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Reviewed: 02/19/03 | Updated: 02/19/03

This is why you must have the Game Boy Colour!

After the mega successful Legend of Zelda: a Link to the Past for the SNES came yet another title starring our elfish wonder; this time for the Game Boy. But it wasn’t until later on that Nintendo decided to make Link’s second appearance on the handheld format, favourably known as Zelda DX, made exclusively for the new Game Boy Colour.

Here’s the story. Hylian hero Link travels to a far away land outside Hyrule, but is caught in a furious storm, casting him away to a remote island (do I have to make this dramatic, or what?!). There he was rescued by Marin, a resident of the unknown land that sort of resembles Princess Zelda and Link finds out that he has arrived in Koholint Island. He eventually hears from the Wind Fish, a spirit that lives on the whole of the island, and Link is the man for the job - to discover the prophecy and find out how and why he’s on Koholint.

Sure, the story seems dashing, but disappointingly, neither Zelda nor Ganon are featured in the game. Instead, Marin and Tarin are introduced and it doesn’t stop there. As you move on, you will uncover the whole truth of Link’s appearance on Koholint by retrieving seven musical treasures from each dungeon. Just like on the previous Zelda titles, you beat your way through every maze-like level until all key items are found. It doesn’t offer much unique or different.

But what is new is that you can equip up to two items using the A or B button. Sometimes, you may have to combine different items together to solve a particular puzzle. That sort of challenge makes all the Zelda games so special.

For me, it’s hard to tell from both GB and GBC versions - very similar gameplay, but the GBC offers many more from its early predecessor. Brightly coloured screens are one thing, plus allowing you to use the GB Printer to copy images from parts of the game in a new sub-quest. Last is the exclusive, hidden dungeon to explore. The gameplay is exactly the same for those who have played the Game Boy version.

Elements found on the Game Boy are also included, too. Same items, familiar map, etc. Dungeon items however changed a little bit (don’t know why though). GB veterans can try out the new extras in the game to keep them amused; it offers the same excitement from its predecessor.

Link gets shipwrecked on a storm and finds himself in a new world to explore the legacy of the Wind Fish. The great thing is that the plot builds up until the very end! Not another kidnapping or villain-taking-over-the-world cliché, but something new.

Much improved from the Game Boy title, the screen is clear, colourful and much crisper.

Sound and Music
Perfect quality, including that famous theme tune and the sword slashing effects not to disappoint.

The handlings pretty good and speeds up the pace quickly, compared to the SNES title.

Not too difficult for first-timers, but for those who’ve played the Game Boy version may breeze through this like they had done before, except for a couple of tight spots. If you haven’t played the GB title before, then try this for the ultimate enjoyment.

Probably better than the Game Boy version (well in my view anyway)
Extra secrets
Colourful sites to explore
Allows you to try out the GB Printer. Cool!

Almost much like the GB version

This game had been out for a while and appears dated by now, but I still have fun with it. You really ought to buy this game, whether you’re a Zelda fan or not! Don’t even think about renting unless you think that I’m wrong!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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