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FAQ by Xenocide

Version: 0.4 | Updated: 05/28/00

Guide to BIONIC COMMANDO: Elite Forces on Game Boy Color
Version 0.2
written by `Xenocide <xenocid@home.com> (new email!)

Version History
v0.1 - The first write up!
v0.2 - Fixed the line returns (stupid me)
v0.3 - Added items/weapons, added differances between characters
v0.4 - Added Secret Level Spoilers

Table of Contents
 Sniper Mode
 Overhead Mode
 Secrets ***SPOILER!!! Read only if you want to ruin part of the fun***

Welcome to my first FAQ(I apologize several times in advance)! I'm writing
this FAQ because I've noticed that the best way to get information is to
organize what you do know and publish it. Bionic Commando was a really
interesting game on the NES, arcade and monochrome Gameboy. Now, thanks to
Nintendo's new American Nintendo Software Technology Corporation(NSTC), its
on Gameboy Color! As far as I can tell, this is their first game, and its a
thumbs up! This version has new levels and weapons, but the gameplay remains
the same (as does your sometimes frusterating inability to jump). Added to
this version is some of the latest hacks for gameboy: speech synthesis, and
what looks like hicolor still frames. Although the speech synthesis is kind
of crappy(think Speak and Spell, its good for a portable system, and it works
well in the game). Also, the music is great, almost as good as that paragon5
demo you might have run across somehow. My favorite part though, is the
inclusion of a SNIPER MODE. I'll explain that later, though. Feel free to
email me with anything to add, like weapons, or the list of cartridges to

Kirinia was a peaceful nation, until Arcturus lead his army of Avars to
devestate the land. The national hero Commando Joe has sent a message from
behind enemy lines that Arcturus is about to unearth a horrible ancient
weapon that could destroy the entire nation of Kirinia. So, you, one of the
Bionic Commandos, are sent in to rescuse him from the troops that cut his
message short, and prevent Arcturus from killing the lot of you. Bionic
Commandos are elite troops that specialize in high tech weaponry the
peaceful nation of Kirinia apparently developed during times of peace, just
in case something like this ever happened, I guess. The mainstay of the 
bionic commando is the grappling hook instead of a hand, kind of like 
Inspector Gadget.

Good thing the plot isnt very central to the game, huh?


Left/Right - Run left or right.
Up         - Enter doors, or enter sniper mode.
Down       - Kneel. Tap twice to flip down a platform, and hang from below.
Start      - Switch to status screen.
Select     - Use special item, if possible.
B          - Fire your gun. Press B to charge it for a more powerful shot.
A          - Fire your grappling hook at 45 degrees above horizontal. Press
             up and A to shoot it
             straight up. Once it hits, press a to reel yourself in, and A
             to climb up. Or, press a direction to swing like tarzan.
             Pressing down while grappled will release the grapple.

A+B+Select+Start will reset the game.


When you start a new game, you'll have a choice between two characters: a male
and a female bionic commando. The female is supposed to be more silent and
agile, while the male one is stronger. They also recieve a few differant
weapons and items. 


Cartidges - they're these red things dropped by the enemies. If you collect
enough, you'll start to build your hit meter, so you won't die immediately. Its 
sort of like experience points. 

Particle Gun - Your standard firearm. You can have about three shots going at
               once with this.
Wide Gun - Shoots one shot at 45 above, one straight, and one 45 below.
           1 set of three at a time.
Laser Gun - Shoots a lethal laser straight ahead. One shot on the screen at
            a time.
Pulse Cannon - Shoots a single powerful ahead, and through barrels. One shot
               on screen at a time.

Energy Pills - One use per life, it will refill your hit meter
Fast Charge  - Halves the time to reach maximum damage with your gun.
Key Card     - needed for acess to some levels
Steel boots  - kills enemies you swing into

Helmet - absorbs one shot per life
Vest - absorbs two shots per life

Decoder:you can tell which one you'll need by the color of the screen above
        the comm. deck.
Red   - Use on early stages to recieve messages
Green - Use on the next set of stages for communications
Blue  - Use on the ones after Green
Yellow  - For use on the last stages of the game

Sniper Mode

Whenever you see a structure in the background, and a voice says "sniper mode"
in a very staticy voice, press up to enter sniper mode. You then are presented
with a map of the structure, a "scope" in the lower right corner, and a box
showing where that scope is in relation to the rest of the structure. You will
then have about 30 seconds to shoot guys with your gun. If you fail,you will
be ambushed by soldiers, and will have to start over.

Overhead Mode
Another special mode is what I'm going to call overhead mode. You walk around
Heavy barrel style and shoot stuff until you find a tank thingy. Kill it to
leave and to get an extra life. To enter overhead mode, just move your
helicopter on an intercept course with those trucks roving the map. You'll
then get to choose from a menu your gun and armor. In the overhead mode, the
B Button will shoot, and the A Button will swing your hook in a circle to
knock enemies back.


Q. Why isn't the door to the boss open?
A. In every level, to get to the boss, you _must_ first find the
   Communications room, and talk with HQ. Sometimes you'll need to find 
   multiple Comm rooms.

Secrets (View at own risk)

1. In level 4, head for the water fall. Find the skull and crossbones, and swing across.
If you make it all the way, theres a secret Comm room that uses the Green Decoder. When you
return to the overview map, area 16 will be open for trial. Its a hard level with no enemies 
but tons of grappling involved. At the end you'll find a promotion point, which earns you a 
new outfit. 

2. In level 11, head for the lampost area. Rather than use the lights, grapple the ceiling  
to a red pipe. Climb up it and head left, and fall into the second hole. There will be a 
secret Comm room using the yellow decoder. Afterwards, level 17 will be opened. Level 17
is a giant sewer type level. Beat it for another promotion and another new uniform.

Return to the Overview map:
While playing the game, hold Select+A+B. This will return you to the map where you can save and 
change levels and items.


I'd like to thank TuxedoMask of gbworld.vintagegaming.com for the help he's
given, and I heartily reccommend you check his site out.

This work of art is copyright. Do not distribute without permission.
Bionic Commmando, Bionic Commando:Elite Forces, and any other names in this
guide are probably trademarked by Capcom, or Nintendo, or NTC.
No monkeys were harmed in the writing of this guide. 
You should have found this FAQ at www.gamefaqs.com

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