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Chao FAQ by Ed the Sloggie

Version: 6.8 | Updated: 02/10/04

 S      O   O  N N   N    I     CC
S      O     O N N   N    I    C
 SSSS  O     O N  N  N    I    C
     S O     O N  N  N    I    C
    S   O   O  N   N N    I     CC

  A   DDD  V   V   A   NN  N  CCC EEEEE
 A A  D  D V   V  A A  N N N C    E
A   A D  D V   V A   A N N N C    EEEE
A   A DDD    V   A   A N  NN  CCC EEEEE

 CCC H   H   A    OO    FFFF  A    QQQ
C    HHHHH  A A  O  O   F    A A  Q   Q
 CCC H   H A   A  OO    F   A   A  QQQQ

By Ed the Sloggie
Version 6.8

02/19/2002: Version 1.0 -- First Release.
02/22/2002: Version 2.0 -- Corrected Fruits and Toys.
02/22/2002: Version 3.0 -- Forgot to check my e-mail before making update last
time.  I'll try to fit everything in.
02/22/2002: Version 4.0 -- Added some info in a simpler form.
02/24/2002: Version 4.5 -- Only a few corrections here.
02/26/2002: Version 5.0 -- Some corrections made.
02/26/2002: Version 5.1 -- Only changing the Legal Stuff section - follow the
02/28/2002: Version 6.0 -- New section added; "Data Delete Ring Problem".
03/02/2002: Version 6.5 -- Major updates to "Data Delete" and "Mini-Games"
03/12/2002: Version 6.6 -- Just a bit of change, mainly my E-Mail address.
03/26/2002: Version 6.7 -- Some info about the codes in "Data Delete"...
02/04/2004: Version 6.8 -- A few minor changes, mostly in e-mail.
Q.  What is the Tiny Chao Garden?
A.  It's a place where you raise cute little creatures called Chaos.

Q.  What's the point?
A.  Besides having fun?  If you have a Nintendo GameCube, you can transfer your
Chaos to Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and have them participate in mini-games.

Q.  Why are you phrasing all the topics in the form of a question?
A.  Because this is a FAQ: Frequently Asked Question list.  Next section!

Q.  How do I access the Tiny Chao Garden?
A.  It's the last option on the Main Menu.

Q.  How do I save?
A.  Press the START button, and choose "Save & Exit".

Q.  How do I earn rings?
A.  By either collecting them in the main game, or playing one of two

Q.  I want to start the main game over, but I don't want to lose my Chao.  What
can I do?
A.  If you choose "Delete Data" from the Options menu, your Chao is not
deleted.  However, you will not gain rings you earn in the main game (3). 
Please read the section "Data Delete Ring Problem".

Q.  How can I start over?
A.  You can't.  Not unless you whack your cartridge, or screw up the data with

Q.  How do I hatch my Chao egg?
A.  Just keep petting it.  It'll hatch soon enough.  It'll also hatch on its
own if you just leave it there (1).

Q.  How do I rename my Chao?
A.  Move the cursor over the name and press A.

Q.  Okay, I've hatched my egg and given it a cool name.  Now what?
A.  Now you should go on to the next section.

Q.  What do those bars represent?
A.  The first bar is Mood, or how your Chao is feeling.  Try to keep it full. 
The second bar is Belly, or how hungry the Chao is.  When it's full, it won't
eat any more.  The rest of the bars are its statistics.  Feed your Chao to make
it stronger!

Q.  How do I make my Chao happier?
A.  Some foods increase its Mood.  You can also give it a pat on the head, but
it sometimes takes a few pats.

Q.  How do I feed my Chao?
A.  Press the L button to open up the store.  Select one of the foods and give
it to your Chao.  If it's belly is full, it won't eat most foods.

Q.  What about these weeds?
A.  A lot of weeds tells the Chao you don't care about it.  Pick them as soon
as possible.

Q.  How do I get a new Chao?
A.  That's covered in the next section.

Q.  How many Chao can I have at one time?
A.  One.

Q.  Can I make room for new Chao without getting rid of my old one?
A.  Not without Sonic Adventure 2 Battle.

Q.  How do I get rid of my Chao?
A.  You cruel beast!  Ah well, at some point you may become tired of your
current Chao.  If you REALLY want to make it run away, this is what you do:  1.
Don't feed it.  2. Don't pet it.  3. Don't pick weeds.  4. If it goes to sleep,
wake it up.  When both it's Mood and Belly meters are empty, it will become mad
at you. Do not touch your Chao at all after this point.  After a time, it will
up and leave.  BE CAREFUL!  If you don't have another egg at the time, you'll
have to start over with the normal egg.

Q.  How do I get my Chao to grow up/evolve?
A.  Unless you have Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, you can't.  Sorry.

Q.  What are the other items for?
A.  The egg is another Chao egg.  You can only have one extra Chao egg at a
time.  The last item is a toy for your Chao.

Q.  What do I do with an Egg?
A.  Hatch it or let it sit there until you make room.  You can only hatch it if
you don't have a Chao (i.e. it ran away, or you transported it to the Chao
Garden in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle).  Different colored eggs only get you
differently colored Chao's. I have Gold.

Q.  What do I do with a toy?
A.  Look at the Lists for what different items do.

Q.  How do I access the mini-games?
A.  See those GameBoy Advance icons in the corner of the Garden?  The white is
the Rocks-Paper-Scissors Merry-go-Round, and the purple is the Matching Pairs

Q.  How do I play Rocks-Paper-Scissors?
A.  You have thirty seconds for this one.  There will be three triangles a the
bottom, and a conveyor belt of icons at the top.  Selecting a triangle will
cause it to fly up and (hopefully) intersect another icon.  As long as you have
tries left, it'll be replaced with a new icon.  The symbols go as follows: Two
fingers - Scissors; Flat hand - Paper; Fist - Rock.  Paper beats Rock, Rock
beats Scissors, Scissors beats Paper.  You get one ring for each win.  If it
doesn't hit an icon, you lose a try - you have five tries.  If it hits a
similar icon, it's a draw - no coins, but you don't lose a try.  If it hits an
icon that beats it, you lose a try.  If you manage to clear all the icons, you
get another ten seconds and a new line of icons to match.  The second line is
worth 2 rings each; the third, 3 rings, and so on (2).  If you run out of time
or tries, it's Game Over.  My best score is 99, which is the highest score you
can get (2).

Q.  How do I play Matching Pairs?
A.  The outer ring is worth 1 ring, the middle 3 rings, and the inner two
squares 5 rings.  You'll briefly see the icons at the beginning - try to
remember them.  They'll be flipped over, and your Chao will come out and pust
them around.  If you press the A button while it's pushing them, it'll slip and
the tile won't be moved (4).  You can then select tiles and try to match them. 
If you get a pair, both ring values will be added to your score.  If it's not a
match, they'll flip back over and you'll gain a Miss.  Three misses and its
Game Over.  If you clear all the tiles, you get a bonus determined by the
number of Misses remaining.  It's +10 for the first Miss, +20 for the second,
and +30 for the third, so if you got no Misses, you'd get a whopping +30 rings!
(5)  My best score is 48.

Q.  Why are your Mini-game descriptions so long?
A.  I want to make sure EVERYTHING is understood.  I had to figure these out
myself.  And don't worry if you get a Game Over, you'll still earn the rings.

E-Mail me at aeisenmann@attbi.com if you have any additions/corrections.  But
please, do NOT send me another e-mail asking (a) what the difference between
eggs is, or (b) how to hatch another one.  (a:  No difference, b:  Make your
old Chao run away.)

My Name      |Cost|Mood|Belly|Swim|Fly |Run |Pow |Stam|
Orange       | 30 | +1 | +2  | +3 | -2 | -- | +3 | +1 |
Blue Squash  | 60 | -- | +1  | +2 | +5 | -- | -1 | +3 |
Strawberry   | 55 | +2 | +2  | +4 | -3 | +4 | -3 | +2 |
Sour Apple   | 50 | -1 | +1  | -- | -- | +3 | +4 | +2 |
3-Sided Plum | 30 | +1 | +2  | -2 | +3 | +3 | -1 | +1 |
Pear         | 55 | +2 | +2  | -3 | +4 | -3 | +4 | +2 |
Bitter Square| 70 | -3 | --  | +3 | +1 | +3 | +2 | -5 |

Color   | Cost | Chao Color |
Spotted |     0| Normal     |
Silver  |   500| Silver     |
Gold    | 1 000| Gold       |
Pink    | 5 000| Ruby       |
Blue    | 7 000| Sapphire   |
Purple  | 8 000| Amethyst   |
Teal    |10 000| Emerald    |
Red     |12 000| Garnet     |
Cyan    |14 000| Aquamarine |
Lime    |16 000| Peridot    |
Orange  |18 000| Topaz      |
Black   |20 000| Onyx       |

Name    | Cost | Effect
Bugle   | 1 000| Give it to your Chao to have it play a little ditty.
Duck    | 2 000| Floats around in the pond.  If the Chao goes near the pond, it
               | might ride it, but it's very rare.
TV      | 8 000| Chao watches TV.  If you interrupt it, it'll get angry. 
               | approx. 3 game hours after you buy the Duck. (6)

1.  You cannot hatch another Chao unless you make your current one run away.
2.  If you already have a Chao and an Egg, you cannot buy another Egg.
3.  Chaos Emeralds obtained in the main game do not affect your Chao in any way.
4.  The TV only appears in the store after playing for a certain amount of time
after you buy the Duck.
5.  Your Chao cannot grow up/evolve unless you transfer it to Sonic Adventure 2
Battle, so if you don't have it, it'll stay a child forever.
6.  Whatever your Chao says has no effect whatsoever on the game, the quotes
are only there for your amusement.

If you deleted your data using the "Delete Data" option in the Options menu,
rings you gain will not be credited in your Tiny Chao Garden.  There is,
however, a possibility of a solution.  IF you have a GameShark, here's what you
1.  On GSCentral.com, there are some CodeBreaker codes for Sonic Advance.
2.  Write down the 'Play Level: Pinball Chao Garden' and 'Play Level: Forest
Chao Garden' codes.
3.  Use the Pinball Zone code to play the main game.  Pick any character, start
up the first level, and beat it.
4.  After you beat it, you may go to a weird zone where you're stuck in the
wall.  If so, that's good!
5.  Hard Reset your GameBoy.
6.  Repeat step 3 with the Forest Zone code.
7.  After beating the first level, you may see the ending sequence.  If so,
that's good!
8.  When you're brought back to the Main Screen, restart your game without the
9.  Play a level or two to see if it worked!

I apologise for the confusion I may have caused those of you who went to
CMGSCCC.com.  In order to make it up to you, I wrote down the codes here:
| Play Level: Forest Chao Garden  |  6A534A0E  C63524DC |
| Play Level: Pinball Chao Garden |  9FC665E8  FBF417DB |
(These codes taken from GSCentral.com)

Please note that I am not entirely sure that this works.  If this erases all
your data, please notify me CALMLY.  I hold no responsibility for loss of data,
but if that happens, I will include the danger in this FAQ.  So far I have
received ONE message in response, and I am glad to report that it was
Also: Much thanks to Henk Boom, who reports: "I called THQ (they helped make
the game) and they told me that after you get the total amount of rings you had
before you erased it, then it will start counting them again. So if you had
gotten 10 000 rings in total then after you erase it you will have to get 10
000 rings before you start getting any more. Note that the first number also
includes the rings you spent." (5)  So, for those of you who don't have a
GameShark, you'll need to do a lot of ring-collecting to get things back to

(1):  Crazyboy (crazyboyis_so_cool [at] juno.com)
(2):  Torwin (flyby88 [at] yahoo.com)
(3):  Jeffrey Schmeichel (jeffsch [at] swirve.com)
(4):  Ming Poon (lunar_guardian23 [at] yahoo.com)
(5):  Henk Boom (lunarcrisis [at] hotmail.com)
(6):  Too many people to mention
Sonic is Copyright © SEGA and SONIC TEAM.  Nintendo GameBoy Advance and
Nintendo GameCube are Copyright © Nintendo.  This FAQ is copyright 2002-2004 Ed
the Sloggie.  Do not copy this document, post it on any site other than
GameFaqs.com, modify it in any way, or sell it for profit.  If you fail to
comply, may a rabid Server Daemon will dog your steps from now until the
time_t's wrap around!

In case you wanted to know, I'm a 17-year-old girl with no life outside of
video/computer games.  I also taught myself how to read and write Japanese.
You can contact me at: aeisenmann [at] comcast.net.  Why AT&T had to change it,
I don't know.  Twice, for crying out loud!

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

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