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Reviewed: 05/28/01 | Updated: 05/28/01

A great game that will give you loads of fun.

Oh my god! Yes, I DO have a gameboy. In fact I have a lot of games for it. I just don't write reviews for them. Okay, back on track. This is a great game. I think Nintendo pushed the graphics on this to the limit. Onto the review.
Really, Nintendo? These graphics are great! That lightning when you get sword L2 is really great.(Not to mention cool.) Also, on the island of Koholonit, the graphics are greatly, even slightly realisticly, good. The graphics are cool, too. I just can't describe how good they are. The water in Tal Tal heights, on the bridges, it's so well done that you don't think your on Gameboy. They beat Atari by 500 years. They are really good, in other words.
Ahhhhhhh. Just at the beginning, (No not the boat scene) you love the music. When you get to the egg, you hear good nostalgic music. The overland hasn't changed, so you can enjoy that great music again. (Egg music.)You know what I'm talking about if you've played Zelda games besides Ocarina of Time. It also has a wide variety of music in it, so you can go to your favorite place and listen to the music there. Unless, of course you like heavy metal, hip-hop or that other, modern music. The mountain music is really good, though. I just had to note that. It repeats but comes up in something new alot too. Not to mention it's a good toon. Nintendo really did a good job with this.
This is not a but the great game. It's great story makes you want to get going and everything twists and turns the entire time. But that's story, not gameplay. This game is fun and challenging, like Crash 2. There are eight dungeons, each with a boss and stuff. You can get several items, and a few new ones. There is tons of stuff to do. There's even a secret dungeon. They have two new suits that increase something... Well anyway, you voyage around this island, collecting rupees, obtaining items, breaking huge eggs and other such whatnot. It's really quite fun, and gives you a wide variety of puzzles to deal with. They also have pictures, a raft ride and other such cool stuff.
Buy. Plain and simple. Buy. Do not waste my time. Buy. This game deserves a ten. Buy. Just buy the stupid thing! do not burn. Now buy!!!
This is a great game, with graphics better than on any other game ever, music that ties with my favorites and gameplay that will keep you occupied for a long time. Not to mention is one of the most fun for gameboy. I wan Oracle of ages and seasons because of this game I will now leave.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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