go to that large tower in the northern-west corner. Team 
    Rocket again?! They're getting to be a large pain!
    KOGANE CITY (Again)
    Go through the tower, thrash them. Get to the top. It's Son of 
    Giovanni! Trash him. Go back down and then go into an underground 
    tunnel in the city. You may have discovered it before. Go to the locked 
    door. Examine it and try to enter. Rival attacks!!! Destroy him! Mwa ha 
    ha ha ha!!!!
    Go through the place, and trash the Rockets AGAIN. Keep switching the 
    switches until you get to the bottom. Go through AGAIN, thrashng the 
    Rockets and pick up ALL the items. Take the Elevator up. It's the 
    store! Go ALL THE WAY BACK DOWN. Go back into tower, and go to the 
    locked door. Open it, and thrash the Rockets again!
    Get to the top, and guess who it is? Son of Giovanni and his sister! 
    Destroy them AGAIN. NOW you can go to the last city!
    If you wish, after you beat them, you can go to the first floor, go to 
    the woman on the far right, and answer the questiions. Get them all 
    right, and you get the Radio Card! You can get multiple tries, anyhow. 
    CHOUJI TOWN (Again)
    Go back to Chouji. Go East to the artic cave. Have fun with the ice 
    After the second ice slide, go to the right and you encounter another 
    ice puzzle! Solve it and recieve HM 07 for your hard work!
    Yes! The last gym! Heal, and gather up the potions! You'll need them! 
    Go North and there it is in front of your eyes..... FUSUBE GYM! Enter 
    and be prepared, they use Dragon types! Use Strength to push the 
    bolders down to get to Ibuki. Get set for Gym Leader Ibuki! 3 
    Dragonairs and a Kingdra! Beat her, but you do not get the Raging 
    Instead of scouring the land high and low for the Badge, go North of 
    the Gym and enter the cave. Exit it and you come accross and lake-ish 
    type place. Surf in and elimate the whirlpool. Go to a small patch of 
    land. You should find an item! Pick it up and who should come but 
    Ibuki! She thanks you for finding it, and you have recieved the 8th 
    From here you have 2 choices. Capture Houou or go on to the ELITE FOUR.
    OPTION 1
    Just a neat little title I added. ^^; This Option lets you capture 
    WAKABA TOWN (Again)
    Return to your hometown. Go to Dr. Utsugi and he gives you the Master 
    Ball! Fly to Enju City.
    ENJU CITY (Again)
    Okay. Go to Enju City. Go north and you are confronted by some monks! 
    Go down the staircase and go out into the open. Go to the huge tower 
    and make your way to the top. When you reach the top, you face Houou! 
    SAVE before you battle him!
    When you are in battle, IMMEDIATLY use the Master Ball! Yesss! You have 
    captured Houou! Return to Wakaba and talk to Utsugi.
    OPTION 2
    A neat lil' title again! Okay, this option allows you to go face the 
    Elite Four!
    WAKABA TOWN (Again)
    Return to Wakaba. If you want, talk to Utsugi and recieve the Master 
    Ball. Go to the lake and surf in. Go to the cave. Go through and you 
    are on the new Route to Indigo Plateau!
    Welcome to Indigo Island! Go north and thrash the trainers. They're 
    really pumped up now! What's this? Victory Road!!! 
    Get through it. It's fairly EASY this time. When you reach the exit, 
    Rival stops you! He has several Pokémon that are somewhat-of a small 
    challenge. Now he has third evolution of Starter! (i.e., he chose 
    Hinoarashi, now he has Bakufun.)
    After that, go out and you are now on Indigo Plateau!!!
    First, you are confronted by what seems to be Lorelei's brother! His 
    name is Ishiki, and he has 2 Neiteios, Exeggutor (Gotta love Houou!), 
    Jynx, and Slowbro. I can't really recommend any types for this member.
    Next is the all-too-familiar face, KOGA! He has Ariadosu, Foretosu, 
    Muk, Kurobat, and Venomoth! Recommend Houou or Lugia or some other 
    Flying type for this battle!
    Third is Bruno. He has a Kapoera, Hitmonchan, Hitmonlee, Machamp, and 
    Onix! I recommend Grass, Psychic, and Water Pokémon for this member.
    Last is Karin! She has a Burakki, Vileplume, Gengar, Yamikarasu, and 
    Beruga! I recommend a Fire Type, a Psychic type (For Gengar. He's still 
    a Ghost/Evil), and a water type for Beruga. Sorry! I just found out 
    Psychic is crummy against evil. (>.< Dumb Yamikarasu! Killed my Lugia! 
    Now you've won! Or have you? Now you must battle Lance! He has THREE 
    Dragonites, Gyarados, Aerodactyl, and Charizard. I recommend Electric 
    types, since they are all flying types as well as another.
    YOU'VE FINALLY WON! Oak and your Mom appear, and Lance take you to the 
    rennovated Hall of Fame. Next you are treated to a nice little credit 
    thingy with cute Pokémon dancing!
    Have you REALLY beaten it....?
    ASAGI CITY (Again! Sheesh!)
    Yes! There is a quest you must complete! First, go to Dr. Utsugi's lab, 
    and talk to him. He gives you a ticket!
    Asagi City. There will be a guy checking for a ticket. Try to go to the 
    South. The guy will stop you. You show him the ticket, and he takes you 
    to the new, high-tech, COOL looking S.S. Anne! In like the second room, 
    there's a sailor! Talk to him and beat him. He runs off. Battle the 
    trainers onboard. Make your way to the captain. His daughter takes you 
    to a guy, and blahblah. The ship docked! Get off and....
    Yes! You are in Vermillion City! Go heal, and proceed to Lt. Surge!! 
    Still electric types around here. The only other type other than 
    electric is Steel, and that's the Magnemites and Magneton.
    Lt. Surge has Raichu (Duh!), Magneton, Electabuzz, and 2 Electrodes. I 
    hate that pesky double team! >.<
    Beat him, aquire the Thunder Badge, and go heal! Try to leave from 
    Diglett Cave, and you are greeted by a LARGE Snorlax! More on him 
    Now, go north until you reach Saffron.
    Yea! Saffron! My fave! :D Don't try to go in Silph Co., and a guy won't 
    let you go through! The Fighting Dojo exists, but no one will battle. 
    Saffron Gym is still there! Go in and thrash their Psychic types. Get 
    to Sabrina. (Ooooh! New sprite! Neat picture, too. ^.^) Sabrina has Efi 
    (::HUGG:: Don't take my Efi! MY Efi!), Mr. Mime, and Alakazam! Beat 
    her, and you've gotten the Marsh Badge!
    Go EAST to....
    Yesss! Celadon! Home of the Slots Place! ^.^; Here the Slots thingy is 
    joined by a Level Guessing Game.
    NO EEVEE! ;-; 
    I'll translate the prizes later. All I know is that Porygon STILL costs 
    9999 coins....
    Go to Celadon Gym. Better layout! They of course, use Grass types. Make 
    your way to plite Erika. Erika has Victreebell, Watakko, Kireihana, and 
    I THINK Vileplume. I can't remember, 'cuz I battled her during the 
    middle of the night when everybody was asleep. You get the Rainbow 
    Badge for beating her.
    Now, go to Cycling Road to....
    Fushcia! Home of the Safari Zone! It's closed down now. Wahhhh....
    Go to Fushcia Gym and approach the trainers. Talk to them and they 
    reveal their guises!
    Get to the middle, and it's AYA! Aya has Kurobat, Ariadosu, 2 Weezings, 
    and a Venomoth. Typical! For defeating her, you get a Soul Badge. 
    Now, fly to Saffron, and take the North route out. You are now in....
    Ah, yes, the city of water. Cerulean Gym is empty, so go to the Power 
    Talk to everyone there. When you try to exit, the officer alerts 
    everyone that Cerulean Gym was just invaded by a member of Team Rocket!
    Return immediately!
    Go into Cerulean Gym, and he runs away!! (COWARD!) He runs to Nugget 
    Bride, beat him and he runs off for good. The members of Nugget Bridge 
    have moved to around the Sea Cottage! Beat them, and approach the Sea 
    What's this? A Girl is making L-U-V to a guy! She notices you, and the 
    guy runs away. She walks to you and it is Misty! She scolds you for 
    interrupting, and then she notices that you want the Cascade Badge. She 
    runs back to Cerulean Gym.
    Go back to Cerulean Gym and beat their watery butts!
    Get to Misty, and her picture appears to be of a teenage! Wowie, she's 
    going through adolescence! She's got Golduck, Lapras, and Starmie. I 
    forgot one of her Pokémon. Beat her, and you aquire the Cascade Badge!
    Now, go to the square pool in the middle of the Cerulean Gym, and 
    examine EVERY PART of it, and you get an ITEM!
    Get to the "Power Plant" and talk to the fat guy at the large reactor. 
    He gives you TM 07. (P.S., TM 07 is NOT Horn Drill or whatever. It's a 
    type of electric beak attack.)
    Fly to Lavender Town.
    Go to the rennovated Pokémon Tower, and talk to the buiness-man looking 
    guy. He upgrades your PokéGear Radio with the Poké Flute!
    Fly to Vermillion City
    Okay, go to the huuuuuuge Snorlax and go to your PokéGear. Go allllll 
    the way to the highest frequency you can get. Your radio SHOULD play a 
    revised Poké Flute song. Examine Snorlax, and it wakes up!!
    Okay, I extremly advise you to CAPTURE THAT SNORLAX! It regains health 
    after EVERY TURN. How cool is THAT?! :)
    Now enter Diglett's Cave. :D Dugtrios appear more often now!
    Exit Diglett's Cave. Go to the bush-thingy and cut it down. Go North 
    Ah! Good old Pewter! This battle will be a piece-'o-cake if you have a 
    Grass type with you. Enter Pewter Gym and beat their butts. :)
    Ah, Brock returned from the Orange Archipagelo. (SPOILER!) In the 
    episode "Pokéball Peril", Brock leaves Ash and Misty.
    Brock has Graveler, Onix, Rhyhorn, Omastar, and Kabutops. Beat him and 
    you get the good old Boulder Badge.
    Next, go South and go through the REALLY BORING Viridian Forest.
    Lah-lah-lah.... On the road to VIRIDIAN CITY!!!! Anyway, North of 
    Viridian is a small patch of grass in which you can find Pikachu. If 
    you try A LOT, you won't get any Pikachu. ;-; I only have a Female 
    Anyway, there's nobody in the Gym.
    There's a really neat thing here where you can battle yourself! It's 
    Northwest of the PokéShop. Go in, go down the step, the lady stops you. 
    Answer "Yes" to her question and you are automatically directed to a 
    little square! There you battle...... YOURSELF! He has Oodairu, 
    Meganiumu, and Bakufun. Well, that's for me. I think you're only 
    allowed one battle with yourself per day.
    Go South down Route 1 to...
    Pallet! Home of Ash Ketchum and Gary Oak! Oddly, their names in Gold 
    and Silver versions are Red and Green respectivly.
    Go to Ash's/Red's house and go upstairs. :) You'll see he aquired a 
    Nintendo 64.
    Those were the default DEFAULT names in Red and Green versions.
    Go to Oak's lab and then he tells you to Surf to Cinnabar Island.
    Cinnabar has been ruined! Nothing but a lousy person. What the heck 
    happened to- A PERSON?!
    Talk to him and he tells you he is Gary of Viridian Gym! He flies off.
    Gee, whatta blowhard...
    No Gym, so go East to Seafoam Island to battle Blaine.
    Here we are. Seafoam Island. You can't really explore, because there's 
    only one entrance! Enter and you encounter Blaine! Blaine has 
    Magakarugo, Rapidash, and good 'ole Magmar. Beat him, and you get the 
    Volcano Badge, of course. After you beat him, fly/surf back to Pallet.
    PALLET TOWN (Again)
    Nothing much to do here. Go talk to Oak and he tells you to go to 
    Viridian City. Fly/Walk there.
    This is for your 16th and FINAL BADGE, so don't screw up otherwise 
    he'll fly away and you can't find him and you can't beat Ash Ketchum! 
    Ooooohhhh noooo! ^^; Just kidding. Heal and buy LOTS OF POTIONS AND 
    REVIVES! Proceed to Viridian Gym to face one of your most tougest 
    battles EVER!
    There's no one in the Gym as you go ahead to face the Gym leader. Did 
    he fire them or somethin'? When you reach the top.... You see that the 
    Gym leader is none other than Gary Oak! Gary's a toughie. He has a 
    Pidgeot, Alakazam, Exeggutor, Rhydon, Arcanine, and Gyarados. I told 
    you to buy lots of Potions and Revives. That Arcanine is hard! Beat 
    Gary, and you have recieved the EARTH BADGE!
    All 16 badges! What to do? What to do? Go back to Pallet.
    PALLET TOWN (Yet again!)
    Go to Oak's Lab and talk to him. He's amazed that you have recieved all 
    16 badges. He tells you to go to Shirogane Mountain. Why? He says it's 
    a surprise!
    Go to Viridian City, and go West to the little house-ish place. Enter 
    and proceed East. You'll find yourself in a small maze! Make your way 
    through to the PokéCenter and SAVE.
    You've made it this far. You can't quit now! Enter Shirogane and make 
    your way through. When you make it to the last platform, who has his 
    back on you?! How rude!! Talk to him and you'll see a famliar face.... 
    Yeah, yeah. This isn't a city, but it's a MAJOR battle! Talk to Ash and 
    he says nothing. You're locked in battle! POKéMON MASTER (Yes! That's 
    right!) Ash has none other than Pikachu, Venusaur, Charizard, 
    Blastoise, Efi, and that ANNOYING Snorlax! Although only one of Ash's 
    weakest Pokémon, this annoying Snorlax will keep using Rest on you! 
    Heheh, once I drained it's PP of Body Slam, Rest, and that Growl-ish 
    Sleeping Attack. ^.^ Soooooo easy to defeat it when all that Snorlax 
    has is Amnesia!
    After you beat Ash Ketchum, who STILL says nothing, he dissapears, 
    leaving you in Shirogane. Now you are treated to the SAME credits with 
    Pokémon Dancing. Now you're at the Pokémon Center. SAVE NOW!
    You can battle Ash again if you beat the Elite Four again. Every time 
    you defeat the Elite Four once, Ash returns to his Shirogane Mountain 
    Spot. ^.^ Have fun!
    Section [2] Questions That Need to be Answered
    -Why did they leave Caterpie and Metapod un-redrawn from Japanese Blue 
    -Why does Koga get promoted?
    More questions soon! The questions that are not answered will be left 
    Section [3] Operation: Lugia
    Okay. This is the totally cool section on catching Lugia! ^.^ Lugia's 
    my fave now! ::Hugs Lugia as Lugia flies away and is dangling from 
    Lugia:: HELLLLPPP!
    PEWTER CITY (Again)
    Okay. Go there and talk to and old man near the Pokémon Center. I 
    think. You'll recive an item, called Silver Feathers. You can't use it. 
    Now, go to Asagi City. 
    Get here and surf into the "Four Floating Isles". Go around until you 
    meet Lugia happily splashing in a nice lake of water! ^.^ Capture 
    ^.^ Lugia should be very useful against Ash's Charizard with the Hydro 
    Pump! Replace the 3rd attack with Psychic if you wish. ^.^ Works 
    Section [4] The List of NEW Pokémon
    P.S.: These PokéDex translations are of Pokémon I have and they aren't 
    that much accurate. Just did the best I could! ^^; Most of them are 
    coming soon! Just.... be patient!
    #152 Chikorita
    Leaf Pokémon
    A faint, sweet aroma floats around this Pokémon's head. Otolaryngology 
    proves that Chikorita has actual hidden hi-vision.
    #153 Beirifu
    Leaf Pokémon
    Beirifu's mare is made of quality Kumquat Leaves and is often portrayed 
    in kabuki shows.
    #154 Meganiumu
    #155 Hinoarashi
    #156 Magumarashi
    #157 Bakufun
    #158 Waninoko
    #159 Arigeitsu
    #160 Odairu
    #161 Otachi
    #163 Hoho
    #164 Yorunozuku
    #165 Redeiba
    #167 Itomaru
    #168 Ariadosu
    #169 Kurobat
    #172 Pichu
    #173 Pii
    #174 Pupurin
    #175 Togepi
    #176 Togechikku
    #177 Neitei
    #178 Neiteio
    #179 Meripu
    #180 Mokoko
    #181 Denryuu
    #182 Kireihana
    #183 Marrill
    #185 Usokki
    #187 Hanekko
    #188 Popokko
    #189 Watakko
    #190 Eipamu
    #191 Himanattsu
    #193 Yanyanma
    #194 Upa
    #195 Nuo
    #196 Efi
    #197 Burakki
    #198 Yamikarasu
    #199 Slowking
    #201 Annon
    #203 Kirinriki
    #205 Foretosu
    #206 Nokoochi
    #207 Kuraiga
    #208 Steel Onix
    #209 Snubble
    #210 Guranburu
    #211 Harisen
    #213 Shiboshibo
    #215 Nyara
    #216 Himeguma
    #218 Magumaggu
    #219 Magukarugo
    #220 Urimu
    #221 Inomu
    #223 Teppouo
    #225 Deribado
    #226 Mantain
    #228 Deribiru
    #229 Beruga
    #230 Kingdra
    #231 Gomajiu
    #232 Donphan
    #233 Porygon2
    #234 Odoshishi
    #237 Kapoera
    #241 Milktank
    #243 Raikou
    #244 Entei
    #245 Suikun
    #246 Yogirasu
    #249 Lugia
    #250 Houou
    #251 Serebii
    Pokémon I need to see:
    Most of the regular Pokémon you cannot capture in the Gold or Silver 
    I have no info about Mew or Mewtwo in Gold and Silver.
    Togepi hatches at Level 5 with Growl and an attack where a heart pops 
    up. He learns Metronome at Level 7 and at Level 17, A type of Kiss 
    attack that causes confusion. At Level 18, it evolves into Togechikku!
    I have info on the "Suicide" atack for Gastly and Haunter! It is indeed 
    a type of Voodoo attack. It hurts itself, and then, next turn, a little 
    black joker-looking thingy hurts you! I have taken to call this attack 
    Chikorita had Tackle and Growl when I got it. Evolved into Beirifu at 
    level 16 or 17. It finally evolved into Meganiumu at Level 33, I think. 
    It now currently has Solar Beam, Cut, Razor Leaf, and Flash. 
    You can attack once you awaken from sleep!
    Strange, there are new trainers. The oddest one you meet is a Pikachu 
    Although there's no section to put this in, I have decided to add it 
    here. To clear things up, YOUR CHARACTER IS IN NO WAY ASOCIATED WITH 
    THE ORANGE LEAGUE! I have seen many sites saying "....With a new league 
    called Orange League..."! It is WRONG! The Orange League was a special 
    TV-ONLY League. Hope that clears things up a bit!
    I have found out the name of the new league! Last games were the INDIGO 
    LEAGUE. Now it's the..... JOUTO LEAGUE!
    Oh, yes! You know how some types are like Water/Flying and Rock/Flying, 
    right? Let's use Venusaur as an example. Let's say he goes up against 
    Gyarados. Grass is good against water but bad against flying. So, use a 
    Razor Leaf on Gyarados, you'll find that it makes the "Normal" damage 
    sound! Same with Denryuu vs. Kabutops or whatever.
    Section [5] Pokémon NEO
    Okay! This section has info on the new NEO series by Media Factory! 
    Even though it is not mentioned in the Gold and Silver games, it does 
    have something to do with Gold and Silver. Chikorita, Beirifu, 
    Meganiumu, Hinoarashi, Magumarashi, Bakufun, Waninoko, Aligator, and 
    Odairu.  Meganiumu, Bakufun, and Odairu are the holo cards. It is 
    rumored to be the biggest series yet, with NEO focusing on the 100 new 
    Pokémon, plus new Trainer Cards based on the new items and people! If 
    we're lucky to get NEO, it might come in 2001!
    Their symbol are double white stars. Hey, wait a second! If the first 
    Marril card has a double star, and so did the Togepi promo card... Does 
    that mean that those were the first cards to be released from NEO and 
    that they will be re-released?
    They also recently released the different Promos! There's Pii, Upa, and 
    Yamikarasu with EVIL Energy.
    They are releasing the Japanese NEO set February 4, 2000, with the new 
    NEO Boosters and Deck!
    Section [5] The Boring Stuff
    Thanks go to:
    Me: Well, duh!
    Jedah: I hope you don't mind me using some of your info!! 
    If you wish to E-mail me, E-mail me at TraceySketcher@aol.com.
    [Take the period off at the end of com!]
    All the people who sent in info! Thanks, you guys! Sorry I can't post 
    your names!
    Blahblah, the copyright.....
    Pokémon and all names mentioned belong to TRADEMARK Nintendo, GAME 
    FREAK, and CREATURES INC. Yeah, yeah, used without permission, 
    Please don't IM me or E-mail me for a ROM!
    This FAQ will only be found on:
    Found anywhere else, is it STOLEN PROPERTY. Yeah, you can include a 
    link to this FAQ, but DO NOT REPRINT IT WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. If you 
    do, you can be punished by the law! Also please don't copy word for 
    word. You may share this FAQ, but don't distribute it!
    If you would like to have this FAQ on your site, E-mail me and I will 
    grant you permission to.

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