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Skills Guide by Jimeous

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/06/2000

                  Dragon Warrior Monsters - Skills Guide
                     Version 1.0 Dated:06th July 2000
                        GameFaQs - www.gamefaqs.com
             Written and Editted by Jimeous [aka J aka LCOTA]
Table of Contents
1.0 Introduction
 1.1 Monsters Natural Skills
 1.2 Monsters Inheritted Skills
 1.3 Breeding VS Learning Skills
2.0 Skill information
 2.1 Skill STAT Requirements
 2.2 Upgradable Skills
 2.3 Combined Skills
3.0 Skill Tables
 3.1 Skill Descriptions
 3.2 Skill Stat Requirements
 3.3 Upgradable Skills
 3.4 Combined Skills
 3.5 Allocated Skills to Monsters
4.0 FAQs
 4.1 Skill not learnt problem
 4.2 Will my monster learn this skill
 4.3 I don't want my monster to learn 8 skills
5.0 Credits
  5.1 Copyright

                          1.0 Introduction
The greatest aspect of this game, is that you can breed monsters that can
have various skills. A monster can learn up to 8 Skills, its deciding which
to keep that seperates peoples Team make-up

1.1 Monsters Natural Skills
Every monster gets 3 skills, just for being that monster. These are special
skills that they can pass down to thier children. In fact they don't even
have to learn those skills themselves, yet they can still pass it to thier
next of kin. Its the advantage they get for being that monster. Natural
skills DO NOT need to be learnt by a monster in order for it to pass down
to its child.

1.2 Monsters Inheritted Skills
Any skill that is not one of the monsters Natural skills, is called an
inheritted skill. These skills they recieved from thier parents, either
because it was one of the parents Natural skills or the parent kept the
skill, knowing it wanted to pass it on to the child. Inheritted skills
MUST be KEPT if you want to pass it down to the monsters' child

1.3 Breeding VS Learning Skills
As soon as child has been hatched from an egg, it will be capable of learning
skills. What is available depends on what its parents skills were and what
the monster is. It may keep any 8 skills that becomes available
From its birth a monster has available skills to learn from
[a] Its own 3 Natural skills
[b] The Natural skills of its parents [thats 6 skills, 3 from each parent]
[c] Any inheritted skills from its parents that they've KEPT
A child may further get to learn a new skill, if it keeps any that can be

                          2.0 Skill information
Apart from how a monster gets a skill, the requirement of meeting STATS is
a very important rule in Skill learning. Some skills get better, while
keeping a group of skills will benefit in a new one being learnt

2.1 Skill STAT Requirements
The level listed in the tables in this page, represent the earliest and ideal
time where a skill can be learnt. It is not uncommon for monsters not to
learn a skill at a level because its STATS have also not reached the required
levels. EVERY stat must be fulfilled or better for a monster to learn a
skill. This presents problems with some monsters as thier growth rate in some
areas is slow, and they don't learn the skill until later levels.

2.2 Upgradable Skills
Some skills have the ability to "upgrade" meaning they will get better
results, in turn causing more damage or healing more monsters. These are
upgradable skills. the lowest form of an upgradable skill is a BASE skill.
Base skills will upgrade when the right stats have been fulfilled.

2.3 Combined Skills
On occassion, keeping a group of skills produces a result of being able to
learn a new skill. This is called combining skills. Many people will breed
certain monster just for the skills they can combine to get, this is
sometimes referred to as Skill breeding

                           3.0 Skill Tables
These are tables referring to Skills, each done in Alphabetically order

3.1 Skill Descriptions
Many Skills are based on a foes resistance to it, so damage described are for
monsters that have no resistance to the skill
Name      Description 
Ahhh      Female foe: Stops action for 1 turn Male foe: Damage to one foe
Antidote  Cures poison to one ally
Bang      20-30 Explosion Damage to all foes
Barrier   Reduces Fire and Ice breath damage by 50% for the rest of the fight
BazooCall Summons a Bazoo that uses IceStorm,Hellblast,DeMagic to fight with
BeastCut  50% more Damage to beasts Normal against other foes
Beat      Instant death to one foe
BeDragon  Transforms you into a dragon for the rest of the fight
          with skills: SnowStorm,Scorching,DeMagic
Beserker  Normal attack with increased Damage and defence at 0
BiAttack  Attacks twice one turn with 75% strength
BigBang   300-400 Explosion Damage to all foes
BigTrip   Trips all foes and stops their actions for 1 turn
BirdBlow  50% more Damage to birds Normal against other foes
BladeD    Halves the Damage inflicted by the foe from physical attacks 
          and reflects the Damage taken 50% of the time
Blaze     12-15 Fire Damage to one foe
BlazeAir  32-48 Fire Damage to all foes
Blazemore 70-90 Fire Damage to one foe
Blazemost 180-200 Fire Damage to one foe
Blizzard  80-104 Ice Damage to all foes
Bolt      35-50 Lightning Damage to all foes
BoltSlash Normal attack based on Lightning resistance of the foe
Boom      52-68 Explosion Damage to all foes
Bounce    Reflects spells back at opponents
Branching 50% more damage to plants Normal against other foes
CallHelp  Calls randomly allies to help,level based Damage 
Chance    Casts a random effect - Can be good or bad
ChargeUP  Additional Damage next turn.
CleanCut  50% more damage to Materials Normal against other foes
Cover     Takes the attack against one ally
Curse     Curses all foes,random effects
CurseOff  Remove the curse from one ally
DanceShut Suspends all foes Dance attacks
DeChaos   Cures confusion
Defeat    Instant death to all foes
Defence   Decreases defense of all foes by 50%
DeMagic   Dispels magic effects on all foes (Upper,Speed,Barrier,MagicWall)
DevilCut  50% more Damage to Devils Normal against other foes
DiagoCall Summons a Diago that uses TwinHits,SickLick,Scorching to fight with
Dodge     Changes the target of a physical attack against the caster
          20% Chance target is an ally, 80% Chance target is an enemy
DrakSlash 50% more damage against Dragons Normal against other foes
EerieLite Lowers magic resistance for all foes 
EvilSlash Physical Damage based on the attack of user
Explodet  130-140 Explosion Damage to all foes
Farewell  Revives all allies and causes instant death to the caster
FireAir   14-22 Fire Damage to all foes
Firebal   16-24 Fire Damage to all foes
Firebane  30-42 Fire Damage to all foes
Firebolt  88-112 Fire Damage to all foes
FireSlash Normal attack based on Fire resistance of the foe
Focus     Two attacks next turn
FrigidAir 16-24 Ice Damage to all foes
GigaSlash 350-410 Damage to one foe
Guardian  Takes all attacks for one turn
Heal      Heals 30-40 Hp for one ally
HealAll   Heals all Hp for one ally
HealMore5 Heals 75-90 Hp for one ally
HealUs    Heals 90-120 Hp for all allies
HealUsAll Heals all Hp for all allies
HellBlast 210-290 Lightning Damage to all foes 
HighJump  Jump into the Air and attack next turn with increased attack
Hustle    Heals 70-80 Hp for all allies
IceAir    42-54 Ice Damage to all foes
IceBolt   25-35 Ice Damage to all foes
IceSlash  Normal attack based on Ice resistance of the foe
IceStorm  82-112 Ice Damage to all foes
Imitate   Copy and return every skill cast on Caster for 1 turn
Increase  Increases defence for all allies by 50%
Infermore 25-55 Air Damage to all foes
Infermost 80-180 Air Damage to all foes
Infernos  8-24 Air Damage to all foes
Ironize   All allies become invulernable for 3 turns [but can't move]
K.O.Dance Instant death to all foes
Kamikaze  Reduces foe's Hp to 1 and attacker's Hp to 1 if successful
LegSweep  Trips one foe and stops his action for 1 turn
LifeDance Revives all allies and causes instant death to the caster
LifeSong  Revives all allies (requires 2 turns and can fail)
Lightning 40-60 Lightning Damage to all foes
LureDance Stops actions of all foes for one turn by inviting them to dance
LushLicks Stops the action of one foe for one turn 
MagicBack Reflects back a skill once to the foes
MagicWall Increases resistance against foes' skills 
MapMagic  Reveals whole map of current level inside a gate
Massacre  Inflicts 95-105% of the caster's attack against one random monster
Meditate  Heals 500 Hp to the caster in combat only 
MegaMagic Highest Damage spell to all foes
MetalCut  50% more Damage against Metal monsters, Normal against other foes
MouthShut Suspends one foe's breath attack
MultiCut  180-210 Cut Damage to all foes
NapAttack Normal attack and tries to sleep the foe
NumbOff   Cures paralysis or wakes an ally
OddDance  Lowers one foe's Mp depending on the caster's level
PalsyAir  Breathes Air to paralyze all foes
PanicAll  Confuses all foes
PaniDance Confuses or paralyzes all foes
Paralyze  Normal attack and tries to paralyze the foe
PoisonAir Breathes gas to poison all foes
PoisonGas Breathes Air to poison all foes
PoisonHit Normal attack and tries to poison the foe
PsycheUp  Greater Damage with normal attack after end of this turn
QuadHits  Attacks 4 times random foes
Radiant   Decreases physical hit chance of all foes 
RainSlash Physical attack against all foes
Ramming   Reduces the foe's Hp by 50% and hurts the caster too
Revive    Restores life to one ally with full Hp
RobMagic  Steals one foe's Mp
RockThrow 75-100 Damage with rocks to all foes
Sacrifice Causes instant death or close to it to all foes and caster
SamsiCall Summons a Samsi to fight using EvilSlash,SquallHit,RainSlash
SandStorm Decreases hit chance of all foes
Sap       Decreases defense of one foe by 50%
Scorching 75-100 Fire Damage to all foes
Sheldodge 50% more damge against Bugs Normal against other foes
SickLick  Stops action of one foe and reduces his defense to 1 for one turn
SideStep  Increase chance to dodge foes' attacks
Sleep     Puts one foe to sleep
SleepAir  Puts all foes to sleep
SleepAll  Puts all foes to sleep
Slow      Decreases agility of one foe by 50%
SlowAll   Decreases agility of all foes by 50%
Smashlime 50% more Damage against Slimes Normal against other foes
SnowStorm 42-58 Ice Damage to all foes
Speed     Increases agility of one foe by 50%
SpeedUp   Increases agility of all foes by 50%
SquallHit Physical Attack which lets you always attack first this turn
StepGuard Prevents Damage from lava, swamp, barrier for 1 level inside Gates
StopSpell Suspends all magical skills of all foes
StormWind Reflects breath attacks to all foes 
StrongD   Reduces every Damage taken this turn by 90%
SuckAir   More Damage next turn with breath skills
SuckAll   Sucks in all attacks targeted at one ally for one turn
Surge     Cures any ailments for all allies
Surround  Decreases hit chance of all foes
TailWind  Reflects breath attacks to one foe 
TakeMagic Absorbs Mp of one spell cast by foe
TatsuCall Summons a Tatsu using HealMore,Lightning,Cover
ThickFog  Suspends the skills of everyone for one round
Thordain  175-225 Lightning Damage to all foes
Transform Transforms a monsters skills and stats to those of the selected foe
TwinHits  Increases the amount of Damage of the physical attacks
TwinSlash Inflicts physical Damage against one foe and wounds yourself 
UltraDown Casts Sap,Slow,Surround on one foe
Upper     Increases defence for one ally by 50%
VacuSlash Normal attack based on Air resistance of the foe
Vacuum    Air Damage to all foes,level based
Vivify    Restores life to one ally with half his Hp (50% chance of sucess)
WarCry    Freezes all foes with a loud roar to stop  their actions for 1 turn
Whistle   Summons monsters inside the gates to fight you
WhiteAir  160-180 Ice Damage to all foes
WhiteFire 150-170 Fire Damage to all foes
WindBeast Air Damage to one foe,level based
YellHelp  Calls randomly allies to help,level based Damage 
Zap       70-90 Lightning Damage to all foes
ZombieCut 50% more Damage against Zombies Normal against other foes

3.2 Skill Stat Requirements
In order to learn a skill, all stats must be met or better
Name      Lev  S T A T S   R E Q U I R E M E N T S
Ahhh       10  ATK  60 AGL  60
Antidote    5  MPs  21 INT  20
Bang        4  MPs  13 INT  26
Barrier    18  MPs  76 INT  70
BazooCall  35  MPs 160 INT 180
BeastCut   12  HPs  62 ATK  68 AGL  72
Beat       16  MPs  58 INT  76
BeDragon   28  MPs 124 INT 160
Beserker   14  HPs  98 ATK  84 DEF  84
BiAttack   19  HPs  88 ATK  98 AGL 112
BigBang    36  HPs 196 MPs 196 INT 208
BigTrip    12  HPs  66 ATK  63 AGL  48
BirdBlow   12  HPs  62 ATK  68 AGL  72
BladeD     14  HPs  98 ATK  84 DEF  84 AGL  84
Blaze       1  MPs   7 INT  20
BlazeAir   10  HPs  70
Blazemore  13  MPs  46 INT  64
Blazemost  28  MPs 112 INT 146
Blizzard   25  MPs  88 INT 110
Bolt        6  MPs  20 INT  35
BoltSlash  11  HPs  77 MPs  34 ATK  66 INT  42
Boom       14  MPs  50 INT  68
Bounce     20  MPs  84 INT  78
Branching  12  HPs  62 ATK  68 AGL  72
CallHelp   17  HPs  84 MPs  42 AGL  68 INT  54
Chance     40  MPs 224 INT 236
ChargeUP   14  HPs  98 DEF  84
CleanCut   12  HPs  62 ATK  68 AGL  72
Cover       5  HPs  35 DEF  30 AGL  30
Curse      15  MPs  65 AGL  82 INT  82
CurseOff    7  MPs  27 INT  24
DanceShut  16  HPs 100 AGL 120
DeChaos     6  MPs  24 INT  22
Defeat     24  MPs  80 INT  98
Defence     8  MPs  36 INT  32
DeMagic    20  MPs 100 INT 140
DevilCut   12  HPs  64 ATK  58 AGL  62 INT  48
DiagoCall  25  MPs 100 INT 120
Dodge      18  HPs 126 ATK 108 DEF 108 AGL 108    
DrakSlash  12  HPs  68 ATK  72 AGL  62
EerieLite  14  MPs  65 AGL  84 INT  84
EvilSlash  15  HPs 106 ATK  90
Explodet   29  MPs 120 INT 158
Farewell   32  MPs 188 INT 176
FireAir     3  HPs  21
Firebal     3  MPs  11 INT  23
Firebane   10  MPs  34 INT  52
Firebolt   26  MPs  96 INT 122
FireSlash  11  HPs  77 MPs  34 ATK  66 INT  42
Focus      18  HPs 126 DEF 108 AGL 108 INT 108
FrigidAir   3  HPs  21
GigaSlash  33  HPs 231 MPs 164 ATK 198 AGL 198 INT 198
Guardian   12  HPs  84 DEF  72 AGL  72
Heal        1  MPs   7 INT   6
HealAll    16  MPs  82 INT  80
HealMore   10  MPs  52 INT  48
HealUs     20  MPs 140 INT 120
HealUsAll  28  MPs 196 INT 160
HellBlast  34  HPs 184 MPs 184 INT 196
HighJump   20  HPs 140 ATK 120 AGL 120
Hustle     18  HPs 114 AGL 130 INT  96
IceAir     10  HPs  70
IceBolt     5  MPs  16 INT  30
IceSlash   11  HPs  77 MPs  34 ATK  66 AGL  60 INT  42
IceStorm   20  HPs 140
Imitate    21  HPs 147 MPs 147 ATK 126 DEF 126 AGL 126 INT 126
Increase    6  MPs  27 INT  12
Infermore  11  MPs  38 INT  56
Infermost  27  MPs 104 INT 134
Infernos    2  MPs  10 INT  21
Ironize    15  MPs  62 INT  58
K.O.Dance  20  HPs 140 MPs  72 AGL 120 INT 120
Kamikaze   18  HPs 126 ATK 108 DEF 108
LegSweep    6  HPs  32 ATK  31 AGL  48
LifeDance  30  HPs 210 AGL 180 INT 180
LifeSong   27  HPs 198 MPs  94 AGL 145 INT 162
Lightning  10  HPs  65 ATK  90 AGL  52
LureDance  14  HPs  84 AGL  98
LushLicks   7  HPs  55 AGL  67
MagicBack  16  MPs  68 INT  62
MagicWall  19  MPs  80 INT  74
MapMagic   10  MPs  40 INT  34
Massacre   12  HPs  84 ATK  72 AGL  72
Meditate   26  HPs 182 DEF 156 INT 156
MegaMagic  38  MPs 210 INT 224
MetalCut   12  HPs  68 ATK  72 AGL  62
MouthShut  17  HPs 120 ATK 100 AGL 140
MultiCut   28  HPs 154 MPs 140 ATK 168 AGL 168 INT 148
NapAttack   7  HPs  49 ATK  42 INT  42
NumbOff     8  MPs  30 INT  26
OddDance   10  HPs  54 MPs  27 AGL  63 INT  49
PalsyAir   16  HPs 112 INT  96
PanicAll   12  MPs  56 INT  49
PaniDance  13  HPs  74 AGL  78 INT  78
Paralyze    9  HPs  63 ATK  54 INT  54
PoisonAir  14  HPs  98 INT  84
PoisonGas   9  HPs  63 INT  54
PoisonHit   5  HPs  35 ATK  30 INT  30
PsycheUp   12  HPs  72 ATK  82 DEF  68
QuadHits   24  HPs 124 ATK 112 AGL 136
Radiant    12  MPs  42 AGL  72 INT  72
RainSlash  15  HPs  92 ATK  90 AGL  96
Ramming    12  HPs  70 AGL  70
Revive     27  MPs 174 INT 152
RobMagic    7  MPs  32 INT  28
RockThrow  16  HPs 124 ATK 102
Sacrifice   1  MPs   7 INT   6
SamsiCall  30  MPs 130 INT 150
SandStorm  10  HPs  70 AGL  70
Sap         4  MPs  18 INT  15
Scorching  20  HPs 140
Sheldodge   5  MPs  21 INT  20
SickLick   13  HPs  81 AGL  94
SideStep    9  HPs  63 AGL  54
Sleep       4  MPs  24 INT  16
SleepAir   10  HPs  70 INT  60
SleepAll   11  MPs  52 INT  46
Slow        3  MPs  16 INT  14
SlowAll     7  MPs  32 INT  28
Smashlime  12  HPs  62 ATK  68 AGL  72
SnowStorm  12  MPs  42 INT  60
Speed       1  MPs  10 INT   8
SpeedUp     5  MPs  24 INT  20
SquallHit  12  HPs  72 ATK  68 AGL  82
StepGuard  10  MPs  40 INT  34
StopSpell   9  MPs  44 INT  38
StormWind  19  HPs 140 DEF 126 AGL 140
StrongD    14  HPs  98 DEF  84
SuckAir    17  HPs 119 DEF 102
SuckAll    13  HPs  91 DEF  78
Surge      23  MPs 130 INT 170
Surround   10  MPs  47 INT  41
TailWind   11  HPs  75 DEF  84 AGL  70
TakeMagic  13  MPs  58 INT  52
TatsuCall  20  MPs  70 INT  90
ThickFog   22  MPs 120 ATK  60 INT 160
Thordain   30  MPs 128 INT 174
Transform  21  MPs  92 INT  88
TwinHits   17  MPs  72 INT  66
TwinSlash   8  HPs  80 ATK  80
UltraDown  21  MPs 110 INT 150
Upper       2  MPs  14 INT  12
VacuSlash  11  HPs  77 MPs  34 ATK  66 INT  42
Vacuum     19  HPs 112 ATK 114 AGL 132
Vivify     14  MPs  63 INT  54
WarCry     14  HPs 120
Whistle     4  MPs  28 INT  24
WhiteAir   30  HPs 210
WhiteFire  30  HPs 210
WindBeast  13  HPs  74 ATK  60 AGL  84
YellHelp   23  HPs 128 MPs  64 AGL  82 INT  74
Zap        15  MPs  54 INT  72
ZombieCut  12  HPs  64 ATK  58 AGL  62 INT  48

3.3 Upgradable Skills
This is the list of Upgradable skills, listed first is the lowest form of the
skill. Just refer to the STATS chart to check when these skills will be


3.4 Combined Skills
By keeping certain skills you will get the ability to learn a new skill
Name      Skills needed to be kept for combining
BigBang   Explodet,WhiteFire,WhiteAir
BoltSlash ChargeUP,Lightning
DeMagic   Surge,UltraDown
EerieLite Curse,Radiant
Farewell  Sacrifice,Revive
FireSlash Blazemore,ChargeUP
Focus     ChargeUP,SuckAir,Meditate
GigaSlash FireSlash,BoltSlash,VacuSlash,IceSlash
Hellblast Thordain,Lightning
Hustle    HealAll,SideStep
IceSlash  ChargeUP,SnowStorm
Imitate   Transform,Focus
Kamikaze  ChargeUP,Ramming
LifeDance Hustle,Sacrifice
LifeSong  Revive,WarCry
Meditate  Guardian,StrongD
MegaMagic Blazemost,Blizzard,Explodet,Firebolt,Infermost
MultiCut  ZombieCut,Vacuum
PalsyAir  SleepAir,PoisonAir
Paralyze  PoisonHit,NapAttack
RainSlash BiAttack,SquallHit
Surge     Antidote,NumbOff,DeChaos,CurseOff
UltraDown Surround,Defence,SlowAll
VacuSlash ChargeUP,WindBeast

3.5 Allocated Skills to Monsters
When trying to find a certain skill, its good to know which monsters have it
This table shows which monsters have the skill you may be looking for.
Name       Monsters who have this skill
Ahhh       Lipsy
Antidote   Dracky,FloraMan,Pixy,Unicorn
Bang       Akubar,ArcDemon,Balzak,Baramos,BoneSlave,GoatHorn,Hargon
Barrier    AmberWeed,KingSlime,MistyWing,WeedBug,WindMerge
BazooCall  [ Upgraded skill of TatsuCall ]
BeastCut   Florajay,GiantWorm,LizardMan,MadKnight,SlimeNite
Beat       DeadNoble,Blizzardy,EvilPot,Gophecada,Metaly,Mimic,Mudron
BeDragon   Crestpent,DracoLord1,DrakSlime
Berserker  Almiraj,Gasgon,Spikerous,Trumpeter
BiAttack   Jamirus,KingLeo,Orochi,Pizzaro,Roboster,Rosevine,Skeletor
BigBang    Deathmore1,Deathmore3,Divinegon,GoldGolem,GoldSlime,Zoma
BigTrip    [ Upgraded skill of LegSweep ]
BirdBlow   ArcDemon,BoneSlave,Durran,MadGopher,Orc,Skeletor
BladeD     Rosevine,SlimeBorg,Swordgon
Blaze      1EyeClown,BoxSlime,Demonite,FireWeed,GateGuard,Jamirus
BlazeAir   [ Upgraded skill of FireAir ]
BlazeMore  [ Upgraded skill of Blaze ]
BlazeMost  [ Upgraded skill of Blaze ]
Blizzard   [ Upgraded skill of IceBolt ]
Bolt       Balzak,Darkdrium,MetalKing,Mirudraas1,WhiteKing
BoltSlash  ArcDemon,BoneSlave,Coatol,EvilArmor,HornBeet,LandOwl
Boom       [ Upgraded skill of Bang ]
Bounce     [ Upgraded skill of MagicBack ]
Branching  BullBird,Droll,MedusaEye
CallHelp   ArmyAnt,ArmyCrab,ButterFly,FangSlime,GoHopper,Goopi,Snaily
Chance     GoldSlime,Watabou,WhiteKing
ChargeUP   Almiraj,BullBird,FangSlime,Gigantes,GoHopper,Golem,HammerMan
CleanCut   EvilSeed,GateGuard,SpotKing,Swordgon
Cover      Grendal,IronTurt,LavaMan,StoneMan
Curse      ButterFly,DuckKite,FaceTree,HerbMan,KingCobra,Reaper
CurseOff   FloraMan,DeadNite,TreeBoy,Windmerge
DanceShut  HerbMan
DeChaos    CoilBird,EvilWand,FireWeed,Shadow
Defeat     [ Upgraded skill of Beat ]
Defence    [ Upgraded skill of Sap ]
DeMagic    DeathMore3,Esterk,Mirudraas2,Zoma
DevilCut   HornBeet,Rayburn,Reaper,SabreMan
DiagoCall  [ Upgraded skill of TatsuCall ]
Dodge      BigRoost,DragonKid,GiantSlug,Goopi
DrakSlash  Florajay,GiantWorm,LizardMan,MadKnight,SlimeNite
EerieLite  Babble,Hork,MistyWing,Reaper
EvilSlash  Armorpion,BattleRex,Coatol,Gigantes,HammerMan,LizardMan,MadDragon
Explodet   [ Upgraded skill of Bang ]
FareWell   BombCrag,Digster,Gasgon,WingTree
FireAir    BattleRex,DarkDrium,DeathMore2,DracoLord2,Dragon,DragonKid
Firebal    1EyeClown,AgDevil,DracoLord1,EvilBeast,Eyeder,FloraMan,Goategon
Firebane   [ Upgraded skill of FireBal ]
Firebolt   [ Upgraded skill of FireBal ]
FireSlash  Centasaur,Demonite,Dragon,EvilArmor,Grendal,Orochi,SkulRider
Focus      Akubar,DeathMore3,HerbMan,Servant
FrigidAir  Akubar,BigEye,Blizzardy,DarkDrium,Demonite,Divinegon,EvilBeast
GigaSlash  Esterk,LizardMan,MadKnight
Guardian   [ Upgraded skill of Cover ]
Heal       BigEye,DeadNite,Eyeder,Gremlin,Healer,KingSlime,Mudron,RogueNite
Heal       SlimeNite,TreeBoy,Unicorn,Wyvern
HealMore   [ Upgraded skill of Heal ]
HealAll    [ Upgraded skill of Heal ]
HealUs     DeadNoble,Healer,Lionex,MadCondor
HealUsAll  [ Upgraded skill of HealUs ]
HellBlast  Baramos,DeathMore1,MetalKing,Pizzaro,Sidoh,ZapBird
HighJump   CactiBall,MadRaven,RockSlime,SpikyBoy,WingSnake
Hustle     FunkyBird,MudDoll,SuperTen
IceAir     [ Upgraded skill of FrigidAir ]
IceBolt    1EyeClown,BigEye,GoatHorn,IceMan,Metaly,Mommonja,Servant,Snaily
IceSlash   Blizzardy,GreatDrak,Skullgon,TailEater,Yeti
IceStorm   [ Upgraded skill of FrigidAir ]
Imitate    CopyCat,SpotSlime,SuperTen,Watabou
Increase   [ Upgraded skill of Upper ]
Infernos   Andreal,Facer,GoatHorn,Gulpple,LandOwl,Lionex,MadPecker,WhiteKing
Infermore  [ Upgraded skill of Infernos ]
Infermost  [ Upgraded skill of Infernos ]
Ironize    DarkCrab,EvilBeast,EyeBall,MetalKing,Tortragon,WhipBird
Kamikaze   ArmyAnt,HammerMan,RotRaven,Spikerous
K.O.Dance  DanceVegi,KingCobra,Shadow,SuperTen
LegSweep   Goopi,Grizzly,MadCat,SkulRider,Slabbit,StagBug,WildApe
LifeDance  FunkyBird
LifeSong   Facer,Florajay
Lightning  NiteWhip,RotRaven,SlimeBorg,Tortragon,ZapBird
LureDance  DanceVegi,MadDragon,MadGoose,Mommonja
LushLicks  Anteater,FairyDrak,GiantSlug,Hork,Lipsy,Poisongon,Spooky
MagicBack  EyeBall,Gophecada,IronTurt,MadMirror,Putrepup,Tortragon
MagicWall  AmberWeed,DarkCrab,WeedBug
MapMagic   BeanMan,EvilWand,Eyeder,MadMirror
Massacre   DracoLord2,EvilPot,GulpBeast,MadDragon,MadKnight,MetalDrak,Ogre
Meditate   BombCrag,Divinegon,DracoLord1,StoneMan
MegaMagic  RainHawk,Slime
MetalCut   Anteater,ArmyCrab,BattleRex,DarkEye,Ogre,RogueNite
MouthShut  Mommonja,Spooky,SpotKing,Toadstool
MultiCut   Balzak,SkyDragon,MadCondor
NapAttack  ArmyAnt,Gulpple,Lipsy,SpotKing,Toadstool,Tognuella
NumbOff    CoilBird,MadPlant,Snaily
OddDance   CactiBall,CatFly,CopyCat,FaceTree,GiantWorm,MadGoose,MudDoll
PalsyAir   Chamelgon,DarkEye,FireWeed,Saccer
PanicAll   Chamelgon,DuckKite,JewelBag,MadGoose,Voodoll
PaniDance  FunkyBird,Skullroo
Paralyze   CactiBall,Chamelgon,EvilSeed,GiantMoth,MadHornet,Mummy,SabreMan
PoisonAir  [ Upgraded skill of PoisonGas ]
PoisonGas  Andreal,Catapila,Hork,Mudou,Poisongon,TailEater,WingSnake
PoisonHit  Babble,Crestpent,KingCobra,MadHornet,Poisongon,Rayburn
PsycheUp   DarkHorn,Golem,MadCandle,ManEater,Saccer
QuadHits   [ Upgraded skill of BiAttack ]
Radiant    DarkEye,EvilSeed,GiantMoth,MadSpirit,Slime,Spooky,TailEater
RainSlash  Armorpion,Centasaur,Esterk,Ogre,Roboster,SlimeBorg,SkulRider
Ramming    BoxSlime,BullBird,Deathmore2,GulpBeast,MiniDrak,PillowRat
Revive     [ Upgraded skill of Vivify ]
RobDance   [ Upgraded skill of OddDance ]
RobMagic   BeanMan,Dracky,GoHopper,Oniono,SabreMan,WeedBug
RockThrow  Baramos,HornBeet,MetalDrak,RockSlime,Spikerous
Sacrifice  AgDevil,BombCrag,Facer,Gasgon,Metabble,SpikyBoy
SamsiCall  [ Upgraded skill of TatsuCall ]
SandStorm  BigRoost,MetalDrak,MiniDrak,Trumpeter
Sap        MadPecker,MadPlant,MedusaEye,Orc,Picky,Putrepup,Skeletor
Scorching  [ Upgraded skill of FireAir ]
Sheldodge  Picky,StubBird
SickLick   [ Upgraded skill of LushLicks ]
SideStep   DanceVegi,LandOwl,MudDoll,Slabbit,PillowRat
Sleep      Almiraj,DarkHorn,Dracky,DuckKite,EvilPot,Gulpple,StagBug,Stubsuck
SleepAll   [ Upgraded skill of Sleep ]
SleepAir   AgDevil,DragonKid,FairyDrak,Goategon,ManEater,MadSpirit,Oniono
Slow       CatFly,Droll,FairyRat,Goategon,MadPlant,Putrepup
SlowAll    [ Upgraded skill of Slow ]
Smashlime  FairyRat,SpikyBoy
SnowStorm  [ Upgraded skill of IceBolt ]
Speed      CurseLamp,Florajay,Pixy
SpeedUp    [ Upgraded skill of Speed ]
SquallHit  Anteater,ChopClown,Grizzly,MadCat,Phoenix,Roboster,WingSlime
StepGuard  DarkCrab,Droll,GiantWorm,Mimic,StubSuck,WingTree
StopSpell  CatFly,Centasaur,Crestpent,DarkHorn,FaceTree,Gremlin,JewelBag
StormWind  [ Upgraded skill of TailWind ]
StrongD    Digster,Golem,IceMan,IronTurt,RainHawk,RockSlime
SuckAir    DrakSlime,Gismo,Mirudraas2,SkyDragon
SuckAll    CoilBird,Digster,Dragon,GreatDrak,StoneMan
Surge      DracoLord2,GoldGolem,GoldSlime,RainHawk
Surround   Andreal,Babble,ButterFly,FairyDrak,FairyRat,Picky,MedusaEye
TailWind   Jamirus,MadHornet,MadRaven,Phoenix,Pteranod,WingSlime
TakeMagic  [ Upgraded skill of RobMagic ]
TatsuCall  Deathmore1,DeadNoble,GoldGolem,Hargon,WhipBird
ThickFog   Catapila,GateGuard,MadSpirit,Shadow,WhipBird
Thordain   [ Upgraded skill of Bolt ]
Transform  CopyCat,MadMirror
TwinHits   AmberWeed,ArmorPede,BeanMan,ChopClown,CurseLamp,Pixy,StubBird
TwinSlash  ArmorPede,Grizzly,Skullgon,WildApe
UltraDown  DeathMore2,Rosevine
Upper      ArmorPede,ArmyCrab,BoxSlime,Catapila,CurseLamp,Healer,Saccer
VacuSlash  BigRoost,ChopClown,Lionex,MadCat,MadPecker,Rayburn,WindBeast
Vacuum     [ Upgraded skill of WindBeast ]
Vivify     KingSlime,Mudron,Orc,Unicorn
WarCry     EyeBall,FangSlime,GulpBeast,Trumpeter,Yeti
Whistle    GiantSlug,MadCandle,Slabbit,Watabou
WhiteAir   [ Upgraded skill of FrigidAir ]
WhiteFire  [ Upgraded skill of FireAir ]
WindBeast  Durran,GiantMoth,LizardFly,NiteWhip,Pteranod,WingSlime
YellHelp   [ Upgraded skill of CallHelp ]
Zap        [ Upgraded skill of Bolt ]
ZombieCut  Armorpion,Gigantes,MadGopher,StubSuck,WingTree

                               4.0 FAQs
A list of commonly asked Questions, there are probably more than this, but
these are the most common of them all.

4.1 Skill not learnt problem
Many people complain that thier monster has not learnt a skill. The main
reason is that they lack meeting the requirements for ALL Stats. Only passing
the level is NOT enough to get the skill, you must meet ALL requirements.
There also seems to be a penalty, that if you have reached the required stats
but much later than the ideal level, then you will be penalised at least 1
level after you have first met the requirements. In the end as long as you
can go up 1 more level, you will get the skill you want.

4.2 Will my monster learn this skill
Refer to Breeding Vs Learning. If a skill is made availabe because of
breeding then its only STATS that will prevent a monster from learning the 

4.3 I don't want my monster to learn 8 skills
The only way to achieve this is to breed the exact same monster, you'll
either get the same monster, or a new monster which will add 3 more skills
you can learn. Other than that NO you CAN'T keep less than 8 skills if more
skills are available to learn

                             5.0 Credits
Thanks to my team at LCOTA DWM Site []
Zoma714,BluePhoenix4000,Alex W Jackson,PokeChris,Master of Warubou,Andy97X
GreyDrak and EvilDrak...

5.1 Copyright
This document is Copyright of Jimeous 2000, It may be used freely, but not
in a manner which profits or monies will be made from it.

(c)Dragon Quest(R), Terry's Wonderland(TM), Star Ocean(R), Bust a Move(R)
are names and trademarks of Enix Co., Ltd. (c) 1989,1998 
Enix(R) is a registered trademark of Enix Co., Ltd.

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Nintendo(R) is a registered trademark of Nintendo Co., Ltd.

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