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FAQ/Walkthrough by Quazzyman

Version: 2.1 | Updated: 03/26/07

for Game Boy Advance
by: Dr. Q
Started: 3/21/07
Last update: 3/25/07

If it's not too pretty, be nice, it's my first FAQ ever.

Version 2.1
Edited for use on gamefaqs.com
Version 2.0
Found the last 13 in The Kid's Hamlet
Version 1.1
Found the last 3 gold in Child's Play
Version 1.0
Started writing.  16 Gold short.


Control pad: Left/Right: Duh.  Up: Look up, go in doors. Down: Duck.
A: Jump/Accelerate (in car)
B: Attack/Brake (in car)
L: Show items acquired in the level
R: Hold to switch costumes
Start: Pause


Our favorite no-armed, no-legged hero is back, and he is playing dressup.  The
raving rabbids are going crazy, and only Rayman can save the day!  What else is


Rayman: Standard outfit.  Can hang from ledges, climb up stuff and along some
ceilings. Can pick up stuff.  Has a chargable punch (B).  Push A in the air for
the helico.
Playa: No shirt, has bling.  If you press A in the air, you slam on the ground,
and can break through stuff.  Has no attack (B).
Punk: Kinda goth-looking.  Has chargable chewing gum (B).
Lady: You know how Bugs Bunny fools everyone by cross-dressing?  Rayman's
getting in the game. Drops a distracting carrot (B), and can sneak past guarded
Elvis: Anyone know this guy?  Anyway, he hits thing with his guitar.  More
powerful than Rayman's punch.
Disco: Pink and an afro?  What is wrong with this guy?  He has a chargable punch
that is more powerful than any other punch.


One note.  Every level can be fully completed with what you have, except this
first level.  Don't worry, you come back to it at the end, so if you don't get
everything, don't fret.  Also, (#) means how many golden balls you have now, and
[#] means how many cages you've smashed (in the level)

OK, after the little cut-scene, you wake up in a prison thing.  With no hands.
Crap. Walk right.  Get over by the door, and the guard dude will tell you not to
move.  Turn around to see a frog guy jumping below you, he will smash through
the wood and talk to you about your hands.  Fall through the hole and go left a
little (5).  Then, go back right.  Once you get to the end of the hanging
platforms (8), look right.  You see that golden orb hanging there?  YOu could
climb up the brown ropes if you had hands, so drop down.  If you go left, you
will see a guard.  With no hands, you have no offense, so go right, hopping over
the green stuff.  See the cage?  You could smash it if you had hands.  Go down
the hole and jump off the falling thing at the right time (11).  See the little
rabbid in the background?  You can't do anything about it, and many more will be
found, so don't try and kill it.  Once you get to the edge, the frog comes and
tells you to push A in the air to activate the helico.  So, jump left and "fly"
a bit until you land.  If you grabbed a golden thing, good job, but you'll get
the rest in a bit, so hold on.  Walk left until you get to the boiler squisher
thing.  Hold Down to duck and crawl.  Wait for it to squish, then go. It may
squish twice quickly, so be careful.  Anyway, go left more.  Sweet, hands!  Now
you can do all sorts of stuff!  Frog guy will tell you to hit the lever. Do so
with B, and the door on the other side of the squisher will open.  Sneak under 
the squisher again, and climb the ropes (you automatically hold on, no holding
any buttons required).  If you take a quick detour up and left to a platform,
you can make you total 22.  Now, go in the door.  Get more gold (28) and helico
over the spikes to get a red thing.  Red things give you health.  The little men
will tell you to save the others.  Go back out the door, and backtrack up the
level.  When you back up to the cage, punch it [1].  Jump back over the green,
then jump and grab the platform.  Press A again to jump up onto it, then jump to
the ropes.  Jump from one to another (33), picking up the health on the way.
Jump to the platform and get the extra life.  W00t.  Jump back along the ropes
(so you don't fall in the goo) and go left to the guard that you couldn't get
past before.  Two punches gets rid of him.  Jump up to the platform (38) and hit
the lever.  Another door opens.  Jump over there and go in.  Run around to get
6 more (44), smash the cage [2], and the big guy is glad he's free. Whoop-de-do.
Go back out, and go down to the area with the squisher again.  Go under the
squisher again, and go down now.  Jump off the rock at the right time (47) and
punch the guard out.  Get the gold on the ropes (52), but before jumping off,
punch right [3].  Then, go right (55).  Go right more (if you don't, spikes!)
Frog will tell you to use the barrel.  Walk to it, and you will pick it up. Walk
a little (not too far) and hit B to throw it at the door.  Door blow up, you go
through (61).  Walk past the grate in the floor, kill rabbid guard, and jump to
the ledge (66).  Helico left (69), and Frog will tell you to hit the switch and
hurry!  There is little time, so after you punch the switch, go right through
the now open door.  You should just barely make it.  Kill the guard and you will
be warned by Frog.  Go to the opening, and you will be taken to a new area.

zOMG Boss tiem.  OK, little evil rabbid has a big toy.  Here's how we roll.
First, it will roll (I'm so clever!).  Jump over it; easiest if you stay in the
middle.  After some rolls, it will be mad and make rocks fall from the ceiling.
They are preceded by a little dust, so stay near the middle and dodge.  Then, it
will charge head-first.  Punch it right in the X of bandages to knock it down.
Repeat twice more.
Pissed little pink bunny.  A chain thing falls to you.  Ly comes and explains
what the hell is going on.  What you got is the Playa costume.

After all the explaining, go right to the house with the toys.

Gold: 350
Cages: 10

child's Play
Gold: 100
Cages: 5

Jump right to the top of the pencil stack (3), then jump and hang from the
ceiling.  Go left and fall to the eraser (10).  Jump to the sponge, which is
like a spring.  From there, left and right can be found gold and a life. Some of
the gold is on the books you hung from before (17).  Now, go back to the pencils
and keep going right.  Get on the eraser and let it take you up.  Kill the bunny
(they can dodge) and fall down right (20).  Take the eraser over the tacks and
use the sponge to get to the top.  Pick up the tennis ball and huck it at the
tack on the wall.  It becomes a platform to stand on.  Sweet.  But first, go
left up the erasers.  Watch out for the books; land on them when they're closed.
Head all the way left and smash the cage [1] and get the gold (31).  Then, go
back right. Hop up the tennis ball to the ledge.  One punch takes care of the
bag.  Use the ceiling to ride over the tacks.  Kick (B) the super bunny on the
way.  Walk down the ledge to the green orb, which is the save point (37).  Keep
going, and Frog will tell you to not keep going.  That means keep going!  Go
through the pencil sharpener, and you will get small.  Oops!  Oh well, keep
going until you get to a star on the floor (39).  This makes you big again, so
now you are set.  Jump up, then push A again to hold yourself up.  You will
slowly slide down, so keep jumping and holding until you get to the top (43). Go
left, and climb on the bricks like you did on the rope.  Punch the super bunny
away, then smack the cage [2].  Go back right, down the pencil stack, until you
get to a pencil with an eraser.  Now, use R to switch to the Playa outfit, and
stomp (A in air) the pencil down.  Switch back, and get the few gold to the left
(45), then punch the book to the right to get it to fall and let you pass.  Use
the ceiling, kick the super bunny if you have to, and fall to the eraser.  Then,
jump up to the platform that you hung from before.  Get rid of spaz bunny and
grab the gold (50), then climb right.  Jump to the other bricks (54), then go
right.  When you get to the two bouncing balls, fall off down a bit to a little
trove (60), then fall all the way and punch eveything (62) [3].  Go left to find
a sponge, and get back to the bouncing balls. Hit the book, and go right.  Kill
rabbid, go up (68), jump right, go up (72), jump right, go down (74).  Go over
the nasty book (77), then go up the bricks again.  You see that shiny thing?
Punch it to swing.  At the height of your right-side swing, jump off to the
platform and over the pencil to the sponge (83).  Going back down past the nasty
book, drop a bit to a pencil sharpener.  Go in, get tiny.  You can't pick up the
tennis ball when you're tiny, so drop down.  Helico over the tacks, or kill the
bunny if you went on top (87).  Drop down to the pencils and go left.  Grab
everything, incuding going left under a pencil tip (97) [4].  Now, at the bottom
to the right over the tacks is the end, so don't go yet.  Instead, go back up
the pencils, then up the erasers to the star.  Big again, go back and pick up
the tennis ball, huck it at the tack, then jump up, climb up, and punch [5]. Now
go back down to where I said the end was.  Helico to the eraser, swing from the
thing, and jump to the ledge (100).  Now, drop down to finish.

The Kid's Hamlet
Gold: 100
Cages: 5

Over the tacks, under the pencils, to the eraser.  Now, you have to duck under
the pencils as the eraser moves, but after you get under the first, pop up and
jump/hold your way up (3).  Then, go left, from eraser to ceiling to eraser to
ledge (10).  When you get to the sponge, go up and left to the blocks. Go up the
blocks (some have sponges) to the extra life (19), bounce right to a cage and a
grotto [1] (30),then go back to where the first sponge is.  Crawl through past
Army Man (33),then go down.  When you get there, you will notice that you are at
the end of where that first eraser at the beginning would have stopped you if
you had kept going.  Fun detour, eh?  Anyway, punch Super Rabbid and go right.
More stompable pencils.  When you pick up the tennis ball, push A to toss it up.
You hit a cage! [2]  You'll catch the ball when it comes back, so walk with it
and stab a tack.  Frog tells you the blue lets you fly longer.  Jump up the
tennis ball and get a blue orb, but go back left a bit and helico up (yes, you
go up while blue-charged) to a climbable place. (35)  In the bottom left of the
screen, you will see how long you still have blue charge.  Go back, get the blue
and this time, go up. Avoid pencil points and land right.  Take the damage from
the robot; it's ok.  Go down, get the blue, then go up and right to a hidden
cave (48).  Now go down and get the blue again, but fall until you are almost to
the floor before you realize there are tacks there, and start flying.  When you
can, go up in a little nook to get more gold, and you should have enough time to
get another blue.  Chain blues together to get up and right (64).  Kill bunny,
go up and climb and jump left to the block (68).  Punch Supes, then climb and
pucnh the crate [3].  Go back down, crawl under, and get told to shoot stuff.
Press Up to enter.
OK, this one is not so hard.  There are 10 rabbids in three rows.  All I can say
is practice.  You lose nothing for failing, and they are always in the same
The order of the rows is (F for Frog Friend, B for Bad Bunny)
Once that's done, drop right to the save orb, and take the puzzle piece up, use
the sponge to go up, then right (71).  Punch the spaz, then go right and down to
another pencil stomper.  Go up, use the tennis ball, then go up two levels to a
sponge (75).  Now, bounce up to a blue, fall back down, and fly left to another
sponge.  Bounce left to a crate [4] and get the gold (84). Go back to the blue,
and go up.  Go past the first right, and get the next blue, go up more, and take
the next right (99) [5], then fall back down, and get the first blue, go back up
take the first right, and exit (100).

Toy Box
Gold: 100
Time: 1:10

It's timed!  zOMG!
Ok, not so bad, but it may take you a few tries to get all of them.
Follow the books up to the sponge, across the celing to the eraser (17), then up
to the ceiling ledge.  Go right to a sponge, up to a ceiling, and to an eraser
again (28).  Duck under the pencils and up them right to an eraser (40).  The
eraser will start going right. Once the eraser goes right, jump to the sponge,
and use the sponges to go up and left to a ledge.  Remember this place.  Keep
going left, under and over, flying up, climbing and jumping, to the second
climbing thing, then fall down.  Don't take the eraser down, it's too slow. Jump
to the swing thing, then swing to the sponge and bounce right to the end.  You
should be up to 96 gold at this point.  Go back into the level and get to that
ledge I told you to remember.  Helico right, then bounce off the sponge (100),
then pause and go back to the map.

The Toy Chase
Gold: 50

zOMG! 3d RACE!
Also may take a few tries.  You may want to life spam by going to The Kid's
Hamlet, getting that first life, then going back to the map.
I have no map, but I can tell you that
Purple = spin out.  Not too bad, but try and avoid.
Green = speed.  Try and get these the last two laps.
Soccer ball = bounce back and damage.  Avoid.
Beige = slow.  Avoid more.
Red/Yellow/Blue = wall.  Avoid at all costs.
There is a part where there's a wall in the middle of the track.  Be careful.
My advice is, get as many as you can on the first lap, then race through the
last two, getting what you can.  Once you finish, come back and do it again
with the same strategy, if you missed any.

Celestial Castle

zOMG Boss tiem
OK, not too hard, but it took me a bit, because I am stupid.
The boss throws bombs at you.  The bombs can be punched, but the only way to
hurt the boss is with the barrels you get at the beginning spot.  So, pick one
up.  When a bomb comes on screen, hit A to toss the barrel up, hit B to punch,
catch the barrel and move on.  When you get close enough, huck the barrel at the
big bunny, then immediately switch to Playa. Once hit, the boss tosses out a
little bunny that you have to stomp.  Stomp, switch to Rayman, rinse and repeat.
Once gone, you get the Punk outfit.

OK, done with that god-awful place.  Let's enter another!  Go left to the tree

Gold: 400
Cages: 15

Dream Forest
Gold: 100
Cages: 5

Go right, punch the caterpillar, go over the rocks, punch Spaz, and stand by the
water edge (7).  Punch the fish, laugh at its terrible teeth, and jump over
(10).  Rinse, repeat (13). Punch the ranger (he tosses his hat; be careful) and
stand next to the mushroom.  See the big guy to the right?  He shoots a big hand
thing if you get too close.  Switch to Punk and spit gum at him.  Switch back,
then go get the big ranger's gold (16).  Use the mushroom to grab the ceiling,
then go left to the ledge (22).  Go left to the stump, switch to Punk, and gum
up the stump.  Voila, instant spring thing!  Switch back and go up and left.
Jump and punch right to the swing, jump to the other swing, then to the vines.
Climb down the vine (31), then up to another swing (35).  Jump to another vines,
then to another ledge.  Get the ranger, then up to a stump.  You know what to do
here.  Raid the air up there (40), then go back left to the first vines.  Drop
down, punch caterpillar, punch cage [1].  Helico right, go through the hole,
kill ranger, get stuff [2] (49).  Ride the flower up, then go left past the save
thing.  Jump over the hole, then helico left.  You'll fall down to the mushroom
up to the ceiling.  Remember here?  Get up to that stump you first gummed.  Go
left past it, down to a flower and left more to a little cove (59).  Ok, now go
up the stump again.  Go left this time and gum another stump, up to a mushroom
and to a ledge to the right up to a plum (70).  Use this plum for two things.
First, throw it at the big ranger guy.  Go back, get it again, and toss it up to
hit the cage [3].  Drop off left now, back to the swingers. Get to where the
save place was (go all the way right, then drop off left).  Now, go right. Kill
ranger.  Punch fruit, then jump on when it comes back.  Jump up to the ledge and
use Punk to get rid of Big Ranger.  Back in Rayman, jump up and right to a cage
[4], then go right (76).  Jump from vines to vines, to cage! [5] (80)  Now,
backtrack to that first ledge after the fruit.  Drop off right (83)  Punch fish,
laugh at his bad teeth. then jump and punch the plum.  It falls in the water and
becomes a platform.  Ride it right, then get off and kill Ranger.  Go right,
then at the spikes jump and punch the plum.  Use its deflated hide to jump over
to another plum.  Huck it at the spikes on the wall to make a ledge. Go all the
way up the vines (92), kill Ranger, then jump to the flower.  From there, get to
the swing (96) and swign right to the ledge.  Helico left to another ledge, use
the plum to kill Ranger, pick up another, and spike it on the left.  Grab the
ceiling and go right (100) to a mushroom.  Take it up to the right and the end.

The Leafy Valley
Gold: 100
Cages: 5

This took me forever to figure out because I didn't know how to use the swings.
To begin, go left.  Yes, left (4).  Go up the vines, to the flower, to the swing
to the left ledge.  Up the mushroom to the ceiling, and head right (8) to
another flower.  Hop to the right ledge, kill caterpillar, go right, punch plum,
fall off left.  Kill Ranger if you must, then go right, kill fish, and hop on
plum that you dropped.  In the middle of the floating, jump/hold up the shaft to
the top (15).  Go left to some health, then back a bit to a swing, to another
swing, then jump off and either quickly punch twice, or do this again [1]. Then,
fall down right to another cage [2] (19).  Se the vines to the right?  Get to
them, because below you is water.  Use the swing to your right to get to another
vines (26). Jump to the flower, then right into a hidden place, then another
swing to another vines (33).  Hit the plum down, but go right first (45), then
jump to the vines and fall left to avoid more water.  Kill Dancer Rabbid, kill
fish in water, jump on plum.  Kill the two fish on your way by, then hop off to
a save place.  Go right, and fall down the hole.  Hop off the flower high enough
that you grab the vines, then grab the ceiling and go right (51). Get the cage
[3], then fall left to some more gold (56).  Head right to a stump.  Gum it up,
then bounce to swing, swing, past the flower into a hidden area (64).  Hop on
the flower, then jump/hold up (70) and go left.  Kill fish, jump up mushroom,
and collect from the ceiling (74).  Go to the vines on the right, up to the left
to a cage [4].  Back down to the ceiling, go left (kill fish when you need to)
and get another cage [5].  Go back right, and gum up a stump.  Use it to collect
gold (84), then get to the blue.  After getting the blue, fly up and left (92),
then to the vines.  From the vines, go left.  Gum up Big Ranger.  Go up the
vines to a swing, to a vines, to a swing (100) to the end.

The Lush Mountaintops
Gold: 100
Time: 1:40

zOMG! Timed!
Another left start.  Jump up all the flowers (all of them, they all have a gold)
up to the vines.  Jump to the right vine for gold, then go left to a flower to a
ledge with a plum (21).  Huck the plum at the spikes and go up to a swing. Swing
right to a ledge, crawl under, then jump/hold up, then go right (24).  OVer the
flower, over the hole, fall down right and use the mushroom to get those that
you missed (36).  Crawl under, then hold/jump up again and go left now (41).  Go
to left flower, to a swing, to a left ledge (47). Two right swings to some vines
(53).  Vines to vines to mushroom to mushroom to left ledge and more gold (64).
Go back right and mushroom up tothe ceiling and go left to vines (79). Jump from
vine to vine, collecting gold (88) then off left to a life and the end.  Now,
head back in, and go left past those first flowers, pick up a plum, huck it at
spikes, go up to a ledge (100), then pause and back to map.

Colonial Jungle
Gold: 100
Cages: 5

Kill fish, then swing to the ceiling and drop off right (8).  Kill Ranger, then
gum the stump.  Bounce to the ceiling, kick the crate [1], and go right, drop to
the flower, then jump up the vines (11) to the left.  Gum another stump, then
jump up it to a mushroom, then to a ledge to the right.  Crawl all the way to a
crate [2] and some health, then jump/hold up (20) go past it left (23), and
crawl under the wall at the end to a life.  Go back to the swing, and swing to
the vines, punch the caterpillar, and go left (26).  Swing right to the ledge
(30) and use the mushrooms to go up (31).  Grab the ceiling and head left to a
crate [3].  Go back right, and mushroom up and left to a treasure trove.  Gum
the stumps, and start collecting (49).  Go back to that mushroom, and bounce
left to vines.  Follow the vines around and up (55), then jump off to a swing
(59).  From there, jump left to the save place.  Left to a vines, to a flower,
up to a ledge [4], then to the ceiling and right (62). Keep going right to a
flower, then right more.  Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, go left.  It drops you back
at the vines where you got up to 55 gold.  Not too far, but annoying and
pointless. So, go right.  Use the swing and helico right to a platform (67).
Fall off left, kill Ranger, and jump the sets of spikes (70).  When you get to
Big Ranger, gum him up.  Kill fish, swing (74) across, gum up the stump, and
bounce and helico right to a platform (87). Fall off left, go right, and punch
plums to get over the spikes (90).  Jump the next spikes, then use the vines to
smash the cage [5] and get over the spikes (94).  Kill Ranger, kill fish, grab
vines.  Helico right (100), to the end.

Hidden Burrow

zOMG Boss tiem!

OK, this one is not so bad.  Switch to Punk right away.
Big Bunny throws two things: Black balls and spike balls.  When the black ball
comes, gum once to stop it, then gum again to send it back.  After this come the
spike balls.  Switch to Rayman and either jump over them (low) or duck under
them (high).  Rinse and repeat.
Here is the order.
Black, 2 Up 2 Down (randomly)
Black, 3 Up 3 Down
Black, dead
For this, you get Lady.  Yay!

Head right, past the toy place, to the wavey house thing.

Gold: 250
Cages: 10

Stomach Circuit

Race time!

Same strategy as the last race.  Get as many as you can in the first lap, then
race through the other two.  Repeat if you need to.  Also, remember, The Kid's
Hamlet back in Toy Land has an excellent life spam.

Gastric Rivers
Gold: 50
Cages: 5

Go right over the stuff (4) and jump and punch the flying guy.  Jump to the guts
over to the right (7).  Slide left and go down.  Fall off right (10).  Jump up
to the guts and go left (14) and go down.  Kill the slime guy if you have to,
then drop down.  Jump off at the first right, hit the switch, and go right more
to the secret passage.  Kill Slime and collect (19).  Now, go back and jump
across to the newly opened area.  Up the guts to the switch (22).  Drop down to
the next right.  The red slime, you can't kill, so go over it to the guts,
collect (25), then go right to the hidden area.  Life, yay.  Go back to the
shaft and go down, but be careful of the goo at the bottom.  Head right, kill
little rabbids, go up the guts (28), and hit the switch to open an area back up.
Go there to get a cage [1]. Go back down, then go left.  Slide down (31), but
make sure you land on the hovering thing. Ride it all the way up (34), then go
down and right.  Avoid Red Slime, kill Jet Bunny, get over the goo.  Save! Swing
right.  See this door?  If you are in Lady garb, you can go through.  Sweet.  Go
through, switch back, then swing over to the bouncy things.  Go up two to the
right to another secret area.  Go through (38), get a life, and keep going right
and up to the cage [2] (41).  Go back, and bounce up (all the way up), grab the
guts, and get the cage to the right [3].  Drop off right, then go kill the three
Slimes and Jet Bunny. Another Lady gate.  Head down, kill Pinky, and head up and
left.  Grab the guts, and smash the cage [4].  Drop right, swing right to the
ceiling, and go right to the guts.  Collect (43), then go right a bit to another
ceiling.  Drop off, hit the switch, then go back left. Down, kill the slime, go
down.  Go left, kill three slimes, up to a cage [5].  Go right, bounce up to a
platform, then to the ceiling and right (46) to another platform.  Drop off left
and wait for a hover thing to come back over the goo.  Ride it back and forth
(48), get back off, and go back to that right platform.  Climb the guts over
(50), then jump your way right to the end.

Swallowed Treasures
Gold: 100
Time: 1:20

OK, it's go time.  Get what you can left (5), then head right and all the way up
to the flying platform and to the right (26) to the guts.  Drop off left, then
jump over the waters to collect more (33).  Climb the guts down, drop off left,
then slide and jump at the end to more guts (49).  Fall off left to an
unneccesary bouncer, right to two swings (62), then up more bouncers.  Now, i'm
not going to list more gold, because it gets all fuzzy from here, but be assured
that you should get all 100.  Bounce all the way up to the top, swings left,
slide back down.  Go back up, use the swings again, take the hover things up, go
right, through a Lady door, get the life to the end (100).

Living Cavern
Gold: 50
Cages: 5

If you go as far right as you can at the start, you will see some doors (three,
to be exact) blocking your way.  This level is focused around fixing that
problem. Drop down, go right.  Use the guts and the swing to get the cage [1]
(6).  Helico right, kill Slime and Jet Bunny, jump right to the bouncer.  Up to
the ceiling, go right (10), kill another Jet Bunny, get the cage (10).  Jump
right, hit switch #1.  Take the little floaty things back left, then go down.
Stop at the secret passage on the right for a life (13). Go through the Lady
door, then jump to the ceiling and go right (19).  Jump to the blue, and use it
to fly over the swings (23) to the right.  Use the bouncer to go up and left
(27) to a platform that moves down and left.  Go back to the bouncer and use it
to get up and right to some guts (29) [3].  Kill Pinky, hit switch #2.  When you
head back left, you will get to the save point.  Go all the way left (you will
have to go Lady again to get through the door) and go down.  Head right, kill
Pinky, the slime, and Jet, bounce up to the guts, and get the cage [4] (34).
Jump right, get the swing (38) right, kill tthe slimes, and hit switch #3.  Yay.
When going back left, take the high road (guts, swings, blue), collecting as you
go [5] (47).  Now, head ALL THE WAY BACK UP to those three doors at the
beginning.  Now they are open.  Use the bouncer (50) to go up to the end.

The Sticky Lair

zOMG Boss tiem!

OK, Big Bunny throws spike balls, so jump or duck accordingly.  When he takes a
pause, switch to Lady and drop a carrot using B right under the big ball of
thing.  When he runs under it, go left and hit the switch.  He loses health.
Switch to Rayman, rinse and repeat. Order of stuff:
2 Up 2 Down (random)
2 Up 2 Down (random)
3 Up 2 Down (random)
3 Up 3 Down (random)
Yay, you get Elvis!

Head right to the brown house.

Gold: 300
Cages: 15

The Desert of Desserts
Gold: 50
Cages: 5

Jump right and kill the chef.  Bounce up and left to a life (2).  Bounce right
to a wafer and kill the flying bunny.  Drop off right and kill the cookie.  Go
right, ride the licorice up, kill the flying bunny, and get the cage [1] (8). Go
all the way down, pick up the raspberry, and use it to first kill Dancing Bunny,
then stick the fork.  Jump up the platforms to go up and right.  Kill the chef,
then climb up the wafers to two cages [3] (14) and a flying bunny.  Drop back to
the ground and go right.  The reddish stuff is slippery, so you go slow, and the
drips hurt.  Jump over the drips when they are just landing so you aren't hit by
the next one.  Yay, save.  Hit the lollipop with Elvis' guitar to turn it into a
float.  Ride right, then use the swing to head to the wafer, then left to the
licorice platform.  Ride it to a jump/hold shaft, and collect up (24).  From the
e go back to the swing, get up to the wafer, and follow the wafers right (32).
Head back to the swing, but don't swing.  Instead, drop down and kill the lolli.
Crawl right to avoid the music notes, and use Elvis to stop the music. Keep
heading right, then swing right. DO NOT land on the licorice. Grab the raspberry
stab the fork, and get up the wafers [4] (36).  Now go to that licorice. Collect
as you go down (42), kill the lolli and go left (45).  Now go right, avoid the
drips and killing the dancer. Swing right to a wafer, and get the rest [5] (50).
This last bit is a little hard because of how fast the moving thing moves, but
it's not so bad.  You should have everything in the level by now, so if you fall
in, just race here and try again.

Cake Race
Gold: 50

Race time!

Once more, same strategy.  This track is fairly hard, and you will want to brake
around some of the turns to survive, not just to get gold.  Keep trying.  You
should have plenty of lives by now, so have fun.  I managed to get all 50 in two
laps, then died and zipped through speedy style to finish the level.

The Sweet Islands
Gold: 50
Cages: 5

Head right, use the raspberry on the fork, head up to the bouncy jello stuff,
and up to the ceiling.  Right is a cage [1], then go left to a platform (3).
Platform will take you up. Kill the chef, head right a bit (6), then go left and
use the swing to get up to the licorice.  Bounce your way up, getting the cage
on the way [2], all the way up to the ceiling (8).  Head left, drop off and go
left (11), then up to the bouncer.  Up and right to another ledge.  Bounce up to
wafers.  Kill Flyer, then wafer-jump from one to another right (16) until you
get to a cage [3].  Land on the platform, then go down and right to another
wafer.  Head down (19) to kill a cookie, go right to a jump/hold shaft, up and
right.  Kill Dancer, then get across the water.  Go over the ice cream (22),
then come back and knock it off with Elvis.  Go in and get small!  Head right,
over the gap first.  Then, down and left, then right and down to a life.  Back
up to the start of the small, go left over the spike pit (helico helps), down
the next.  Left, then right (down the first hole is health if you need it), then
down to the licorice (32).  Get off left, then under to get big again.  Save
thing, then bounce up to the wafer (38).  Crawl back, kill Dancer, then right
and kill Lolli.  Use the wafers and the swing to get to the bouncer.  The upper
wafer has a cage [4]. Drop off, go right to more bouncers, up to another wafer,
left to licorice, then up to a ledge.  Once again, past the ice cream and over
the water [5], then back and have Elvis knock it off.  Get small!  Right, down,
right, left, down, right, down, right, over, right, left, down (46).  Left to
get big again, the right to a wafer.  Take the wafers right to a swing.  Follow
the swings, bouncers, and wafers all the way up to the right, then swing to a
helico left to a ledge (50).  Then back right to the end.

Tart Tunnels
Gold: 100
Time: 1:20

Let's go.  There will be a lot of timed jumps, so be ready.  Jump from licorice
to licorice to a slide to a timed jump to the left, then the right, then the
left, then the right, to a licorice (41).  Whew.  Left to the wafer for some fun
(44), then back down and right to more wafer.  Down (50) to another licorice,
jump left, slide down, then go left (62).  Head right to a bouncer, up to a
wafer, wafer (73), swing to more bouncers.  Two bouncers up to a ledge on the
left (81), then swing and bounce to a wafer.  Swing and bounce to a ledge on the
right (84).  Helico left to a wafer, then up (88) to another ledge.  OK, from
here, is up using bouncers, ledges, swings, helicos and all sorts of stuff. 
I'll let you figure it out (100). There is a lfe near the top.

Not a Piece of Cake!
Gold: 50
Cages: 5

OK, raspberry to the fork and up to the bouncer.  Bounce all the way left to the
stationary licorice, then to the up-and-down one (3).  Swing right, kill the
cookie, and head right. Kill Flyer, then get ready for good timing.  Slide, then
helico right at the right time. Repeat to the left (15).  Ok, ready for more?
This one may have a Flyer in the middle. Slide right, helico at the right time,
and as you fall, hit a swing on your left.  Kinda tricky, but you can come back
later for stuff, so don't fret if you miss.  Anyway, get the cage [1].  Fall
down, kill the chef, and head right.  Use the wafer, kill Flyer, and go up the
jump/hold shaft.  Go right past the save, past the bouncers, helico over the
waters to a cage [2].  Head back to the bouncers, then up to a licorice.  Kill
Flyer, then smash the cage [3].  Up the bouncers again to a swing, then right to
another bouncer.  Up to wafers, right to a cage [4], then left to a button (28).
Hit it to open the door.  Go through it, and it's more bunny shooting!
This one is hard, as you have less time.  Remember, no penalty for failing. Just
keep trying.  Here are the orders of the rows (F for Frog Friend, P for Pink
Head right, bounce up to a blue, then up more (avoid the ceiling) to another
blue on the right.  Keep chaining the blues and killing the Flyers.  You may
fall to the floor once or twice.  I did.  Here is the direction to go.  Right
(past the intersection with the Flyer), up and left to a cage [5], left and
down, then right (Flyer), down a bit to a spare blue, then up, right, and up
(46).  Kill Flyer, and go right (50), using the wafer, to the end.

Ginger-bunny Bread

zOMG Boss tiem

Hard boss.  Here is the gist of it.  The button by where you start activates
spikes at the very back.  You need to knock the boss backwards.  Two costumes
accomplish this.  Rayman stops the brute, and Elvis knocks him back.  You can
only knock him back when he has his fists up, ready to pound.  If he pounds,
start moving back and forth.  Rocks fall without dust to tell where they are,
so be nimble.  Here is how I got it:
Hit the button right away, then run to Big Bunny.  You may need to hit him as
Rayman to give yourself more time to switch to Elvis, but switch and start
banging him back.  You should have time enough to get him back.  The spikes
retract eventually, so if this doesn't work, try again.  Now, Big Bunny needs to
be close enough to the button so that, when you hit it, you have enough time to
run to him and hit him.  Took me forever.  The good part is you only have to do
this once.  The best bet I had was this:
Switch to Elvis, run up to Big Bunny, and knock him back twice.  Immediately
after hitting him the second time, switch to Rayman, and get ready for the
closest thing to impossible yet.  Run left, jump and punch the switch as far
away from it as you can be, then run right and jump and punch Big Bunny.  If you
did this right, you should have stopped him from slamming.  Now, switch back to
Elvis and smack him two more times.  Done, without any falling rocks.
After beating Big Bunny, you get Disco.

Now, head right all the way.  Spooky, eh?

Gold: 250
Cages: 10

When you first enter, you should notice that there is some gold and cages found
already.  In fact, if you have been following this guide, it should be 69 gold
and 3 cages.  Funny thing, the second level in here is the very first level,
the prison cell you start in.  Fun.

Filthy Corridors
Gold: 50
Cages: 5

Go left to a bouncer, up to the ropes, and right (5) to a rock.  Use the rock to
get the cage on the right [1] and the gold on the left (6).  Back track back,
then go right.  Kill the guard, helico over the spikes (7), then bounce up to a
ledge with two psycho bunnies. Punch their lights out, then go right to two
more.  Fun.  Use the rocks to get over the spikes (8), then go and bounce up to
the rocks.  Use the rocks to get up (12) to a ledge. Swing left for gold (15),
then back right.  Creepy robot bunny can only be killed using Disco punch, and
it takes two.  Argh.  Go right, fall down two steps, then carefully fall down
the next one, but hang onto the left ledge so you don't hit the spikes.  Get the
cage [2], then get back up, up a step, then to the floating rock.  Up top, take
the ropes to a rock and a switch.  Hit it, then go right through the doorway.
Bounce up (16), use the blue to fly left to the switch for the lower door.  Head
down there.  Kill Pinky, then swing to the ropes (get the health to the left if
you need it).  Fall off and go right (17), then get back on the ropes.  Get on
the rock (18), then bounce up to a ledge with a Psycho and two Pinkies.  Use the
ropes and the swing to go left to a cage [3] (20), then get back right. Using
the ropes again, helico right (24) to a barrel.  Use it to kill Pinky, then
smash the door.  Once inside, bounce left for gold (25) and right for a lever.
Now, back down to the ropes place.  Drop off right.  Beware the robot bunnies.
Get em gone, then bounce up to the ropes and a cage [4] (32).  Jump right to an
opened doorway.  Go in.
OK, bounce up and helico over the spikes.  Drop down, get off at the first right
and bounce up to a blue.  Keep going up and left, over the spikes (40; if you
missed some, get them as you fall back) to a button.  Go back to the long shaft,
then get down to the left ropes (43).  Drop down and kill Pinky and Guard.  Head
all the way left, but before you go down the hole, go up the ropes.  Now, near
the top, jump off and grab the ledge above you.  A bit tricky [5] (47).  Then,
fall down (50) to the end.
NOTE!  I mis-counted in here somewhere, but I got all 50, and I think you can

Agony Jails
Gold: 100(31)
Cages: 5(3)

The numbers in parentheses are how much you should need still if you followed
this guide so far.  Cool, huh?
First things first.  Go through the Lady gate on the right, get up next to the
guard, then switch to Rayman and punch his lights out.  Get on the fast rock.
Follow it around (85) and at the upper left point, jump off and hit a lever.
Open a door.  Get back on the rock and get in the door.  Gold! (90) Go back out,
and use the rock once more to get back to the original area.  Stomp through the
boards with Playa.  Except for the life, you have everything on this part of the
level, so go down.  Again, nothing new here, so go under the squisher, pause to
remenisce about getting your hands back, then go down.  Get the barrel to smash
the door, then on to new areas!  Stomp through the grate.  Get the gold directly
to the left and down, then get left to the ropes.  USe them to get left (94) to
hit a switch. Get in the door over there.  Get stuff [4] (100).  Go to the right
through the lady door, pick up a barrel and use it upwards to get a cage [5].
Now, head all the way left, using the ropes, to get to the end.

Infernal Escape
Gold: 50
Time: 1:20

Oh bloody hell.  Basically, follow the gold and all the ropes and bouncers that
you see, and you should get all 50 with ease.  One hint: when you get the blue,
avoid the spikes by hanging right, then left.

Spikes and Yikes!
Gold: 50

Oh bloody hell.  All flying, all spikes.  There is some back tracking that you
could do, but I prefer the "come back in a second time" method.
OK, follow the gold until you get to a ledge with health where you can rest
(28).  You should have used 14 blues to get there.  Now, keep going right.  Keep
following the gold right, even when it looks like you could backtrack left.  Get
to the end (38).  Then come back in.  Go following the same path, but at the 6th
blue, head up and left.  You'll hit another blue and gold (40), then go down and
continue.  At the 7th blue from there, go up and left a bit.  Follow the gold
and blue around (be careful, you will be very close to the spikes), and when you
get 50, pause and go back to the map.

The Rabbids' Lair

zOMG Boss tiem!

Pain in the ass.  In.  The.  Ass.
Took me forever to find out that I could hurt this thing, then forever more to
find out how to get there, then forever more to find out where to stand to avoid
it in the meantime.  Oy.
You see that chain hanging from the ceiling?  It is conveniently placed at the
point where the lasers won't shoot.  Cool.  Go there while you wait for the
lasers.  After the last one comes, run left, get the blue (how nice) and fly up
and right.  See the big red eye thing? It wants to be punched.  Of course, you
have to avoid lasers while going up, but that's not so bad.  You can even take a
few for the team as the fight goes on.  Now remember, when you land, little
punchable bunnies will pop out of Mecha-Bunny, so get ready for more punching.
I don't know if it's just me, but some of the bunnies appear farther out of the
Mecha-Bunny then just the doorway.  Anyway, be ready.  You gotta punch
Mecha-Bunny 5 times.
Order of stuff:
3 lasers, 6 bunnies
5 lasers, 6 bunnies
6 lasers, 6 bunnies
7 lasers, 6 bunnies
8 lasers
Yay!  You beat Rayman: Raving Rabbids!

Now, you can run through the Time Trials, which, to my knowledge, unlock nothing
and are are more a matter for speed runners.

Contact Info:
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