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FAQ/Walkthrough by Mister_T

Version: 0.48.5 | Updated: 03/12/05

__________.__              .__        
\______   \__| ____   ____ |__| ____  
 |    |  _/  |/  _ \ /    \|  |/ ___\ 
 |    |   \  (  <_> )   |  \  \  \___ 
 |______  /__|\____/|___|  /__|\___  >
        \/               \/        \/ 
_________                                           .___      
\_   ___ \  ____   _____   _____ _____    ____    __| _/____  
/    \  \/ /  _ \ /     \ /     \\__  \  /    \  / __ |/  _ \ 
\     \___(  <_> )  Y Y  \  Y Y  \/ __ \|   |  \/ /_/ (  <_> )
 \______  /\____/|__|_|  /__|_|  (____  /___|  /\____ |\____/ 
        \/             \/      \/     \/     \/      \/       

   __ _ _ _           ___                       
  /__\ (_) |_ ___    / __\__  _ __ ___ ___  ___ 
 /_\ | | | __/ _ \  / _\/ _ \| '__/ __/ _ \/ __|
//__ | | | ||  __/ / / | (_) | | | (_|  __/\__ \
\__/ |_|_|\__\___| \/   \___/|_|  \___\___||___/

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. Updates
III. Frequently Asked Questions   **NEW SECTION**
IV. Story
V. Controls
VI. Starting a new game
VII. The Areas
  -Top-down view    **COMING SOON**
  -Area 1
  -Area 2
  -Area 3
  -Area 4
  -Area 5
  -Area 6
  -Area 15
  -Area 17
VIII. Special Thanks
IX. Copyright Information

I. Introduction

This last update is just a minor one, as I haven't actually added any new 
levels, but I have added new ASCII to the top and fixed some grammatical 
errors, so it looks better. Expect a real update in a couple months.

Hey there. My name is Trevor Seymour. This is my first FAQ/Walkthrough, and 
even though I'm sure not too many people play this anymore, if they ever did, 
a full FAQ/Walkthrough is needed anyway. Although it is not completed yet, it 
will be shortly, so fear not! If you have any comments or questions about 
this FAQ or have any help that you can provide, feel free to contact me at 

At the request of a fellow GameFAQs user, I have jumped ahead a number of 
levels to Area 15. Those of you who still need help on the earlier levels, 
you have not been forgotten, but as I do not have much free time I would like 
to get a level I know someone needs help with out of the way. If you need 
help on any other levels, please contact me. Otherwise, I plan to get this 
FAQ/Walkthrough done by sometime this year. 

II. Updates:

February 12, 2004

Version 0.41
Bare minimum essentials made
Area 1 added

April 26, 2004

Version 0.42
Area 2 added
Area 17 added
Intro changed

June 11, 2004

Version 0.45
Area 3 added
Area 15 added
Intro changed

August 29, 2004

Version 0.48
New Section III, FAQs, added
Area 4 added
Area 5 added
Intro changed

March 12, 2005

Version 0.49
Edited Walkthrough thus far
Intro changed
Special Thanks Section added


In this section, I will answer some frequently asked questions.

Q: How do I gain a rank?

A: You must unlock Area 16 or Area 17 and then beat that area. To find out 
how to unlock these areas, look in Section VII under Area 16 or Area 17.

Q: Why do I need to gain a rank? Does it help in the story?

A: You really don't need to change ranks at all, as it does nothing. It does, 
however, add 2 extra levels if you unlock them.

IV. Story

(This was taken from the instruction booklet)

Thank you for coming so quickly, Commando. There's not much time, so let me
get you up to speed.

As you know, Intelligence recently intercepted an Avar transmission detailing 
plans for a full-scale invasion of our homeland, Karinia. It seems that 
Arturus, the leader of the evil Avar Empire, has developed something called 
the "Albatross Project." There was no more information on this "Project," but 
we can be sure it must be stopped.

Commander Joe, the top member of the Bionic Corps' Elite Forces team, was sent 
to infiltrate the Avars and sabotage their plans. He managed to get inside but 
was captured by the Avars before he could finish transmitting the information 
back to headquarters. Although we received only fragments of the 
communication, what we heard was far from encouraging.

That's why I've called you here. The Corps has chosen you for the rescue 
mission. Get in there, retrieve Commander Joe and get him back safely. You 
know as well as the rest of us how important this mission is. If Arturus is 
allowed to proceed with this attack, it will mean the end of Karinia.

Good luck, Commando.

V. Controls

This is a side-scrolling game, as many Game Boy and Game Boy Color games are. 
From the start, you will either hate or love this.

The controls may take a while to get used to, but the first few levels help 
you get used to them. A little tutorial, as it were.

Look up: Press and hold UP on the D-pad.

Look down: Press and hold DOWN on the D-pad.

Drop down: Double-tap down on the D-pad.

Go left or right: Press LEFT or RIGHT on the D-pad.

START: Pause

SELECT: Use a tool, when available.

A button: Pressing this fires your claw upward and to the left or right, 
depending on which direction you are facing. Pressing A and up will fire your 
Claw up, pressing A and right or left makes the claw go right or left, as 
would be expected. You cannot jump in this game, so this is the only way to 
get across platforms, go up, kick people, etc. While may seem odd at first, 
after you get used to it, you will realize that this is much better than 
jumping, anyhow.

You may also use your Claw offensively, as well. Firing your Claw right or 
left (depending on which direction the bad guy is, respectively) at an opponent 
momentarily stuns him, after which you can shoot him, or you may choose to 
just keep going and leave him behind.

B button: Tap for "Primary Attack." If you press and hold this button, your 
gun will charge up. If you let go of the B button once your gun has been 
charged, a much harder blast will come out of your gun, dealing more damage.

If you wish to return to the map during battle, simply press the A button, B 
button, and SELECT simultaneously.
Note: This only works in side-scrolling levels. You will not be returned to 
the latest checkpoint if you have reached one.

VI. Starting a new game

This should be pretty self-explanitory, but if it is not, please follow these 
simple instructions:

From the title screen, press START. You can either watch the "movie" at the 
beginning, or you can press START to skip it. You will be brought to a 
subscreen. From here you will move the "cursor" so it highlights the words, 
"New Game." You will be brought to another screen that lets you choose the sex 
of your commando.
Note: While one of the female commando's weapons is different looking and 
has a different name than that of the male commando's, they do the exact same 
thing. It is the levels that matter. Both commandos have several different 
levels, although most of the levels are the same. The choice is really a 
matter of who you would rather be.

Here is how the instruction manual explains the differences:

Female Commando
Agile and stealthy, the Female Commando approaches her enemy unnoticed and 
completes her mission with the reflexes of a ninja. Using her Claw like an 
extension of herself, she maneuvers easily throughout difficult terrain.

Male Commando
He is the typical gung-ho, macho soldier we all know and love. Charging 
through enemies with barrels blazing, the Male Commando's powerful method 
leaves only destruction in his wake. He wields his Claw explosively, powering 
his way past--and through--his foes.

Though the manual makes out the two commandos to be completely different, they 
are exactly quite the same. Levels are all that are different.

After naming your character, you will be brought to the main map. After 
hearing a long-winded speech from your superior, you are ready to go.

VII. The Areas

From the map, press the A button. A menu at the bottom of the screen will 
reflect your choices: ATTACK or MOVE. Though you can use the MOVE option to 
go to areas 2 and 3 now, you might as well start out with the easiest area. 
Move the cursor over to the ATTACK option and press A. So starts your mission.

When you are looking at the main map and you choose the MOVE option, be sure 
that your ship is turned in the right direction. If you cannot go to that area 
yet, your superior will tell you so.

Area 1

Weapon: Assualt Rifle/Particle Gun

Decoder: Red

New Enemy: Infantry (aka Soldier)

Soldiers are very simple to take out, especially on this early level. Two 
shots to them and they are finished.

One thing you need to remember is that the soldiers you take out drop ammo 
after you kill them. Pick up this ammo either by running over it or picking it 
up with your claw. After you pick up enough ammo, you get another life point. 
If you pause your game while in battle, it will show you how many containers 
of ammo you have picked up and how much you will need to get the next upgrade. 
It also shows you how many lives you have.

At the start of this area, as with every area, you will be given a choice of 
what weapon, tool, armor, and decoder you can use in this area. Since you have 
just started, you are limited in what you can choose. As of right now, all you 
have available is your primary gun (Particle Gun, female; Assault Rifle, male) 
and a red decoder. Pick those and you're ready to go.

You start the level after falling from the sky with a parachute. After you 
land and the parachute disappears, you can go. Experiment with your Claw and 
gun in this first little area to get a handle of things. After you have done 
so, you have a choice. You can either run along the bottom of the screen 
without using your Claw to climb up the platforms until you reach the end of 
the lower level, or you may choose to get used to your new claw by swinging 
across the platforms.

Option 1:
If you choose the first option, all you have to do is use your Claw to get 
over the barrel at the beginning and shoot your way past the several soldiers 
on the bottom level. After a little while you will reach a wall. Use your claw 
to go up the platform above you and swing over. Continue your path along the 
bottom. Once you go as far as you can go on the bottom, use your Claw to climb 
up the platforms, taking out the soldiers on each one as you do.

Option 2:
If you choose the second option, you must use your Claw to swing across the 
platforms while taking out the soldiers on them and picking up their ammo. 
After you have swung long enough, you will reach a wall. This is where you 
would have been if you had taken the first option.

Stay to the left of the platforms and right before you reach the top platform, 
you will see a platform out by itself to the left. Swing onto it with your 
claw. You now have an extra life.

After you climb all the way up, you will see a door. Enter the door, then run 
over to the machine on the right. Your superior will talk to you if you select 
COM. If you select TAP, you can listen in on what the enemy is talking about. 
You can also change weapons and save here as well. After you are done, either 
press B or move the cursor to END. Press the A button to exit.

Get out of the Comm room and head right. Almost immediately after you pass the 
platform above, you will see an icon above your commando's head. You will hear 
a voice from the game say "Sniper." Press up after you see the icon and you 
will enter "Sniper Mode."

Sniper Mode is pretty worthless, but if you take out the three soldiers before 
time (20 seconds) is up, you will get a medical pack, which can be helpful if 
you need it. 

You will start out looking at a platform. Press down to move the scope to the 
platform below. Once you get a soldier in your sights, press B to fire. It 
doesn't need to be a head shot, just shoot him somewhere. The next soldier is 
on the platform above where you started. Take him out and then head to the 
next platform. Take out the last soldier. If you fail to take out the soldiers 
in time, you will be taken out of Sniper Mode and will be attacked by a couple 
soldiers. Kill them and try again if you wish.

A medical pack will fall from the sky after you win. Use your Claw to grab it 
and pull it in, or wait until it is within shooting range and shoot it down.

After this, climb up to the platform above the Comm room and take out the 
soldier. Swing across and continue running along the bottom or swinging across 
the platforms. Their are only two soldiers left in this level, and you will 
run into them if you are not careful. Take them out and swing to the highest 
platform. As you run across this platform, there will be another medical pack 
that will fall. Take it and run to the end of the platform. Drop down to the 
open door and press Up.

Boss: Giant missile launcher

This boss is very easy to defeat. Run to the end of the area and then climb 
onto the platform. Get as close as you can get to the edge without falling 
off (you can keep going until your commando's second heel is all that is left 
touching the platform). Then kneel down, and tap your B button for all it's 
worth. If you did it correctly, you shouldn't get hit by the missiles. After 
the missile starts exploding, congratulate yourself. You just beat the first 

New Item: Energy Pills

If you are starting to run low on health, simply press the SELECT button to 
refill your health points.

Area 2


Weapon: Assualt Rifle/Particle Gun

Tool: Energy Pills

Decoder: Red

You start this level like the first level and many like it will follow. But 
other than the opening, all the levels are very different from each other. 
That having been said, let us begin.

Run to the right and take out the soldier. Swing over the spikes on the 
platform and go around and kill soldiers to get ammo if you wish. Keep 
heading to the right until you reach a little outcropping on a ledge. Double 
tap down to go down the platform. A split second after you do such, you will 
see a little hallway to your right. Use your claw to get in there before you 
hit the spikes. If you cannot do this, don't worry, just keep heading right 
when you get to the platform and go into the Comm room and we'll meet up in 
the next paragraph. If you can do it, as soon as you land in the hallway, 
you will see what appears to be a dead end. But if you press down and then 
press A, you can grab the can on the other side and pull yourself through. 
Then swing across the ceiling and get your reward: a piece of ammo worth 10 
ammo. This should increase your HP to five. Do the barrel trick again and 
then go up the platform. Take out the guy to your left by just standing there 
and shooting him, as he cannot hit you. Go the platform above you and go to 
the left. Go down and into the Comm room.

Upon leaving the Comm room, the soldiers that you killed will be back. Take 
them out and keep going to your right. Just like in the first level, you have 
the choice of swinging across the platforms or running along the bottom of 
screen. Either way, make your way as far up and right as you can go and enter 
the door. If it is not open, you must not have gone into the Comm room. 
Silly, silly.

After you go in, go to the right and go down the hole onto the platform. Drop 
down from the platform and go running along the floor with guns blazing, as 
the phrase would go. But seriously, rapidly press the B button while running 
and you will take out a guy that would be hiding behind a barrel but was 
obviously caught off-guard. Swing over the barrel and go over to the 
elevator. Now, if you were listening in the Comm room earlier when you 
tapped into enemy lines, you would know that pressing up or down when on the 
elevator takes you up or down, respectively. As you go down, you can stop and 
go to the left if you so desire, but there's really no reason to do so. 

After the elevator will go down no further, run to the right and take out the 
soldier then go up the platform. Swing to the right on the other platform and 
go up and take out the soldier. Go up the next two platforms and do something 
amazing: grab onto the ceiling. So engrosing, yes? Swing across the ceiling 
to the right and then let yourself fall while still going to the right and 
you should land on the floor. Take out the soldier and continue going right. 
Take out the kneeling soldier, go up the next two platforms and take out the 
soldier to the left before swing on the ceiling to your right.

You will come to another elevator, but go past it if you are low on health 
and head to the second elevator, whereupon you will get a medical kit if you 
grab it or shoot it down. You may then go back up with that elevator and take 
out the guys near the other elevator or you may continue going down. Either 
way, you will have to go down and run to the left to go to the Comm room. 
Yes, that's right: two Comm rooms in one level. Who'da thunk it?!

After doing your duties in the Comm room, resume your run to the left, taking 
out the needed soldiers on the way. After you get far enough, you can either 
go up the platform or you can take out another kneeling soldier behind a can, 
after which you will have to go up anyway. Take out the soldier on the 
platform if you so desire, then swing to the one above. Then go up two more 
and take out the soldier there. Swing across the ceiling to the open door and 
enter there-in.

Boss: Alpha Platoon

This is one of many such boss battles, but the real enemy is not the platoon 
itself, but the big machine at the right of the room. I have found the best 
strategy is to run the right, gunning down any soldiers in your way, and then 
go up to the first and lower of the two levels of platforms, not the second, 
and kneeling and pounding away on the machine. 

Watch out for the soldiers above you, who will drop down on 
any unwary commando. Keep listening for a dinging sound, as that will tell 
you when the machine is about to fire. If you can get in the right position, 
you won't have to worry about when it fires, but since you will be moving 
around dodging the soldiers, this is easier said than done. After shooting 
the machine enough, it will begin to explode.

New Item: Key Card

This actually won't do anything for you until level five and only level five, 
so don't use it until then. It sounds pretty worthless, but you know what? It 
is pretty worthless.

Area 3

Recommended Objects:

Weapon: Assault Rifle/Particle Gun

Tool: Energy Pills

Decoder: Red

New Enemy: Lizard

The lizard is a fast creature and can sense you coming, unlike a lot of the 
soldiers. Once it gets you, it will continue to run around you and take away 
your hit points, so if one gets to you, you must run away. It has three hit

Area 3 is my favorite level in this entire game, not only because it has the 
best music in the game, but it just has a feel to it.

After you get out of your parachute, run to the right and go up the platform 
there. Quickly take out the lizard and go up the next platform. Go up the 
smaller platform to your left and take out the lizard when he shows himself 
on the platform to the right. You won't get any ammo from this lizard if you 
take him out that way, but it's better than losing a hit point. Go up four 
more plaforms and then swing to the one on the right. Take out the soldier on 

Swing right to the next platform and take out the soldier there. You can take 
out the soldier on the platform above you for some more ammo, if you want. 
Either way, swing right to the next platform and then swing to the next 
platform and drop down to take out the soldier. Run to the right, swing right 
across the mini-platform and fall onto a platform. Run right to the edge and 
fall off. Enter the Comm Room.

After you are done in the Comm Room, go up the platform to your right, 
take out the soldier, and run right. Swing on the platform that has barrels 
on it to your right and go up the next platform that you see. Take out the 
soldier there. Continue to run right and fall down to the next platform, 
where you fall down again. There is a soldier to your left that you should 
take out. Then run off the edge and grab the platform that is even with the 
platform you just fell off of and pull yourself up. Go up the next platform, 
take out the soldier, and then go up the next platform and get an extra life.
Fall off this platform until you land on another, whereupon you will fall off 
of that platform, too. Then grab the platform to your right, take out the 
crouching soldier, and pull yourself the next platform. Up and to the right 
there is an orange ball. Grab it and swing across to the right and take out 
the crouching soldier behind the barrel. Enter the door past that.

Boss: Armored Soldier

This boss is fairly easy, but cannot be defeated if you don't shoot him from 
behind. You find that it is quite impossible to even get behind him, as every 
time you land behind him, he turns around before you can get a shot off. So 
what you must do, is run to the right or left edge of the platform directly 
above him and wait for him to get there. As soon as he does, run off the edge 
and he will start shooting where you were on the platform. As soon as he does 
this, pound him with bullets. Do this until you defeat him.

New Item: Helmet

This convenient little doo-dad will prevent you from taking one hit point 
worth of damage.

Area 4

Recommended Objects:

Weapon: Assault Rifle/Particle Gun

Tool: Energy Pills

Armor: Helmet

Decoder: Red

New Enemies: Sniper, Paratrooper

The sniper usually tries to stay away from the action by being a few 
platforms above you. He can shoot in 8 directions, so he can almost always 
hit you. He doesn't walk and is slow to change positions, so once you find 
him, he is easy to take out.

Despite what the instruction booklet may lead you to believe, the paratrooper 
doesn't just drop down from anywhere. There are only a couple platforms on 
this level where they will drop down. Also, this is the only level they are 
on, so you don't have to be on the lookout for them ever again. They, unlike 
most soldiers, can drop down from platforms above, so also watch out for 
that. They only have two hit points, but don't drop any ammo, which sucks if 
you're trying to get more.

Once again, you start this level by going to the right, but don't go off the 
edge! Swing up to the platform above you and take out the soldier. Run to the 
edge of the platform and grab the small platform to swing across. Land on the 
roof of the building and drop down if you desire. Watch out for the 

Go up the building right beside the one you landed on, while still keeping an 
eye out for paratroopers. Climb up the platform above that and the one above 
that. Take out the kneeling soldier and continue up to the next platform. 
Once again you will meet with the paratroopers, but as you should already 
know, they're nothing to worry about. Run to the edge of the platform and go 
up the one above it. Take out the soldier and continue to the edge, whereupon 
you will drop down three times. Take out the soldier and run to the edge, 
drop down, take out the other soldier, drop down again and run right to the 
Comm Room. Be forewarned, if you Tap in this Comm Room, you WILL be attacked, 
so be prepared.

Go out of the Comm Room to the right, go up the to platforms and take out the 
soldiers on each. Then go up the platform to your left and take out the 
soldier, go to the end of the platform and grab the one diagonally above you. 
Go up it and then go up the one above that. Take out the two soldiers as you 
continue to go right. Go into the second building that you probably just 
passed to take out the second soldier. You will meet another commando and 
he/she will tell you where they put the decoder. They just couldn't give it 
to you, could they?

Go to the right and keep going down the platforms, taking out the two 
kneeling soldiers on the way down. Once you reach the bottom, go to the 
right. Run through the waterfall (nifty lookin', eh?) while watching out for 
soldier that are hidden in it. Once you get to the edge, grab the ceiling 
above you and swing over to the platform and climb up. Take out the soldier 
and run to the right, but watch out for the kneeling soldier behind the 
barrel. Go up, take out the soldier to the left, then go up two more times. 
Take out the soldier to the left, and then go up the platform above that to 
take out the sniper. Grab the floating block and swing to the next platform. 
Do this again, but make sure you are as close to the edge as possible before 
grabbing the next floating block. You will probably miss the next platform, 
so be ready to grab it as you go by. Then swing one last time over to the 
last platform, enter the building and take on the boss....

Boss: Beta Platoon

Once again, take out the soldiers in your way and run to the end of the room. 
This time, the machine will shoot from both the top AND the bottom of it, so 
be aware of this. 
Reminder: The soldiers will keep coming and they can drop down from the 
platforms above.

New Item: Green Decoder

A new decoder that you can use on levels 6-9. So be sure not to use it on 
level five, as it won't work.

Area 5

Recommended Objects:

Weapon: Assault Rifle/Particle Gun

Tool: Key Card

Armor: Helmet

Decoder: Red

Start by running to the right, as always, and when the message pops up, press 
the A button to get out of it. Right after that, without moving, press select 
to deactivate the shield surrounding the compound.

Run to the right and take out the soldier and go up the second platform. Go 
up again and grab the ceiling and swing to the left. Go up that platform and 
take out the kneeling soldier. Go to the right, go up two platforms, take out 
the soldier and then go up again. Grab the ceiling and swing to the left to 
get a falling health pack, then swing across to the left. Go up the platform 
and swing across the gap and run across the bridge. The sun looks cool, 
doesn't it?

Continue your journey to the right. Go down the elevator. There is a kneeling 
soldier on your left on the way down and one on the right at the bottom. 
After taking them out, continue to the right. Go up three times and enter the 
Comm Room.

After you exit the Comm Room, go all the way down, keeping in mind that the 
kneeling soldier you took out on the way up is back now that you're coming 
down. Run to the left and go down. Run off the platform and take out the 
soldier. Run past the window and you'll be standing on a bridge. Get ready 
for some sniper action! Remember, to enter sniper mode, press up. Use the B 
button to fire.

Sniper Locations:

1. Ground level, toward the middle.

2. Second platform on girder closest to the building.

3. Top platform of middle girder.

After finishing off the usual suspects, take your health pack and continue 
on to the right. Swing across the chasm and then swing across the spikes. 
Drop down, take out the soldier and run to the right until you can no more. 
Kneel, grab the barrel and slide in. Take out the kneeling soldier and swing 
over the barrel. Go up two platforms and take out the soldier on your left. 
Grab the ceiling and swing to the right to the door. Take out the soldier on 
the way, if you want.

Boss: Speed

This boss is really easy. Once you get past his little "cut scene" all you 
have to is kneel and simultaneously press A and B very rapidly for a little 
bit. He may hit you once or twice, but if he does, regroup and wait for him 
to come around again and deliver the same punishment. Piece of cake.

New Item: Fast Charge Device

This item is a joke. All it does is charge your gun twice as fast, which is 
nice, but it still takes too long. I'd stick with the Energy Pills for now.

Areas 6-14, 16, 18

Area 15

Recommended Objects:

Weapon: Flamethrower

Tool: Rapid Fire

Armor: Vest

Decoder: Yellow

Part I

After you get rid of your parachute, run to the right, as always. Take out 
the two flamethrower soldiers on the bottom and run as far right as you can. 
Then turn to the left and shoot your claw diagonally upward to the left and 
grab the part of the column that you can hook onto. Swing from that one to 
the next one to the left, then do it one more time. This may take more than a 
few times to get right, but you'll get it eventually.

After you are on the third column, swing back to the right and grab the 
platform above you and swing to the end of it. Do NOT overswing or you'll 
have to do the first part over again. Get at the end of that platform and 
swing to the next one. Pull yourself up at an opportune time and take out the 

Run to the right and fall down. Don't bother going down the platform you land 
on, as there's nothing down there. Take out the flamethrower soldier and 
continue your run to the right. Fall off at the end and keep running right. 
Take out the flamethrower and go to the first platform you see. You don't 
have to pull yourself up if you don't want to, but swing to the right and 
grab the platform diagonally above you. Pull yourself up and take out the 
flamethrower soldier.

Pull yourself up the two platforms to the left and run to the right until you 
fall off. Time it correctly, and you can grab diagonally the platform to the 
right as you fall. Pull yourself up and take out the soldier. Shoot your claw 
straight up and grab the brown wall above you. Swing to the left and grab the 
platform above you, while still swinging to your left. Do this two more 
times. On the third time, you might find yourself on top of the platform 
unexpectedly. This could cost you a hit point, as there is a soldier there. 
Whether or not this happens, continue to the left and pull yourself up on the 
next platform after you get past the boxes. Grab the platform diagonally left 
of you and swing to the edge, pull yourself up, and take out the soldier. 
You are now done with the first part of the level. Now it is time for the fun 

Part II

Run right to the edge and fall off. Watch for a little box as you fall, 
you must grab this or fall down to the bottom, where you may be lucky enough 
to land on a platform. If you do this, fall off of the platform and grab the 
one closest to your left. Swing as far left as you can and pull yourself up 
to the top, where you start the second part over again.

After you swing past the first box, there will be another box which is a 
little more tricky to get. Try this as often as needed until you get it. 
After the second box, there will be a platform you must swing to. Do this and 
pull yourself up the platform. You will see another box to your right. Grab 
this. Swing right to the next box, then swing and try to grab the ceiling. 
Swing right across the ceiling to the end. The ceiling will then go up, so 
right after your last swing, shoot your claw up and grab the ceiling above 
you, then swing to the right again until you come to a platform. Ride the 
elevator up to the first place you can get off and quickly run to the left, 
so you do not get shot by a ceiling gun. Enter the Comm Room.

After you have done your duties in the Comm Room, run a bit to the left and 
quickly grab the ceiling and shoot the ceiling gun to your right. There is 
another one near where you got off the elevator. It would be wise to shoot 
that one, too. Ride the elevator up the rest of the way and run to your 
right. Take out the crouching soldier. Swing past that platform to the next 
platform. Drop down this platform and let yourself fall. Drop down the next 
platform and swing to your left until you come to a door. Enter therein.

Boss: Omega Platoon

This is just like any other platoon you have faced so far in the game. Your 
goal is not to take out the platoon itself, but to take out the machine at 
the end. This machine fires from the top and the bottom, as previous ones 
have, so use the strategy you have the most success with.

New Item: Body Armor

This is a very helpful piece of armor as it will protect you from three 
points of damage.

After defeating this "boss", Arturus himself will send you a message. He will 
tell you that it is too late and he will still destroy Karinia. Then your 
superior will tell you to go get him. On to the final level of the game, 
Area 18!

Secret Area 17

Recommended Objects:

Weapon: Flamethrower

Tool: Rapid Fire

Armor: Body Armor

Decoder: Doesn't matter, Yellow if you want

You start out this level like many others, as you must run to the platform, go 
up it and take out the soldier before you go in the door. So do that.

As soon as you go inside, you will see a pipe with heat coming out of it as in 
earlier levels. Run over to the pipe and it will blow you up in the air. As 
as it does so, use your claw to grab the ceiling above you. You can swing once 
twice before you hit a wall. Grab the wall and swing over to another pipe, 
where upon you will start another grueling swinging sequence. As you swing 
from pipe to pipe, keep in mind that you can pull yourself on top of the 
pipes. Try to go to the right and use your hook to grab the ceiling. After 
doing so, go to the left and pull yourself up the platform and take out the 

Go to the right and climb up the other platform and take out the weaker 
lizard. Grab the lower part of the ceiling and swing to your right and land 
on the floor. Run past the slime holes before the slimes come out and run 
over to the edge and grab ahold of the floating platform and swing to your 
right to the floor.

You will see another pipe. Grab the pipe and pull yourself onto it and go to 
the right and grab the other pipe and have it blow you to the floor to your 
right. A lizard will likely appear on a platform to the right of you. Don't 
afraid to hop on top of it, as it will not hurt you. Turn around and shoot 
it. Drop to the platform below it and take out the other lizard, then drop to 
the floor.

Run to the left, take out the stronger lizard and then drop down to the next 
platform. Take out the lizard there before dropping down, but don't let go of 
the platform. Instead, swing across the ceiling until you reach the end, 
where you will see another pipe. Pull yourself up and slightly up and to the 
right there will be another pipe. Pull your self up and there will be a pipe 
up and to the left. That will blow you upwards and you can reach the platform 
above it. Climb up and take out the strong lizard. Go to the right and drop 
down that platform. Take out the weak lizard. 

You will have to get this next part just right or you could die. After you go 
down from the platform where you took out the weak lizard, you must quickly 
double tap and keep dropping down platforms. There are slime holes on each 
of these platforms and there are about six or seven. If you happen to get 
caught in a slime, simply use your claw to grab the platform above you. After 
you cannot see any more platforms to drop down to and the wall to the left 
goes off into the distance, swing over to the left and swing across the 
ceiling, keeping in mind that it goes down several times and you will have to 
make adjustments in your swing timing for that.

After you go far enough, you will see a bit of floor below you to which you 
should drop down to. Take out the strong lizard and head to your left. Grab 
the promotion point. Hooray for you! You just got promoted.

New Item: Promotion Point

If you are a male commando, your armor changes to yellow and blue. If you are 
a female commando, your armor changes to yellow and black.

VIII. Special Thanks

Thanks to the ASCII Generator at http://www.network-science.de/ascii/

Also thanks to Swiftshark for pointing me in that direction.

IX. Copyright Information
Bionic Commando: Elite Forces is a registered trademark of Capcom and 
Nintendo. This FAQ/Walkthrough is my property and may not be reproduced, 
retransmitted, or otherwise without my written consent. This FAQ/Walkthrough 
has only been authorized to be posted on GameFAQs and Neoseeker.
Copyright 2004 Trevor Seymour.

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