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Reviewed: 04/07/02 | Updated: 04/07/02

No no no! Link shouldn't be able to jump!

When I was a kid, I waited and waited for them to come out with a Zelda for my Game Boy. Finally, my wishes were answered. The Game Boy is graced by a masterpiece. When the Game Boy Color came out, my friends and I weren't all that impressed. The ''new'' library was horrible and the only addition was colour. But it had Zelda. Well, not really. It was the same game that I had played five years before. If I had a Game Boy Color, then I would be allowed to play an extra dungeon and print some pictures with my printer. Oh yeah, you also got colour.

Colour. Vibrant colour. The castle was nice but not worthy of my attention or money. The colour? Very nice. A nice addition to a masterpiece. Was it worth getting a second time? No, of course not. It's the same game. Unless you crash Ferraris for fun, don't even dare.

The game itself. Well, it's Zelda. Here's the funny thing. Usually when a Zelda game went to a new system. The world of Hyrule would start over again. Link never met Zelda before and has to rescue her and save the Land. Either he's had several bouts of amnesia or I'm crazy. This game though takes place after the SNES Zelda. You search the world for wisdom and you end up crash-landing on the island of Koholint Island, which is eeriely similar to Hyrule (even it's inhabitants). You're stuck on the island until you find the eight musical instruments (don't laugh) to wake the Wind Fish.

Gameplay is similar to the Zelda on SNES. You go around the island, killing as many enemies as possible, finding items, and uncovering secrets. Movement is simple, using the direction button. Different from the Zelda on the SNES, you equip your A and B with your items.

Graphics 10

With the addition of colour, the game almost looks like a Super Nintendo game. Enough said.

Game Control 10

You have more control of Link than ever before. Don't feel like holding your sword and shield. No problem, equip something else. My only beef is that you can jump (after finding an item). It just seems funny for a Zelda game. I'm not deducting any points though. I figure it's just me.

Replay 8

Great game. You'll be playing for hours before you know it. However, once you beat the game (and find the rest of the secrets, although the game is too linear that if you didn't find the secret on the first time around, the only way you'll find them is you get help) you'll probably never pick it up again. Maybe after five years though.

Sound 10

The original Zelda music sounds great. Great sound effects as well. The music in the dungeons are fitting to the game. Probably the best sounding game on the Game boy.

Game Design 10

This game has so many challenges and puzzles, it'll keep you thinking from start to finish. The mastery of link's abilities is key to beating this game. Few games capture the need to master this game like this does (for the Game Boy, I mean).

Satisfaction 9

I wish this game had more replay factor. Also, exploring the overworld sometimes gets a little tedious, but can be overlooked. A great game, colourized.

Buyer's Guide (As of April 7, 2001)

Finding this game new or used is no problem. To find this game new, there are the usual suspects. For used, eBay of course. In stores, it's much harder. I saw it once a couple of months ago at Wal-Mart, but I haven't seen it anywhere since.

Price Guide

Online new: $24.99-$29.99 ($34.99-$39.99 CDN)
Online used: Around $15.00 ($22.50 CDN)
Offline new: $24.99-$29.99 ($34.99-$39.99 CDN)
Offline used: $7.00-$17.50 ($10.00-$24.99 CDN)

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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