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Guide and Walkthrough by threetimes

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/22/2012


        D I S N E Y  P R I N C E S S  -  R O Y A L  A D V E N T U R E

                         W A L K T H R O U G H / F A Q

Platform : GBA                                           Written by threetimes
Developer: Art                                           August 8th 2011
Publisher: Buena Vista Games (EU)                        Version: 1.0
Released : 2006

TABLE OF CONTENTS ................................................ SEARCH CODE
To find a section of the guide select the Edit option on your toolbar and then
Find and type the code. Or use Ctrl +F, (it's the Apple button for Macs +F)
to bring up a box where you can type in the code.

   I. Introduction .................................................... *INTRO
  II. Controls ........................................................ *CONT
 III. Game Basics ..................................................... *BASIC
  IV. The Walkthrough ................................................. *WALK
      Prologue and Mini-Games ......................................... *W001
      The Forest and Princess Aurora .................................. *W002
      The Farm and Princess Jasmine ................................... *W003
      The Windmill and Princess Cinderella ............................ *W004
      The River and Princess Ariel .................................... *W005
      The Book and Princess Belle ..................................... *W006
      The Mines and Princess Snow White ............................... *W007
      Finding the Tiaras .............................................. *W008
      Post-Game Extras ................................................ *W009
   V. Credits, Legal Bit and Contact .................................. *CLC

I.  I N T R O D U C T I O N ............................................*INTRO

This simple "role-playing game" might appear to be the sequel to Disney
Princess, a 2D platformer, also on the GBA, except that it's not a platformer:
and neither is it an RPG. It's a"fetch" quest type game, where everything is
spelled out for you in case you've forgotten the instructions you just got a
minute ago, interspersed with a few mini-games along the way. I doubt that
anyone would want to play it given the lack of action and challenge, but its
mindless simplicity came as a welcome relief for me after writing FAQs for some
long and complicated RPGs, and besides, it's quite pink! (But it's nowhere near
the class of My Little Pony Pinkie Pie's Party which is a VERY PINK game!)

The story does kind of follow on from Disney Princess in that it begins with a
scene about six princesses who have deposited their beautiful magical tiaras
in Castle Bright. 15 years later a little girl called Lily turns up at the
castle to help with the preparations for the Celebration of the Crowns, and
she's the main character. Yep, just her. I'd advise using an emulator so you
can speed through the boring bits (and there are a lot of those) and save your
sanity. Alternatively, check out this FAQ if you're thinking of buying it, and
hopefully that will convince you to pass on by quietly, and no-one else need

II. C O N T R O L S  ................................................. *CONTROL

Direction Buttons - use to scroll choices and for movement, and jumping over
A                 - is the Action button used to make choices and confirm the
                    selection. Also used to talk to people.
B                 - is the Back button used to return to the previous menu.
Start             - press to start the game or stop cutscenes.
                    Press to access a new screen during the game:
                    Continue/Save Game/Quit. There are 3 save files.
R button          - press to reveal a map. Use the directional buttons to
                    scroll this map up and down and from left to right.
                    The location of your next destination will be marked with a
                    red X.

III.  G A M E  B A S I C S ............................................ *BASIC

At the start of the game you can choose your preferred language: English,
Deutsch(German) or Francais(French). Press Start to begin, and there are
4 more choices on the Game Menu.

New Game  : Yes, select this to start the game.
Load Game : If you've already got a save to load. You can have up to 3 saves.
Options   : Music On/Off
            Sound On/Off
            Language (the same choices as before)
Extras    : Minigames: These are unlocked as you progress through the game and
                       can be played again from this screen with the choice of
                       1. Pairs
                       2. Clothes
                       3. Melody
                       4. Potion
                       5. Mosaic
                       6. Treasure

            Intro    : Plays the introduction scene again. Watch out! You
                       cannot stop it until it's over unless you press Start.

            Cutscenes: Two pictures are shown for each princess but only after
                       you've seen them in the game.
                       Snow White

            Ending   : The ending sequence.

The Intro can be played at the start but everything else is locked out until
you have completed the events. All increased difficulty Mini-games are
available later:
- Medium is accessed after completing the Princess Aurora section
- Hard is accessed after completing the Princess Cinderella section

Getting around is a simple matter of using the Directional buttons.
Anything that sparkles is something to interact with.
A hand next to something means you can push it, but only in straight lines.
A soft hand near an animal means that you can pet it and get it to move.

There isn't any. All you do is move from place to place completing various
tasks for people. You can only get the item or instruction you require when the
time is right. There's no way to do anything before the story is ready for you
to do so. The game flow works like this:

- move to a room/house/area
- talk to a person
- interact: ask them something/give them something/play a mini-game
- get told where to go next

Castle Bright is a character and will talk to Lily and tell her what to do next
at the end of each "Princess" scenario.

All the people Lily meets will say the same thing if there's a task she has to
do. For example: go to the Castle, finish your task with the Princess, talk to
the Gardener.

If you've forgotten what to do or where to go next, talk to anyone, OR press R
to see a prompt, as well as the red X marks_the_spot location.

Items acquired are shown as an icon carried by Lily, and there's no item menu
or inventory. Once she uses the item at the correct location it disappears.


                 IV.  W  A  L  K  T  H  R  O  U  G  H  ................. *WALK


1. PROLOGUE AND MINI-GAMES ................... ......................... *W001

After the introductory scene you control Lily inside the castle. A shadow
figure of Lily will show you where to go next so move Lily through the door
into the next room. Shadow Lily moves up to a sparkling door. Follow her and
enter the door into the Kitchen. Talk to the Cook as instructed and then return
to the hall. The next instruction is to polish the Tiaras in the throne room.
You can explore a bit more but nothing else will happen until you do as you're
told. Enter the sparkling door at the top right of the hall and check the
tiaras on the red cushions at the far side. Oh noes! The tiaras have
disappeared and now your task is set.

First there are more things to learn and you'll be told to press R to view the
map. This is handy as you'll be shown an overview with a friendly red X marking
the next destination or person to talk to. Go through the north door and up the
path to find the Gardener. Yes, he's sparkling as well as being marked with a
red cross on the map, so there's no way you can miss him. He teaches you about
planting seeds. (Yes, I know this doesn't seem to have anything to do with
finding tiaras, but just go with flow...)

The Gardener's Three Lessons
You'll automatically have a seed bag, so just walk left to find some sparkling
ground to plant a seed, and press A to plant one. Plant 3 of them and return to
the Gardener. Next, how to move stuff out of the way. Go right to find a plant
pot and you'll see a HAND icon indicating that it can be moved. Press A to push
it. It will only move over the rough earth, so push it right, down and left to
reach the shining spot. Keep the A button pressed to move it in one smooth
action. Return to the Gardener who teaches you how to get a living creature to
move out of the way. Go north to find a chicken (it's not actually in anyone's
way at all - they missed a trick here) and you'll see a squashy yellow HAND
icon next to it. Press A on the chicken to move it and that's it. Report back
and you're told to go to the library. It's even marked on the map for you.

Go back inside the castle and walk left to enter the door back to the hall. The
library door is at the right. Look at the left set of the shelves and you'll
get an explanation about how to play this mini-game. It's the old matching
pairs of pictures game: three rows of four books have their covers hidden.
Match up pairs of flowers or blue jewels to remove all the books before the
timer (called the Happiness Meter) at the left of the screen runs out. Use the
Control Pad arrows and A to select a book and turn it over. Then, pick another
book to match the first one. If the picture matches the books are removed. Do
this until all books are matched up and removed.

The simplest way to complete the puzzle is to be methodical and start at the
top left corner and make your way from left to right along the top line. Don't
click on a book again if you've already have seen the picture. You can play the
game again on any of the three sets of shelves while you're here if you wish,
but you don't get anything from doing so.

After winning this game you'll be instructed to go to the village and find the
Tailor. Leave the library and go through the south door to enter the village.
There's a ladder to the right of the village that you can climb and walk right
into a new area, but there's nothing to find or do here. You can also pet a
chicken at the left side of the village to make it move out of the way, but
again, there's nothing else to do inside the fenced area.

The Clothes Shop - CLOTHES MINI-GAME
Everyone in the village will tell you the same thing - go to the Clothes Shop
if you were in any doubt. So there's not much point doing anything else except
that. Talk to the tailor and you get a thrilling new mini-game! Match clothing
pieces by colours: there are three colours, pink, yellow and blue. Three hats,
three dresses and three pairs of shoes are visible but there are more behind
the screen. Pick a column and use the Control Pad to move a piece to the right
or left to match it up. When all three pieces are the same colour the matching
set will be removed. They DON'T TELL you that only the middle column has to be
matched up and it took me a couple of goes to figure this out, but it doesn't
matter if you mess up because you can just try again. Leave the shop and go
next door to the musician.

You'll see a stave of music and must play the song by pressing the A or B
Buttons to match every note. Notes move across the screen from RIGHT TO LEFT
which seems counter intuitive... Press the correct button when the note is in
between the two blue bars in the middle of the stave. There are only 6 notes so
it's easy enough although the length of time the notes take to move varies a
little. If you press the correct button the note shows green, if you get it
wrong it will show as red and make a discordant sound. After completing the
button presses the correct tune is played, so you can hear where you went

Your next task is to visit the musician's friend inside the Castle Ball room
and he also gives you a fiddle that travels with you. Inside the Castle hall
enter the top left door to find the sad man. You don't even get to play any
music, which makes this seem totally pointless, but after talking to him you'll
be told to go back to the village and find the Potion Shop.

The Potion Shop - POTION MINI-GAME
This shop is just to the left of the well in the middle of the village. This
mini-game involves putting the right ingredients onto the table... There are
four of them lined up at the right of the screen:

1. blue flask
2. pink square bottle
3. yellow round bottle
4. white rounded bottle with round cork.

Three bottles will appear on the table and then disappear. The idea is to
remember which one was where and select them in turn: you could have two yellow
bottles and one white bottle, for example. There is no time limit for this

After completing it the woman gives you a potion to deliver to a green-haired
man. Leave the shop and press R to see the destination is the top right house.
Talk to the man to cure him and he directs you to the Curio Shop.

This is the blue roofed house just below the green-haired man's house next to
the lake at the right of the village an you'll have to walk down and around to
reach it. Once inside you'll get another tutorial for a simple mini-game.
Rearrange the pieces to fix the painting. Memorise the picture of a girl with a
yellow dress at the left and some trees with red apples at the right. (It might
be a different girl as the selection is random.) Select one of six tiles and
then press the A button on the area you want to move it to. The two tiles will
be exchanged. There's a Happiness Meter timer for this one but it's simple to
complete. You're given new instructions to go to the Gem Shop and get them to
fix a gem into a Necklace he gives you, but you don't see.

This is situated inside a blue roofed house at the lower right of the town.
The shopkeeper agrees to polish and fix a gem in your necklace but in return
you have to sort out some gems for him.

Place the jewels into the right spots in the jewelry box. You'll see four
shapes, (either a rectangle or a six-pointed star) inside a wooden box with 12
sections: four sections across with three rows. The jewel will appear in a
small wooden box to the right of the screen. Click on the correct empty shape
that matches the shape of the jewel to move it into place. The rectangular
jewel is red and the star jewel is blue and you only need to move four jewels
into place. Hardly taxing... There is a Happiness Meter for this game. You
still don't get to see the necklace after all this is finished.

2. THE FOREST AND PRINCESS AURORA ...................................... *W002

Return to the Castle and you're told to go back to the village and find a Young
Woman who should help you. She's found behind the blue roofed house at the left
of the fountain. She wants to plant white flowers for her family and is
standing next to a hole in the ground that must be a planting place. Lily knows
where to find white flower seeds: from the Gardener. Dash back through the
castle to talk to him and he directs you to a sack of seeds at the right, where
you moved the flower pot. Pick them up and go back to the village and hand them
over. Yay, instant white flowers! The woman tells you to go and find an Old Man
who's just a few of steps south from her position. He wants some eggs before
he'll divulge anything about the Tiaras. You'll see a sparkle appear on the
chicken hutch just to the left of your position. Walk around the house with the
horseshoe door, and use A to pet the chicken making it shift out of the path.
Use A again on the chicken coop to get eggs and return to the Old Man. He tells
you to go west and talk to the Gate Keeper.

Walk right, towards the fountain, and then left, past the music and clothes
shop to find the gate and the blue hatted Gatekeeper. He wants a Gem, so return
to the Gem shop  Play the TREASURE MINI-GAME again (it's exactly the same as
before) Give the gem to the Gate-Keeper to repair his key and he'll open the
gate, but not before his friend has another request. Find her son. Go through
the gate and the son is waiting at the left of the path. He tells you to visit
the Old Woman at the south. Walk down the single path to the house at the south
and talk to the old woman who wants a potion. Return to the Potion Shop and
play the POTION MINI-GAME again to get the potion. Back to the old woman and
you're told to find the West Villager.

Use the R button to spot the location of the West Villager at the far southwest
corner of the map. From the old woman's house, go left, and up, and enter a
small hedged maze. Head down at the first junction and then left, and down at
the next junction to reach the house. The villager wants some bread, so it's
back to village and the baker's for some bread. (No mini-game! Yay!). Trek back
to the West Villager and give him the bread, and he gives you a Horn and tells
to you find the West Woman.

Make your way back through the maze by going up, then right, up, and left.
You'll find an opening that takes you up a path to the northwest of the map.
Here you'll find West Woman (clothed in red) who complements you on your
horn-playing even though you don't hear a thing... another non-event. She tells
you to find the Forester who knows about a secret passage. But you need a
Special Key for the Forest Gate. This is found at the Curio Shop. To return to
the village just walk right and you'll find the route is open.

Back in the Curio Shop you have to fix another painting, this time it was
Jasmine. She's the princess with dark hair and in the middle of the
picture, with the same trees at the right. Win, and you get the Key but are
told to talk to the Tailor next. She's inside the large house at the north side
of the village before you get to the castle, and she has a new outfit for Lily
after playing the CLOTHES MINI-GAME again. Lily's appearance changes and she is
wearing a Green Dress.

Walk back through the open gate and keep going until you are back with the red
clothed woman. The gate is sparkling and you can open it with the key by
pressing A. Walk left and you're in a new section of the map. Press R to see
the location of the Foresters' house to the west. To reach it, walk down the
path and then left, and climb over a branch. Walk up onto the grassy area and
then left to find the house. Talk to the man who instructs you to find the
Talking Tree. He gives you some seeds to help you climb over rocky walls and
says to go right, and then, north. If you find the Forest musician you're going

in the right direction.

The Tree is found at the northwest. To get there walk right, back to the grassy
area, and turn up. Plant a seed at the base of the rocky wall and climb up and
then, walk a long way to the left where trees will stop you. Walk down to find
another house, and the musician who tells you that you're on the right track.
Follow the path to the next wall, and plant a seed. Check with R and you should
be to the south of the X mark on the map, but you'll have to follow the path to
reach it. Go left, and over a branch on the first rocky wall, and then, plant a
seed to climb up the second wall. Continue walking north until you find the
Talking Tree.

He tells you to find some magical seeds in a clearing to the north. Just follow
the path that heads east and you'll find the seeds. Keep going along the path
and you'll find a sparkling tree trunk. Enter it and you'll land in another
area and meet a princess with yellow hair and a pink dress inside a walled
area. This is PRINCESS AURORA! She's looking for an Owl and wants you to find
it. Go back inside the tree trunk and you'll meet someone (the Forester) who
says there is a shorter path. He's seen an owl on a little path to the North.

Walk right, onto the grass, and then up a short distance where you'll find the
Owl sitting on top of a bush. Return to Aurora. In return for the Owl she gives
you a WAND. Enter the tree to return to the main map. After this, everyone you
talk to will tell you to go back to the Castle. The fastest way back is to head
south from the tree trunk, over a branch on the rock wall and then go right
when you reach the path. Return to the Castle.

3. THE FARM AND PRINCESS JASMINE ....................................... *W003

Back inside the Castle hall you'll talk to the Castle who warns you about the
power of the wand, and then tells you to talk to the Gardener again. He tells
you to find a man in the north of the garden. Simply walk up and left, past the
chicken. He says there's a secret path somewhere in the north, but he's pretty
clueless about it, so head back into the Castle hall for more instructions from

the chatty Castle Bright.

Go to the library and play the PAIRS MINI-GAME again on the bookshelf. This
time it's medium difficulty and there are three matches: a violin, jewel and
flower, and the timer as usual. Win the game and you acquire some information:
there is a secret where water stays in a circle. Go to the village and find the
Sad Farmer inside the house over the bridge to the south. Lily automatically
makes him happy by playing her horn (it just appears on the screen) and agrees
to help, IF you bring him Seeds from the Gardener. Here we go again. Back
through the village and Castle to the Gardener who just hands you seeds. Return
to the Farmer at the south of the village and he'll tell you to find the Girl.
Exit the farm building by the south door and make your way around a small maze
to the left to circle back to the Girl. When you reach the left side of the
bales of straw you'll spot a ladder. Climb up and then simply walk over the
tops of the bales heading right, down, and then, left to find some steps
leading down. Once back on the grass walk right and you'll find the Farm Girl.

She wants a Gem from the Miners (to help her plants grow) so she can take a
break and answer your question about the secret in the village. She tells you
to go East to find the Miners. Use the Hand icon on the straw bale that blocks
the opening in the fence at the left, and move the bale to the left. Then walk
right, back through the barn and leave the farm, heading over the bridge back
to the village.

Walk right, past the Gem Shop, and climb up the ladder to the bridge. Go right,
through the open gate and you'll see an X on the path a bit further right. Walk
down, then right, and up that path to find the Miners standing by a rock. They
tell you to go to the Cave of Gems to find the gem and take it to the Gem Shop.
To find the cave, walk up and right, through an open gate into the next map.

Press X and scroll the map down to see the location far to the north beyond
some trees. It's easy enough to get there. Walk north and cross over the brown
watery ground by jumping from stone to stone. Keeping going through some rocks
and you'll end up next to a ladder. Climb up and head right and you'll find the
sparkling hole in the rocks signifying the cave entrance. Go inside and up,
then left a few steps to find a mound of rock with a miner's pick. Press A and
you get the Grey Gem. Head all the way back to the village by the same route,
and call in at the Gem Shop.

The gem shop will polish the gem but you have to sort the gems again and play
the TREASURE MINI-GAME. This time there are four types of gems and 8 holes to
fill. (This is the medium difficulty game.)
Yellow - hexagon (six sided)
Blue   - star
Red    - rectangle
Purple - heart

You get the Gem and can return to the Farm Girl who tells you what you knew all
along, that the water in the village is the well/fountain.. However, she says
that it can be turned off, but you need some special shoes to do that. Head for
the Curio Shop that is just up past the bridge to the east of the village. Yep,
the shopkeeper has what you want but won't give them up until you complete
another picture, this time of a red haired mermaid. She appears at the right
side of the picture and is sitting on a grey rock surrounded with water.
There's a single small tree at the top left and top right of the picture.
(Again, it might be a different picture.) Complete this to get the Shoes, but
before doing anything else you've got to help the Potion Shopkeeper. Lily will
now appear in a pale Orange Dress.

Head for the blue roofed house to the left of the well and talk to the Potion
shopkeeper to trigger the medium difficulty round of POTION MINI-GAME. This
time there are four flasks to place in the correct order on the table and they
can be a random mix of the four colours. (You could have two of one colour.)
She tells you to talk to Gatekeeper and show him the Shoes. He's found to the
right of the fountain/well. But he wants Cake from the Castle's kitchen. Go
inside the hall and it's the second door on the left. Cook gives you cake!
Return to the Gatekeeper and he tells you to check the fountain and he'll turn
it off.

The fountain will sparkle as you approach it and you'll see a close up view of
it. In fact you've been transported into a new location as you can tell by the
flower bushes surrounding the fountain. (To return to the village walk back
inside the sparkling opening by the fountain.) Check the R button and the
direction is north, into the Castle where you'll find a princess in the
hallway. This is JASMINE. She's lost her pet tiger, Rajah.

Return to the village through the magical door in the fountain and the Forester
has turned up. It's obvious already where to go, through the castle to the
garden. You'll find a tiny yellow striped cat waiting for you. Return to
Jasmine and she gives you a MAGIC LAMP of Laughter and you'll see her scenes.
Return to the village and then back to the castle.

4. THE WINDMILL AND PRINCESS CINDERELLA ................................ *W004

Inside the Castle hall you'll chat to the Castle again. Next stop: see the
Gardener once more. He tell you to talk to a man in the North part of the
garden. In fact, the man is at the northwest. Walk up and go right to find him
near a planting hole. He says he knows about a locked maze and to go to the
Castle to find a clue about the key. Return to the Castle hall and you're
directed to the Library to play another PAIRS MINI-GAME. This is the medium
difficulty one again, with violins, flowers and gems. Win the game and you're
told that "some gardens can grow many secrets". A Girl in the west knows
something apparently, but it's going to take quite a few errands before you
find the girl.

Leave the castle by the south exit and walk through the Gate to the west (the
one at the left of the clothes shop). At the first junction walk up (through an
open gate) and then, go left and talk to the woman in red. Now you need a
disguise to get past some dogs. Return to the village and talk to the Tailor
(in the clothes shop). She wants you to play the CLOTHES MINI-GAME again.
You've got to match 4 outfits and the colours are green, blue, yellow and pink.
You get the disguise but it's invisible until you talk to the woman in red
again and attempt to walk up the path at her right. As soon as you do this Lily
disappears and turns into a bush!

Walk right, past 4 dogs and once past them Lily will remove the disguise.
(She'll put it back on if you go past the dogs again.) Continue following the
path as it turns to the left, and then, walk up to find a house (marked with X)
and a yellow clothed girl outside it. She tells you to find a Pumpkin Patch
outside the windmill, and that the Sad Farmer might help you. Return to the
village and go south, over the bridge to the farm. Talk to the farmer who
doesn't know where to find the windmill, but that the Moody Man might help out.

Use the R button and you'll spot the Windmill to the east of the farm but you
cannot get there directly. Leave the barn by the left exit and walk up the
green field to the water. Go left, through the upper side of the straw bale
field and up through the open gate. Head left and you'll be in a cornfield.
Make your way down and through the gate. There's an opening in the fence at the
south side of this field and you can walk all the way to the right, over grass
and through a brown ploughed field. Just a bit further and there's an opening
in the north fence. Go through, and you'll end up at the Windmill.

Talk to the man who has lost his chickens. He doesn't even bother asking Lily
to help. You'll find three chickens in the top left corner of the field. Pet
each one and it will move to the area behind the man. That's all you have to
do... Talk to him again and he gives you a Piece of Red Silk. The Enchanted
Garden we're looking for is somewhere around the Pumpkin patch, but to open
the secret entrance you have to wear a red dress. Well, that's easy enough,
except you cannot get through the tree that's blocking the direct route back to
the village.

Fortunately there is another short cut. Go left from the Windmill and through
the upper edge of the Pumpkin patch (yes it's here, but you cannot enter the
Pumpkin just yet) back to the farm. Once you're back at the village head to the
Tailor and play the CLOTHES MINI-GAME again. (It's the medium difficulty again
with 4 outfits to complete.) You get to wear the Red Dress (quite cute Lily!).
Walk back through the farm and go into the Pumpkin Patch. Walk down the edge of
the field to reach the big pumpkin and the opening is sparkling. Enter, and
you'll end up emerging from a pumpkin coach in a white courtyard.

Chat to CINDERELLA who has lost her mouse, by the name of Gus. Of course you'll
find Gus. Back to the pumpkin patch and go right, towards the Windmill. Talk to
the Moody Man by the windmill and he'll say he saw a mouse. Yes, it's Gus,
waiting for you below the windmill. Pick up Gus and take him back to
Cinderella. She gives you GLASS SLIPPERS and you get her cutscenes. Return to
the main map and walk back to Castle Bright. We're now half-way through.

5. THE RIVER AND PRINCESS ARIEL  ....................................... *W005

The Castle tells you to visit the Gardener again, and he tells Lily that
there's a man to the north who might know something. Walk up the path and go
right when you reach the chicken. At the plant hole walk up to find the
unidentified man. He's got a Key to the Forest Gate but there's a pine tree
lying on the ground blocking the way. Back to the castle hallway to talk to
Castle Bright again and you're directed into the library for another PAIRS

This time there are six things to match, making this the Hard difficulty game.
A key
A violin
A blue jewel
A white daisy flower
A yellow egg
A blue flask

After winning the game you're given a hint by the Castle: deep waters keep deep
secrets (though I don't think there are any drowned bodies in this sugary
game). You're told to find the West Villager Woman. Go back to the village and
through the west gate and then north (all the gates are open) to reach the
house in the trees where you'll discover the woman. She says there's a part of
the river that is deep, and magical. It can only be found by mixing potions
with seeds and that you must wear a blue dress. (Guess they got tired of making
you find out each bit of information drip by drip, so this time it's all at
once.)  If you walk a few steps to the right of her house you'll see a walled
pond, which is the place.

First you need to find Blue Seeds in the forest and talk to the man in the West
Village for help. The villager is in the house at the far southwest of the map.
From the West Villager Woman, walk down, through the gate in the right fence,
down the path, and left. Keep going until you get to the woman in red again.
From here, go down, and right, between the narrow hedges. Then down at the
junction, and left, and down again to reach the house. Go inside to talk to the
man who directs you to find his brother in the western part of the forest...

Go back the way you came, through the hedges heading to the north, back to the
red woman, and continue through the open fence and around the path to the west
and into a new section of the map. Follow the path as it winds down between the
trees and then, keep following it to the left and you'll go under an archway.
Carry on heading left across the grass, and walk up to the house when you reach
the trees. Talk to the man who directs you to a big bag of Blue Seeds nearby.
Return to the village. (Fastest route is to go right when you reach the woman
in red.)

Enter the Potion shop at the left side of the fountain, and the owner agrees to
mix a potion that will let you stay underwater for a long time. However, she
wants a Blue Mushroom first. Back to the Castle Gardener. He tells you to plant
the seeds at the patch of ground in the garden. Just plant on the middle
sparkling hole as you only get one blue mushroom. Return to the Potion shop and
play the POTION MINI-GAME. This time five bottles will be placed on the table
and you must get them in the correct order. This is another Hard difficulty
game. Complete the game and you're given a Blue Dress! (Again, they skipped the
bit where you had to go to the Tailor to get it made.)

It's pretty obvious where you're to go next because you probably noticed that
walled pond. Go back up towards the castle and walk left onto the grass and
keep going into the small fenced area, and then walk up the grass to find the
pond that's sparkling. Touch it and your Blue Potion will be used and a golden
arch appears next to the river. Enter the arch and you're on the river bed.

Walk left to find the red haired PRINCESS ARIEL who's lost her pet fish,
Flounder. Return to dry land and you'll see a red X marked on the castle moat
at the entrance. Walk back to the castle and you'll pick up Flounder. Return
along the path to the golden arch and back into the river to give him to Ariel.
She gives you a KEY in return and you get to view her scenes. After this the
blue dress is gone and Lily is back to normal. As Ariel and anyone else will
tell you: return to the Castle for more instructions!

6. THE BOOK AND PRINCESS BELLE ......................................... *W006

Castle Bright will tell you to visit the Gardener, who in turn tells you to
find the man in the North Garden again. Walk up, and right, and up again and
you'll discover that the man has gone and cleared a path through the pine
trees. He's waiting for you just to the left, in front of the gate to a large
maze. He's still prevaricating and wants something in the Deep Woods before he
will finish mending the lock. You're told to go back to the Library to find out

Inside the Library play the PAIRS MINI-GAME again. It's the same as the
previous game with five different items to match up.  Now, this gets
complicated. A book is found that is something to do with the Celebration and
that the only person who can use the book is the person who finds the magic red
and green gems (which must be fitted into the book). The Castle directs you to
the Mountains where the miners work. The Miners are found at the east of the
map, and you went there before by crossing the east bridge from the village.
This time we'll take the shorter route, by taking the first turning to the
right, just down a little way from the castle, and jumping across the islands
and lily pads in the lake. At the far side, go to the crossroads and down to
find the Miners.

They tell you to follow the path to the east (which is open now) and then take
the jewels to the Jeweler who will cut the gems for you. Return to the
crossroads and go right, into the Eastern section of the map. Walk right, and
keep going until you cross a small bridge over a ravine. The cave is just ahead
with the sparkle around the opening.

Walk up through the small caves and you'll reach a larger one with some
boulders. You can jump on these boulders in the same way as you did crossing
the lake. Use the directional buttons to jump from one to another and reach the
far side. Go down into the next cave where you'll acquire a Pick and will pick
up the gems by walking close to the two mounds. You'll have two Gems visible.
Return to the town by walking straight along the path and then hopping across
the lake. The Jeweler's shop is at the lower right. Talk to him and play the
TREASURE MINI-GAME. This time there are six different shapes and colours of
gems to place inside all the boxes. Yes, it's hard difficulty, with a timer.

Yellow - six sided
Blue   - star
Red    - rectangle
Purple - heart
Green  - square
White  - diamond

Win the game and you get the cut gemstones, and the next stop is at the
Tailor's to obtain a new dress. You play the CLOTHES MINI-GAME on hard
difficulty with the timer, and the new colour of green is added to the dresses.
You must match 5 outfits using pink, blue, yellow, purple or green. Win the
game and Lily is dressed in the new yellow Fancy Dress. The next place to go is
back to the Castle Library. A large book on a reading stand is sparkling, so go
to it and press A. A blue arch appears. Go through into a new location, a large
and splendid library. Walk down through the purple curtains and you'll find
PRINCESS BELLE. She's lost her dog, and Lily knows where he might be.

Return to the library and back into the hall of Castle Bright, where you'll
find the Sad Man who tells you what you already knew, that the dog is inside
the kitchen (the room at the left). Pick up the puppy and return to Belle. She
gives Lily the MAGIC BOOK and you get to see her scenes. Return to the Castle,
and that's the end of this quest.

7. THE MINES AND PRINCESS SNOW WHITE ................................... *W007

As usual, your first task is to talk to the Gardener. He gives you some vague
hints about strange things discovered by the Man to the North, so that's your
next destination. In fact, the man is now inside the North Garden. From the
Gardener, go up, right, up, and left, to reach the garden. Enter and head right
to walk around the hedge and reach the man at the next gate. Pointless trip
because although he says the animals in the Deep Woods know something, you
cannot proceed any further and must return to Castle Bright.

Head for the hall and have a chat, and the Castle tells you to check out the
library again. Play the PAIRS MINI-GAME (it's the same hard difficulty as the
last time) to reveal new information. There's some secret information in the
mountains near the cave. Your task is to talk to the Miners again. Leave the
Castle by the south door and make your way east by hopping straight over the

Talk to both miners and your next task is to find the Miner's friend. From the
crossroads, head right, to the next part of the map, and the new Mine is just a
few steps to the south. He knows the location of the secret cave BUT: to get
inside you need a special jewel, a horseshoe and three yellow gemstones, AND
you must wear a white dress. Okay, so that's quite a list of requirements.

Start by following the path to the south and keep going as it turns east and
ends up at the entrance to a cave. Go inside and move onto the rocks to make
your way right, and down the cave. At the bottom you have to move left onto the
low rocks to reach the ground again. Head right, through two caves, and up into
a cave with two black boulders. These are of no use but there's a small gap in
the upper wall near the second one. Go through here to reach the cave with the
yellow gems. The pick appears so you can acquire the gems. (The next cave has
lots of green boulders but you don't need these.)

Return to the village and head for the Jewel Shop to get the gems cut so they
fit into a horseshoe. But first, he tells you to visit the Blacksmith to get a
horseshoe. Just walk left to find that shop which will have a sparkle on the
door. He hands over the Horseshoe and tells you about music having an effect on
the horseshoe, so you've got to see the Musician. He's inside the large house
at the upper left of the village. Now you've got to play the hardest of all the
mini-games, the MELODY MINI-GAME on medium difficulty. Although the idea is the
same as before, to press the correct button when the note is in between the two
blue lines, you've got to use all buttons! That's Up, Down, Left, Right, A and
B, as well as complete a tune that has a lot more notes in it: 11 in total.
Ignore the colours of the notes as they don't signify anything, and just watch
for the appearance of the directions on each note.

Win the game and Musician gives you a White Dress and Lily wears it
immediately. Return to the Miner's Friend all the way to the east. He says you
have everything now, so follow the path to the magical cave. Walk right, and
the cave is at the end of the path. Inside you'll find a familiar golden
archway. Go through and you'll emerge outside an entrance to a cave. Walk down
the path to find a house in the woods with SNOW WHITE waiting for you. She's
lost a Baby Squirrel.

Back through the golden arch to the other world and exit the cave to find a
Miner outside. He says the baby squirrel is somewhere around here. Use R to see
the X location at the entrance of the cave to the south, but that's not exactly
where it is! Walk a few steps to the left of the Miner and a white squirrel
appears on the path. so there's no need to go any further. Take it back to Snow
White and she gives you a MAGICAL GEM and you see her scenes. Leave her and
return to the main map and you lose the white dress. Go back to Castle Bright.

8. FINDING THE TIARAS .................................................. *W008

The Castle has a feeling that the lost tiaras are in the Deep Woods, but first
you must talk to the Musician. He wants you to learn how to play a harp and
that means another MELODY MINI-GAME. This one has 15 motes and they are spaced
out quite a bit so getting the timing can be a little tricky. Win the game and
he tells you to show the Gem to the Jeweler. Head over there and play the
TREASURE MINI-GAME again. It's hard difficulty again, with all the slots
needing filling. After that, he says the Gem is a key stone to a special place.

Next stop, visit the Tailor to show her the special Shoes. Play the CLOTHES
MINI-GAME, again on hard difficulty. After that she tells you that the shoes
are magical and can walk to magical places. Lily reminds us that she also has a
book, a lamp and an old key. You're told to take these to the Curio Shop.
First of all he looks at the key and you have to play the MOSIAC MINI-GAME.
Rearrange the pieces on the painting of the yellow haired girl in a blue dress.
She's at the left of the picture with the trees at the right and her head is at
the top. This is on hard difficulty as there are more pieces to move, 12 in
total,  and they are a lot smaller then before! And there's a timer, although
it's slower so you can still manage it in the time.

He's not too helpful, but tells you to go to the Potion shop next, to get more
information about the key. At the potion shop you've got to play the POTION
MINI-GAME on hard difficulty again, with 5 potions to place in the correct
order. After that she says the the key was used for locking doors to cottages a
long time ago, and that there might be a cottage in the Deep Woods. Aha, the
plot thickens... a tiny bit.

Return to the Castle as instructed and it seems you now have all the necessary
knowledge to find the missing tiaras. You're to go to the first signpost in the
maze and carry on from there. All anyone else says is: Go to the Woods! Exit
the castle through the garden and make your way through the maze to the north.
Once you pass through the second arch Lily will find the signpost. Press R to
see the map and the red X is marked on the rocks at the west of the map. Walk
left and you come to a high rock wall. Lily automatically uses the Glass
Slippers (and Faith) to create a bridge. The next obstacle is a mass of
flowers. This time she uses the Fairy Wand to create a path. Further on there's
another rock wall. She uses the Magic Lamp and the power of laughter. Dunno why
you'd laugh at a wall, but giggling has the desired effect (it worked for Mary
Poppins) and you cross the wall.

The red X indicates a junction and there are two paths. Lily works this one out
too, without you having to do a thing. This time it's the Book that contains
the power of knowledge. And now the killer line about the Power of
Friendship. It was easy enough to see the correct path just from the map.
Anyway, the gate to one path closes so all you can do is to walk east. A tree
is blocking the path but there's a sparkle on the north rock face. Time to use
Strength and the Mountain Heart from Snow White. (This wasn't mentioned before,
but I guess it's the gem.)  This opens the rock and you can enter the cave,
which isn't dark at all. Walk through the cave and outside again where Lily
finds the cottage and a lily garden.

Yay, the tiaras are found! Cute ending sequence and the world is yours to
explore and revisit, except you'll have to walk all the way back there from the
cottage, although the path is cleared so it won't take too long. At least take
a trip back to the castle to see all the tiaras on their cushions. All anyone
says is congratulations, you've found the tiaras/the celebration was a success,
so as post-game stuff goes, it's not exactly spectacular. And Castle Bright
doesn't say a word.

9. POST-GAME EXTRAS ................................................... *W009

Here's a list of all the things you can do after beating the game.

MINIGAMES: Play all the mini-games on Tutorial/Easy/Medium/Hard difficulty.

1. Pairs - Timer
Arrange the books by matching the covers.
Easy  : Match 2 things: a white daisy flower and a blue jewel
Medium: Match 3 things: a white daisy flower, a blue jewel, and a violin
Hard  : Match 6 things: a key, a violin, a blue jewel, a white daisy flower
        a yellow egg, a blue flask

2. Clothes - Timer
Match the clothing pieces by colours.
Easy  : 3 matching coloured outfits to make
Medium: 4 matching coloured outfits to make
Hard  : 5 matching coloured outfits to make

3. Melody - No timer
Play the song by pressing the buttons to match every note.
Easy  : 6 notes to tap the correct buttons when in between the blue bars.
Medium: 11 notes to tap the correct buttons when in between the blue bars.
Hard  : 15 notes to tap the correct buttons when in between the blue bars.

4. Potion - No timer
Make a potion. Put the right ingredients onto the table.
Easy  : 3 bottles to place on the table in the correct order
Medium: 4 bottles to place on the table in the correct order
Hard  : 5 bottles to place on the table in the correct order

5. Mosaic - Timer
Fix the painting by rearranging the pieces.
Easy  : 6 pieces to move into the correct place
Medium: 8 pieces to move into the correct place
Hard  : 12 pieces to move into the correct place

6. Treasure - Timer
Place all of the jewels into the right spots in the jewelry box.
Easy  : 4 slots to fill with 2 types of gems: star and rectangle
Medium: 8 slots to fill with 4 types of gems: star, rectangle, heart, hexagon
Hard  : 12 slots to fill with 6 types of gems: star, rectangle, heart, hexagon,
                                               square, diamond.

INTRO:  Play the introduction scene again.

CUTSCENES:  View two pictures for each princess, the first one with her pet
that Lily found, and the second one with Lily being given the gift.

1. Aurora + Lily's green dress
2. Jasmine + Lily's orange dress
3. Cinderella + Lily's red dress
4. Ariel + Lily's blue dress
5. Belle + Lily's "fancy" yellow dress
6. Snow White + Lily's white dress

ENDING:  Watch the ending sequence.


V.  C R E D I T S ,  L E G A L  B I T ,  C O N T A C T ...................*CLC


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