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FAQ/Walkthrough by Unlimiting

Version: 0.45 | Updated: 11/19/04

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1) Introduction/Updates
2) Basics
   a) Controls (Ctrl)
   b) Characters (Ch)
   c) Fighting Tips (Fght)
   d) Setting 'Techniques' (STech)
3) Walkthrough
   a) Sonic Episode (Snc)
   b) Tails Episode (Ts)
   c) Rouge Episode (Rg)
   d) Knuckles Episode (Kn)
   e) Amy Episode (amye)
   f) Cream Episode (Crm)
   g) Shadow Episode (Sdo)
   h) Emerl Episode (Erl)
4) Secrets
   a) Combo Cards (CC)
   b) Unlockables (Ub)
   c) Secret Characters (SCC)
5) Legal Stuff

1) Introduction/Updates
Welcome to the Sonic Battle FAQ.  This FAQ is designed to help you 
complete this game.  Good Luck! (Also, the Difficulty ratings are based
upon my opinions.  That is how hard I think the battle is, and I most
likely will have a different opinion from the readers.)

Version 0.45:-Sonic, Tails
            -First Finished Version.
2) Basics
a) Controls (Ctrl)

Buttons used when not battling:

The A-Button: Enter locations throughout Sonic Battle.  Move text
along when talking.
The B-Button: Hold down when moving to make arrow move faster.
The R-Button: Open Menu to customize moves.
The L-Button: Nothing.
The Start-Button: Opens Pause menu.  Select 'Quit' to exit back to the main
The Select-Button: Nothing.
The D-Pad: Move arrow around as your character follows.

Buttons used when battling:

The A-Button: Jump, while in mid-air perform Air Action.
The B-Button: Basic attack.  3 presses performs a combo, 4 presses executes
the same combo with a Heavy Attack at the end of it.  Pressing the D-pad
left, up, right, or down + B executes a Heavy Attack.
The R-Button: Special attacks.  In the beginning of the battle you set 2 of
3 special attacks.  Explained in Fighting Tips Section.
The L-Button: Tapping 'L' executes a block.  Holding 'L' allows you to heal.
The Start-Button: Opens Pause menu.  Selecting 'Quit' exits the battle.
The Select-Button: Nothing.
The D-Pad: Moves your character around in 8 directions.  Pressing the D-Pad
in the direction you performed a Heavy Attack executes a 'Pursuit.'
'Pursuits' explained in Fighting Tips section.  Double-tapping makes your
character Dash. (Ex. Double-tap to the right and you dash right)

2b) Characters (Ch)
-Playable Characters:

Sonic:  He is the easiest character to use.  Very well-rounded.  Moderate
strength and defense.  Special attacks are much better than those of other
characters.  He is also the second fastest character. However, he has a 
weak healing skill.

Tails:  His attacks use inventions that he put together.  Such as the Magic
Hook.  His strength and defense is moderate.  The only trap that chases
opponents down.  Has moderate speed and healing skills.  Not the best special
attacks though.

Knuckles:  He is very strong, however he lacks speed.  Precise timing of
his attacks are necessary to be able to dish out real damage.  His special
attacks are better than Tails.  The third slowest character.  He has an
average healing skill.

Rouge:  She is the only character that can fly, however this doesn't make up
for her lack of skill to fight.  She has average speed like Tails, and only
her Power specials are very effective.  Has a heal skill much like Sonics.

Amy:  Shes fast, and her heal skill is moderate.  Her jabs don't take off much
but the Hammer swings do.  Her special attacks are nice.  She isn't the 
strongest character.

Cream:  Aside from having the best jump skill and healing skill, Cream isn't
the greatest.  She uses a doll which usually spins around Cream to attack.
Her special attacks aren't great aside from her Power special attacks.

Shadow:  The fastest character there is, his pursuit attack is also very
fast and strong.  He mainly relies on his power of Chaos Control to defeat
his opponents.  His Airshoes make it hard for him to stop.  His best special
attack is his Air and Ground Power.

E-102/Gamma/Omega:  A robot who's purpose is to serve Dr. Eggman.  He is
very slow, however his heal skill is the best for healing your life.  Slow
attacks, and horrible specials make him an easy opponent.  His attacks are
based more on hitting the enemy multiple times.  Used correctly, he can be a
more formidable foe.

Emerl:  Discovered by Sonic on Emerald Beach.  Emerl is the strongest of all
characters.  However, in the beginning he is very weak.  The power to absorb
other characters moves simply by battling allows him to copy their every move.
Imagine Sonics Specials, with Shadows Speed, and Knuckles Power.  You can
customize Emerl's Techniques after copying other characters attacks.

-Non-Playable Characters:

Dr. Eggman:  The nemesis of Sonic and his friends.  He first discovers Emerl
and dumps him on the beach.  His robots are all copies of Emerl.

-Dr. Eggman Robots:

Phi(s):  Robots created by Eggman in hopes to replace Emerl.  They are run by
small chaos emerald shards.  Appears throughout the game.  There are also 
different ones modeled after Sonic and his friends.(They attack like Sonic
or one of the other characters)

E-102r/Gamma/Omega:  He is often given objectives to capture Emerl or destroy
Sonic and his friends.  He appears throughout the game.

Miscallaneous Enemies:

Chaos:  During Emerl's Episode, Chaos appears when 'great danger threatens
the world.'  He is the slowest character in the game, but the Strongest
one too.

Guard Robos:  They are basically unpainted E-102's.  They appear throughout
the game.  Mostly used as security guards.

2c) Fighting Tips (Fght)
-Pursuit attacks are performed after a Heavy attack.  To perform the pursuit
press the D-Pad in the direction the character was hit.  (Ex.  The character
was hit to the right by a heavy attack, so you press right to pursue them)
Afterwards you press the B-Button to execute the Pursuit Attack.  However,
timing it correctly causes more damage.

-Countering a pursuit attack is quite difficult.  Usually when you are hit by
a heavy attack you slam into the wall and receive a beating.  However there is
a chance that you can counter the pursuit and instead take the beating to them.
After you are hit by the heavy attack push the D-Pad in the opposite direction
you were hit.  (Ex.  You are hit to the left, so you press and hold right)
If you do this correctly you will jump off the wall and towards the other
character.  Then you can perform your pursuit attack on them.  This is a very
tricky technique and requires quick reflexes.  However, even then the percent
of you actually hitting them first before you are hit is extremely low.

-Blocking is an underrated technique.  If you can block their attack, you can
follow up with a combo, heavy attack, and pursuit attack.  However the CPU is
obviously a much better blocker so be careful.  Blocking a special attack that
is charged fully, will fill your Ichikoro Guage, the green bar above your life.

-Holding the Block button will allow you to heal.  However you hardly get the
chance to heal.  So every time you defeat a character and they are trying to
respawn, heal in between that time.  Even if its just a little damage that you
heal, it could be a punch more that you can take.

-Use special attacks a lot.  If you hit them with a combo, pursuit attack, and
then follow up with a special, then you'll seriously be doing some damage.

-Be careful of characters that are flashing.  This means their Ichikoro Gauge
is full and can kill anyone with a single special attack.  However if you can
block their special attack, it will fill up your Ichikoro Gauge completely.

2d) Setting 'Techniques' (STech)
Setting Techniques for Battle:

-Whenever Emerl is in battle, he watches opponents as they use attacks and he
recreates them into a card which you receive at the end of the battle.  After
that you can press the 'R' Button outside of battle and open the menu, go to
edit skills, and then look for the card and Load it into Emerl's system.  You
can now use that technique as if you were another character.  Finding many
combinations of characters techniques makes for a powerful character.

-Skill Points are used to set the techniques you capture during the game.
Skill points are accumulated according to how you battle, and when you
collect a Chaos Emerald.  The maximum is 500.  At the top of each card are
a set number of stars.  Each star represents 5 skill points.  The maximum # of
stars on a card can be 6.  So you'll need 30 skill points to set a 6-star card.
To figure out how much Skill points you receive during battle is easy.  Each
battle won that you got hit and died in, earns you 1 skill point.  A battle
in which you never die but got hit earns you 2 Skill points, and if you never
get hit or die in the battle, you get 5 Skill points.  Collecting a chaos
emerald earns you a whoppin 10 Skill Points!  You can also replay episodes
to collect a chaos emerald for even more skill points.

-The techniques you receive are random.  However it will be an attack from the
character(s) whom you are fighting with or against.  So if Sonic, Tails, and
Knuckles all battle and Emerl is present, you receive 3 random cards, 1 for
Sonic, 1 for Tails, and 1 for Knuckles.  In some very rare cases, you get a
rare card and instead of the normal green background shown when you receive
your cards, you get a light blue background and a random rare card.

-Rare Cards are very hard to come by, and they are usually very powerful.  
There are several categories which are only filled with rare cards.  They are
Attack Support, Strength Support, Other Support, and Colors 1, 2, and 3.
Attack Support increases the strength of Emerl's attacks.  Strength Support
increases Emerl's ability to take damage, and Other Support cards are special
cards which may increase Emerl's Speed or reduce the effect of gravity on
Emerl.  Color changes Emerls body colors, obviously.

Setting Special Attacks in Battle:

-When you begin Battling, or die during battle, you are brought to a screen
with 3 choices.  Shot, Pow, and Set.  The first one you choose will be set to
Ground.  When you press the R-Button on the Ground you will use the selected
Special Attack.  So if you chose Shot for Ground, you will use your Ground
Shot Skill.  The second choice you make will be set for Air.  This means that
when you jump and press the R-Button the selected Special Attack is used.  And
the last choice will be Defend.  This means that if an opponent uses a special
attack and you selected Defend for the same type of attack, you will block the
oncoming attack automatically and receive no damage.

-Shot refers to your Ground and Air Shot skills.  Pow refers to Ground and Air
Power skills, and finally Set are your Ground and Air Trap Skills.

-Your opponents can only block one special attack and you have two set.  Use
this knowledge to your advantage if you have a tough time against an enemy who
is constantly blocking your attacks.  You can mercilessly pound on them with
the same attack over and over until they die and the CPU doesn't block unless
you are attacking with a regular combo.

3) Walkthrough
a)Sonics Episode (Snc)

-The opening of Sonics Episode shows Emerl and Dr. Eggman.  Eggman is trying
to get Emerl to fight however he doesn't respond to him.  So Eggman dumps him
on Emerald Beach.  Then Sonic shows up and you need to run over to Emerald
Beach to find him.  Its a little down of where you begin.  A white circle
will show the words 'Emerald Beach' when you select it.  Press the 'A' button
on it and Sonic will appear with Emerl.  He tries to talk to it and finds out
soon enough that it is very old.  Emerl barely talking asks Sonic to show it
his power.  Sonic shows his power and it begins to follow Sonic around like a
dog.  Sonic says they should head over to Tails House and they run together.
Right after that, Rouge shows up, and she is disappointed that Sonic found
Emerl first.

-North of Emerald Beach, the 2nd street on the left is Tails House.  There is
another white circle to indicate Tails House.  However after you click on it
you soon find Shadow and he tries to attack Emerl.  You have to press 'No' and
you will battle Shadow.


Opponents: Shadow
Battle Type: Survival
Difficulty: (1-5) 1

Strategy: You have three lives and you have to protect Emerl.  However this
battle is fairly simple.  Shadow barely attacks and you can just wail on him
mercilessly.  Easy battle.

-After the battle Shadow asks Sonic to 'take care of Emerl,' and leaves.  
Tails shows up soon after and asks Sonic about that robot behind him.  Sonic
tells him he found it by the beach and is heading back there because he 
noticed Rouge there earlier.  Sonic leaves Emerl with Tails and now you have
to head back to Emerald Beach.

-When you reach Emerald Beach Sonic finds Rouge.  They talk for a little while
and Rouge bets that if she beats Sonic, they will have to be partners.  Sonic
says 'fine, whatever.'  Then you battle Rouge.

Round 1

Opponents: Rouge
Battle Type: Survival
Difficulty: 1

Strategy: Rouge is easy to beat.  Three lives each, just do what you did to
Shadow, wail on Rouge relentlessly.  She'll hardly do much, unless you let 
her attack you.

-After the battle, she says she always gets what she wants and she won't
give up yet.

Round 2

Strategy: Same deal, except you have five lives.

-After the battle she'll say she thinks you had enough for today and leave.
Now you have to go check up on Tails at his Lab.  His Lab is located north
of Emerald Beach on the first street on the right.  The white circle there
should be Tails Lab.  When you try to enter, a Emerl look-alike will appear
and battle Sonic.


Opponents: Phi
Battle Type: Survival
Difficulty: 1

Strategy: This Phi is slow, weak and extremely easy.  Just give it a good
thrashing and you'll put it down.

-After the battle you'll see Tails and Emerl.  Then Tails will say how there
is a robot just like the one they have and it robbed a bunch of jewelry
stores.  Sonic will say he just encountered the 'fake.'  Then he'll ask what
Tails found out about Emerl.  Tails explains that the robot has some really
amazing technology in it.  Sonic on the other hand doesn't think so.  Tails
says to wait outside.  Afterwards, when you re-enter Tails Lab he'll instruct
you to perform 5 Heavy Attacks against Emerl.


Opponents: Emerl
Battle Type: Timed
Difficulty: 1

Strategy: Not really a battle.  Just hit Emerl with 5 Heavy Attacks.  You have
two minutes.  

-After the battle, Emerl automatically copies Sonics Heavy Attack.  Now Tails
instructs you to perform 5 Upper Attacks.


Opponents: Emerl
Battle Type: Timed
Difficulty: 1

Strategy: Again this is more of a tutorial battle.  Perform 5 Upper Attacks
and within the two minutes again.  In case you don't know how to do an upper
attack, you press the D-Pad in the direction opposite you are facing and 'B.'
(Ex.  Facing right, press left + B)

-After this battle, Emerl copies Sonics Upper Attack.  Then Tails explains
that it is powered by Chaos Emeralds and if it absorbs enough it will be able
to speak properly.  Next is that Emerl has the ability to adopt attack
techniques and create new moves based on the captured data.  Tails also says
that the system is limited by something called Skill Points.  Afterwards
Sonic says they should start training it.


Opponents: Tails, Emerl
Battle Type: KO, Free-for-all
Difficulty: 1

Strategy: Just concentrate on getting 10 KO's.  This battle is fairly easy.
Just wail on Tails and Emerl until you win.  If for some reason you do have
trouble winning, try using your special attacks.

-When you finish battling, Sonic says that Tails needs more practice and they
should head over to Emerald Beach.  So when you get there prepare for yet
another battle.


Opponents: Tails, Emerl
Battle Type: KO, Free-for-all
Difficulty: 1

Strategy: Same strategy from last battle.  Beat on Tails and Emerl and you'll
net an easy win again.

-After this battle Sonic and Tails notice a robot in front of Tails House.  As
you'll soon find out that it is one of the many Phis the Dr. has running amuck.
Sonic suggests that Emerl takes this fight on alone.  So get ready for another
1-on-1 match.

Round 1

Opponents: Phi
Battle Type: Survival
Difficulty: 1

Strategy: That Phi must be the first failed prototype or something because
this battle is easier than sleeping.  Pound this Phi however you wish.

-Oh no, its coming back...give him another smackdown.

Round 2

Strategy: He should've malfunctioned and died but no, so here it comes
again.  Just give him another quick beating and move on.

-After you win, Sonic suggests that they head up to Knuckles place since he has
a Chaos Emerald and maybe he'll let you borrow it.  So head up past Tails
House until you see an arrow pointing up.  This leads to Holy Summit.  On the
way to Knuckles place, your first encounter with E-102 occurs.  They mix him
up for another robot named Gamma.  However he isn't Gamma so prepare for a
fight yet again.

Round 1

Opponents: E-102
Battle Type: Survival, Teams
Difficulty: 1

Strategy: It's a 3-on-1 battle and your on the 3 side.  The only real danger
that E-102 poses is when you kill him, he drops and says "Initiating Recovery
Mode," when you see this or hear him say this run away.  He'll explode causing
a good amount of damage to those not on his team.  However this battle should
be short since Emerl and Tails help you dismantle this persistent mech.

-I hope you don't think that its over, because he's ready for Round 2!

Round 2

Strategy: Not really a difference from Round 1.  His attacks do pack a little
more power in them but since he's very slow it won't really matter.  Teach him
a lesson by slamming him into the off position.

-Now that you've short-circuited that metal scrap heap, move on to Knuckles
place.  It's right near where you fought E-102.  When you arrive there, Sonic
asks Knuckles if he can borrow his Chaos Emerald.  Knuckles however sees Emerl
and mistakes him for the Phis running rampant.  He becomes enraged and Sonic
sighs as he says to Emerl that once Knuckles gets riled up, he won't stop
unless its someone stronger than him that he fights.  Ready to fight Knuckles?

Round 1

Opponents: Knuckles
Battle Type: Survival
Difficulty: 1

Strategy: Knuckles is a fairly easy opponent as long as you dodge his attacks.
A 5-life battle should make this one quick.  Just outrun him or block his
punches and you can hit him back.

-After this battle Knuckles comments on how Emerl attacks are similars to
Sonic's moves.  He doesn't give up just yet though.  Get ready for Round 2.

Round 2

Strategy: Except for the fact that it's a 10-life battle, everything is the
same.  Once again watch for his punches and you'll do just fine.

-Afterwards Sonic explains that this robot isn't the one Knuckles saw on TV.
Knuckles wants to know what it is but Sonic and Tails don't know.  So he hands
over his Chaos Emerald and Emerl absorbs it and you get a 10-Skill Point boost
as well.  Following that, Emerl begins to speak a little properly and Sonic
is shocked as the episode ends.  Congratulations, Sonics episode is now done!

b) Tails Episode (Ts)
-The opening of Tails Episode begins with Sonic taking Emerl to the beach to
train.  Tails says that when Emerl absorbed the Chaos Emerald there was a very
strange reaction.  He wants to take Emerl to the 'Central Lab' in 'Central
City' to do a full examination.  When you head to the beach to get Emerl,
Sonic asks you to stay and battle with them.


Opponents: Sonic, Emerl
Battle Type: KO, Free-for-All
Difficulty: 2

Strategy: Unless you've trained Emerl to an insanely powerful level, you need
only worry about Sonic.  Since Emerl should still be slow and weak just beat
on him for the easy 10-KO win, of course you can also wail on Sonic.

-Tails asks Sonic if he can take Emerl to the 'Central Lab.'  However Emerl
doesn't listen to Tails until Sonic demands him to obey Tails.  Then Emerl
suddenly jumps up and follows Tails.  Now you should head up to Central City.
Its up one street from Tails House and east from there.  When you reach the
city there should be a white circle next to a big blue building.  This is the
'Central Lab.'  However security refuses to let you pass.  So head back to the
white circle which says 'Crossing.'  Here you'll meet Rouge and she'll give 
you a card to pass security if you can beat her in a battle.  The conversation
is much longer than that but I shortened it.


Opponents: Rouge
Battle Type: KO, Teams
Difficulty: 1

Strategy: This battle is easy.  Its 2-on-1 and Rouge isn't very strong.  Emerl
helps a little or a lot once again depending on how strong you've made him.
Just give her a quick beating and collect your prize.

-After you win, you get the Lab Pass.  Tails thanks Rouge and Emerl copies.
Rouge asked Emerl his name but Emerl didn't reply.  Rouge says that Emerl does
not listen to anyone except his master and leaves.  Afterwards head back to
the Lab and you'll get past the Security guards with your pass.  When you're
inside you head for the computer and begin examining Emerl.  You learn that it
is called 'Gizoid,' and that its power to copy moves and weapons will loop
indefinitely causing Gizoid to overload with power and go insane.  Tails
surprised by this is attacked by a Guard Robo.


Opponents: Guard Robo
Battle Type: Survival, Teams
Difficulty: 1

Strategy: Hmm...he looks awfully a lot like E-102, fights just like him, and
the only difference is their color and inability to talk.  Its Mortal Kombat
all over again.  He is easy, if he fights like E-102, then hes slow like him.
Mercilessly lay a beating down and you'll win.

-When you win the battle, more Guard Robos show up to slow you down.


Opponents: Guard Robo x2
Battle Type: Survival, Teams
Difficulty: 2

Strategy: The only thing you need to watch for is when you kill one.  They
explode and deal out much more damage than before.  Needless to say, block it.
Nothing new, just combo, heavy attack, pursuit attack and repeat.

-After you win this second battle, you must now head to the 'Crossing.'  When
you arrive, Guard Robos attack again.


Opponents: Guard Robo x2
Battle Type: Survival, Teams
Difficulty: 2

Strategy: These guys have some really bad programming I guess.  Teach them
another lesson on when to give up with a nice thrashing.  They should go down

-Tails suggests that they go through 'Holy Summit' to reach 'Emerald Town.'
To get to Holy Summit you must take the 'Highway' which is just to the right
of where you are.  When you go there, Shadow appears.  He asks Tails why he
doesn't destroy Emerl since he could destroy the entire world.  Tails says
hes a friend and if Shadow attacks Emerl, Tails will have to fight back.  He
then says something about "past tragedies being repeated," and attacks.


Opponents: Shadow (FINALLY! NO GUARD ROBOS!)
Battle Type: KO, Teams
Difficulty: 3

Strategy: Shadow is quick and strong.  If your Emerl isn't strong yet, you can
only depend on him as a distraction mostly.  Try using Power and Trap special
attacks.  I suggest Air Power attacks and Ground Traps.  Watch for his heavy
attack, Chaos Nightmare.  It is very powerful and he most likely will follow
up with his pursuit which is even stronger, impossible to counter, and the
fastest one in the game.  If you manage to receive one of these cards, my
suggestion would be to use them.

-After you hopefully beat Shadow, Rouge shows up and takes Shadow away.(They
talk about stuff not important to the game.)  Now you should head up to the
'Office.'  It's north of the Highway.  This is the last Guard Robo you fight.


Opponents: Guard Robo
Battle Type: Survival, Teams
Difficulty: 1

Strategy: I refuse to tell how to beat the Guard Robo since I did it already.
Look a couple battles back if you really need help.

-After thrashing the Guard Robo, head up to 'Holy Summit.'  Head to Knuckles
house.  When you get there, Emerl refuses to listen to Knuckles, which pretty
much angers Knuckles into fighting with Emerl again.


Opponents: Knuckles
Battle Type: KO
Difficulty: 2

Strategy: Knuckles is slow but very powerful if his combos connect.  Avoid it,
and hit him with combos of your own.  His Ground POW special is the only one
you should worry about.  He winds his fist back, then hurls it forward to make
an explosion which sends you flying with a ton of damage.  If you keep moving,
you'll be fine.

-After brawling with Knuckles again, Tails says that Knuckles has to go with
them to 'Emerald Town' to find Sonic.  He has something important to tell to
the both of them.  Knuckles notices some 'company' over at the 'Bridge.'  Its
E-102 or Gamma as they refer to him.  He's here for a rematch.

Round 1

Opponents: E-102
Battle Type: Survival, Teams
Difficulty: 3

Strategy: E-102 is powerful and his explosions hurt.  Dodge his last dying
efforts (his explosion when he dies) by blocking or simply moving away because
if you are hit, you'll be dead soon enough if you survived it.  However E-102
is no different from the Guard Robos.  Just a little stronger.

-Oh boy, guess what.  He's not done yet.

Round 2

Strategy: Yikes, he's really surging with bad programming now.  If you are hit
by him you are definitely in for it.  His attacks are much more damaging AND
he can take even more punishment.  Still he lacks speed to dish it out often.
Once again speed is your advantage against this powerhouse.

-When you beat him again, he still refuses to go down and short circuit.  So
Knuckles says he'll handle him while you go to 'Emerald Town.'  So leave and
head to the arrow which says 'Emerald Town.'  Then head over to Emerald Beach.
Sonic is here and when you arrive you tell Sonic all about Emerl.  He finds it
very hard to believe since Tails is accusing Emerl of being the World's 
Deadliest Weapon.'  Knuckles arrives afterwards and tries to talk to Emerl yet
again.  Sonic tells him to ignore Knuckles.  Knuckles gets riled up and Sonic
brawls with him and Emerl jumps in, then its the end of the episode!

c) Rouge's Episode (Rg)
-The episode begins with Rouge talking with the president of (I'm not sure).
He tells Rouge of 'Gizoid' which you know about already.  Rouge will receive
a pass to access the computer in the lab.  However she has other plans and
decides to look up security systems for museums and art galleries to rob them.
She runs into a problem when Dr. Eggman is already logged in and searching for
data on 'Gizoid.'  Now you gain control of Rouge and should head down to the
Highway to meet with Dr. Eggman.  Rouge talks with him and then you fight with
his first of many to come 'Phi.'


Opponents: Phi#1
Battle Type:

4) Secrets
Combo Cards (CC)

-Combo cards are very powerful and rare ground power techniques.  Each of the
cards uses a combo based on one of the games characters, excluding Emerl,
Guard Robos, Phis, and Eggman.  They are all 6-star cards (30 Skill Points to
set one, ouch) however it is 6-stars for a reason.  If you can catch an enemy
with a combo card, their pretty much dead, AND they cannot block it by setting
Defend against POW specials.  So they can only block it manually, which is to
say that they probably won't be able to block it.  If the Ichikoro Gauge is
full, you punch them once and they die.  Really good stuff that you should
always use.

-To obtain each of the cards, you must first complete the game.  Then play
Emerl's Episode again.  You'll notice a new, slightly hidden, circle has become
'unlocked' in Central City.  It is the Sonic Team Building.  Here you can
unlock a combo card using a password (which I have no idea how to obtain).
There is one for each character, so there are 9 passwords and combo cards.
Here are the passwords:
-Input each password as it is, no spaces before, in-between, or after.  You'll
receive a card for a character for each password.  I use Sonics Combo Card and
it works well in Virtual Training. (I found these in the Codes Section of

Unlockables (Ub)
-Mini Games
*Soniclash: Unlocked after beating Sonic's Episode.
*Tails Fly: Unlocked after beating Tail's Episode.
=Knuckles Mine Hunt: Unlocked after beating Knuckle's Episode.
*Amy's Treasure Hunt: Unlocked after beating Amy's Episode.
*Shadow Dash: Unlocked after beating Shadow's Episode.

Secret Characters (SCC)
E-102r/Gamma/Omega: I think you unlock him by beating Shadow's episode.  
I can't remember and I unlocked him a while ago.

Chaos: Fight and beat him in Emerl's Episode.  He's north of where you start
the episode on Holy Summit.

5) Legal Stuff

-This FAQ cannot be reproduced in any form without my approval.  If you post
this FAQ with my permission you must credit me as the author.

-Sonic Battle is a Trademark of Sega or Sonic Team.  I don't know.  Its also
Copyrighted by one of those companies.


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