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What is a fun team to use in Gold? Build 3 1 month ago
Shiny Pokémon Stats? Tech Support 1 2 months ago
Getting rid of infinite masterballs? Tech Support 1 2 months ago
How do you get inside the Safari Zone in Fuchsia City? Side Quest 2 4 months ago
I found a glitch trainer, but why? Tech Support 1 4 months ago
how to get the guy out of the way of mahogany town in pokemon gold? Main Quest 3 5 months ago
How do you get Mew & Mewtwo in this game? Side Quest 3 6 months ago
Is celebi accessible to trade from crystal to gold? Side Quest 1 6 months ago
I replaced the battery, why won't it hold my save? Tech Support 1 7 months ago
When should I evolve my Cyndaquil? Build 2 10 months ago

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