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A REALLY GOOD Game. Trust Me. I mean it. 11/01/99 Corraiv
Once you start,you won't stop until you beat it and get all the items. 09/27/00 Dave 008 Bond
Graphid freaks behold! 06/09/08 DETHSHADO
A great game that will give you loads of fun. 05/28/01 Fireblade
A Trip to Koholint Island again! 10/02/17 greatdreamhero
Link's Awakening was also mine. 12/22/09 Harcx
One of those games that you can get hooked on and like it 01/08/02 HatesTheInternet
A very enjoyable action-adventure game 12/16/14 Hoogovens
Now you can take Link's swash-buckling adventures in the palm of your hand. 11/05/00 I Shall Be There
No no no! Link shouldn't be able to jump! 04/07/02 james3000gore
How Does Link's Awakening DX Stack Up Against Other 2D Zelda Games? 03/18/10 jimmybiceps
My 100th review! 02/11/02 Lagunathemoron
A definite must-buy 02/14/01 Last Avenger
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX: A perfect Zelda game! 05/11/15 Link3114
A flawless colorization of one of the best handheld games since Tetris. 10/01/07 Lord_Yojimbo29
Is it a Zelda Game? Nope. 11/01/99 MasterReviewer
It's a member of the Zelda series. You know how good it is. 03/14/00 MKnightt
Buy this game now. You won't be sorry you did. 01/02/00 Mojo_
On par with the original...It's a VERY good thing. 12/04/06 Nightmare827
One of the BEST Zelda games I've played. 06/12/02 Patriko2000
The absolute best GameBoy game ever created. PERIOD. 11/17/99 Pneuma
This game makes history. 09/24/02 RedYoshi148
Lots of chicken smacking, dog fwappin' fun!. 03/08/01 squalldaman
This is why you must have the Game Boy Colour! 02/19/03 Ste C.
A pointless update. If you have the original game, check it out first. If you don't, it's a must. 12/03/99 Wolf 2
A remake of Zelda Link's Awakening... 05/19/03 XeroXtancy
A must-have for any Zelda fan with a GBC 07/20/02 Yamcha

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