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Reviewed: 11/05/00 | Updated: 11/05/00

Now you can take Link's swash-buckling adventures in the palm of your hand.

I got Link's Awakening one year and beat it. I had fun playing it, but the one thing I wished was that it would be in color. That would make the game much more exciting. My wish came true. On my 14th birthday I received a Teal Game Boy Color and Link's Awakening DX. I sold the black and white version of the game on Ebay, and I got real excited about the new dungeon, I got ready to play this game.

STORY 10/10
Link was sailing off in a boat when a huge thunderstorm struck, destroying his boat. Link was shipwrecked to Koholoit Island, where he befriends Marin and Talon, who rescued him from his horrible fate. Link finds out to escape this world and return to Hyrule, he needs to get the Instruements and wake the Wind Fish. Sounds simple, but as the game progresses, you need a dictionary to crack the true meaning of the game. Also, many people cried during the ending, which some say are sadder than the end of Titanic. Intresting, no?

SOUND 10/10
The classic Zelda music is still here, but this time it is in an exclusive re-mix. It sounds really great, too. The music in this game is one of a kind and truly is great. The music songs you can play during the game also adds a new insight to the game, and you will have a blast listening to this. The sound effects are much more than sword swinging. The flapping of the Owl's wings, the sound of the ocean washing onto the shore, all add realism to the game. Also an Ocarina song you learn, Ballad of the Wind Fish, is more better than any Ocarina song in the N64 games.

Even if the buttons on the Game Boy are limited, they still provide a fun experience for this game. One would think that if you equip the sword, let's say on the B Button and you press it the sword swings. Well this is true, and if you equip something, let's say Bombs on the A Button, press A to blow up a Bomb. That's how the game works. HOWEVER, you can create AWESOME combinations. For example, I'm not the one to spoil it, but if you equip the Bow and something else on the other button and shoot off an arrow, the two combined items will shoot off a highly explosive arrow that is much better than a normal arrow would do. Explore a little. This game is deeper than you may think.

For Gameboy, there sure are loads of side-quests. One even involves you finding 20 seashells, which are scattered EVERYWHERE, and once you do you can get some cool items! Also, eagle-eyed players will also find the Boomerang, which is cleverly hidden, and there is also a trading sequence you can do. That, and with other things, like playing an actual Claw Machine game (think Toy Story) there are plenty of things to do to keep you playing. Even after you beat the game--you get a secret ending if you beat the game without dying once. I'm not the one to spoil it, but it is pretty cool, and adds on to the tear-jerking ending.... and the side-quests are only after or during the game itself, which will keep you hooked for a long time. The new dungeon also is a side-quest, it is not nescessary to complete, but it does help you out in the game.

For a Gameboy game, this is one game that will keep you thinking. This is one heck of a game, and will keep you hooked. Come on, the game opens up to Link in a cinema movie sequence, for crying out loud! In fact, this game has more emotion than all the other Zeldas combined, and it can fit in the palm of your hand.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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