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FAQ/Walkthrough by dark52

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/05/15

              | This guide has a 70% GameFAQs approval rating. |
              o----------------o              o----------------o
                               | 7 Yes / 3 No |  (01/06/2018)

                   ___    _  |  _  _  _     _
            -,'',   | |_||_  | |_ / _|_ |\|| \
      ,''''', \   \ | | ||_  | |_ \_/|_ | ||_/
     ,,'.   ( )    \         |__,     _  _
   ,'  ( ),''''',,/      ,,,,,,   ,, (_)|-  ,  ,,,__
  /,,   ,'         ',.''       ,'   ',     /  \     '''',
   ,_)/              \       .'      '.  .'    '         '.    .'''''''.
  | _|              .'   ...  \        ''       \  ...     \.''          ',
  |/_|             .'   |   )   '.             /  |   \    |               \
   ( |        ..  . |   |..'      '          .'   |___/    /       ..       \
    \/\       \     |             /\      .''|            /      /   \       |
       \       \    |           .' |     |   |        .-'|      |     |      |
    ,', \       \   |     ...'''   |     |   |         ',|       \   /       |
   /  \   \        \|     |        |     |   |     .      ',      '''       /
  (    '.  \        |     |       ,      |   |     |',     /               /
   \     /   \      |     |       ,  ,,,''   |     |  ',  / \             /
    \   / ',,)      /'''''        '''         '',,,|    ''   ''..      .''
     ','',         /  ___                                          '''''
          ''.....''  |   '___ __  __                 |\   |     __       ___
           ---    _  |     | |   |  ) |\ |  /\  |    | \  | |  /  ' |  |  |
            | |_||_  |--|  | |-  |--  | \| /--\ |    |  \ | | |  __ |--|  |
            | | ||_  |     | |__ |  \ |  |/    \|__  |   \| |  \__| |  |  |
                     |___,                           |    |

              |   GBA WALKTHROUGH   |
          |~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-TABLE OF CONTENTS-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~|
          |  1 - Introduction.............................[010000]  |
          |      i - Introduction.........................[010100]  |
          |      ii - Controls............................[010200]  |
          |      iii - Gems...............................[010300]  |
          |      iv - Health..............................[010400]  |
          |      v - Breath...............................[010500]  |
          |      vi - Melee...............................[010600]  |
          |      vii - Fury...............................[010700]  |
          |      viii - Experience........................[010800]  |
          |  2 - Walkthrough..............................[020000]  |
          |      i - Swamp................................[020100]  |
          |      ii - Hall of Fang and Claw...............[020200]  |
          |      iii - Swamp..............................[020300]  |
          |      iv - Temple of Fire......................[020400]  |
          |          a - BOSS: Fire Element Avatar........[020401]  |
          |      v - Swamp................................[020500]  |
          |      vi - Ancient Grove.......................[020600]  |
          |      vii - Temple of Earth....................[020700]  |
          |          a - BOSS: Earth Element Avatar.......[020701]  |
          |      viii - Temple of Fire....................[020800]  |
          |      ix - Outer Grove.........................[020900]  |
          |      x - Deep Grove...........................[021000]  |
          |          a - BOSS: Naga.......................[021001]  |
          |      xi - Fellmuth Arena......................[021100]  |
          |      xii - Temple of Ice......................[021200]  |
          |          a - BOSS: Ice Element Avatar.........[021201]  |
          |      xiii - Temple of Earth...................[021300]  |
          |      xiv - Fellmuth Arena.....................[021400]  |
          |          a - BOSS: Advisor....................[021401]  |
          |      xv - Fellmuth Arena......................[021500]  |
          |          a - BOSS: Skabb......................[021501]  |
          |      xvi - Temple of Lightning................[021600]  |
          |          a - BOSS: Lightning Element Avatar...[021601]  |
          |      xvii - Temple of Ice.....................[021700]  |
          |      xviii - Celestial Temple.................[021800]  |
          |          a - BOSS: Advisor....................[021801]  |
          |      xix - Ancient Grove......................[021900]  |
          |      xx - Deep Grove..........................[022000]  |
          |      xxi - Fellmuth Arena.....................[022100]  |
          |      xxii - Temple Sanctum....................[022200]  |
          |      xxiii - Well of Night....................[022300]  |
          |          a - BOSS: Advisor....................[022301]  |
          |          b - BOSS: Gaul.......................[022301]  |
          |  3 - Relics...................................[030000]  |
          |  4 - Abilities................................[040000]  |
          |  5 - Thanks...................................[050000]  |
          |  6 - Updates..................................[060000]  |
          |  7 - Contact..................................[070000]  |
          |  8 - Copyright................................[080000]  |
               |                                    |
               | Author: dark52                     |
               | Version: 1.0                       |
               | Start Date: 03/10/07               |
               | Last Updated: 24/11/07             |
               | Website: http://www.darkspyro.net/ |
               | Email: dark52(at)darkspyro(dot)net |


  | [010100]      Introduction      [010100] |

Welcome to my complete walkthrough to the 2007 Game Boy Advance game, <em>The
Legend of Spyro: The Eternal Night</em> developed by Amaze Entertainment. The
walkthrough provides the best route for getting through the game collecting all
of the relics as you go whilst avoiding going down lots of dead ends filled
with nothing but gems.

  | [010200]      Controls      [010200] |

The basic controls are as follows:

          | BUTTONS                        | ACTION                |
          | Left or Right                  | Move                  |
          | Hold Up/Down                   | Look up/down          |
          | A                              | Jump                  |
          | A + A                          | Double Jump           |
          | A + A (Hold)                   | Double Jump and Glide |
          | Down + A                       | Fall through platform |
          | Down + Down                    | Fall through platform |
          | B                              | Melee Attack          |
          | Right/Left + Right/Left (Hold) | Charge                |
          | Right/Left (Hold) + B          | Charge                |
          | Up + B                         | Air Launch            |
          | L                              | Switch Element        |
          | R                              | Breath Attack         |
          | Select                         | Fury                  |
          | Start                          | Pause the game        |

  | [010300]      Gems      [010300] |

Red gems drop from dead enemies and small gem clusters.
Green gems drop from dead enemies and small gem clusters once you get Fire

Blue gems drop from dead enemies and large gem clusters, you can also earn up
to four extra if your combo meter is full when you kill an enemy. Perform
varied combos to get a higher rating.
Purple gems drop from dead enemies and large gem clusters once you've got the
Dragon Fury ability.

                            | Colour | Use        |
                            | Red    | Health     |
                            | Green  | Energy     |
                            | Blue   | Experience |
                            | Purple | Fury       |

  | [010400]      Health      [010400] |

There's not much to health really.

If you get hit by enemies you lose health. Lava and spikes hurt too.

If you fall off the level you lose health and appear on solid ground nearby
unless you lost enough health to die.

Red gems regenerate health, it won't do it by itself. If you run out of health
you appear back at the start of the section with full health and energy and the
same amount of fury.

  | [010500]      Breath      [010500] |

If you've played The Legend of Spyro: A New Beginning then you'll know what
types of breath to expect. There's no new one this time.

The more you use a breath, the more of your Energy you use (the green bar).

If completely used up the energy bar will regenerate enough for one attack and
no more. Using that attack will trigger the bar to regenerate again but there's
a delay so you can't just use it as if it were infinite.

To refill it manually just collect green gems that you can find inside enemies
or the smaller gem clusters.

You can get a larger energy bar by collecting the 'Energy Upgrade' relics
hidden around the game, there are ten total.

Breaths upgrade twice to a maximum level of 3.

Here's a chart showing enemy type weaknesses.

                | Enemy |
   ,-----,  o---------------o
   | You |  | F | E | I | L |
|      Fire | W | N | S | N |
|     Earth | N | W | N | S |
|       Ice | S | N | W | N |
| Lightning | N | S | N | W |

S = Strong
W = Weak
N = Normal

It's based on you versus them, so, for example, your Fire attacks are weak
against Fire enemies, normal against Earth enemies, strong against Ice enemies
and normal against Lightning enemies.

  | [010600]      Melee      [010600] |

Throughout the game you'll unlock further abilities to complement your basic
melee attacks, allowing you to perform longer and longer combos with ease.
Holding Up or Left/Right dictates where you will throw the enemy, up will throw
it up allowing you to jump up and continue attacking it, Left/Right will throw
it away from you usually ending any combo but useful for clearing the way.

To help perform longer melee combos, start attacking using melee without
holding any direction and then on the last hit before it throws it away by
itself, press Up if you wish to throw the enemy upwards.

  | [010700]      Fury      [010700] |

Once you've picked up the relic for Dragon Fury, which is quite far into the
game, you'll start to pick up purple gems. These will fill a circle around the
breath icon, and when that circle is complete press Select to activate it.

Unlike other versions of the game your fury is the same no matter which element
you have selected at the time you activate it. The screen goes purple and you
start to move faster. Both your health and energy will regenerate and you'll be
able to attack enemies much faster and with more effect. To see just how long
you've got left in fury mode just take a glance at the slowly emptying fury

  | [010800]      Experience      [010800] |

From quite early in the game you'll start to collect blue gems from enemies and
large Crystal Clusters as well as gaining them from performing decent combos
when killing. These will gather in a pool in your Abilities menu where you can
divy them up between your breaths, helping them on their way to Level 3.

Even when the pool appears full it's not. You can continue to collect blue gems
as long as you like before using them and you won't be sacrificing any with


Please note that enemies vary, so although I might mention a Toad Weed in some
place it might not actually be there for you or conversely I might miss some
out. Rest assured that the bosses are all set and that the actual layout of
enemies in the level is pretty inconsequential anyway.

On with the walkthrough!

  | [020100]      Swamp      [020100] |

As you might expect, this is your usual, basic tutorial level here. Even on
harder modes you have to go through the entire thing on every new game.

Starting off with how to jump, it's A by the way, you should jump up the ledge.
Next it's a higher jump, since you only have a normal jump you'll need to use
Spyro's grab move to hoist yourself up there.

Straight away you'll come across the first of many Dragon Relics. This one will
grant you the power to Double Jump, a power which is very useful, especially
for the bit just coming up where you'll need to use it and the grab move.

Pass the inactive tip thing and go down the steps to where another Dragon Relic
is waiting for you. The power to Glide is now Spyro's. Go back up the steps and
glide over the gap to the ledge above where the relic was.

Next it's learning how to drop down, a simple move that'll be used all through
the game. Sparx will start talking on the last drop through platform, take the
hint, don't drop down through it. Instead heading right you'll reach the
second part of this level.

It's not really worth pointing out here but you should notice that once you
exit part of a level, either by choice or accident, you can't go back to the
previous part without going back to the map screen and re-entering the level.

Move on through the empty level until you get told about the health meter at
the top of your screen. Then it's simply a case of walking through the door
up ahead. Beat up the Toad Weed with your melee attacks to gain the Dragon
Relic inside it. Air Launch is a useful move that is used in combos, which
you'll be doing a lot of.

  | [020200]      Hall of Fang and Claw      [020200] |

It's time to go combo crazy. You don't have to do this now, you can just skip
it and carry on with the game, but you'll get a nice Dragon Relic if you do.
You do however have to at least hit the dummy one single time before you're
allowed to leave, not very difficult.

To get a combo of more than 5 at the moment is quite difficult as you have a
distinct lack of moves. Use your new Air Launch ability as part of a melee
combo, knocking the dummy up into the air and making sure to be hitting it in
the air as well.

The Dragon Relic, 'Additional Melee Combo Attack', will give you an additional
chance to hit an enemy before launching them into the air or off to the side.
This is helps to create longer combos.

After getting the reward for your combo of 5 or more, head towards the left end
of the 'hall' and exit. Of course you can try to get the next Dragon Relic
which requires a 10 combo, but it's nearly impossible at this stage so when
you've got even more abilities you should come back here to try to earn the
other two Dragon Relics; for ten you get 'Additional Air Combo Attack' and for
fifteen it's 'Elemental Melee Damage'.

Getting 23 hits will open a final door, but there's no abilities beyond so
you're not missing out on much if you can't get a combo that high (you should
note that this final door doesn't open in the secret mode - unrelatedly the
maximum combo the game will record is 99).

  | [020300]      Swamp      [020300] |

We're back in the Swamp again, this time learning all about crystal things.
You'll find these Crystal Clusters all over the game so practice for that by
smashing this one. Continuing onwards you should now jump up through some
platforms where Sparx will tell you to go do something else.

So, to the left we go. Another Toad Weed is in your way, kill it if you wish
to, unlike the first one this won't be dropping and Dragon Relics. You will
however now get to see the Combo Meter, something that rewards you for
performing more varied combos than rapidly smashing the B button the whole

Keep going left, kill a few Toad Weeds and jump down a drop at the far end.
Here you'll find two more Dragon Relics, Charge and Wall Jump. To get back out
of this dead end you'll need to use your new Wall Jump ability. Simply jump
back up the gap and make your way back to where the barrier blocking your way
was and is. Charging the whole way will make it simpler in killing the many
little purple things littering the way back.

You might like to use the Wall Jump to get to the large Crystal Cluster above
the barrier as the larger ones tend to hold Blue Gems, but it's not really
necessary. Simply charge into the barrier to destroy it.

Ignoring the cracked floor for now, carry on along to yet another Dragon Relic.
The power to Air Dive is now unlocked and ready to use to smash that floor.
Just beyond the relic is another large Crystal Cluster but nothing else.

After smashing it and thereby falling downwards you need to jump over a gap to
the right. Falling down it will injure you, more severely the harder the
difficulty setting you're on. And then it's effectively the same kind of thing
with the water as unlike his predecessor, this Spyro don't swim too good.

Then go off the end of the area into one of many tiny areas. This one is
filled with Toad Weeds and those little creatures, kill them or bypass them
quickly if you can't be bothered. And then that's it. The Swamp and the
tutorial are finished.

  | [020400]      Temple of Fire      [020400] |

Head to the left, jumping over the lava and down the slope to a Fire Elemental
which you'll want to beat to a pulp. Go past him and under the steps, jump and
glide over the long bit of lava, you'll hit the roof but you should be able to
turn it into a glide if you press it quick enough.

Anyway, follow the path along over some more lava and past a Toad Weed, over a
stepped up little bit to a soldier. Finally glide over some more lava and
you'll earn yourself your first breath; Fire.

Head back to the little rise just outside the room and jump upwards to the
platform above. Go up the stairs and then jump to the right. Above you to the
left is what is probably not meant for this purpose but you can Wall Jump your
way up there regardless. Once at the top go to the right, past the Fire
and over the lava.

Jump up to the platform on the right, jump and kill the two firey balls of
light that will attack if left alone. Get over the tiny bit of lava and then
glide down to the right where you'll find a Dragon Relic, 'Health Upgrade',
that increases your maximum health (duh), the first of ten in the game.

Now, jump over the lava to your right and kill the beasties there before
jumping down to the place where you first started this level. This time go to
the right and use your brand new Fire Breath to open the door (there's nothing
of much interest in the area above it).

Drop down the ledges and go to the left at the bottom. There's a tricky bit of
jumping and gliding over lava here, you need to land in the middle but it's
quite difficult to see where that is exactly. Jump again to the other side and
pick up the 'Energy Upgrade' Dragon Relic. This increases the maximum your
green energy bar will go up to.

Now go back to the top of the pyramid-like fork in the path and go right. Kill
enemies on the way up some ledges and to the right, out of the first part of
the level.

Go to the top of the stairs ahead of you and jump onto the platform up to the
right. Jump over the lava, minding the dripping, and continue along here past
the Fire Elementals and the large spiky tortoise which you can kill by
an Air Launch and then Air Diving it. They're the simplest of large enemies in
all modes. Anyway, once you get to the stairs drop down underneath them and
quickly glide to the right landing on a platform underneath.

Jump over the lava and kill the enemies and you'll reach another Dragon Relic,
again an 'Energy Upgrade', the second of the ten. Carry on along here past some
more lava and drop down the gap. Go down to the left and then to the right at
the bottom where you'll be able to fight the boss of this level.

Remember to return to this level once you've gained Earth Breath as there is a
door that requires it towards an even further down area of this second part of
the level.

      [020401]  BOSS: Fire Element Avatar  [020401]

With a lack of moves there's a lack of options. As he's made of fire your fire
breath is completely useless. That just leaves melee. So just keep performing
combos, and avoiding his attacks. Make sure to watch out for the couple of lava
pools so you're not walking into them whilst attacking.

In Hard Mode you'll notice the lack of a health bar, why this is I don't know
but it certainly makes it more difficult to gauge just how much more you need
to keep attacking for. This is something that is the same for all of the bosses
of the game in Hard Mode.

Upon defeating the big flaming monster a rain of blue gems will drop, collect
them if you like upgrading your breaths and then move out of the open door to
your right to finish off this level.

You'll be in the Temple of the Dragon Soul and you can now go back to the 'Hall
of Fang and Claw' at this point if you want to try getting your combo record up
again, it's the brightly coloured door. You can also visit the Hall of Memory,
a place where you can fight bosses that you've already beaten for no reward
other than your own satisfaction of being able to defeat them time after time.
Once you're done run to the far left of the Temple and exit.

  | [020500]      Swamp      [020500] |

Back in the Swamp, again, kill the Toad Weed on your left and then to the right
you'll find some more enemies. Once you've killed them melee the vehicle thing
in the middle of the path to get yourself your second 'Health Upgrade'. Walk to
the side and you'll finally be out of the Swamp.

  | [020600]      Ancient Grove      [020600] |

Keeping to the theme of night-time we enter the Ancient Grove, almost exactly
like the Swamp except a grove or something.

To the right you'll meet the first of a new enemy, the Bulb Spider, a large
mushroom like spider that has no particular weakness other than being beaten up
a lot. Jump up the ledge and then back to the left onto some mushrooms sticking
out of a tree.

You'll meet another enemy that you'll be seeing a lot of throughout the game.
This little guy in easier levels is not much of a challenge, he's just like any
other enemy. Once you get to the harder difficulties he starts getting tougher
and has an annoying ranged attack to avoid.

Continue up the mushrooms to the right, glide to some more with Toad Weeds on,
again further right and again. You'll reach a Dragon Relic, the third 'Health
Upgrade'. Drop down now and go to the right, you can go back to the left and
clean up the enemies but there's not much point. Just carry on right and an
automatic dialogue exchange will occur.

  | [020700]      Temple of Earth      [020700] |

No sooner do you have Fire Breath then you set off to earn Earth Breath.

Going left you'll want to kill the Earth Elemental standing at the top of the
steps. Kill the annoying little green bits of light flying around and then jump
down the ledge, continue downwards right to the bottom where you should now
continue to the left. Take care of the Earth Elementals and the Bulb Spider as
well as the Earth Temple's version of the spiked tortoise, it's exactly the
same bar colour scheme.

Not far beyond the tortoise you'll be given Earth Breath, which is nice and
all. Now head all the way back to the start of the level again. That's just
simply jumping back up the ledges and going right. Kill the Earth Elemental
standing in your way and then use your new Earth Breath on the door beyond.

Straight after the door you'll be attacked by a Bulb Spider, a couple of those
green light things and an Earth Elemental. Once past them jump down the ledge
at the end and just keep going left to right and down all the way past enemies
and gems, the exit to this first part of the level is right at the bottom.

Go right, up the steps and kill the tortoise. Continue onwards up some more
steps to an Earth Elemental. Jump up the purple mushroom and then straight up
again until you reach the top. Go to the right once you reach there and
continue along all the way to the far end, killing/jumping over enemies as you
go. At the far end you'll find the fourth 'Health Upgrade' Relic.

Once you've grabbed it go back to the left all the way to the point where there
is a dip in the path and you can jump down through the floor. Do so. After a
few of those drops you'll be in a large room with purple mushrooms all over the
place. There are plenty of gems to grab in here so collect them if you feel
like it before going through the bottom right exit.

Don't go upwards here just yet, instead continue on right. Once you get past
the tortoise you should jump up onto the thin platform which at the end of
you'll be rewarded with a relic, 'Energy Upgrade' number three.

With more energy in hand, it's time to take on the boss. Simply go back to just
before the mushroom room and jump up the platforms and go to the right.

      [020701]  BOSS: Earth Element Avatar  [020701]

This rocky fella has but one attack, hitting you, though he does do it in two
slightly different ways.

To kill this fella you're going to want to master the roll manoeuvre, that's
double tapping the opposite direction to the one you're facing. This gets you
away from an enemy quickly and here can be used to avoid his smashes. Simply
run up to him, hit him two or three times and roll away. Just repeat that until
he's dead, though you can intersperse with the occasional flame attacks too but
not Earth ones as they don't really do anything to him.

There's not much to this guy so once you're done collect your blue gem reward
and exit the temple. You'll be back in the Elemental Temple hub room, so you
can now either try to do some more combos with your new abilities to perhaps
gain some more that you missed, refight old bosses or just continue on. You can
however take a short detour into the Fire Temple to earn yourself a health
relic we missed on the first pass through.

  | [020800]      Temple of Fire      [020800] |

This is just a short stay. Open the fire door to the right and make your way to
the second part of the level. Here you'll need to go down to the right. Jump
over the lava and down the gap next to it. Continue right and jump over a large
bit of lava, landing where there's a large Crystal Cluster. Again jump over the
lava after it, watching out for the tortoise and the dripping lava. One more
tiny bit of lava left and you'll reach the Earth Door. Use your Earth Breath
upon it to open. Kill the Fire Elemental waiting and pick up your fifth 'Health
Upgrade'. You can either go to the end of the level the normal way of just Exit
to Temple via the pause menu, you still keep everything you've earnt in the
level without the hassle of leaving.

Anyway, back on track...

  | [020900]      Outer Grove      [020900] |

You wake up again in the Ancient Grove, though now called Outer Grove for some
reason, it's time to finish it regardless.

Walking to the right you'll meet a Toad Weed and a Bulb Spider you'll want to
be killing. After that you should jump up some ledges to the right, killing the
flying beetles as you go. Jump to the left and up the mushrooms, kill the Grove
Beast and then to the right on top of solid ground again. There's another Grove
Beast to dispatch of before like a Bulb Spider and Toad Weeds.

Blocking your way is a dead bush, use your Fire Breath on it to burn it into
ash so you can get past and into the cave. In here you'll want to watch out for
beetles, bats and those red spikes all over the place. Jump over the spikes and
then over some more and a gap. Kill the Grove Beast in your way and then stand
next to a thin rock wall in your path. Use your Earth Breath on it until it
smashes, allowing you into the room beyond. Drop into it, missing the spikes of
course, and collect the relic hidden inside. That's 'Mid-Air Charge' to you.

Jump back out of the room and drop down the gap between it and the entrance to
the cave. Jump over the red spikes whilst killing the bats and attacking the
Grove Beast. Once dead jump down, avoiding the red spikes on the floor and go
to the right (the left has some stuff but the relic there can't be reached
without another ability you don't have yet). Kill the Bulb Spider sitting
around down here and the next Grove Beast standing on a mushroom platform just
past it. And then it's a simple case of walking to the end of this part of the

You'll emerge still inside the cave, jump the spikes and kill the Grove Beast.
Drop down the gap to the right, kill yet another Grove Beast + bats, then
dropping down again you'll reach a Bulb Spider and Toad Weed combo. Then it's
off to the right to finish off this small, rather pointless section and the

  | [021000]      Deep Grove      [021000] |

More grove loveliness, this time you're outside again with waterfalls and water
and grass and stuff. The same enemies as the previous level though.

There's a Bulb Spider dead ahead, you can knock it into the water for a quick
kill if you can't be bothered with it. Jump up onto the grassy platform above
the edge of the waterfall and then up to the left, attacking the Grove Beast as
you go. Further to the left and then up to a Toad Weed, then to the right onto
some wooden platform where you'll meet an ape with a new attack, well he fires
large round bullets at you as well as having a sword with which to attack, just
avoid the shots and attack it like any other normal enemy.

Past him go along the lower path and you can collect a relic to improve your
melee damage ability. Now go back along and drop down through the thinner part
of the wooden platform and glide to the right. Kill the beetles on the ground
and the Bulb Spider right after. Keep going right all the way to a fire. Try
knocking something into it to put it out as it can be annoying to jump over it
without getting hit. Keep on going right, past enemies and into a really
pointless separate part of the level.

A Grove Beast will attack you as soon as you enter so be ready for that,
otherwise just kill the enemies here and move on through to the next bit.

This bit is a bit more pointful though. You'll have to kill loads of beetles
that keep appearing as you also attack their large hive, it's doable with just
your melee attack, maybe use fire a bit too to help you along. Anyway, once the
thing is destroyed you'll find a relic, 'Additional Melee Combo Attack'.

Moving on to the fourth and final area of Deep Grove, kill the Grove Beast to
the right and carry on past him, down the slope covered with beetles, a couple
of Bulb Spiders and then jump up the mushrooms. From the top right of them jump
and glide to the right and flame the dead bush out of the way. After killing
the Bulb Spider, wall jump your way into the room directly above you where
you'll pick up the 'Slide Attack' relic. This lets you roll down hills, hitting
enemies as you go.

Jump back down from the room and then to the right into a cavern filled with
water at the bottom. Make your way up the platforms to the top left, and then
go to the right once you get there. Kill the enemies in your way and head on
right where the game will take over...

      [021001]  BOSS: Naga  [021001]

Naga is a naga surprisingly enough, very familiar to those who've played the
Warcraft games. He holds a large sword and a large shield, who doesn't?

The key to this fight is Naga's shield. Whilst it may appear that he can't be
harmed whilst using it, attacking him when his shield is in the way damages the
shield, you can see marks appearing on it. Hit him about four times and then
roll away, wait for him to perform an attack and then go back in (charging will
usually cause him to bounce you away straight away) and do a few more melee
attacks. Repeat this until his shield finally breaks. Once that's gone he can
no longer really defend himself when you're up close so get in there and get
melee comboing.

Usual reward, but when you collect the last blue gem you exit the area

  | [021100]      Fellmuth Arena      [021100] |

Going right as usual, kill the pirate ape and the parrot flying around before
continuing right (above the start is a relic but not one you can reach for
now). Go up the steps and then drop down, walk along but watch out for the
charging green thing. Continue going along the lower layer, up is pointless for
anything but gems/a different route. Kill the ape to the right and then smash
down the green barrier with your melee attacks. Jump over the spikes and kill
another ape pirate, then jump some more spikes. You'll find another green
barrier to smash through.

Once through kill the apes on the other side and, staying ground level, jump
over the spikes to the far side of the room. Here you'll be met with yet
another green barrier, smash this one and enter the room. Kill the pirate and
collect the 'Additional Air Combo Attack' relic.

Head back out into the cage room and jump up the bars to the top and out to the

It's another one of those seemingly pointless transition rooms with a few
enemies in. Get to the other end to reach the next part.

You'll first be forced to fight a bunch of enemies from the Groves, a Toad
Weed, and a couple of Grove Beasts. Once all three are dead you need to pick up
the 'Energy Upgrade' relic in the centre of the room.

Nap time.

  | [021200]      Temple of Ice      [021200] |

Head to the left and slide down the slope, attacking enemies as you reach them.
Drop down the gap at the bottom of the slope and then down the ledges. Go to
the right, attacking the ice version of a familiar enemy. Just carry on right
and you'll be taught Ice Breath. Head back up to the start now, and go right.

Go down the drop to an Ice Elemental and beat it up, then continue downwards to
the right to a gap with two small ledges either side. Drop even further and
slide down the righthand side of a pyramid of ice. Kill the pirate ape at the
bottom and jump over the gap to an Ice Elemental, knock it off and jump again.
Run up a short icy slope and then over a gap where you'll find the relic
'Increasd Defense vs Physical Attacks'. This basically just means that when you
get hit you'll suffer a bit less damage.

Head back up the pyramid and jump up, off to the right where you'll see some
water. This bit can be tricky thanks to the slippery ice but switch to your Ice
Breath and use it to make a tiny ice platform in the water. Jump onto it, make
another platform ahead and so on until you get to the other side of the water.
Jump up and then to the right where you'll need to use Ice Breath to open the
door. It's just a straight run through to the second area now.

Heading right jump up onto the platform on the right, then again along the
slippery similar coloured pillars, knocking any enemies off their perch. Keep
going along these until you reach some water, use your Ice Breath to cross it.
Once on the other side, go down the slope and down into the first gap. Kill the
Ice Elemental and Icy Spiked Tortoise before heading left. At the far end
you'll find 'Piercing Claws', a relic that prevents you from slipping on ice,

Now back up out of the room and to the right continuing down the slope after
the water, you'll approach the purple door signifying the boss.

      [021201]  BOSS: Ice Element Avatar  [021201]

Hopefully by now you'll have upgraded your Fire Breath to at least Level 2 as
it'll help here immensely. Get as close to the Avatar as you need to be in
order to hit him with your Fire Breath and just hold it on him, ignoring him as
he pummels you slowly. Alternatively you can hop around the room like a madman
firing balls of fire at him as you jump past, dodging his long range ice
attacks as well as his close range hits as you go past.

Collect your blue gem reward and exit the level.

Again you're in the Elemental Temple, we've got a date with some Ice Doors in
the Temple of Earth though...

  | [021300]      Temple of Earth      [021300] |

You won't be here very long, just kill the beast on the fall-throughable ledge
to the right, fall through the ground and then down to the right where the Ice
Door is. Use Ice Breath on it and kill the Earth Elemental standing infront of
the relic, 'Additional Melee Combo Attack'. Exit and then walk back into the
game again.

  | [021400]      Fellmuth Arena      [021400] |

Back out in the waking world you'll immediately be made to fight the Maleforian
Snail Rider. Avoid his purple blasts and beat him and his snail up. It's not a
boss fight... yet. Pick up the 'Dragon Fury' relic once you kill them. This
relic triggers the ability to perform Spyro's fury attack. You'll also now
start to gather purple gems to power it.

      [021401]  BOSS: Advisor  [021401]

Stabbity stab.

Now it's a boss fight.

This Advisor is a spry fellow, jumping around, vanishing, replacing himself
with exploding dummies, throwing stuff, laughing at you, he does it all.

One way to kill this nutter is to hit him with Ice Breath, this'll stun him
into stopping, and then performing combos on him until he gets away from you.
Knocking him into the air with your Earth Breath is also reasonably useful but
it takes a longer time and you need a lot more Energy if you're going to do it
the entire battle.

  | [021500]      Fellmuth Arena      [021500] |

With the fight over you're back to adventuring in Fellmuth Arena.

Head to the right and kill the pirate in your way. Jump up to the left, in the
room you'll find a bed which if you bounce on will give you red and green gems
each time. Useful for healing and regenerating magic, in this part of the level
at least. Continue upwards and kill the scavenger to the left before going
right. Go past the enemies up here, jump over the gap and continue on to a
green barrier which you'll need to smash.

Through here, kill the enemies and up the stairs, go to the right where you'll
find another green barrier with the 'Hover' relic just beyond. Now head back
through the ship to the last gap you jumped over. Drop down all the way and
head right, go up the steps, through another green barrier, and out of the ship
into the next part of the level.

Outside the ship now you've got to make sure not to jump into the many spikes
that are sitting inexplicably in mid-air all over the place. Kill the Pirate
ahead of you and drop down below onto a chain. Jump to the right onto a
platform, then again and again upwards. Once more to a Pirate, then glide to
the right over a load of spikes which you'll probably hit. Luckily enough the
relic on the platform ahead of you is 'Increased Defense vs Spikes'.

Jump down to the platforms below you now, then turn to the right and continue
jumping along them. Kill the Pirates and Scavengers you meet along the way up
and to the right, the end of the level. Almost.

      [021501]  BOSS: Skabb  [021501]

One of the most straightforward bosses of the game, all you need to do on any
difficulty is to learn the difference between the two shot sounds, one for his
gun and the other for the cannon. Stand on the far left of the area and wait.
If you hear the gun sound get read to jump over the bullet, if you hear the
cannon sound get read to jump and melee the cannonball into Skabb.

You'll see an arrow appear above you, so jump up and melee it in the air, and
as long as you knock it to the right it should hit Skabb. Once it does hit him
you need to run up to him and attack until he starts blocking again. Luckily he
won't fight back whilst he's vulnerable so go nuts with melee and breath
attacks. Keep repeating this until his health is all gone.

A slightly better place to stand would be to the right of Skabb and do the same
as you can also see when he's preparing to fire his gun rather than cannon. It
also gives you more time to attack him being a shorter distance and you can see
immediately if the cannonball has hit. Also the parrots tend not to fly here.

One more breath to get...

  | [021600]      Temple of Lightning      [021600] |

Even faster to get your new breath this time, you should note that generally
the best type of breath to use here will be Earth. Simply drop down, take care
of the Lightning Elemental and the ape then go to the right. Keep going, maybe
killing an enemy more, and you'll get Lightning Breath.

With your fourth and final breath now gained it's time to sweep through the
level and get going towards the end. Go left now along past where you dropped
down and kill the tortoise. Continue left beyond the Lightning Elemental and
kill the ape and Snail Rider, an enemy that can teleport and fire blasts at
you. Using Earth Breath and melee combos should take care of him.

Grab the relic to boost your melee damage ability, 'Increased Melee Damage',
and then jump upwards, keeping to the left to the top. Kill the ape up here and
then jump over the gap on the right. Keep going right, past the start of the
level and kill the enemies standing on/near the thin steps ahead. Drop down
underneath them towards the right-hand end and continue on this lower layer
right as before. Keep going killing bad guys until you get to the door blocking
your way, use Lightning Breath on it as you might expect.

Jump down the platform ahead and then wall jump up a wall with a chain on it.
Probably meant for climbing but never mind. Grab the relic and upgrade your
energy once again, 'Energy Upgrade', that's number five. Now jump back down the
gap, up the platforms and up next to where the door was. Now it's just a simple
case of killing a few enemies and getting out to the right.

Run the usual direction of right until you get to a large drop. Jump down there
and then over the dip to a place where platforms go both up and down. Go down.
To the far right you'll find another 'Energy Upgrade' relic, number six that
is. Turn around and go back up the platforms, head to the right and keep going
right until the boss fight gets triggered.

      [021601]  BOSS: Lightning Element Avatar  [021601]

When you start the fight the Avatar will be a nice yellow colour, at this point
you can't hurt it and getting too close will result in you getting an electric
shock. Stay low and then jump up onto the platform above and over the Avatar.
It should float to the centre of the room and turn a pink colour. This is your
signal to attack. Earth Breath is very effective here so use that and melee to
attack. However whilst attacking you'll notice that pink lights are being
created, jump and attack these as they appear so as not to get a build up of
them who'll start attacking you rather quickly.

It's just a simple repeating process, making sure to clear the room of the
lights and to lure the Avatar into the right positions so that you can jump
over it easily.

  | [021700]      Temple of Ice      [021700] |

And as usual we're off to the previous temple. Head up towards the top left of
the level where there is a Lightning Door blocking the way to your seventh
'Energy Upgrade' relic.

You can now go back to previous levels, the only one worth doing so is Deep
Grove, but since you still won't have completed it fully I'll save that for the
next time we're on the map.

  | [021800]      Celestial Temple      [021800] |

Kill the shielded ape on your right and head down the steps. Kill the Bug,
Snail and Snail Rider and continue on through going right. Jump over the pit of
spikes, then kill the Snail Rider and large ape next to him, pushing them into
the spikes is simple, rewarding and effective. Keep on going right into the
next room and select your Ice Breath.

Drop down the first bit and then use your Ice Breath to travel to the other end
of the water, then jump up and open the electric door. Inside this room you'll
find a couple of enemies, some spikes, and the relic 'Increased Defense vs Non-
Physical Attacks'.

Now head back out of the room, you'll have to aim Ice Breath directly downwards
as you jump, and jump up the platforms in the previous room. Jump up to the top
right of the room where you'll find an Armourdillo which you might recognize
from the previous game. Here they're not vulnerable to any of your attacks so
if it starts rolling at you jump to the left and hopefully it'll follow you and
roll into the water below. Jump to the left anyway and open the Earth Door.

Back out of the room once again and glide to the right where the Armourdillo
was. Keep going right and through the Ice Door. Kill the few enemies left and
leave this first part of the level jumping a little down and to the right.

It's just one of those small areas with a bunch of enemies in. There's nothing
special to do in here, just kill and get through.

Kill the shielded ape and the Snail Rider you'll probably catch the attention
of before jumping down the platforms. Jump up the platforms to the right and
kill the several apes standing around there, over the odd small patch of water
and then jump down and to the right, dropping down again after the Bug. Kill
the Snail down the bottom as well as any other enemies down there. Jump the
spikes and head up the steps.

A few more enemies to kill as you get into the next room, jump up and to the
left where you'll find a Snail Rider and a stretch of water. Using your Ice
Breath you need to get to the other side of that water. Kill the Bugs and large
ape inside and grab the much needed 'Wall Climb' relic. This'll come in handy
in getting all of the relics you've missed so far.

Head back out over the water and through the bottom right exit of the room
beforehand. Kill the last few remaining apes along the the Snail and exit this
last part of the level.

      [021801]  BOSS: Advisor  [021801]

He's back again.

It's pretty much the same fight as the last one, just with a different
background. Use your Ice Breath to stall him and then melee him, Lightning to
start a combo from further away, Earth the same really except you need to move
towards him.

One simple tactic for defeating this enemy is to stand on the left end of the
platform in the air, wait for the Advisor to jump in and then melee him, he'll
be knocked back off it and you should move back to the same position. He'll
keep generally doing the same thing and you'll be able to defeat him easy, even
without taking a single hit. Hard mode however will let him teleport in above
to the left occasionally, so watch out for that, otherwise it works fine there

Grab the relic he drops, 'Energy Upgrade' number eight.

Now with Wall Climb and the freedom of the map you can finish off all the
previous levels...

It's also a good time to earn more blue gems and upgrade your breath attacks.

  | [021900]      Ancient Grove      [021900] |

First up we're going through Ancient Grove until you get to Outer Grove. Once
there go into the cave area. Go down into the area directly below the entrance
and to the far left. Here you can now climb up a wall of dead looking vines and
claim your ninth 'Energy Upgrade' relic.

  | [022000]      Deep Grove      [022000] |

Back in Deep Grove again you'll want to go through until you reach just before
the fire, it's not very far in. Jump up the mushrooms on the slope before the
fire and then climb the wall on the left. Go right, jumping and gliding over a
few mushrooms and jump onto the wall at the end. Let yourself slip down it and
then as you fall off, jump to the right and you'll be next to the only Runic
Switch in the game.

Use your Lightning Breath on it and a door above will open. Wall Jump your way
into the room and grab the 'Raging Fury' relic. This ups your Fury Meter's rate
of increase. Head back out of the room and continue with the level until you
get into the cave area towards the end.

Use your Ice Breath to go along the bottom of the water filled cave and you'll
find the seventh 'Health Upgrade' hiding away in there.

  | [022100]      Fellmuth Arena      [022100] |

By now all that you are missing is three Health Upgrades and an Energy Upgrade.
Two of those Health ones are in Fellmuth and the rest are in the final level.

Almost as soon as you enter the level you'll see a Wall Climb spot above you,
though it is a little ahead from where you start. Simply climb it and grab the
eighth 'Health Upgrade'.

Keep on going through the level until you reach the outside area. Here you'll
want to go to where the tall mast is near the top middle of the area. It's
where you got the relic to lessen the pain of hitting spikes.

Use Wall Climb to reach the top of the mast and jump right several times,
making sure not to get hit by the spikes placed right in your way. You should
be able to make it to where the ninth 'Health Upgrade' is.

Now with all previous levels complete it is time to go through the last level.

  | [022200]      Temple Sanctum      [022200] |

Head right and take out the pair of enemies you meet. Keep on going up some
steps and then try and get past the Armourdillo without getting hit. Go up the
steps beyond it and go through a couple of rooms with Snail Riders in, the
tenth and final 'Health Upgrade' is at the far end.

Go back out and drop down the stairs above where the Armourdillo was/is. If
it's still there you should be able to lure it into falling in the water at the
bottom of the steps. Keep on heading right and over the water gaps, kill the
large ape, jump over the next Armourdillo (which can be killed if you freeze it
and then melee it up and then into the water). Kill the couple of apes and then
jump from the highest point up to the right.

Then it's just right and you're out.

Immediately kill the ape attacking you and proceed along the steps downwards.
Keep going, watch out for the Armourdillo here, until you reach a drop. Drop
down that drop and go left. Use your Earth Breath on the door, continue through
to the second Earth Door on the other side and pick up the final relic in the
entire game and tenth 'Energy Upgrade'. With that your abilities menu should be
full, all you might still need to do is to get all four breaths up to level 3.

Turn around and head back out of this room. Keep going right until you reach an
enemy. Kill him and jump over the water. And well, it's pretty much just go
right now, kill enemies but keep going right until the game takes over and you
finish the level.

  | [022300]      Well of Night      [022300] |

There's no real level here, almost immediately the Advisor will appear for one
last fight.

      [022301]  BOSS: Advisor  [022301]

Your third and final fight with the Advisor. In Easy and Normal modes there's
an easy way to defeat him. Like in the last round you can stand up on the left
waiting for him to jump in, then meleeing him so that he gets knocked off your
platform. Stand back and repeat. He might instantly teleport to where you are
occasionally, starting attacking almost before he appears though this doesn't
happen often enough to be too much of a worry. This time he has an even more
deadly combo of his own; about seven hits if he gets the chance.

Unfortunately in Hard Mode he almost always teleports in, so this time you'll
have to get stuck in. Running about meleeing the Advisor, knocking him into the
air with your breath attacks and generally trying the get the longest combos
you can each time you get a chance to. Staying on the ground too long will make
the Advisor rush into you so watch out for that.

You'll be thrown out into the map to save I guess, so just select the level
again and get ready for the final fight.

      [022302]  BOSS: Gaul  [022302]

The grand finale. Gaul the Ape King.

There are several stages to this fight, the first is beaten simply by up-close
melee attacks on Gaul. Keep running in and hitting him, backing off and then
coming back. Do this until he starts sucking in purple energy, his health bar
will go blue (if not on Hard mode of course) and then will refill. Again keep
doing the same thing as before,  attacking and retreating and making sure not
to sit around where he lands each jump as now that causes extra damage. Keep
doing until he refills again.

Now make sure to have Fire Breath on as with it you can destroy the purple
blasts he will now start to attack you with. It's again just running up,
meleeing and retreating making sure neither to let him hit you or blast you
except that he's a even more jump happy now and you'll have to follow him all
over the place. Hard Mode is really the same here, he just has more health and
the lack of a health bar, plus he hits harder of course.

Once that third part is over you're essentially done, it's pretty difficult if
not impossible to lose now. Ignoring any attacks of his (your health
regenerates) just attack either with your melee or the new breath attack which
is very effective. Once dead an army of monkeys will rain down on you. Hit each
of them once to kill them, you're still regenerating health so it should be no
big deal. All done, you've completed the game. Congratulations.

Finishing either Easy or Normal modes for the first time will unlock Hard Mode,
and finishing Hard Mode the first time will unlock a special Dark Mode in which
you get to play through the entire game as Spyro in the last stage of the fight
with Gaul. I believe that it's Normal difficulty in general but it's super easy
in actuality. Try the Hall of Fang and Claw with it.


  | [030100]      Swamp      [030100] |

 1. Double Jump
    You get this in normal progress through the tutorial level.

 2. Glide
    Again as with all of the relics in this level you can't really miss it.

 3. Air Launch
    Defeating a Toad Weed at the end of the level will reward you with this.

  | [030200]      Hall of Fang and Claw      [030200] |

 4. Additional Melee Combo Attack
    A combo of 5 or more will open the door to this.

 5. Additional Air Combo Attack
    A combo of 10 or more will open the door to this.

 6. Elemental Melee Damage
    A combo of 15 or more will open the door to this.

  | [030300]      Swamp      [030300] |

 7. Charge
    More tutorial simplicity here.

 8. Wall Jump
    Right next to the Charge relic.

 9. Air Dive
    Towards the end of the level.

  | [030400]      Temple of Fire      [030400] |

10. Health Upgrade 1
    To the top left-hand corner of the first part of the level. You can use
    Wall Jump to get it but it looks like it's designed to be Wall Climb.

11. Energy Upgrade 1
    Down to the left after the Fire Door to the right of the start.

12. Energy Upgrade 2
    Towards the middle of the second part of this level.

  | [030500]      Swamp      [030500] |

13. Health Upgrade 2
    Inside a tusked vehicle right next to where you met Cynder.

  | [030600]      Ancient Grove      [030600] |

14. Health Upgrade 3
    At the end of a canopy of mushrooms near the start of the level.

  | [030700]      Temple of Earth      [030700] |

15. Health Upgrade 4
    At the top right corner of the second area of the temple.

16. Energy Upgrade 3
    Below the exit of the second part of the level at the far right.

  | [030800]      Temple of Fire      [030800] |

17. Health Upgrade 5
    Behind an Earth Door to the bottom right of the second part of the level.

  | [030900]      Outer Grove      [030900] |

18. Mid-Air Charge
    Behind a rock wall you need to smash with Earth Breah to the right as you
    enter the cave area.

  | [031000]      Deep Grove      [031000] |

19. Increased Melee Damage
    At the start of the level, take the path upwards and then to the right.

20. Additional Melee Combo Attack
    Inside a hive of beetles which you can't fail to find in the third part of
    the level.

21. Slide Attack
    Just as you enter the cave area, it's in the room above.

  | [031100]      Fellmuth Arena      [031100] |

22. Additional Air Combo Attack
    To the bottom right of the first part of the level, past a green barrier.

23. Energy Upgrade 4
    Prize for defeating the denizens of the forest in the arena.

  | [031200]      Temple of Ice      [031200] |

24. Increased Defense vs Physical Attacks
    Found to the bottom right of the first area.

25. Piercing Claws
    In the part below the water in the second area of the level.

  | [031300]      Temple of Earth      [031300] |

26. Additional Melee Combo Attack
    Behind the Ice Doors down to the right from the start of the level.

  | [031400]      Fellmuth Arena      [031400] |

27. Dragon Fury
    Defeat the Maleforian Snail Rider after waking up.

28. Hover
    Top right of the part after the fight with the Advisor.

29. Increased Defense vs Spikes
    Towards the middle of the outside area, at the bottom of the climbable

  | [031500]      Temple of Lightning      [031500] |

30. Increased Melee Damage
    To the bottom left of the first area of the level.

31. Energy Upgrade 5
    To the bottom right of the first part of the level.

32. Energy Upgrade 6
    To the bottom right of the second section of the level.

  | [031600]      Temple of Ice      [031600] |

33. Energy Upgrade 7
    The top left of the first part of the level, behind a Lightning Door.

  | [031700]      Celestial Temple      [031700] |

34. Increased Defense vs Non-Physical Attacks
    Over some water you need to freeze and behind a Lightning Door in the first
    part of the level.

35. Health Upgrade 6
    Behind an Earth Door above the water in the first part of the level.

36. Wall Climb
    Over some water above the exit of the final part of the level before the

37. Energy Upgrade 8
    Defeat the Advisor at the end of the level.

  | [031800]      Ancient Grove      [031800] |

38. Energy Upgrade 9
    Climb some vines in the cave area of Outer Grove.

  | [031900]      Deep Grove      [031900] |

39. Raging Fury
    Inside a room locked with a Runic Switch, reached by a Wall Climb near the
    fire in the first part of the level.

40. Health Upgrade 7
    In the cave area of the level, use Ice Breath to cross the water and reach
    the relic inside a cave there.

  | [032000]      Fellmuth Arena      [032000] |

41. Health Upgrade 8
    In a room needing Wall Climb to reach directly above you when you start the

42. Health Upgrade 9
    From the top of the mast in the outside area, go right.

  | [032100]      Temple Sanctum      [032100] |

43. Health Upgrade 10
    Up the stairs at the Armourdillo, at the far end of the room.

44. Energy Upgrade 10
    Behind a couple of Earth Doors right below where you enter the second part
    of the level.


Trying to work out what that question marks is for? Here's a list of the
abilities in order and the level you find them in (ordering for multiple of the
same type may be different for you).

     | ABILITY                                   | LEVEL                 |
     | Double Jump                               | Swamp                 |
     | Glide                                     | Swamp                 |
     | Air Launch Attack                         | Swamp                 |
     | Charge Attack                             | Swamp                 |
     | Wall Jump                                 | Swamp                 |
     | Air Dive                                  | Swamp                 |
     | Dragon Fury                               | Fellmuth Arena        |
     | Mid-Air Charge Attack                     | Outer Grove           |
     | Hover                                     | Fellmuth Arena        |
     | Wall Climb                                | Celestial Temple      |
     | Slide Attack                              | Deep Grove            |
     | Additional Melee Combo Attack             | Hall of Fang and Claw |
     | Additional Melee Combo Attack             | Deep Grove            |
     | Additional Melee Combo Attack             | Temple of Earth       |
     | Additional Air Combo Attack               | Hall of Fang and Claw |
     | Additional Air Combo Attack               | Fellmuth Arena        |
     | Elemental Melee Damage                    | Hall of Fang and Claw |
     | Piercing Claws                            | Temple of Ice         |
     | Raging Fury                               | Deep Grove            |
     | Increased Melee Damage                    | Deep Grove            |
     | Increased Melee Damage                    | Temple of Lightning   |
     | Increased Defense vs Spikes               | Fellmuth Arena        |
     | Increased Defense vs Physical Attacks     | Temple of Ice         |
     | Increased Defense vs Non-Physical Attacks | Celestial Temple      |
     | Fire Breath                               | Temple of Fire        |
     | Earth Breath                              | Temple of Earth       |
     | Ice Breath                                | Temple of Ice         |
     | Lightning Breath                          | Temple of Lightning   |
     | Health Upgrade 1                          | Temple of Fire        |
     | Health Upgrade 2                          | Swamp                 |
     | Health Upgrade 3                          | Ancient Grove         |
     | Health Upgrade 4                          | Temple of Earth       |
     | Health Upgrade 5                          | Temple of Fire        |
     | Health Upgrade 6                          | Celestial Temple      |
     | Health Upgrade 7                          | Deep Grove            |
     | Health Upgrade 8                          | Fellmuth Arena        |
     | Health Upgrade 9                          | Fellmuth Arena        |
     | Health Upgrade 10                         | Temple Sanctum        |
     | Energy Upgrade 1                          | Temple of Fire        |
     | Energy Upgrade 2                          | Temple of Fire        |
     | Energy Upgrade 3                          | Temple of Earth       |
     | Energy Upgrade 4                          | Fellmuth Arena        |
     | Energy Upgrade 5                          | Temple of Lightning   |
     | Energy Upgrade 6                          | Temple of Lightning   |
     | Energy Upgrade 7                          | Temple of Ice         |
     | Energy Upgrade 8                          | Celestial Temple      |
     | Energy Upgrade 9                          | Ancient Grove         |
     | Energy Upgrade 10                         | Temple Sanctum        |


Thanks to Amaze Entertainment for making the game.


v0.1 - 03/10/07
Started the guide.

v0.5 - 30/10/07
Got up to the Lightning Temple.

v0.6 - 03/11/07
Completed the Lightning Temple.

v0.9 - 04/11/07
Finished the walkthrough. Need to write some good boss strategies before

v0.91 - 15/11/07
Minor alterations. Still not finished though.

v1.0 - 24/11/07
Made the finishing touches and added strategies for the last few bosses.


If you need help, please state the version of the game you are playing as there
are several different versions of this game and I'm not psychic.

If you can do by the above, contact me at the follwing email address:

                        dark52 (at) darkspyro (dot) net


Copyright 2007 dark52

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