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FAQ/Walkthrough by Chibi Soma

Version: Final | Updated: 10/17/06

I'll bend your head around if you don't stop reading this.
This is not the guide. This is the text before the guide.
This is where most people would stick some random ASCII.

I am not some people.

#        YE OLDE TABLE OF CONTENTS        #
#                                         #
# 01: Introduction              - [Intro] #
# 02: Characters                - [Chara] #
# 03: Walkthrough               - [Wkthr] #
#  -> I:   Icy Mystery          - [Pole1] #
#  -> II:  The Rescue           - [Prisn] #
#  -> III: Omashu? Gesundheit!  - [Omshu] #
#  -> IV:  Paws and Effect      - [4Paws] #
#  -> V:   The Drill            - [Chaos] #
#  -> VI:  Avatar vs Avatar     - [Final] #
# 04: Conclusion                - [Thnks] #

This is the space between the Table of Contents and the REST of
the guide. That you're reading this shows you have far too much
free time! Go and train/Get off my lawn!

# 01: Introduction              - [Intro] #

Oh, hello. I'm Chibi Soma. You may remember me from such walkthroughs
as Megaman Battle Network 4 and Bible Adventures: Christ vs Scooby!
I'm here today to bring to you a remarkably detailed walkthrough for
a remarkably mediocre game!

Yes friends, unfortunately
 it's true - Nick has allowed the Avatar
name to be reduced to this; a sloooow-moving game that COULD have
been an Action RPG... if there had been any Action or RPG elements
in it. Most of the time, you'll simply be walking around and getting
through poorly laid-out puzzles. 

So why make a walkthrough at all? Because no matter what game you're
playing, there's always someone who needs help. Or some may just like
reading through walkthroughs. Hey, I do. 

And so, without further ado, let us get down to-a da business.

# 02: Characters                - [Chara] #
/ Aang /
Our hero and the Avatar in question. Aang is 112 years old... though
only due to a technicality. While running away from the Air Temple he
grew up in, he and Appa were caught in a storm. After being downed,
Aang went into the Avatar State and surrounded the two of them in a
honkin' chunk of ice. A hundred years later, Sokka and Katara ran
across him. Now Aang must continue what he should have started all that
time ago - master all four elements and put a stop to the Fire Lord's
plans to dominate the lands.

AIR STRIKE: Your regular attack - hitting stuff with your staff
AIR BLAST: This lets Aang send out a burst of air to move things.
AIR VENT: Primarily used to flip over crates and minibosses.

/ Katara /
A Waterbender hailing from the South Pole, Katara and her brother were
the ones who found (and subsequently awakened) Aang. Together, they've
travelled the lands, helped each other learn Waterbending, and helped
stop a siege on the waterbending tribe at the North Pole.

WATER WHIP: Lash out with a whip-like burst of water.
WATER SHIFT: Katara can transport water from one source to the next, 
as long as it's within range.
ICE BRIDGE: What you'll use the most. Lets you form ice bridges to 
cross water.
HEAL: When everyone's blue meters are full, Katara can heal everyone. 

/ Sokka /
Useless and/or a pimp, whichever side of the fence you sit on. Sokka
serves as the comedy relieve and secondary angst target. Whenever he
isn't failing with the womens, he's usually falling off of cliffs. In
this game, however, Sokka actually proves himself useful for a change.

BOOMERANG: Sokka flings his boomerang out, which can hit switches and 
stun enemies.
CIRCLE THROW: Lets you fling the boomerang in a circular motion.
BOMB: Who does he think he is? Link? Who gave SOKKA -bombs-?!

/ Toph /
Rock Loli and Aang's Earthbending teacher... Toph is not in this game.
A fact that saddens and annoys me. Instead, you get Haru. Yes, the same
one who got his ass imprisoned by the Fire Nation and had to be rescued.
I don't like it any more than you do.

# 03: Walkthrough               - [Wkthr] #


#  -> I:   Icy Mystery          - [Pole1] #

We open up on Aang at the North Pole. You'll get control of the little
guy shortly. Get used to the bizarrely slow controls here. See how the
blue meter under Aang's icon goes down as you swing your staff? That's
your chi. It goes down when you do ANYTHING that isn't 'running' - this
is important because you can't three-hit combo when your chi is low.

Anyway, head south two screens. You'll be shown how to use a Save Stone.
You can't go left, so head right another screen. This is the village.
And a cutscene will occur when you get there. Seems the Elder wants to
speak with Aang. He's jonesin' around on the eastern side of town. So
cross the town, checking out the sights. The Elder's the guy blocking
the stairs. Talk to him. Hiryu, one of the Waterbenders from the tribe,
has gone missing. 

Head out of town via the northern exit. You'll get a little tutorial
on how to push crates around. Push the one in front of you out of the
way and enter the cave.

Be careful in here, as icicles fall from the ceiling. You'll see their
shadow before they drop. Continue along the only way you can and you'll
reach the exit shortly.

Jump off the ledge and head down. You'll be shown how to use swirls on
the ground. Swirl-jump up where you can and drag the crate there down.
Now leap down and go up the stairs. Be prepaired to fight, though, as
there are wolves over there. Break the containers for healing herbs if
you need any. Continue to the southeast and you'll find Hiryu's water
pouch. That's not a good sign, kids. 

Push the crate out of your way and you'll see that you've wound up
in a place we've passed before. Use the Save Stone if you want, then
head east and back to the village. Go talk to the Elder once more.
When he gets out of your way, head up the stairs and into the training

There, you'll see Sokka trying to push a crate filled with water. He
isn't doing so well. Head down the stairs and go up the set to the north.
Leap off the ledge there and high jump up to the crystal switch. Strike
it and you'll lower the gate. Hop back down and continue to the right.

Now you can use Sokka. Press/Hold the R button (You can change which to
do) to use him. The game will tell you all of this and how to attack
with him (B Button) so pay attention.

Go over and push the water-filled crate outta the way. See the switch
behind the little bump on the ground? Aang can't get at it, but Sokka
can. Switch to him and use his Boomerang to strike it. Go south and
Boomerang another switch. Then to the left and Boomerang yet another
one. This lets you out of the little maze.

Unfortunately, there's more bad news. Push the watery crate out of
your way and return to the village. Zuko and the Fire Nation have
appeared and they've absconded with Katara! Don't get your hopes up,
though - you never get to fight Zuko in this game. The first of many
things THQ dropped the ball on. Get used to 'em.

Continue through town and over to the next screen. You'll arrive in
time to see the Fire Nation boat leaving. Well crap. Aang suggests
getting to Appa - a good plan. Head north.


Okay, so they left a present for you. No problem. This boss is as
easy as it could be. You can't attack the middle, something you may
have found out already. In addition, the middle section spews flames
at you! 

What you want to do is switch to Sokka and Boomerang both of the
machine's arms. This causes it to slump to the ground. Run to up it
as Aang and slash away while it's down. Repeat the pattern a few
times and poof - no more robot. If you're good, you can down it in
just two rounds.


Continue north to Appa. Sokka picks up his club before you leave. The
game once more tells you how to use your new toy. Now head over to
Appa's head. 

#  -> II:  The Rescue           - [Prisn] #

So now we're on a small island somewhere. The place is crawling with
Fire Nation soldiers, so be prepared to fight. Head down a screen.

Switch to Sokka and use his club to somehow drop that tree. A little
water hazard blocks the way right, so head west and chop down two more
trees. Leave via that exit.

If you talk with the chortling man ahead of you, you'll find that the
Fire Nation goons have taken Katara to a prison. Dicks. Head down and
push that crate to the left, then chop down the tree. Do the same for
the next set only in reverse order - chop first, then push. The next
one's slightly tricky. Push the crate up, then walk around the path
it opens up. Sokka's club CAN reach the tree on the other side of that
landbump. Do so, then go back and push the crate all the way up to move

The Fire Nation's boat is now in view. Head south and you'll run across
a sword-wielding soldier. Another is just beyond him. Leave to the east.
Another soldier will appear as you go south along the path. Then you'll
meet another type of enemy, the archer. Just run up and whack away and
he'll never get a shot off. Yet another soldier just south of him. 
Ignore the shiny, green potion (those extend your HP bar) and leave to
the south.

Push the empty crate onto the floor switch to lower the gate. Head 
through. In the next part, move the empty crate off the switch and
push the half-full one onto it. The third set is trickier. Push the
half-full crate down and to the right onto the switch just under 
the empty crate. Then push the empty crate over to the switch to 
the left. A soldier and an archer in close proximity to one another
are beyond the double gate - it's your first real fight with more
than one enemy after your man-tackle, so be careful!

Continue along, humiliating four more soldiers. You'll see a spiked
crate blocking your path. Can't touch those - they injure you. So
double back a tiny bit and take the northern route. You'll enter a
town with a Save Stone right there in front of you. Use it if you
want and then head east out of town.

You'll run across a lever on the ground. The game instructs you
to activate them with the A button while using Sokka. This will
split your team up. Pull the lever with Sokka and then make Aang
push the empty crate onto the switch. Rejoin your boys together
and head through the newly-lowered gate.

Push the water-filled crate up and continue east. Dispatch two
soldiers and an archer en route north. High jump to the upper
levels using Aang and flip the two crystal switches to lower
the gate. There are two archers and a soldier in this large, open
area, so watch out. Pass to the west and you'll notice that stepping
on the switch causes the nearby, open gate to raise again. That's
okay, though. 

Switch to Sokka and pull the lever. As Aang, go down and step on the
switch. Change back to Sokka using Select and have him go through the
gate that Aang lowered. Chop the tree, then Boomerang the switch. Change
back to Aang. Move him south and have him strike the next switch. Sokka
will have to face an archer on his own up here. Use your Boomerang to stun
him, then run up and club him to death. For some reason, this opens another
gate. Go through and Boomerang the next crystal switch. Change back to Aang.

Go around all the obstacles and high jump up to the upper level. Go around
and jump back down. Step on the switch here so that Sokka can come down
and rejoin you. Together, chop your way back west and step on the floor
switch. Boomerang the crystal. Head up to the treasure chest to get your
first new ability - the Air Blast. This lets Aang shoot out a burst of
air using the A button. With this, you can push objects. Objects such as
pesky, spiked crates perhaps?

Head down and do just that, then head west back into town. Heal/save if
you need to. Head south out of the village - be careful, the Fire Nation
goons have respawned. Head over to the spiked crate we passed by earlier
to collect the Health Potion. You'll get an HP boost. Head back into
town and take the northwestern exit now.

Make your way northwest along the path. You'll reach a two-crate puzzle.
Go around north of the empty crate and Air Blast it south. Now push/Air
Blast to the west to get by. Take out two soldiers and an archer and
continue along the path. Pull the half-full crate up half a space, and
then you can walk past them both. 

Next, you'll face an Aang-only puzzle. High Jump up and then down on the
other side of the ledge. Move south and Air Blast the two empty crates
over. Rejoin Sokka and head south. A soldier and another new Fire Nation
guy, the spear-wielder, will be here. The spear guys are jerks. They'll
charge you and can just stick their spears out to harm you. Always be
careful around them. Continue south for two more spear guys. A good
strategy is to lure them into charging, side step, and whack 'em out of
the charge with Aang's staff.

Keep going around and you'll enter a little screen with a soldier and a
spear guy. Down them both. Another soldier and an archer are nearby. 
And then a soldier and another spear guy. Head north and access the
new treasure chest to receive Soldier Uniforms - you need these to
infiltrate the prison. Push the watery crate out of the way and go back
into the town. Heal and save if you want, then go north out of town.

Head along and it'll eventually ask if you want to enter the prison.
If you're ready, confirm the choice and Aang/Sokka will go change into
Fire Nation uniforms. The dipstick guards will let you in and you'll
change back to normal. Another Save Stone is just outside the prison
doors. Use it and then enter.

Not gonna list every guard in the place, because it's pretty much
crawling with Fire Nation goons. Take out the two in front of
you and head east a little, then north when you can. There's a crystal
switch nearby. Hit it. Head north through the newly opened gate and
hang a right. Head to the far east end then go north. Go down the
stairs, under the grating, and back up the other side. Now go down
the stairs leading to the second floor.

Bypass the Fire Nation guys and continue around. You'll get into an
arena-style battle with a pair of spear guys and a soldier. Once you
beat them, the gate to the east lowers. Go through it and strike the
crystal switch. Go back and head north. Can't go TOO far north, because
a doorway's on fire. Okay, now head west. Heal if you need to, then
go into the door to the north.

A spear guy and a sword guy should be dispatched before getting into the
meat of this puzzle. Ignore the silver door and head west. Kill the two
Fire Nation guys I mentioned, then go back and head north. There's a
lever for Sokka to throw nearby. Head throw the newly-opened gate as
Aang and stand on the next switch. Change back to Sokka and take him
over to that crystal switch you lowered the gate by. Boomerang it to
open the way to the underside of the area. Change back to Aang. Head
north and into this new area. To the east, you'll see a floor switch
you can't trigger alone. But you can Air Blast the nearby crate to
the north. Do so, then head as far back to Sokka as you can. Have
Sokka operate the lever again to let Aang come back.

Throw it once more to open the gate south. Now you can get Aang
to the lower level - under the grating. Rejoin with Sokka and do
just that. You'll come across a trio of crystal switches - this is
your first timed puzzle. You have to Boomerang the three in any order
in under three seconds. It's not as hard as it sounds. This will lower
the nearby gate and, if Aang Air Blasted the crate out of the way, you
can go stand on that floor switch now. Boomerang the crystal and head

Take out the soldier and spear guys to open the next gate, which leads
to a treasure chest containing a Silver Key. Now you can open the silver
doors. Do just that, opening the silver door to the south. Now head
south and into the previous area. Head to the right, past the fire door,
and open the silver door. Huzzah, we've found Katara! You're a three man
team now - Katara operates just like Sokka, only using the L button to
activate. Just read the game text, it explains!

Ah, but we're not outta here yet. Someone else is locked up, too. This
'The Maker' person that Katara speaks of. Head back over to the fire
door, activate Katara, and hit B to use her Water Whip to extinguish the

Beyond the door you'll meet the final type of Fire Nation soldier - an
actual Firebender. They can throw flames at you or use a devastating
firey jump kick on you. Hit them, run off to avoid the splash damage,
and then repeat to beat them easily. This one's a bit tougher than the
average ones. Once he dies, you'll get the Gold Key. Before heading
north, go back south and east, past the silver door that led to Katara's
cell, and enter the gold door beyond it. You'll get another Health Potion.

Now return to where you were and keep going north. In the next area, use
the Save Stone before heading right.


Aang assures The Maker that they'll have her out soon. Your group heads
east and right into the sights of a MASSIVE Fire Nation soldier. He holds
twin hammers and throws bombs at you.

To start, just run up and down to avoid the regular bombs he throws. When
you see him lob a red bomb that's larger than the others, prepare to
attack. Air Blast the bomb back at him. When it explodes, (be careful,
as the explosion is absolutely massive in size) run up and start slashing 
away at him. Be careful, though, as when he recovers, he'll start spinning 
around and around, hammers out. He'll follow where your group is, and his 
range is large, so run around the edges of the room to avoid him.

He'll end up on the left side of the room and start his pattern over. Just
repeat until he's dead. 


When the boss dies, head east, then north and strike the crystal switch.
Head back and you'll find that The Maker has buggered off! Some thanks we
get, huh? But it's not a total waste. Sokka scopes a funky map that shows
some markings of various places. Aang suggests seeing King Bumi in the
Earth Kingdom city of Omashu. You'll get the map and, before you leave,
open the treasure chest. This will give you your most useful ability - 
the ability to heal.

When everyone's blue meters are full, you can heal everyone using Katara.
Once you get the scroll, the gate leading back opens. Now heal - via the
Save Stone or Katara - and get out of that ship. Head west once back in
the main area - a new gate has opened. Push the full crate up onto the
grey floor switch to drop the gate. Head south and up the stairs.

Head south when you get back upstairs and you'll be told how Katara can
move water around. Empty the spiked crate of water by using her Water
Shift powers. Transfer the liquid to either crate on the sidelines. Once
empty, Aang can Air Blast it out of the way. 

For the next puzzle, transfer the water from the crate on the right to
the one on the left, then push them onto the floor switches. Before
continuing south, head all the way east and through another gold door
for another Health Potion. Everyone should have the same amount of HP

Head back and go up the stairs. Smash the pots for herbs if you'd like,
then head outside. Jump down off the ledge there - ahhh, freedom! Head 
south and leave to the west.

Head west here, then go north through the lowered gate. Tug the half-full
crate south a bit so Katara can fill it the rest of the way. Then push it
over onto the floor switch to open the gate to another treasure chest.
This time, you'll gain Katara's Ice Bridge powar. You can only make them
2 spaces wide right now. Head south and Ice Bridge back across the water,
then continue west again. This area is straightforward - use your new
power to cross the little islands.

Once across, you'll fight another Firebender. Leave west. Then continue
north. Here, you'll find Appa. It's off to Omashu!

#  -> III: Omashu? Gesundheit!  - [Omshu] #

Head south and into the city. It's very...brown here. 

Go down all the stairs and head northeast-ish. You'll run into Haru.
Remember him? He got his ass captured and was all mopey afterwards. We
get him instead of Toph. THQ, you SUCK.

Anyway, Haru wanders off. Keep going north. On the next screen, go all
the way north until you enter the Palace. Head up and talk to Bumi. He
suggests the Royal Library, but his buzzkill Wormtongue assistant tells
him that's not possible. And, while they must keep traditions alive, we
aren't THEM. 

Head out of the Palace and back down all the stairs until you reach the
city's center again. Head right and you'll find a conveniently-placed
citizen who tells you that the door there leads to the Library. But
only an Earthbender can open them. So now we need to find Haru. Great.

And, conveniently-enough again, the guard blocking the entrance to the
sewers decides to go have a sammich or something. Head down into the
sewers. Lovely. Earthbender poo gas.

Ice Bridge to the south, as it's the only way you CAN go. Ice Bridge
again at the next water source. You'll then have to drag the watery
crate towards the third little pool of water, then transfer it from
the crate to the pool so you can Bridge that, too. Ditto for the
next one, though it'll require water from both crates in the area.
Head through the door to the north.

Cross the little island to get to another Save Stone. Just to give
you an idea of how short the game is... we're over a third into it.
My in-game timer as I write this is 36 minutes.


Anyhow, head up the little path to the left and you'll see that if
you use an Ice Bridge, you can get to the northwest door. Do so.

In this new area, go forward under the grating. Take the water out
of the crate and Air Blast it onto the switch. Before you hit the
crystal switch, though, we need to do some prep work. When you hit
that switch, a 12 second timer will appear. You have that long to
get through the area before it resets.

Go over to the spiked crates. Take the water from the left one and
put it in the upper one, then Air Blast the left one over. And it
would probably help if you then transferred all the water over to
the one you just moved so you can Air Blast the upper crate too.
NOW go hit that switch. You'll probably barely just make it, and 
you'll need to move diagonally to help. Cut it as close to the
spiked crates as you dare.

Heal if you need to,
 then go up the ladder.

Head north and then go down the stairs at the end. You'll be
crossing over Omashu's famous transportation system. It's
a straightforward area, you just have to take note of the
empty containers and move accordingly. When you reach the end,
you'll be given another ladder to go down.

Down in the sewers, go south as far as it lets you, then west. 
You'll reach a spiked crate near some whirlpools. There's an
open gate north, so Ice Bridge across. You'll see a crystal
switch to the west, but Sokka's Boomerang can't reach it. Ice
Bridge out as far as you can and THEN throw. The other gate
will drop this time. Unfortunately, it raises the one we just
went through. Air Blast the spiked crate away and make your
bridge there. Cross BACK over and go through the gate you just
lowered. Now you can Bridge over to the treasure chest - it has
an Ice Bridge upgrade! Now you can make Bridges THREE spaces 

Head back across the river and keep going south using your
upgraded Ice Bridge power. Head south out of the area.

You'll wind up in the sewer's central hub, where the Save
Stone is. Use it if you want, then head southwest out of the
area, using your new 3-space bridge to get over there. Another
familiar area - keep heading west. Finally, a new place to play!

You'll want to take the southern of the two options - the other
one doesn't lead anywhere. Make your way along the winding path
until you reach the next crate puzzle. Push it onto the left
switch - the only one it'll be heavy enough to flip - then go
through the gate. 

Jump down the ledge in the next area and continue west. Before
letting Aang High Jump, go up the nearby stairs and Boomerang the
crystal switches. Then have Katara drain the water from the crate.
Finally, have Aang Air Blast the crate over onto the switch. Now
go up and take your new power - the Air Vent. This lets you flip
things on vents. Rejoin the group and take the eastern set of stairs. 
Flip the crate onto one of the vents on the ground. Stand over the
other and hit A to use your new power. Now transfer water from one
box to the other. Get the now-empty crate out of your way and head

Back in this area, head east and south to return to the crate puzzle
from earlier. Flip it over using the vents, push it onto the grey
switch, and transfer enough water to trigger the panel. Go through
the gate.

You'll be faced with a choice of north or south islands to Bridge
to. Take the north. Ice Bridge out again so you can Boomerang the
crystal switch. Now go back and take the southern route. Cross over
and up the ladder you go!

Another Save Stone. Use it if you wish then head east. A guard blocks
the eastern route, so it's back onto the conveyor belts we go. It's
another very straightforward area, so there's no need to tell you the
exacts. When you get to the end, head north and jump back into the

Head east and you'll get a notice telling you Katara can walk through
water fountains but hitting A when she's against one. Do as the game
tells you and stand on the switch on the other side. Change to the boys
and take them through the next part. You'll need to Air Blast the
spiked box so that it lands on the switch. Get on the right side and
blast it left once. Then down. Then left again. Then right once. And
then you can get it up and onto the switch from there. Continue north
and stand on the floor switch. Change back to Katara and Ice Bridge
across the water (take the western of the two possible little islands).

Go up the stairs on the other side. This time you have three island
choices. Take the middle. Then go to the left one from there. Then you
can go north again. You've got the last Ice Bridge upgrade - you can
make paths 4 panels now. 

Bridge to the right and have the boys rejoin Katara, then head left.
Stand on the grey switch and Boomerang the crystal. Continue out the
western exit.

Bridge out to the center - oh look, it's the central hub again. Use
the Save Stone if you want. We're heading straight up from it this
time. Go up the stairs and into the next area. Cross over the
grating, go down the stairs, and exit west in that area. Finally,
cross over the water hazard and head up the ladder.

Make your way west, under the walkway, and out via the only exit
available to you.

Move west, Air Blast the spiked crate, and head north. Go under the
walkway and keep going west. Have Katara Water Shift the liquid from
the regular crate to the spiked one, then Air Blast the empty one
out of the way. Now flip the switch and head to the west to run into
Haru again.

He hasn't found who he was looking for, but maybe he can help us. 
We're to meet him in front of the library. Well good. At least that's
done with! Head east, back to the previous screen where you exited
the sewers from. You can head back down to the city's central hub and
make your way over to the library door again. Talk to Haru and tell
him you're ready to continue.

Bumi's dickweed consul told the guards to keep folks away from the
place. Shame they aren't guarding the actual switches. Idiots.

Head past the guard and, yes, back into the sewers you go!

Cross the waterway, go up the stairs, and drag the crate onto the
switch. Go through the downed gate and up the ladder. Hit the east
crystal switch and go back down the ladder.

Transfer the water from the crate back over to the pond, then make
a square (2x2) Ice Bridge leading over it. You're going to push
the empty box to the other side. Once you do, get it onto THAT
switch. Go up the ladder on that side, strike the west crystal
switch, and jump into the sewers again. Go back through the area,
backtracking so that you exit where you first entered this area
from. Then it's a simple matter of heading inside the Library.

Ahhh, the Library. At LAST!

Head north for a cutscene. It speaks of a battle between Benders
and Machines and talks of a strange island. Aang doesn't get it,
but he figures Bumi will. Take the northwest exit from the Library.

Out here, you'll get an annoying powerup for Sokka's Boomerang -
it lets you charge it so he throws it in a circle. It's a very
janky setup, really. 

Anyway, use it to hit the switch behind the wall to your right.
Go through the gate and do it again on the crystal to the south.
And then once more on the one to the west. Annnnd yet again on
one to the north. Okay, THQ, WE GET THE POINT. Exit west.

Continue west and you'll hit another Circular Boomerang puzzle,
but this time it's fully behind a wall. You'll have to work Sokka
so he's standing at just the right point where your Boomerang will
make it around. Continue south down all the stairs and you'll have
another cutscene - the Fire Nation has invaded Omashu!

Haru says he'll hold the Fire Nation off while Aang and his group
get to Bumi. Works for me.

Head north and into the Palace. Talk to King Bumi and he'll tell 
you the place is called Four Paws Island and that it isn't on any
map. He'll then tell his consul to help you out the back way. Go
through ...and the dickweed leaves you to fend for yourselves.

Save if you want (I'm at 54 minutes, just for the record) and
go right. Drain the box of its water, form another 2x2 Ice
Bridge, get the box to the switch, and refill it. The trick
is that the box can only be halfway onto the switch (as long as
-a- part of a crate is on a switch, it counts) and you have to
be on the left side of the water hole. 

The next part is more Circular Boomerang jackassery. Hit the
eastern of the two, then aim for the western one while standing
on the floor panel. Continue north.

Before sending Aang High Jumping off on his own, go up the stairs
and Air Blast the spiked crate out of the way. Take Aang up to the
top for a mini boss fight.

It's a tiny tank that shoots fire at you. The trick is to lure it
over a vent, then get on the other and flip it. Very, very easy.
After you flip it, go strike the crystal switch. Rejoin the others
and head east.

Make Sokka stand on the lever and throw it. Take Aang and Katara
over to stand on the floor switch. As Sokka, go through the newly
lowered gate for a miniboss fight of his own. This one hurls rocks
and tunnels underground. When it pops up, throw your Boomerang at
it to stun it, then whack it with your club. After a few whacks, 
it's destroyed and the remaining gates lower. Join the two parties
up and go down the ladder at the end.

On this floor, go around the corner and take Katara through the
fountain. Yup, SHE gets a miniboss now. Hers is trickier than the
boys' were. The machine runs on water. Lure it close enough to
the little pool of water so that your Water Shift has access to
both. Then it's a simple matter of transferring the water from the 
machine into the pool. 

Ice Bridge across and head down to the floor switch. Rejoin your
party. Push the full box of water up and head up the ladder.

Still remember how to fight the Fire Nation? Good, because they're
swarming. There's a soldier and spear guy in the immediate vicinity.
Another soldier and an archer lie to the north. Head up the stairs
and a soldier/Firebender combo will greet you. Kill them to continue
on. Exit north.

High Jump with Aang to the upper level and head west. Zigzag up the
conveyor belts, avoiding the containers, and smack the crystal switch
at the top. Get back to the group, heal if you need to, and exit north

Two soldiers and a spear guy are to the north. Go up the stairs. The
next arena-style battle pits you against a Firebender and a spear guy.
There are pots in the corners that you might find herbs in if you can't
use Katara's healing power. Now, you're faced with a choice. Do you
go north or do you go east?

The northern route is certainly easier. The eastern one will have you
in an arena-style fight with a trio of Firebenders. But it also leads
you to a Health Potion. Either way will lead you to a central summit.
Head south for herb jars if you need them, or simply go north. The
next area is more conveyor belt shenanigans. The patterns are a bit
more crazy, but it's a short section. A Save Stone awaits on the
other side.


Oh c'mon, you knew the jackass was a bad guy, right? Well, now you
get to exact sweet, sweet revenge on him! His pattern is simple, but
it's tricky nonetheless. 

His first style of attack is to stand on the central pillar and either
raise earth spikes or sling earth wheels at you. When he's tired of
doing this, he'll fly out on the top section of his own pillar, trying
to crush you. When he does this, make sure you're lingering over one
of the vents. After he lands, use Air Vent over any of the others and
it'll send the Consul to the ground. Now's your chance to smack him
upside the head!

He'll then appear on the other side of the central pillar and will run
like the coward he is. This part is the tricky one, as most don't think
to use Sokka's stupid Circular Boomerang to get him. But that's what it
takes. Charge up and unleash it. Then go over and smack him some more.

And that's all there is to it. The spikes and wheels move faster, but
that's about it. About three times of going through these motions and
the Consul's out for good.


Head north and magically, Appa is there. Go to his head and take off!

#  -> IV:  Paws and Effect      - [4Paws] #

You're in the last third of the game, y'know. In fact, if the Drill
later on didn't merit its own section, this walkthrough would only
be four parts long. Sad, huh?

Head south and into the village. Leave it via the southern exit,
and leave the next area due east.

Here, you'll have to dodge the hog monkeys as they stampede. It's
another 'on a pattern' thing, though. Continue along, fight off
some wolves, and stand on the lever as Sokka.

As Aang and Katara, go and stand on the floor panel. Change back
to Sokka and go north, up the stairs, and drop down the ledge on the
other end. Open the treasure chest - you now have BOMBS. Yeah. Let's
give the explosives to _SOKKA_ - THAT'S a good plan.

Go and bomb the boulder to your left. If you don't wanna wait for
it, step back and sling the Boomerang at it. After breaking it,
go down a little and throw one towards the boulder blocking Aang
and Katara's progress. As Aang's group, move north and Air Blast
the crate away. With Sokka, push the crate down out of the way,

stand on the switch, then Circular Boomerang that crystal. Now
push the empty crate onto the grey switch. Bomb the boulder, then
move the full crate of water so you can Water Shift all of it 
from one to the other.

The gate lowers and you're free to go snag that Health Potion you
saw as you were bringing Sokka along the upper level. Go back
and, after bombing the two boulders blocking the way, exit west.

In the next area, again bomb some boulders to continue on your
way. Whattaya know, you're back in town! Save up if you want,
then leave south again.

This time, go south one more screen. Work your way around the ruins,
bomb the boulder, then pull the strange statue to the right. Did 
anyone else hear the Zelda secret-found jingle play in their head,
or is it just me?

Head down and into another dungeon.

Bomb the boulders and move the box out of the way. There's another
box off to your right you need to bomb... but look, it's too far
away. Sokka's feeble girly muscles can't lob it that far! No
problem - after you throw the bomb, switch back to Aang and Air
Blast the sucker over there! 

Now go and push the other water crate up and continue. Go up the
stairs and get the Sacred Caverns Key from the treasure chest. Exit
the dungeon. Head back to down and this time take the WESTERN
route out.

Go up the the large doors and use the Key to open them. In we go!
Head downstairs either way and you'll have to fight another of
those minibosses Sokka had to solo. It isn't tougher, so just
whomp on it.

Continue south when you win and look - it's Aang's miniboss again!
Same deal - flip it on an air vent. This time, however, you need
to drag it onto the floor switch to continue. Head west and exit

You're outside again. Follow the path to the water obstacle, taking
down wolves as you go. You'll have to zigzag through some monkeys as
you go east. Head north for a box puzzle. Get used to solving things
with the Ice Bridge, by the way.

Drag the crate down and to the left as far as you can. Then all you
need to do is freeze all the way up the right side of the western
pond. Then you can push the crate up and onto the switch. Head on
back into the cave.

Bomb the boulder and cross the river. Take a right. Ice Bridge out
one panel and lob a bomb at the boulder. Cross over a bit to the
south and push the water-filled crate out of the way. Go up and
tag the crystal switch. Now make your way back to the central area.

Towards the northwest corner of the river, make an Ice Bridge so
your bomb will have somewhere to land when you throw it. Cross
over and strike that crystal too. The gate is now open, so head
on across. 

This new puzzle presents the start of tougher box/bridge puzzles
for the final section of the game. But even they aren't hard when
you know what to do. 

First, empty the crate of its water. Then make a 2x2 Ice Bridge so
that you can push it out onto the also-2x2 island. Now go Bridge
yourselves over to the right one. Walk out onto the little pier
and make an Ice Bridge so that the two islands connect. Pull the 
crate as far to the right as you can, then cross to the north
side. From there, you just have to do another 2x2 Ice Bridge and
tug 'er on over. Exit north.

You'll run into a Save Stone AND The Maker. Turns out all these
infernal machines are HERS, not the Fire Nation's. She wants
peace and thinks she can bring it about with her inventions.

This is our new central hub. 

Save if you want and head on down.

The only way out is west, so do it. Cross over the two ponds, then
transfer water from the right one to the left so you can make an Ice
Bridge on it. Before you cross, fill the crate all the way to the
top using water from the left pond. You'll then need to fill it once

Head past the gate and Air Blast the spiked box to the left. You'll
be presented with another timed crystal switch puzzle. There's one
to the right and then two past some bumps. You'll need to hit the
one to the right, change to Sokka, and charge your Circular Boomerang
as you walk left. Get in position and let 'er fly. Hit all the switches
in the time limit and you're good to go. 

Go down past the gate and Air Blast the spiked box back to the right.
Go around and head on by it. Ice Bridge down between the two whirlpools
in the next section and Boomerang the crystal. Now go west until you
reach the other pool of water. See how the three whirlpools sorta make
a '/' pattern? Ice Bridge just next to the upper-right one (so that
it's directly above the middle one). Position Sokka facing right,
charge his Circular Boomerang, and use that to flip the switch.

Go south, Ice Bridge across the little pool, and get ready to do some
creating Waterbending. There's a clone of Katara's miniboss, 
but it
lacks power. Fill it up with water and lure it down towards the pool
to the southeast and needs it. Shift the water from bot to pool and
Bridge across.

The next puzzle is simple. See the pool to your right? See the middle
section sticking out? Ice Bridge out four spaces from the center so
you can Circular Boomerang the trio of crystals. Head down and
prepare to Lure the robot some more. There's an empty crate to the
west that needs two portions of water. So refill the machine if you
need to, then start running. ...Er... walking quickly. Shift the
water to the crate and leave to the south. 

Next area - have Sokka use the lever. Head beyond the spiked box,
all the way around to the vent and pool of water. Cross it. Aang's
miniboss again. Now drag that heavy bastard over to the river.
2x2 Ice Bridge and push it over onto the floor panel. Now go up
and Air Blast the spiked box you passed by earlier up onto the
floor switch. Now have Aang and Katara stand on the floor panel
the gate was blocking. As Sokka, move from the lever and head past
the gate. Bomb the boulder and go upstairs. Now push the crate
over an air vent and chop down the tree. 

As Aang and Katara, bring them back around so that he can flip
the crate and she can fill it with water. Make sure to fill it
while on the southern side, else you won't get back over. Take
Sokka across the bridge and down the other side. Now, as Aang and
Katara, make your way to him. 

Go southwest across the river, Ice Bridge-ing between the whirlpools.
Continue over to the southern part of land and bomb the boulder there.
Exit south.

Ahh, daylight again!

Cross the one space pond and you're into another 'cross the waterways
with a crate' puzzle. As per usual, empty the crate first. You can
make an 'L' shaped Ice Bridge right below it. Now push it out to that
little island. The one with the little square post doohickey on it.
You're going left from here. Another L-shaped Ice Bridge, only this
one's on its side. Now, get to the bottom. See how there are two
little pieces of land jutting out, one a mirror of the other? Go to
the right one - the one that looks like a tiny, backwards L. From 
the left side of it (ie, where you can ice bridge forward two places)
go up two, over to the right once, then up. 

And that's it. Air Blast it from the left side then drag it down.
Fill it with one bit of water and go get your Health Potion. Now
get your butts back inside that cave!

Get back to where the stairs lead down and go right. Step on the
grey floor panel and Boomerang the crystal. Continue until you
get to your next puzzle.

Go up the left set of stairs and Air Blast the empty container
to the right once. Now go up the right set of stairs and throw a bomb 
over towards that boulder. Now you'll need to Air Blast it over, but
you'll have to time it so it explodes right as it's near the boulder.
It's a bit tricky, but should only take a couple tries. After it's
gone, Air Blast the box out of the way.

Go back down and High Jump into the middle as Aang. Now push the
empty crate over near the water-filled one. Go back to your friends
and head up the right stairs again so you can Water Shift. Then go
back up there as Aang, drag the now-empty crate out, and smack the
crystal switch. The gate is cleared, the exit is north.

Now go up and smack the crystal switch. You're back in the hub, and
one of the gates nearby will go down. Go out the gate, north, and
activate the crystal to the left of the door. Now head southeast and
take the lower eastern path out.

More water/box stuff. Cross the two-space gap and empty the crate.
On the lower pond, make it two spaces down and two right. Then Air
Blast the crate right, then down and onto your Ice Bridge, and then
right again. Fill it up with some water and move on to the right.

Phase Katara through the fountain and have her stand on the floor
panel. Move the boys onto the next section. Then move Katara to the 
upper right part, near the whirlpools. Ice Bridge up twice and right
twice, so you've got an ice panel in front of the boulder. Now
move Sokka over to bomb it. You can then deposit the boys in the 
lower-right of their area, near the vertical whirlpools. 

Back as Katara, go across the river and past where Sokka just 
cleared the boulder. Choose the right of the two little single
tile islands to Bend out to. Bridge 4 to the right. Now bend
down twice, left one time, and down once more. You'll be on
the island with whirlpools to the north and west. Bridge down
4 spaces. Now up twice and left twice. Then four to the left.
Finally, four down to the mainland again. You'll be diagonally
opposite the boys, on the other side of the whirlpools. 

What you want to do is make an Ice Bridge once in front of
you, take it left twice, and up once, so it connects to where
Aang and Sokka are. The whirlpool will eat one tile, but the
boys can still cross. Bring them down to the little bump in the
land. Now, as Katara, Ice Bridge four times to the right, so
you can Air Blast a bomb along it and destroy the boulder over
there. Switch to Katara and move south and step on the floor
panel you run across.

Switch back to the boys and go meet up with her. Exit east
and you'll be outside again.

Pass by those infernal monkeys again and go down the stairs.
Continue along until you can make Aang High Jump. Do so. Take
him out into the monkeys' line of fire and move with the group
east until you can exit north. Go up the stairs, double back,
and head south along the overpass. Hit the switch on the other
end, just past the stairs. If you go back the way you came and
risk the monkeys, you can get a Health Potion. I don't think
it's worth the risk.

Rejoin the group and head east through the gate you lowered.
You'll fight a pair of wolves as you make your way north along
the only route available. Eventually you'll reach a spot where
the hog monkeys are coming fast and thick. Cross to the left
side when you get a break. Next break, move up to that little
area of land jutting into the pond. Next one, move to the
left piece of land jutting out just to the northwest. You can 
then either wait for the monkeys to stop again and go around
the corner, or just Ice Bridge across to the north. Head
west, either way. Exit north and you're back inside.

Now this next puzzle baffled me for awhile the first time I
played. Empty the water from the box into the pool of water.
Make a 2x2 Ice Bridge to get it across. Push it onto the
switch and fill it with water. The gate to the east will
open. Now, I thought I had to go through that. Not true. I
just had to hit the crystal switch BEYOND it. Get Sokka
positioned at the top-right of the area, so he's against
the wall and pool. Aim him right and throw the Circular
Boomerang. It'll fly around and tag the switch, causing
the gate on your side to open.

Make your way around the overpass, jump down, and go through
the eastern gate we just lowered. Continue until you reach
the water fountain. Send her through and over to the water.
Go out on the first island right ahead of you. 

Go left four times. Then north four. Then up twice, right
once, up once to reach the northern chunk of land. Shift
water from the crate to the pool and Bridge over it. Hit
the switch, then go back. Drag the empty crate all the way
over to the left so it's sitting next to the lowered gate.
Bend some of the water from the pool into the crate again.

You'll need to stand so that you can access the crate's
water and the next pool over to the southwest. Shift the
water from crate to pool and Bridge across. 

Now go out onto the little island. Face north and Bridge
once in front of you and move the rest to the right so
you reach the island northeast of you. From there, Bridge
down 4 times, then 3 from the next island. You'll be on
a little section of land with a boulder. Make it so Sokka's
bomb can reach it using Ice Bridges. You'll have to Bridge
once in front of you, down twice, and right once. The 
whirlpool will eat the second shot, but you'll have a double
wide space for the bomb to go - a good thing, since Sokka's
girly arms can't huck the thing all the way over. Air Blast
the bomb into the boulder. 

With the path cleared, Bridge so you get around the wall to
the southern chunk of land. Once there, Bridge right over 
the river and stand on the floor panel to open a gate and
allow the boys to rejoin you. Head back over the Bridge and
go west.

Check out your new area - there's a boulder towards the top.
Ice Bridge straight out. Throw the bomb as Sokka, then time
it so when you Air Blast it, it explodes near the boulder.
Having it fall in the water is no fun. When you clear the
boulder, go up and Air Blast the box that was above it down.

Another box/water puzzle. This time it's a SPIKED box. Empty
it of water. The problem isn't making the path to cross - 
a zigzag that uses the little pier to form a 2x2 bridge all
the way over - the problem is Air Blasting that heavy crate
into position. Blast it right once, down once, then back
up one time. Now Blast it all the way to the left, get it
onto the switch, and refill it. 

You're back in the hub. Hit the crystal to lower the gate.
Now go over and strike the other crystal switch - the one
to the RIGHT of the big door.

Now head south out of the area. Go down the stairs and
around to find...


And THQ flubs it again. A boss repeat? In a game THIS
short? You wads.

The same strategy applies here as it did at the North
Pole. Only difference is that you need to Circular
Boomerang the right arm this time. Go to it. It'll
take about four to five times to defeat it.


Well, that was easy. Head north and exit that way. 

In this area, head under the overpass and go up the stairs.
Head all the way up to the top and exit south. You'll now
be in the hub again, ABOVE the giant door. Hit the remaining
switch and hop down the ledges to go on through. Finally.

Cross the overpass you were just walking under and exit
north again.

On this screen, save if you want - I'd do it after finishing
the puzzle - and High Jump up. There are five crates in a
tight space.

Starting from the left, I'll refer to them as 1 through 5.
Got it? Good. Not a hard system to get. So head west and
Air Blast crates 1 and 4 up as far as they can go. Now
just walk into the little 'maze' and head right. Strike
the crystal and head back towards the team. A fierce noise
rocks the area.

Sokka and Katara are gone. Go save, you may need it. You'll
be fighting this boss alone. Jump down the ledge and you'll
be confronted by something that's going to plague you for
this whole next part of the game.


You know that bigass drill the Fire Nation used to break
into Ba Sing Se? Yeah, well, it's a compact version of
that with TWO drills.

As the fight begins, the drills burrow underground. They will
then shoot out from the top and left sides. All you can do is
dodge them. When the drills pull back in, get ready to move.
The drills will fly forward into the wall to the left, kicking
out a pair of rocks. Get behind them and Air Blast them into
the drill. Get both shots in and get ready to move again.

The drill will back up and the drills themselves will open.
See that little alcove to the north with a swirl on the floor?

Get in there and High Jump up the ledges. The drill will throw
itself forward by the time you get to the top. Walk out onto
it and deliver an Air Vent strike on the vent at the top's

Repeat this process two more times to finish the drill off.
Like any good boss, the pattern will change as you beat it
up. The drill heads will start coming out of the walls in
different patterns and get a bit faster.


Head to the right and exit north. Back outside, you run into
Appa. There's a ridiculously long, slow cutscene showing Aang,
Appa, and Momo walking north. You'll get a save opportunity at
the end.

Head north. You'll be in front of a fortress. The minibosses
you've fought a couple times are back, guarding it. Ignore
them. On the east and west sides are High Jump marks. Head
up them and strike the crystals at the north end. You'll then
be able to enter. Aang's miniboss is waiting on the western
one - just flip it over with the vents.

Inside... two more of Aang's minibosses are waiting. This one's
a bit tricky, as you need to lure them into place and dodge
both of their fireball attacks. Get them flipped and head
north through the door.

Head left in this next area and make your way around to the
crystal switch. Hit it to free Katara. Use her to step on
the floor panel and allow Aang to rejoin her. Now push
the water crate out of the way and hop down. 

#  -> V:  The Drill I           - [Chaos] #

Welcome to hell.

What were the devs thinking with this? "Oh, let's make the game 
retardedly easy 
the whole way through and then, seemingly at 
random, let's make a part where
 they'll have to have perfect 
memorization and pixel-perfect movement skills to get through!"

You remember the drill boss? Well, it's back. And it wants Aang 
and Katara for dinner. So now what? Well, we obviously can't stick 
and fight this time, so our only option is to run! Or...walk 
briskly, anyway. Trouble is, the path ahead
 of you is lined with 
intricate puzzles you'll barely have time to complete. Rest assured, 
you WILL die here. You will die here MANY, MANY TIMES.

We hate you too, THQ. We hate you too.

Start bookin' it to the right, heading diagonally down as you go. 
Smash the switch and head through the newly opened gate. Let us 
begin the insanity.

1) Get under the crate and Air Blast it up. Now go down to the vent 
below you and use Air Vent to flip the crate. Head up and Air Blast 
the crate onto the switch. Hear the drill gaining ground? Go back to 
the water and Ice Bridge across it, then immediately use Water Shift 
to put one portion of water into the flipped crate. Get up and through 
the gate.

2) Ice Bridge across the whirlpool-laden water hazard. Head up to one 
of the two whirlpools near where the crate is located. Make your Ice 
Bridge all the way up that single-lane area of water. The whirlpools 
will destroy two sections of it. Don't worry about that, though. Air 
Blast the crate over onto the switch (it'll require 2 of them) and 
then Ice Bridge down and head through the gate.

Good job! You're through the insanity for now. Yup, for NOW.

Go right and head up the stairs. Keep going until you reach the top. 
Push the water-filled crate in either direction and walk out onto 
the drill's top. Continue south and exit.

Look familiar? Ice Bridge right across the water and head north.

Head up the stairs, then jump down the ledge to the right. Continue 
under the overhead grating - hey, look - Sokka! Continue along and 
use Katara's Water Whip to strike the switch. Now you've freed the 
comedy relief and should be in control of him. Head south and down 
the stairs. Since you can't deal with the flipped-over crate, throw 
your Boomerang south and hit the switch. Now change back to Aang's 
group. Have Katara make an Ice Bridge along the first column of water 
near the crate. - The whirlpool will destroy the first segment, but 
that's not important.

Head back under the grating and through the gate that was blocked 
previously. Air Blast the crate over onto the Ice Bridge. Now switch 
to Sokka and throw a bomb at the lower part of it. It'll destroy the 
boulder that should be directly under the crate. Now head back to 
the right section of the area and Air Blast the crate down so that it 
sits where the boulder just was. You should be able to make a new Ice 
Bridge now. Starting from the first column again, create one down, 
then right three times, so that it gives Sokka a walkway across.

Switch back to Sokka and cross our new bridge. Bomb the boulder and 
presto, the trio is back together again! With everyone together, head 
back to the left side of the area, past the gate. Push the full water 
crate to the left. Does that trench seem familiar?

Head right and Boomerang the switch. Go through the gate and let's 
begin again.

3) Head past the crate and form an ice bridge in in a Z-ish shape 
so that it forms a single, eight-tile walkway with the broken points. 
Air Blast the crate down, right, and then up so that it alligns with 
your new bridge. Continue Air Blasting it across. Fill it with one 
portion of water using Water Shift and scamper through the gate.

4) Push the full water crate up and continue forward. Simple for once.

5) Not for long. As you run from the fourth section, switch to Sokka 
and begin charging a Bomb. Throw it at the boulder and immediately 
Boomerang it to make it explode immediately. Then chop down the tree. 
Air Blast the
 create to the right over the vent and use Air Vent to flip 
it. Quickly transfer all the water in the full crate to the empty one. 
Now Air Blast the empty crate up and continue. When you cross, run 
down to the bottom. See the gray floor switch? See how you the switch 
and the box line up? From the single bottom water tile, Ice Bridge 
up and right twice. Now haul ass back behind that full crate of water 
and push it over to the
 switch. Then run up and through the gate. You're 
free from the drill once more.

Continue right and up the stairs. There's a save crystal there - use 

#  -> VI:  Avatar vs Avatar     - [Final] #

Head up and into the next room. Back to nice, simple, non-nerve-wracking

Head up and move Katara through the fountain. Run along the path and jump
to the bottom. A gate will open. So switch to Aang's group and head over
there. Have Sokka stand and pull the switch. Move Aang through the newly
opened gate and have him stand on THAT switch. Now change back to Sokka
and go through HIS newly opened gate. Continue along the path until he,
too, jumps down. Move Aang forward until he jumps down.

Move forward for a cutscene. The Maker appears, riding on giant furnace
tank thing. That thing is HER Avatar. And we have to stop it.


You'll start as Aang. Move out of the way of the furnace before it spews
fire at you. Next, as the guns on either side of the furnace begin moving,
you move in the OPPOSITE direction. The left side spits fire and the left
spits ice. Eventually, they'll strike together, so stay in the middle.
You attack this monster by Air Blasting into the furnace part of it.
Eventually, the furnace will close and you'll switch to Katara.

A vent on the side will open and rocks begin to rain down from the top
of the Avatar, rolling along Katara's moving space. The vent will be
continuously blasting air at you, making it hard to move to the right.
But struggle forward, avoiding the rocks (they fall in a simple, set
pattern) and make a two-panel Ice Bridge that will line you up with the
Avatar's vent. Water Whip it. You'll probably only get one shot in
before it switches to Sokka.

As Sokka, the rock rain is more deadly. They fall from above you, but
again - it's a pretty set pattern. Boomerang the grate in front of you.
Eventually, the cannons will lower and you'll return to Aang.

The fire and ice cannons will become faster and shoot farther to each
side as you batter the front of the machine. When it's on its last
legs, it'll fire both out front and then swerve them to each side.
All you can do is stay in the middle and try not to get hit.
Then the streams will actually cross and form an X. This will happen
after the swaying part, so haul butt to one of the bottom corners.

On Katara's side, the rocks will change patterns as it goes. First the
order they fall in will change, then they'll start coming out in pairs.
First two high, then two low. Then one high and one low. That final part
is when you can safely Ice Bridge/Water Whip.

For Sokka, the falling rocks speed up and take on different patterns
as he Boomerangs the grate. 


The Maker isn't finished yet. Though the three friends unite, the 
Avatar Tank isn't dead yet. It fires once more, and Katara takes the
hit for Aang. 

This pushes Aang over the edge. He enters the Avatar State. Rising
up in a shield of air, Aang flings attack of each element at the Tank.
He collapses to his knees after. In the end, Katara's okay, and Aang
is feeling more himself. 

And thus ends our game.

Wait... what?

Yes, folks. Avatar is a very... short... game. A VERY short game. A
very short and, outrunning the Drill aside, very EASY game. THQ clearly
rushes this one out. Avatar would work better as a sidescroller. Hell,
even an RPG would be pretty nifty. The Avatar State could be brought on
by low HP (of Aang or his buddies). And for the sake of the Nine, where
was TOPH? 

In any case, you've beaten the game. Now take it back to the rental place/
retail outlet you bought it. There's no post-game stuff, no visiting past
areas. Nothing. To give you some idea of how short this game is - my final
time before the last boss was 2:58. And that's with probably half an hour
total spent learning the drill puzzle patterns. Now that's SAD.

# 04: Conclusion                - [Thnks] #

Well, first, thank YOU for reading. I know I tend to waffle a bit, so
I'm glad you decided to at least glance through my guide. I hope I
could help you out.

I'd like to thank THQ for making the game, but it wasn't much OF a
game. I beat it like twice in one day, and that included while writing
this guide. Both times I beat the game, I did it in under 3 hours. The
time I played while writing this guide I beat it even faster.

Gamefaqs should be thanked for hosting it - now give us Classic Style

And finally... I'd like to thank my WRISTS. For holding out as I wrote
this and played at the same time.

See you next mission.

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